[2009] PaGaLGuY Coolest Avatar Contest! The Nominations!

Hello Da Junta, The baddest and the meanest contest of all times, PG Coolest Avatar Contest is here! Aptly placed in the times of this political shoe launches, this time we expect the contest to be full of excellent humor, creativity an…

Greetings, junta.

I declare myself in the running for the Coolest Avatar. I am a newbie to the forums and am unsure about how things operate here, but yet I shall expect support from you people...

This is the speech which I should have used three years back. But heck, now I'm an old grandpa on the forums. Indeed, when people see me today on the forums they say, "Oh him... The old MICA dude, na?". When me and Opium/Gronde get together we talk about MICA discussions 'of those good ol' days' as if they were a decade ago.

So electrioneering point - longevity and sustained brand positioning.

Why have I chosen this avatar? Because it somehow reflects the way I am. Calm, funny in an old English way (I do not mean plunged into depression and about to be overrun by anarchy), and of course, bald.

Also, this is a great time to form my party - OMPA (Old Men's Pagalguy Association). We're going to get back the good old people who raised PG to what it is today (provided they can remember their passwords). People who haven't posted in a while. People who fondly remember about PG but somehow logging on gets shelved while making those presentations about the increase of consumption of ethylene dicobutyl in Western Peru.

OMPA is here, and OMPA will rule.

I henceforth nominate myself for the PG coolest avatar contest

PS: To be politically correct, M and W are interchangeable so no offence to those of the fairer sex.


*BUGS BUNNY walks in looks around and says ..... zamana kitna badal gaya hai* :|

Hokay now that chuck has put in his nomination, I hereby pledge allegiance to OMPA. I am undecided about putting my hat into the ring but I shall campaign for sure (I am jobless )

Any n00b who wants to compete against OMPA, well all I can say to them is buckle up its gonna be a ride to remember (please refer to threads from the prehistoric age i.e. 2007 for details)

The old men are back


OMPA releases it's logo

Reasons for the coolness of this logo:

- It respects old age

- It appreciates the wisdom that comes as a direct proportion of age

- It uses the PG font (cool, na? How many of you young turks even know the name of the font? Anyone? HA!)


PS: I need to leave now. Time is 06:30 and I need to return to my old-age home 😐

Allo Pepulz,

Right here i nominate myself for Coolest Avatar 2009.

I am very much a Newbie but want to see what it takes to compete with others here who are Men/women/Guys/Gals with a degree of being PaGaL/Inzane at a level i can just only think of right now..

So here is my Avatar...

  1. Represents Freedom of Soul and Mind
  2. Motto "Break the Chain and Follow the Rain"....are in simple words follow your Heart..
  3. Dance out your feelings,anger,stress,grudge,emotions,expressions and ofcourse DANCE AS IF YOU ARE INSANE OF THE HIGHEST ORDER....and just go with the flow...

And all can knw me as ST here..
So here goes....

hi puys...

this is my avatar, a cool-confused-curious guy, a character from real life comics (Greg Dean).

He likes cola, is in love with every new gadget and is a total gaming freak. I think all these characters reflect myself.

Here comes the brigade from those who used to post but with other miserable aspects of our lives taking over, are unable to do so. In that sense I fully support OMPA.

BUT. This time I'd like to nominate meself. I have been posting for a whle, lately unable to do so due to my employement hours (ChUCK will testify). Also, Partly because I have been here for sometime, posting only in Chit Chat, I feel the need to be known throughout. This is going to be my shot at fame. So here is my avatar.

Represented by Eric Cartman whose def goes to the tune:
Cartman is an obese, foul-mouthed, mean-spirited, selfish, and ill-tempered fourth-grader who has an authoritarian point of view.

Which is all true for me...

Also, as fellow PGs from the football club will testify is my ability to be dictatorial in my view and abrasive way of presenting my ideas, "Ay, cut the crap" is an appropriate tag.

So, here is to my avatar.

Also, I need a campaign manager. Someone who actually has time to post due to my inabilityto do so.

Helping Chuck , Rohit ........

First thing First.. To all judges.. __/\__

I hereby put forth my nomination for PG's coolest avatar contest 2009. (my first one :))

"No plagiarized avatars, try to be original"
If you talk about originals then it has to be my Avtar

"Two Souls one Mind"

If you see the pic closely you can clearly see two spirits uniting. Leaving all wordly matter below.
I got this beautiful picture on my 21st birthday anniversary. Given by my very dear friend. She herself made this picture.
You can call it an abstract art.. After scanning that image i'm using this avtar evrywhere.
Now thats what i call a cool gift. Bilkul original and bindaas
And regarding changing this avtar, naaahh.. it will remain till eternity :)
I thought i'll never convey the true meaning to anyone.. But..ufff this PG Coolest Avtar Contest..

PS:So judges please count me in.. I'll try to paste the full pic soon..
PSS: I'm ready to start my campaign. To all my friends.. ..
All those interestd in Alliance walla Funda.. PM me..

PSSS: Request to all participants..please put up something original..I want to compete, not just be the lone winner.. :biggrin:


: will feel Cold

Wow, Paras and Bugs are both back.

Sniff :')

Emotional atyachar :P

Wow, Paras and Bugs are both back.

Sniff :')

Emotional atyachar :P

/Me too supports Chuckie Clear hai?


Here I mark my presence..


Interesting old granny puys popping out n trying to scare n00bs..

Bully dadas..c'mon

rules of game has changed you need more than this to impress around OMPA..

Change is the order.. so better b ready with some stuff

buwahhhaa where are the young blood pf PG..

Hi, my first attempt in this contest.

My logo represents an intense face of Randy Orton, a World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) Superstar and the Youngest World Champion ever. Randy Orton portrays a vile, ruthless, sadistic, evil, callous, hard-hearted and last but not the least, cold-blooded individual who makes his impact on the show by kicking others on their head, giving them a concussion, making them unconscious and sending them to the hospital and out of the wrestling scene for at least a month. The blue background reflects the cold-blooded character traits of Randy Orton, very similar to another cold-blooded animal which eats its prey alive, the crocodile.

The logo is in perfect synchronization with my login name IIMkiller. Although my results might not be as great as Randy Orton's, I guess a 99.24 should hopefully secure me a seat in MDI.

Sometimes it is Hell that slits heaven's throat, lets it bleed to death, buries it six feet under and then delivers a eulogy.
That's Randy Orton in short for you.

OMPA releases it's logo

Reasons for the coolness of this logo:

- It respects old age

- It appreciates the wisdom that comes as a direct proportion of age

- It uses the PG font (cool, na? How many of you young turks even know the name of the font? Anyone? HA!)


PS: I need to leave now. Time is 06:30 and I need to return to my old-age home :|

Good show as always, Chucky boy!! I hereby declare my complete support for OMPA. Good to see veterans AnuragXP and Bugs also around.. Hope Chuck's spam will attract many more!! Time for the old hands to join together..

PS: Q. Why is the trumpet our favorite instrument?
A. Because when you play it, it sounds like this: "OMPA-PA-PA-OMPA"

(OK lame, but all I could think of on the spur of the moment )

PPS: Loving the old emoticons again!

As , I can see .... Chuck has pitched in with his nomination and he has VRY VRY strong chances of winning the competition with OMPA's backing and MICA's advertising (skills) 😐 ....... OMPA and Chuck together will EAT u GUYZ RAWWWWWWW


We wont let tht Happen..... :nono: :nono:

So, Its time to STRATEGISE....

We need to form a association of NooB's ...... and give these OLD MEN run for their money

The NooB's Association (read:NBA's) will support 1 CONTESTANT...... and we all NooB's will be campaigning FULL THROTTLE for tht particular contestant...... Remember if we all NooB's unite...... we would easily outnumber these OMPA's and our contestant would win

Lets ZERO IN on our contestant .......
AND..... Our Slogan....

ALL THE NooB's Pitch in.......

OMPA's It is not gng to be easy fr u ppl :nono::nono:



SX noobies are already in..

All in favour say... "AYE" ..

Isko Vote daala ...
To Life Zhinghalala :biggrin:

Hi All,

Here comes TRUEINDIAN.......................

I expect votes from all the Indians out here........ waise Pakistanis, Mongols, nigerians and other nationalities can also vote...... you will get special privilege in cabinet and reservation toooooooo ;)


Beware you Oldies.......the young generation is here to rule........Waise I dont mind Old Indies voting for me.......

The young generation should come together and get the mantle from the oldies.........We want India to be at the helm at the top of the world.......this signifies my avatar..........

The Revolution should start from PG itself.......

Do you have it in you? Do you wanna do something for your country

Then join the bandwagon and the TRUEINDIAN REVOLUTION................

ROCK ON!!!!!!!!!!!

Love you alll.......................