[2010-2012] DOMS-IIT Madras GT/PI Experiences

Hi Guys, Please post ur GT/PI experiences here. Please post your experience in the following format : PROFILE: Acads: X: XII: Undergrad Major - GPA/%age Work-Ex: NIL/Sector - Number of Years CAT %ile: JMET Ran…

Hi Guys,

Please post ur GT/PI experiences here. Please post your experience in the following format :


Undergrad Major - GPA/%age

NIL/Sector - Number of Years

CAT %ile:
JMET Rank:


Number of Ppl present
GT Topic:
Brief Snapshot of Discussion:
Your experience:

Number of Ppl present in panel:

Any other relevant detail.

1. Kindly do not post anything other than your experiences of IIT-Madras.
2. Please do mention your background and hobbies as it might help us understand why a specific question was put up to you.
3. For appreciating an interview post use thank button, or if you want to show more, use PM.
4. NO spamming please.

2 days over for Delhi GT-PI ..no experinces..anyone please.....

Sorry for spamming ...but not GT-PI experince seemed weird

X: 88
XII: 84
Undergrad Major -85

Work-Ex: 2.5 yrs

CAT %ile: 96.73
JMET Rank: 914

Category: GEN

Number of Ppl present 9
Time: Not specified. 1 topic, 5 mins to think and then discussion
GT Topic: A car is being launched by your company, another company has launched the car in the same segment and u have 1 week to launch urs. What would you do?
Brief Snapshot of Discussion: Full fishmarket. Prof asked us to stop and then asked us to state our points one by one. i was the last. But still gave some points. Now prof asked us to tell what others said. I was asked wat a particular person said but cud not tell exactly. (dont know if we r supposed to know the crux of the points or word by word.. huh).
At the end we were asked to write the summary.

Your experience: worst GD (please note it is a case study based GD and not GT). All freshers it seems.. Basic rule of Gd is wen someone interupts u wen there is an opening, then u r supposed to give it to him. But our group was very adamant. They were not allowing others to speak. All first timers it seemed to me. Anyways prof said that they wd disqualify the grp. Anyways it got over somehow. i did not make any impact. So lost cause for me.

Number of Ppl present in panel:2
Questions: tell something bout urself
Y mba
Y mba
grill grill
But i answered well. while interview was based on the clarity of thought,. Was satisfied at the end. Hope GD does not have much weightage.
Fingers crossed..

Suggestions: Please do the GD well. Coz of some stupid people, whole grp suffers..

Thanks Mayank

Btw seems like ppl keeping their cards close to their chest.
No one wants to share their experience
Competition seems to be hotting up

Thanks Mayank

Btw seems like ppl keeping their cards close to their chest.
No one wants to share their experience
Competition seems to be hotting up

I hope that helps them!! lolzz..

Hi Mayank,
Thnx for the info,can you please elaborate more on the GT process.. I mean how many groups were there? and did every group get the same topic? I have mine scheduled on 3rd April.. And wat abt the docs required? any qns on SOP??


It is a humble request to all of you to post your experiences. Else this forum is of no use.

Please share whatever info you can. After all, everyone has his/her destiny written.

Hi Mayank,
Thnx for the info,can you please elaborate more on the GT process.. I mean how many groups were there? and did every group get the same topic? I have mine scheduled on 3rd April.. And wat abt the docs required? any qns on SOP??

there were 4 grps.. no clue if the topic was same to all as I left early. If you had sent the attested docs then u wont need your marksheets and all. But do carry the jmet scorecard as mentioned in the call letter.
No questions on SoP directly for me. they just asked Y mba and that we had answered in the SoP as well...

X: 84.2%
XII: 79%
Undergrad Major - 8.37 CGPA

Sector - IT , 2.5 Years

CAT %ile: 92
JMET Rank: 1831 (got a call on jmet score)

Category: GENERAL

Number of Ppl present : 6, a few people had not turned up.. normally it is 8
Time: First 3 minutes to collect your thoughts, then an open house discussion for 12-13 minutes & finally you have to write the summery of what the group arrived at in 2-3 minutes.
GT Topic: All of you are a Group of Diplomate in the Unites Nations (UN) & have to discuss what are the steps that can be
taken to fight terrorism & minimize the number of terrorist attacks right across the world.
Brief Snapshot of Discussion:
Your experience:
We knew that it could easily lead to a fish market situation, so just before the start of the GD, 6 of us had a word that we will not allow it degenerate to that level. That really helped and the discussion went smoothly & we could bring out the short term steps & long term as well to fight terror. I did pitch in with a few strong points & was satisfied with the process.

Number of Ppl present in panel: 2

Mainly on why MBA.. which specialization & why. They may try to corner you on this.
Question about my job,
List down four qualities that you have acquired at ur job which ll help you in ur MBA education. Then questions on each of them. Other questions would be basic HR based questions, hobbies, background etc. Your profile sheet is there in front of them. So, its all about answering that why MBa question well & justifying it with examples. It lasted for around 10-12 minutes.

Any other relevant detail:
The presentation at the start was wonderfully made capturing the essence of Doms. And then the Pep talk by LS Ganesh was inspirational. For the GT, its not just about putting your points.. but other things like listening well & working around conflicts and taking points made by others forward are important. people going for GT/PI in Chennai, just be yourself.. the process is really cool.. I am sure u ll enjoy it.. All the Best

@Seniors: When are the Results expected?

X: 82.5
XII: 85
Undergrad Major -75.4

Work-Ex: 8months

CAT %ile: 99.15%ile

Category: GEN

Venue 10 am ..IIT Delhi

40 min presentation on IIT Madras .. bringing out the real new side of IIT madras. .I wished I know these points earlier ... but after presentation I am so much fond of DoMS madras .. and more than that of Professor Ganesh.
(PS : I would seriously think to reject each and every converted call I have, to join IIT Madras just to have interaction and learning from these kind of professor .. )

GT: Panel 4
Number of Ppl present 8
Time: Not specified. 1 topic,3 mins to think and then discussion

GT Topic: Your top govt. official for state and you have give an action plan for compulsory primary education !!

Brief Snapshot of Discussion: Nice. . every one had something to say , being the generic topic. Hence .. bring lots of new points..Further, just a calm and composed GD>. I wished every GD should have been like this as all of them were willing to hear. . So cheer for group listening skillsAnother cheer for the GT because I bring good points 3-4 and for the first time group accepted all those points ... Third and last cheers for ... the group again ..that there was no fish market for even a second and each and every person spoke for some time ..

Special point --- Senior told that GT should have good discussion and no one should cut each other points, as they have given the instances in past that almost whole group got convert .. because was good GT. Hence. .the group dynamics should be high.:-o

Number of Ppl present in panel:2

Q - You are locale so will you choose IIT Delhi over IIT Madras ?
Q-- OOOh ok which other calls you have ?
Q -- which one wil u choose and why ?
Q -- Then why mba .. in operations ..
Q - WHy operation
Q - why operation ?
Q - Ok .. Objective question .. ms in operation or mba in operation ?
Q - Ok .. fine .. as you want to move to operation .. let c your analytical skills .. gave puzzle ..
-------------------COULDN"T solve such a easiest of problem :banghead:-------------
Q - last question, which one will you choose bird or animal .. and why ?

Ok you may leave .

Special points --- It depend upon your profile, how they take your interview . Just remember the panel want to know more about you.

After PI verification of documents submitted.was done .

Venue : IIFT,Delhi
Xth - 81.4
XII th - 80
Grad - 9.2/10
Work-Ex - 2.8 yrs in IT industry

GT Topic : Branding strategy to attract top students to your educational institute.

started with a 45 sec opening from each candidate (7 in total). Then were asked to write the main pts spoken by each candidate. After that the discussion started. The group could not conclude firmly but went OK. The panel gave the review comments On the Spot. Could chip in only 2-3 times but brought out the different angle to discussion..:)

PI -

Two Prof P1 and P2

P1 - Tell me smthng abt urself
P1 - Why VIT (my UnderGrad collz) and how was the experience?
P1 - Why MBA in Operations?
P1 - What is ur work profile?
P1 - How are u adding value to client?
P1 - What is Supply chain management?

Now comes P2
P2- What is the difference b/w Supply Chain management and consultancy (from SOP)?
P2 - Hobbies?

May have missed out on a few ques but all in all a good exp...

will surely join if I can convert the call...


I guess, atleast around 200 students must have been interviewed by now. But only a few experiences out here.

Request you to contribute generously 😃

Date & Time:30/03/2010 at 2pm
Venue:IIT D

First there was impressive presentation of IIT M by profs and faculty.Very informative and good.It started at around 2:30 pm and lasted till 3 pm

Then groups of 5 candidates each was formed.I was given GT 4 ,PI 1.

Group Task:Topic-Give suggestions for implementation of compulsory primary education in your state.1 min to write points and then speak them out in another 45-60 seconds.Then discuss these points and then write summary in about 2 minutes.
Nice discussion.everyone got chance to speak.One candidate was from my mohalla(place) .
But the panel felt that we were diverting from topic.

after some time my interview was taken by another panel (2 panelists)
-Tell something abt urself which is not in ur form.
-Why marks decreasing from 10 to Btech
-Work profile explanation(I work as Automobile designer)
-hobbies (asked 3 times during interview)
-why MBA and why after job?
-tell something abt current affairs.
They did not do any grilling or cross questioning,were more interested in my hobbies.
Neutral reactions.I feel they were not impressed.Hoping for best.
All the best to all who r yet to give GT/PI.

i had mine in delhi..air-706 ,cat-99.40, wrk-ex-2.5yrs
it started with a ppt about iit doms given primarily by prof LSG ( a very good ppt indeed)

this was followed by the GT..6 PPL Topic : make an action plan to increase women participation in sports..it was good,no fish mkt..arnd 15 mins..

then i had my pi..it was more about my work-ex,why mba,some gk n yes a bit of cross questioning,was asked about my calls and my preference for them..

(PS: sorry for keeping it short but i thought i would rather contribute than abstaining all-together!)
ATB to all the rest of you!


had my GT/PI at IITM today.

Ppl here are so friendly, I felt this is the place to be.

GT went good according to us. But feedback was we dint discuss on topic.

PI was with HOD and Marketing Prof. very friendly. they just see whats diff in you.

Hi Puys...sorry for the delay in posting my experience.
My GTPI was in IIT delhi on 29th march.
GT: group of six and panel of two. About 3 minutes to think. 12 to 15 minutes to discuss. Then 2 minutes to summarize on paper. They wanted to judge our written communication skills by that. Topic: 'You are authorities and diplomats of the UN. There has been a recent spate of terrorist attacks in many countries. You have to plan on how to reduce this problem of terrorism'. Special instructions: not to mention names of any country or region. So we could not give any examples. They had mentioned many times that they want us to work like a team and come to a conclusion.
Overall it went well, but the group digressed twice in the middle to the causes of terrorism. unlike other groups no feedback was given and no1 asked for it either.
Panel of two. Basically HR type interview. No technical questions at all. They had my form and SOP before I entered.
some of the questions asked were: tell us something about you not mentioned in the form, why mba, which division were you working in? (had work experience) what is your family business about? which specialisation? a puzzle in the end (which i could solve only half because of nervousness mebbe...got it soon after leaving the pi room)
Interview lasted for about 10 to 12 minutes. The whole process went off quite okay. The panel dint counter question me on any of my answers.
hope this feedback helps...good luck to every1 :-)

Hi Guys,
Had My GT PI process today.. Its one of he best and smooth GTs i attended till date.. I had mine at 8 am today and the process started with a presentation video on the college, which was very good.. then around 30+ min intro session by a prof and that was the best one.. He patiently answered all our questions..Finally briefed us abt the process.. We were given IDs which had our GT and Inerview panel numbers then we headed to the GT

Total 10 ppl
Topic How do u bring in FDI s to ur state.

Pretty good GD every1 chipped in with good points.. Interview was very cool. lady profs and questions totally on yoursef. Tell me abt urself and why mba stuff.. The seniors did a fantastic job..

ATB puys


workex-9 months.

process- cool.
seniors-uber cool
faculty-deceptively cool!

venue- havent seen nything better! IIT-M
time- 10am.
gt- we are school principals meeting to discuss n implement something abt mobile phone usage in campus.
there were 7 guys in our grup, with a fresher girl.she started off well, i was very slow off the blocks, came in mumbling somethin 5th or sixth chance.panel told we were repetitive , and asked us to wind up in a minute.we later summarised it in paper and gave that back.
i would say ther were 2 guys in our group who hogged the limelight a bit too strong at the beginning.rest was fine.
it was GT#2.
I HAD pi#4.
bhawik told me that they were hifi scholars with credentials jaw droppable, that was a good primer for me before i went in praying "OMG, no tech qns pls, no tech qns pls"...
but they dint ask ny tech!
they cut in2 my introduction, and started a grilling process to get in2 the bottom of why i wanted to pursue hr/marketing.they guided me into a point of no return, but i dint give up w/o fight, but got the feeling that it wasnt enuf.i had 3 offers at college, so they were particularly "keen" to know why i chose the one over the other two.i dont knw how long it lasted, as i was thrown in2 d interview unexpectedly as d guy who ws supposed to go in before me, wanted a breather...

campus is fine.its awesome guys.
my suggestions to ny1 reading this and appearing subsequently..
1)bring in chappals
2)spare clothing, so hot, u will ddrench 1 in every hour.
3)make use of d campus bus, dnt walk unless u hav a cycle!
4)contact vishal and milan, they will be in room no.746 ;)

my suggestion to lsg/directors..
u have patented processes even, but why not try to think n implement worlds first centrally airconditioned reserve forest?

X: 87%
XII: 81%
Undergrad Major - GPA/%age - 7.29

Work-Ex: 3 Years, ERP Consultant

CAT %ile: 95.64 ="CAT">
JMET Rank: 2757

Category: General

GT: You own an online auction company, you have to curtail from selling illegal merchandise from your portal. Generate an effective method to do so.
Number of Ppl present: 7
Time: 3mins(Prep) + 10mins(Discussion) + 3mins(Summary)
Brief Snapshot of Discussion: The discussion was healthy enough to listen everybody's input. Sometimes an offtrack topic helps to create a healthy discussion.
Your experience:
Entered 5 times with different points and overall able to convince the group.
Number of Ppl present in panel: 2
1. Who is answer things not present in the document?
Almost 95% of the profile was kept in front of them:-o
2. A Mechanical en engineer becomes a consultant, a common thread to link these two different aspects.
3. As an ERP consultant also you could have chosen Manufacturing domain, why then are you working with modules concerning Core HR.
This question was a repeat this year for my profile.
4. Where are you using the 4 years of teaching of Mechanical in your job?
5. Places where surroundings were ready to help to you but still you din do well in management(They were trying to grill on weakness)
Carried this one well.
6. Hobbies
7. (One of my hobbies is Palmistry) Look at your palm and tell if you will be selected today
8. Look at our palm if we will be selecting you
9. What is ERP. Describe it to a layman.
10. Connection between different modules of ERP, how is it done.

Overall a good experience, I was able to convince them mostly. Lets see when the results come out.
Any other relevant detail.
The student and teacher faculty was phenomenal, professional yet friendly. The presentation was lucrative and applause for the students who were carrying the interview process. Enjoyed my stay in IIT Chennai