[2009] Kolkata Dream Team

Please use this thread to make your nominations for the Kolkatta Dream Team… Kindly wait for your mentor’s post & then start nominating For general discussions, kindly use the link below http://www.pagalguy.com/forum/cat-an...am-2009-a.h

Please use this thread to make your nominations for the Kolkatta Dream Team..
Kindly wait for your mentor's post & then start nominating

For general discussions, kindly use the link below
http://www.pagalguy.com/forum/cat-an...am-2009-a.html (The PG Regional Dream Team 2009 Discussions Thread)
All the best Guys, Rock on

Here Comes the most awaited moment of new Season '09......Its KDT 09

To all K puys..

Lets wait for our mentor DonIIM to start the thread....

Hello Prem Sirjii,
Please change the name..
Kolkatta to Kolkata..
Thanks for the new openings..
KDT 09 rockzz!!Waiting for DON


Welcome to Kolkata Dream Team!!!

Kolkata, the city of joy.....yes our city and we will prove this time that Kolkata has the best brains of India.

We will prove ourselves to be the best...the best of the lot. We will together make into IIMs and record a 100% conversion rate ie, Kolkata drem team will be the one to have all its members into IIMs by end of this season....:thumbsup:

So lets start pouring in with all our efforts, let each one put forward his or her own views, own strategies and let be a team in which each one is the inspiration for all others....:thumbsup:

And we remeber that: "United we stand, divided we fall".

Kolkata Dream Team will be our pride and we will outsmart all others. That's a challenge and yes...Kolkata is ready for this.

Now, regarding the rules I will be posting in just a few minutes. Kindly start your nominations once the rules are posted.


Hi All,

Let's put forward the rules.

First and foremost:
How wil the teams be constituted ?

Every team will have 11 + 2 players, 1 coach and 1 manager. There is no limit to number of supporters though.
Every team needs to have minimum of 6 members from the same city ie, Kolkata Dream team must have 6 members from Kolkata. Other 7 members should preferably be from nearby locations.

Ok, now let's have a quick look to the mentors of Regional Dream Teams.

Bangalore: Prem_Ravi
Chennai: Nagafrench25
Mumbai: Dr.Shashank
NCR: Adityacool
Hyderabad: Krishvik
Pune: Greenspan
Kolkata: DonIIM

I am really honoured to get such a role. Hope to play a motivating role.

Every one has to post the following mandatorily:

1> A brief intro about himself.
2> Mock Scores this season
3> Previous attempts...(if any)

And another thing: Please post in a single thread. You can obviously edit the post as many times required. 1 post per person actually helps in filtering and getting a clear view about the members.

Last date for the Nominations : 20th September, 2009

The name of the team is something which is open ie, instead of Kolkata Dream Team it can be any other name which is exciting, enthusiastic and positive. So in your post you can also suggest a name for the team. The name will be finally decided after the team is declared.

So come up with your posts.


Nomination for KDT
Ahh!! KDT legacy is back:w00t: Here I nominate myself!!

Name: Dipanjan

I am from a small village..Bengali medium..Wanted to become a doctor..My WB rank on Medical entrance was 1000+..So never got the seat to pursue MBBS in WB..I loved biology and chemistry(not maths)..So got a rank of 3000+ in WBJEE(engg)..Never seat for any other exams....As I had one pressure of my little sister and brother(twin) I had to go for B.Tech(from a private engg college in WB)..But felt something lagging..Never liked engg studies but I knew I had to manage one job..CTS was the first company visited in our campus cracked it and never looked for further companies, as I never like engg studies my score fell from 8.5 CGPA to 7.5 CGPA and reamined there for the other 3 semesters..By the end of the 3rd year I felt if I had taken a chance of getting into IITs..From here I developed my zeal to get into only IIMs and no where else..No compromise this time around..
Previous year I had only taken AIMCATs..Had to work on Quant throughout the year so VA was there where it was..VA was the nemesis..Being a vernacular medium student I was very weak in VA..I felt it hard to write a sentence without any errors..TIME AIMCAT scores were hovering around 60s..(25-96%tile)..And in the final day I scored 98.xx%tile in QA and 96.xx%tile in DI but 54%tile in VA..
This time around my score is improving so far as VA is concerned and DI is pathetic,though all the time DI was that very day game for me..

My score is here..


Test--------------------------%tile------------------cut-off not cleared

1015--------------------------80.23------------------DI(courtesy TIME)
Rip this CAT left right center...Best wishes to all of my fellas..
Veni Vidi Vici..
Nomination for KDT

At last the KDT arrives!!

Last time I missed it, this time I'll try my best to get into it.

Here's a quick little intro.

Name : Rito
Occupation : Software professional ( work-ex of 2+ years)
Academics : 91 % in X, 85 % in XII, 7.96 CGPA ( B.Tech in CSE)

Enjoyed my college life to the fullest, made some great friends there, and did everything apart from writing programs and algorithms
Got placed through campus, thought life was a dream, and was pretty much satisfied with myself.
A small group of people in our college started preparing for CAT when we were in 3rd year. We ( me and my gang) literally ridiculed them. "Look at those bookworms" we used to say.

Fast forward 1 year, I was already sick and tired of the industry. Life became a drag, working for 10-12 hrs per day, returning home at 12 became my regular routine. At that juncture, I suddenly decided to write CAT. Started preparing....but couldn't prepare that much.....and looking back now I admit that I wasn't serious enough. Mock scores fluctuated from 88-96.....VA was the only section I regularly cleared the cut-off.

Result : CAT 2008 : 93.92

2009 : This year though, I started relatively early. I knew I had to work a lot lot harder to push that percentile from 94 to 99+. There's no point writing the CAT if you don't aim for the IIMs( personal opinion).
Started to follow PG religiously ...specially the Official quant thread and Numbers systems thread. Tried to contribute whenver I had an opportunity. Met some great minds and friends over here. I just love PG nowadays.

Regarding mock scores, decent till this point, though can be much much better. QA, VA are my strength, DI is my nemesis( I think almost everybody knows that now lol)

mocks till now :

No. ________%ile_________ AIR


No. ________%ile_________ AIR


Why KDT :

I think a team of like-minded people always fare better than an individual person. Success and despair should be shared. I have already met some nice people in kolkata, looking forward to befriend even more. I am ready to help any puy if he/she needs anything.Totally a team player, the only positive thing I have learned from this industry I think.

So here ends my post. Even if I am not selected, I'll follow this thread with avid interest. Let's make KDT the best team this year.


Hi...I'm Aparajita currently working in a software firm in kolkata...I did my B.E. from B.I.T.Mesra,ranchi...class 10-90%,class 12-83%,B.E.-80.9%.....my AIM CAT scores are as follows:

PROC MOCK1:97.66
PROC MOCK4:98.66(predicted percentile)

would like to be part of the kolkata team

"Nomination for KDT"

I dont know how much i deserve to be here......with so many many grt puys arnd............ but still m posting my nomination ...................

Name : Lopamudra Neogi
School: Mahadevi Birla.
xii th: 77.8%
b.tech: dgpa 8.18
PG ID : lopamudra0303
I am a sports freak and love all kinds of games........Have been a district level badminton player when in school.

And here is what we r here for...my stint with CAT and my take on it..

My obsession : CAT
Fuel : PG
Destination: IIM C

Last yr i wrote CAT..without much of preps......(also had a prolonged illness b4 CAT) ..........got 94.68%ile.......

But ever since i decided to retake CAT..............one after another hindrance came my way.................mom had to undergo surgery..i fell ill n so on.......but that charged me up all the more.............n i am finally here.......to bell it this time..................... My dream is to reach IIM C .................just C.............i know my mock scores dont say so............but i know i can......if any of u think i am worthy enough to be ur fellow member of KDT09..it will be my pleasure......

KDT 09 as predicted by DON@IIM ...will surely see 100% result this yr

My mock score link is there in my signature... also my previous yr score is there too......
Nomination for KDT:

Finally editing my previous post to nominate myself for KDT09.

Name: Manash Saikia

Occupation:S/W professional (work ex of almost 4 yrs)

Academics :83 % in Class X(Assam Board), 82 % in class XII(Assam Board), 79 % in B.Tech IT(NIT,Bhopal)

Academic Achievement :

1)State highest mark in Chemistry in Class XII.
2)First class Distinction in B.Tech.
3)State Merit scholarship holder in both Class X and XII.
4)North East Council(NEC), a Central Govt body, Scholarship Holder.
5)Shortlisted in 1st List on PCM marks basis for B.Sc. (Physics) in
Hindu College, Hansraj College, Kirori Mal and Stephens College in DU


1)General Secretary of School till Class XII.
2)Best Singer of School.
3)Proficient tabla Player.
4)State Level Prize for Extempore Speech and Debate Competition.
5)Former President and Special Guest of Assam School Children Association for talent search.
6)1st Prize winner in Inter-NIT Technical paper presentation Competition in NIT, Rourkela
7)Completed NSE's certification on Basic Module and Derivative Market (in 2007).
Completed Retail Business Domain Certification.
9)Completed Insurance Domain Certification.

Hobbies: Reading, Blogging and music of course.

Now the Mock Story:

1020: 95.69
1019: 79.XX
1018: 86.XX
1017: 80.XX
1015: 75.XX
1014: 86.XX

CL :

Proc Mock1:78.XX
Proc Mock2:84.XX
Proc Mock3:87.XX
Proc Mock4:90.XX
So , overall TIME mock performance is in decreasing trend and CL is in increasing trend.

The low scores are mainly attributed to QA/DI. I hope I can cross all the hurdles soon.

BOL to all Puys!!!
Nomination for KDT

Hiii...Here I put my nomination for a place in the KDT'09 Team...

Introducing Myself,

Name - Gaurav Halder.
Occupation - None as of now....(DOJ nahi aya)
Passions - Football,Books and CAT..

Last year i was associated with the Kolkata Dream Team and it was great pleasure learning from some great minds and great human beings as well..My scores were going nowhere last season and once even i had decided to burn my books for CAT..Then it was the KDT puys,Rik da and my Mentor Arun da who instilled the confidence in me that i could make it..the result -

CAT'08 - 97.43 %tile (QA - 60 %tile, DI - 94 %tile, VA/RC - 99 %tile)

QA was one of my strength sections,after cat went down in tears but promised to myself i would come back strong and hard.This year its time to give back to the community which has given so much to me and shaped me as a new human being altogether..

Moi scores for the season -


No. ________%ile___________ AIR __________Cutoffs not cleared

1019________ 95.68 %tile _________1xxx _________________None
1018________ 96.25 %tile _________ 1178 ________________None
1015________ 98.61 %tile _______ 421(CR 50)______________None
1014________ 98.82 %tile _______ 388(CR 34)______________None
1012________ 96.82 %tile _______ 972(CR 100)______________DI
1010________ 97.84 %tile _______ 577( CR 58 )______________DI


No. ______________%ile_________ __________Cutoffs not cleared

Proc Mock 1________ 95.20 %tile __________________________DI
Proc Mock 2________ 91.77 %tile __________________________QA
(Gave only half the exam because of illness)
Proc Mock 3________ 96.70 %tile __________________________OA
Proc Mock 4________ 95.94 %tile __________________________DI
(QA - 97.1 %tile, DI - 72.2 %tile, VA/RC - 96.2 %tile)

For details please follow my signature..Looking forward to being a part of this revered team and carrying the legacy forward..

Thanking All Of You..

momentous occassion guys...am nostalgic of d day wen i logged onto PG and was stunned to C 8 dream team threads up and anir's post on the kolkata thread...dat changed the whole journey...i hope to write dat episode in detail wen i sit down to write ma journey to C...it was d event to instill the faith,belief,courage in me to reach out and outperform the rest...
guys be proud that KDT 09 is here...KDT 08 was a legacy and 09 MUST take it higher from there...u have got a brilliant mentor...i personally know him and we share immense rapport(evening walks in IIM C )...so make sure u utilise his skills,resources and enthusiasm to the fullest...
this shud b ur launchin pad to rip the upcomin mocks...the team must benefit from the activities of every single member....
also make sure this team sends a good number of nominations to UDT/DT and dat wil add another feather to our crown...
i can keep on writin abt KDT as its smethin very close to my heart...i sure hope u ppl will make this thread memorable in its own way...as i have said countless times in the past...KDT 08 members shall be der to actively mentor each and everyone from kolkata preparing for cat and on PG (not just KDT 09 members)...
i will b active on this thread and keep an eye on the happenings and drop in with ma views if and when dats needed....
cheers...hpe to c a brilliant team take shape this time...


Nomination for KDT
hi...so finally KDT has started and here comes the nomination from my side

My name is Poonam Binaykiya and i have done my class-10 as well as class-12 from commerce background...and completed my Bachelor of Business Administration with major in finance...apart frm this have been a part of lots of competitions as well as a part of teh audition of one of the national show...Did projects in HLL,LICMF,JET AIRWAYS as part of my BBA program. I have enjoyed a lot during my college life...and am also proud to say tat i used to b known among top 5 students during 1st year but couldnt maintain till the end:banghead:...watsoeva....I am also a member of World IQ society...

now in terms of cat, i am a retaker....i have appeared last to last year...but much to appall...it wasnt tat gud...though i took the break of one year...because meanwhile i was doing my CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER course(still 1 module to go) and also done few of the NCFM modules.... in order to gain soem experience,right now i am working in a construction firm as a project manager...

even my goal is very clear after MBA...i would like to open a financial planner firm...which i think in India there is only 1...(so lemme enter the market and break the monopoly)

and lemme edit one thing more abt myself tat i am passionate abt sudoku like nething....and tats why may b my DI section goes more better than VA as well as QA..

for this session,till now i have jst appeared for 2 mocks...none of them sound that gud...since i ended up with(7*percentile)....still i know i can do justice with myself as well as the mocks too....by not letting myself down...and to end up with an IIM...and also in order to make my profile suitable for KDT

Nomination for KDT '09

NAME :joydeep sarkar
xth:85 %
b.tech-8.42(cgpa)(i was the topper till second year..marks dropped after getting job)
passions:sketching,sudoku,literary writing(blogging,reviews)

i am a b.tech passout from a private engineering college.i had taken CAT last year..did considerably well as i had prepared for only a couple of months
97.89%le(oa) [ 99.12%le (VA) my strongest section ,DI (87.89%le)..could have done much better..QA(74%le) this section is my weakest and did cost me big time)..applied for imtg..but a horrible pi left me heartbroken...retaking CAT again with renewed zeal and vigour)..mocks may not tell the complete story but i am still improving,,i hope i will be more consistent...
well. i will join INFOSYS in dec..so that takes off a lot of pressure off my back..just hoping that i will be second time lucky..as my motivating slogan goes


p.s:last time i had enrolled for the AIMCATS.i had not crossed 90 for the first 8 mocks i took.so i would like to advise all the puys not to take mocks very seriously..i mean dont get discouraged if u have a bad day at office..keep trying various strategies and zero onto one of them in the last few mocks...the performance on the D Day matters..so i think we should peak at the right time..

i have enrolled only for the CL procs and totalgadha CBT club..


No. ________%ile_________ AIR __________Cutoffs not cleared

Mock CAT 1________ 96.18 _________ NA _________________QA,DI

Mock CAT 2________ 80.40 _________ NA _________________QA,DI

Proc Mock 1________ 89.34_________ NA _________________qa,di

Proc Mock 2________ 98.83 _________ NA _________________di

Proc mock 3________ na

Proc mock 4________90.8___________NA__________________qa
Nomination for KDT

Here I come...with my 1st post on this thread..the most awaited one for the Kolkata puys..
Starting with a brief intro..
Name:Amrita Sarker
PG ID:sania2008

School:Carmel high
Graduation:79.8%(in Statistics)

My mock scores '09:http://www.pagalguy.com/discussions/mock-scores-repository-2009-25040299

Well..I strongly believe that..like the year before..this time too Kolkata has a strong potential to make it large..And nothing like summing up all the available potential to make a strong unit..like the KDT..which will strive its way forward to the premier institutes...
Speaking about myself..I have taken CAT last time without much of preparations..and expectedly(with that level of no-preps)landed up with a mere 87%le..But I did not lose hope..completed my graduation ...and now am determined to get into C..my dream institute..my performance has not been a consistent one no doubt(with more downs than ups)..but as it is said.."Failure is the pillar of success"..am building up my pillars..to live my dreams..and with that determination and confidence I want to be a part of the team and along with all my fellow puys...make KDT proud of us..

hi all,
things are taking place in pg at a war footing
well here i'm to nominate myself and the sole reason why i did'nt want to be part of udt'09 was this thread only


NAME-Abhishek Guha Thakurta

EXTRA CURRICS- TRAINED SWIMMER , PLAYING GRAND ACOUSTIC PIANO FOR THE PAST 14 YRS FROM JOHN W SCHAUM SCHOOL OF MUSIC ,QUIZ ENTHUSIAST, was a member of little india performing arts society--where i contributed the background music score of a documentary

ACHIEVEMENTS TILL DATE- national level prizes for quizzing- ranging from BITM,aditya birla achievers and a few more
got an all india rank of 7 in chartered accountancy-(pe 1 -known as cpt) , had a district record in swimming (freestyle),and few other prizes

apart from that i have a high octane interest in military and defence strategy...contributed posts in bharat rakshak ,india defence, loves to watch documentaries

well moving to a more serious note on my achivemnts from cat -- i have committed myself entirely to this for this year...

all round the way i had remained quite a perrenial underachiever when it came to my acads--but bygones are bygones and i want to start everything on a fresh note

and this year i have only one aim---to crack the cat--with full gutso ,

all of u might have heard the jargon --actions speak better thn the words..so i don't want to excruciate you puys towads my relative insanity -- in why i want to do it

the thing is quite simple and loud -- either i get rejected or accepted my determination will remain strong as ever in achieving my goal

AIM 20-94.6

SIM 1 -99.15
PROC 3-89.22
PROC 5-98.8
UNPROC-1 84.72

MICAT 1- 84.37

midway i gave few more exams which i have not considered as in most of them i faced disgusting internet connectivity or login problems AND IN SOME OF THEM I GAVE THT IN HOME AFTER THE EXPIRATION OF TESTING WINDOW

Here goes my Nomination for KDT '09

Intro -
Name - Kaushal
PG Nick - KAC8L591
City - Kolkata
Company - TCS Kolkata
I have completed my BE in Electrical engineering from BVP pune with first class distinction in 2006.I was 4th in my university.After completing my graduation I joined TCS on 9/11 2006 and since then I am working with TCS Kolkata in ERU domain.
Apart from this,I was a professional Chess player with best ever ELO rating of 2310 in 2006 . I am still associated with PDCA(Pune district Chess Association). I was a gold medalist in All India inter-Engg Chess Tournament held at IT BHU Varanasi in 2006.I have Represented myself as the Captain of my university chess team for three consecutive years in All India inter University Chess Tournament.

Mock Scores 09 -
The link is there with my Signature...My percentile as of now is in the Range between 92 to 98 with one or two Exception.Not yet in 99 range as I am trying with variuos strategy.....Will be in 99 Range within next 5 Mocks..Still lots of improvement is needed in VA.....

My Unfinished Journey to CAT -
CAT 2007 - My first official attempt to CAT with 0% Preparation and 100 percent confidence. Wanted to crack this Billi in my first attempt.
Nov 18th 07 - Aaj to Phod ke aana hai, attempted around 60 odd out of 75 questions in total and after exam.I was confident also, I think I have done it.......
January Second Week 08 - QA = 2 marks...LDI = 14 Marks , VA = -4 OA = 12.... Some 30 Odd percentile tha..Saade Sapne kahi kho gaye, haye hum kiya se kiya ho gaye...........................Didnt appear in any other exam this season and totally concentrated on my Job, Got an Onsite offer from TCS in April 08 and I rejected the offer not because of CAT 08(After Jan second week in 08 , I never thought that i will appear CAT any more) but coz of very BAD profile offered to me at onsite.......Sometimes around mid June 08, I was literally frustrated in IT industry with no growth, no more onsite due to Global recession.....Finally decided that this is not the place where i want to see myself after 5 years down the lane......Only option left for me was to go for my dream. CAT 08 - I m coming...........

CAT 2008 - My First serious attempt to CAT.......Joined TIME Classroom @ Salt lake.......Started with 50 %ile in AIMCAT and reached 99 %ile by 903(90+ around 7 or 8 times ).......Best AIR was 317....I filled all other exam form(XAT,FMS,IIFT,SNAP,NMAT,JMET) this year........Applied for almost all colleges like MDI,NITIE,IMT,SPJAIN,XL,XIMB..... I was very much confident that i will make it this year...Finally the D day has arrived.
16th Nov 08 -- 9:55 AM - 40 Question in VA(First bad Symptom....) Could not decide the Time management,Started with VA, Spent around 1 hour,attempted 21 Q.., then came to DI - attempted 8 Q.... By this time i already came to know that its all over this year...and then came to QA - attempted 8 Q only....Its all over for me.... By evening, I checked the solution....and Here goes my Score DI- (8C,0W) = 32,QA - (8c, 0w) = 32 and then came to VA/RC...attempted 9 in Rc (8C,1w) and then i tasted the Sweet poison of English grammar......(2C,11W)......EU - (10C,11W) = 29......OA = 93.....Went into a mental trauma after that and spoiled each and every exam that year......Didnt get a single call....

What I learned from this CAT?
Expect the Unexpected.....The X factor were always missing in MOCks....
If you could not perform in CAT that does not mean you cannot crack any other Exam....Same year you can do well in other Exam also.......
Most people fail not because lack of knowledge, but they fail to perform under Pressure.......
Dont Judge yourself with your Mock Score......
Dont ever think that it is the end of life.............

CAT 2008 has changed my life.....It has given me everything. I am now more determined, more foccussed towards my ambition.......... Sooner or later I will be there.........

CAT 2009 - This time m going to my dream B school.................

Why I want to Join KDT -

What is the difference between BLACKI and not to be a BLACKI....The answer is difference of two Question at max on D day.. We all know that the most of the puys here are extremely talented then
why these two question should decide our fate.......These thing can easily be eliminated in a team of like-minded people... We can share our strength and weaknesses to all puys... We can motivate each other to achieve our dream..... We can set example for our Juniors also....
At last I would like to say only one thing, if given chance i will prove my worth for this Team......

We Cheers for KDT.......
and at last Thanks to all Puys for reading this long post............

I am not sure whether I am allowed to post here. But unless I try I'll never know.
So another season begins. New dreams, new aspirations and a new journey. I am proud to say that I was a part of KDT 08 and learnt a lot under the tutelage of our Kaptaan (rik) and my team-mates. I still cherish the memories and the learnings of my CAT prep days.

Welcome aboard! Wish you all the luck :)


Name: Gargi Sarkar
Designation: ASE, TATA Consultancy Services
Qualification: B Tech (CSE), 2006
Special Interest: Marketing
Hobbies: Music, Photography, Painting

I would like to nominate myself for this team. Though my mock scores are quite scary at the moment, I am sure I can shake the rock. By being a part of this team of highly focused members, I would get the opportunity to have a fruitful experience of sharing and learning. After more than Three years of an enriching work experience, I have gained insights in the business and domain that drive me towards acquiring a formal Management education. Though my mock scores might say otherwise, I am sure that I can make it big with a little more effort and guidance. Through this forum, I am looking forward to this guidance.

My mock scores are:

1020 -- 52.97%

PROC MOCK 1 --69%
PROC MOCK 2-71.05%

10 : 83% ( WBSE)
12 :79%(WBCHSE)
BTECH: 78.8%(WBUT)