[2009-2011] SIMSR KJ Somaiya GD/PI Experiences

Hello Puys, GD/PI process (2nd stage) for PGDM and PGDM-IB courses of KJ Somaiya (SIMSR) is starting from tommorrow 8:00am (Bangalore). Please use this thread to post your GD/PI experiences only. The 2nd stage process have following step…

Hello Puys,

GD/PI process (2nd stage) for PGDM and PGDM-IB courses of KJ Somaiya (SIMSR) is starting from tommorrow 8:00am (Bangalore). Please use this thread to post your GD/PI experiences only.

The 2nd stage process have following steps:
1. Written Communication Test
2. Psychometric Test
3. Group discussion
4. Personal Interview.

Please refer following thread for last year GD/PI experiences

K.J Somaiya 2008-2010 GD/PI experience

Please post other questions regarding GD/PI and other general queries regarding KJ Somaiya in one of the following threads.

SIMSR KJ Somaiya Call Getters Profile and GD/PI Discussions
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I hope this thread will be useful for current year as well as future aspirants. All the best to all call getters.

Vikas (MBA Aspirant)

Hi Vikas,

I am also waiting for IMTG..

What is it expected date for the result to be out??

Hi Vikas,

I am also waiting for IMTG..

What is it expected date for the result to be out??

Hey newbie.. pls read the thread title before posting man..!
Else PM your friend ..
This is a thread dedicated only for posting the GD PI experiences for K.J.SOMAIYA..!!

Pls post it in appropriate thread..!


All the best to all the B'lore people!
Do remember to share your experiences.


Lets keep this thread as clean as possible. Let us have only the GDPI exp posted here. Other wise ppl will have to scroll thru pages to see 1 GDPI exp.

All the best to all of you. We are waiting to see u all here

Go rock the GDPI

Looks like I am the first one to post his GD/PI

Here are the details:

Venue: PESIT Bangalore
Time: 8:00 am

The process started with registration where they looked at our Id proof, KJ Somaiya form and CAT Scorecard. This was followed by an informative presentation about SIMSR and a round of question and answer with the Director of the institute. Placement committee head was also there to address questions on the placements.
This was followed by essay writing. Each one had to choose from 2 given topics. Ther topics were:
The world cannot afford to ignore India today
One stray win by a British movie on India is not a cause for celebration.
I wrote on the 2nd topic

Following this, we were told of our groups and the GD/PI rooms where the process was to be held.

GD was case based. We were given the sheets having the case. Initial 2 mins was to read thru and make notes. Then each one was given 90 secs to give opening remarks. This was followed by the actual discussion which was approx 15 mins followed by 2 mins of summation by any one from the group.

The case was about a garment brand Arvind owned by Mr Arvind Gupta. They basically cater to high-end customers like business ppl and professionals. Due to recession, their sales are hit and they are thinking of diversifying into the middle class segment. This segment is heavy on volumes and has 10 times more sales than high-end but has more cost on ads and marketing and needs more distribution etc.

The GD was good, no fish market. Everyone discussed with some valid points. Personally, it was a good GD for me, entered 4-5 times. Also took the oppurtunity to do the summation

PI was taken by another panel. I was the first bakra.
The panel consisted of a gentleman (G) and a lady(L). I am assuming they are faculty. I am the bakra as usual (B)

G: What are doing currently Harsha.
B: Told
G: WHy do you want to do an MBA?
B: Told rata rataya ans
G: What do you want to do after MBA?
B: Told. Investment Banking is one area of interest, Domain expert in IT is another.
G: Where should I invest in the current market?
B: Told.
G: What is this futures trading?
B: Sir I am not well versed with deeper knowledge. In fact its one of the reasons I want to do MBA :p
G: Your qualification?
B: Told
G: Where did you do your Engg from?
B: Told
G: What kind of B Schools are you looking at?
B: Gave gyan
G: Any hobbies? Something you do other than acads and work
B: Sports and football in general
G: Fav team?
B: Liverpool
G: They are not doing well right?
B: Explained the situation
G: Whos is the manager of Liverpool?
B: Rafael Benitez
G: Fav players?
B: Fernando Torres and Steven Gerrard
G: Gerrard was in trouble recently. Why was that?
B: Told about the case of drunken brawl (alleged :p) . Case is still going on.
G: What are your reading habits?
B: Fiction mostly.
G: Any non-fiction?
B: Lance Armstrong's biography- It's not about the bike.
G: Which is the latest fiction book you read?
B: The Kite Runner by Khaled Housseini
G: Indian Authors?
B: Chetan Bhagat. Read all 3 books
G: Which u liked best?
G: Why?
B: Could identify with it.
G: WHat did you take away from it?
B: Not much since it was out and out masala story, but you can say that concentrating on what you are doing should be given importance.
L: (Enters first time) Were you part of any committees in college?
B: Not committees as such but was part of organizing committee for few events.
L: What was your role?
B: Told
L: So was it individual or a team effort.
B: Told how it was abotu team and not one "leader" stamping himself all over it. Mentioned discussions, consensus as a team etc
L: So you mean teams dont have leaders?
B: No ma'am thats not the case. The leader was democratically elected so to speak and not autocrat.

Panel:Ok thank you Harsha, you may leave.
Me: Thank you sir, thank you ma'am.

Was a total chilled out process. Felt it went well.

PS: They did not collect our profile forms or any other proofs like marks card, work ex etc. Could the seniors tell me if it could be a problem? :confused:

Looks like I am the first one to post his GD/PI
Was a total chilled out process. Felt it went well.

PS: They did not collect our profile forms or any other proofs like marks card, work ex etc. Could the seniors tell me if it could be a problem? :confused:

Firstly Congrats.. ur GD seems to be very good and the PI was equally neat and clean. I dont think u left any scope for rejection :)

If they didnt collect it from anyone then relax.. I think they collected my job exp certi for sure durin my interview (strange thing).. the ma'am asked me if this was the original one.. i said yes.. she said can she keep it. i said yes again..

and i believe they just verified the docs wen we entered the hall in the morning.

Well done again 😃
Firstly Congrats.. ur GD seems to be very good and the PI was equally neat and clean. I dont think u left any scope for rejection :)

If they didnt collect it from anyone then relax.. I think they collected my job exp certi for sure durin my interview (strange thing).. the ma'am asked me if this was the original one.. i said yes.. she said can she keep it. i said yes again..

and i believe they just verified the docs wen we entered the hall in the morning.

Well done again :)

It was collected from the guy who went after me but not from the girl who went after that. Thats why I got confused. I guess they would have asked me for it if it was that important to submit it. Work ex certi has been submitted with the form anyway 😃 So hoping it should not be too much of a problem.

Time : 8 a.m.
Venue: PESIT, Bangalore
CAT: 96.57
Work-ex : 26 months

As soon as I reached the centre, I went to answer nature's urgent call (read: poop). Don't laugh...my whole biological clock was screwed, not used to getting up so early..that too on a Saturday

Anyways, we were taken to a hall where we were called up to sign our attendance and our CAT scorecard and admit card where checked with the profile sheet. Then a small presentation on the institute. Then an essay for 15 min. Two topics, any individual can chose any one. Topics were something like:
1. It is impossible for the world to ignore India (I chose this)
2. Slumdog Millionaire-A British movie on India getting so much attention in India is all hype (somewhat like this)

Then we were taken to the GD/PI hall.
GD: Case based. Total 30 mins. 2 mins to study the case and jot down the points. 90 seconds to everyone to speak upon the case, which leaves around 15 mins to discuss, which is enough. Out of 12 persons, 9 had come. Was a nice and peaceful discussion, I personally felt it was good for me.

PI:I was last in the group (as always). Two panelists- one sir (S) and one madam (M), and the AA (Aam Aadmi..i.e. me )

S: Tell us something about yourself.
AA: blurted

M: Some 4-5 qs based on my answer.
AA: blah blahs

S: Tell us about your job/work.
AA: blurted

S: Then some 4-5 qs related to my job...like ho do you carry out your work, etc.

S: How do you carry out your work?
AA: told

S: Which tools do you use in your project?
AA: told

(S looks at my profile sheet again)

S: What do you do in your spare time?
AA: Go out with friends, swimming, listening to my favourite music.

S: Which type of music you listen to?
AA: (thinks ab aaya na ouunt pahaad ke neeche ) Sir I am into heavy metal.

S: Ok...so which is your favourite band?
AA: My favourite band is Slayer

S: (waits for me to speak more on Slayer)
AA: Starts from where did Slayer begin their journey from and what they have become today. Also justified my choice of music over more popular forms of music like pop, hip-hop etc.

Both S and M seem satisfied. (AA is more satisfied )

S to M : you have any more questions?
M: no
S: thank you.

All in all, the PI lasted for about 10 mins.
Metallosaurus comes back and is happy and satisfied with his performance. Now heading for PG meet

hey can you tell me how long this process take? I have my interview on 25 march ,9 am at delhi will it be over by 1.30 pm? i have flight at 3 pm..

Here's one from a work-ex guy. Please excuse the crude language, I'm high.

Venue: Bangalore
Time: When the cow mooos.

My performance:
Essay - Awesome (quite expected :D)
GD - Poor (A "WTF! What happened there?" type)
PI - Awesome (expected)

What the others said about the intro and all.

Essay: Rural India is the Dante incarnate in these grim times, or rural India's gonna save the world from Gordan Brown or something like that.
Actually, It was about economics in rural India being comparatively better off in times of recession. Can't remember the exact the words. The other topic was a good 3 sentences long; so decided on the rural India thing.
Killed it. I'm good with essays, y'know :).

We were whisked to a room that had GD2+PI2 stuck on it.

Case study topic: Something about Udupi restaurants going out of business because of the friggin Big Mac.
I had a terrible time. They asked us to speak on this for a couple of minutes before starting off the discussion. I was #11 and by the time they passed the baton around to me, all that I had in mind was already said. I was like um, er, ah, er, as he said... um, I'm in concurrence with what he said..., er, um..
The discussion was terrible. Looked like it was a measure of a person's ability to say the same points with different words. Lotsa cross talks, some utterly crappy points, yelling, etc. I laid back to watch the fun. The end was particularly funny - everyone were ready with their guns cocked to give out the conclusion. One guy managed to overdecibel the rest to blurt out the same points which we were regurgitating from the beginning. I came out and let out a huge WTF.

Right. I was #11, so I had the time for plenty of rumination and take a quick nap. Met up with a nice lady during the wait :). My PI happened at 6:30PM! WTF!

PI time:
Two person's - the Director himself (D) and a professor with light coloured eyes (P).
Cow: Good morning sirs.
D: Yes, Yes. Sit down. So, Cow, tell me about yourself.
Cow: Told.
D: You have done your BE in...?
Cow: Aeronautics.
D: Uh? That's a very exotic field. Not many do that. And your job seems to be interesting. Let me see your work ex certificates.
P: Where did you do your BE?
Cow: Told.
D: Tell me something about your job.
Cow: Told.
D: Why do you want to shift from your field? Don't you find it interesting?
Cow: Said something.
D: Tell me something about the LCA; how's that progressing?
Cow: Told.
D: Why is it that we do not find any top private aerospace companies in India?
Cow: Told. He seemed impressed with my answer.
P: So, about the fight for the Air-force orders, Which plane should we choose?
Cow: The Mig-35.
P: Why?
(At this point they were pretty much in my comfort zone)
Cow: Had a lengthy discussion on the subject; and managed to lambast USA in the process :D. They went "Good" in the end.
D: What are your hobbies?
Cow: Told.
D: What specialization?
Cow: HR.
D: How will your current experience help you if you go on to become a manager?
Cow: Told.
D: All this is fine, Cow, but we have just one concern. I mean, why do you want to leave an obviously envied field to do an MBA?
Cow: Mooooooo (bobbing head sideways).
D: Allright. Thanks Cow.

I got the feeling that they were impressed. No surprises there; I can talk well :D. I went home and downed some Bud-Ice.

Right. So, how did I fare? Pretty bad, I'll say. Unless they disregard the friggin GD.

Moral of the story: Never hit a GD-PI sobered up. You got very testing GDs these days, y'know.

@Seniors: I didn't submit the copies of the work-ex certificates. The Director verified the originals, though. Will this be a problem?

Mine was the 1:00 P.M batch at PESIT in Bangalore. Being the laid back Bangalorean that I am, started from home at 12.30, went n took printouts of the SIMSR form and filled it. Then took print outs of the payslips (for workex proof) n rushed to PESIT. Jus-in-time, ala the Japanese.

Coming to the essay, chose the same topic as the Cow, Recession and Rural India. Hardly finished explaining the recession when the time was almost up!!:crazyeye:.. Just slipped in a couple of quick paragraphs about how the causes of recession were far removed from the rural economy. Quoted FMCG's robust performance. Concluded by saying Rural India is the silver lining.

GD topic, same as Cow again. Udipi Hotels going out of business. GD was good. Being a great lover of Idlis and Dosas couldnt let the oppurtunity go. So chipped in quite a few points.. People were busy quoting Big Mac and their localisation. I spoke about our very own MTR and its very successful globalisation! Being a Bangalorean, am always ready to kill for the original MTR n Vidyarthi Bhavan (supposedly the hotel tht serves the best Dosa in the world, located in Bangalore). I think it is blasphemous to even comapre a McD burger to a Masala Dosa! After a passionate and vociferous GD waited for my PI turn. Was 3rd in the group.

A gentleman(G) and a lady(L) were my interviewers.
Ask for work-ex certificates and form.. hand them both over..
Both: Which College are you from?
Me: Answered
G: Tell me about your work!
Me: Answered.. Data Warehousing.. blah blah..
(G was very patient and meticulous about understanding the details of my work, the discussion went on... which is great!!)
L: So ur frm Satyam, do u expect to be questioned on it.
Me: Ambigous answer.
L: Tell me yes or No.
Me: Yes
L: How will u revive satyam?
Me: clients.. good work.. blah blah..
L: But senior mgmt is leaving.. nothing can be done..
Me: Hold them back .. give them sweat equity in the company.. make them feel like owners.. let them run the business with an enterprenuial spirit... thts the way forward..
G: So wat are ur core values.
Me: Integrity and Transperency.. blah.. blah..
L; So reading is ur hobby..
Me: Yes..
L: last book read..n when..
Me: Unbound India- Gurcharan Das, 2 weeks back..
L: Wat did u learn frm the book..
Me: India.. Enterprenuial spirit.. blah.. blah..
L: Favourite chapter
Me: Chanting in Sanskrit, Ranting in English.. Fusion of indian values with western education and capitalism.. blah .. blah...
L: Wat are his views onNehruvian era.
Me: Critic of socialism.. shackeled enterprenuership.. blah .. blah..
L: U say ur a quizzer.. isnt tht dangerous.. I can ask u any question n say n if u dont know conclude tht ur lying..
Me: I used to quiz.. So Im not lying.. n im prepared for General questions..
L: Which is India's southern most point.
Me: Kanyakumari
L: No.
Me: Ok.. Indira Point.
L: Ok.. wat happened to Indira point recently?
Me:.. dont know.. got to do with Rama Setu?
L: No.. It was submerged during the tsunami.. see this is wat i mean by saying tht quzzing is dangerous to put on the profile.. u didnt know the answer to this..
Me: Well.. I didnt claim to know everything and anyway I answered the 1st part of ur question.. which many ppl perhaps wouldnt hav.. so thts why i say im a quizzer..
L, G and Me have a laugh..
L: Thank you.. you may leave now..

The G was concentrating on the business n work ex side of the discussion and was trying to make me feel at home.. While the L was trying to see how i react to uncomfortable questions.. But i must say both of them were positive in their attitude n though L's role was to put me under pressure it was never hostile and always seemed in the right spirit..

Was done by 4.15pm.. was home by 4.30pm..

End of the day dont quite know what to make of the PI.. took over 10mins.. may be 15.. Perhaps the seniors like Mani Pradhan can comment on the probable outcome..

All the GDPI exp so far look gr8... I am waiting for more..
Remember guys.. if u can make the panel laugh, u win half the battle :)

abt the docs and all.. SIMSR will check it multiple times even after u join.. so dont sweat if they didnt ask for it now.. chill madi :D

BTW.. loved the way the COW described his GDPI
"Cow: Mooooooo (bobbing head sideways)."

hi puys,
Had my GD/Pi on 7 March at Bangalore.
Venue : PESIT college. 1:00 PM batch.

My profile:
CAT: 96.57
B.Sc. Biotech Grad.
Work ex of 2.5 yrs in Insurance sector.

the process started a 1:45PM. All the students where asked to assemble in a hall where the director and other faculty members gave a presentation about SIMSR and this was followed by a Q n A session.
After this, there was a written communication test. 2 topics where given. Should security be left in the hands of security agencies or should citizens be involved as well (or) Can rural economy be the mainstay of the indian economy in these bad times?
(not the exact words but thats what these topics meant)
15 minutes to complete the essay. word limit 300 words.

Once this was done, we were divided into 10 batches of 14-15 each.
GD's started simultaneously for all the batches. 3 members in GD panel. 2 from SIMSR and 1 from PESIT. Ours was a case study based on McDonalds Vs Udupi hotels. We had to act as a consultant to the udupi chaps and provide steps to counter the western eateries.
1.5 minutes to read the case. then each candidate got 1.5 minute to present the case. next, discussion for 18 minutes, after which any one can voluntarily summarise the discussion.
GD was a disaster. One guy instead of participating in the GD acted as a moderator. anyways, this is not a post to lambast that guy..
Anyway, after the pathetic GD came the interview.
2 panelists ( different from GD panel) P1 and P2.

P1: while P2 reads ur profile, tell me something abt urself.
me: blah blah
P2: from science to insurance to MBA??? wats happening??
me: lots of gyaan
P1:few questions about insurance sector and nature of my job.
P2: tell me few books u read while in graduation for biochemistry..
me: mentioned an indian author.
P2: didnt u read leninger...
me: yeh kaun hai??? anyways told him i always read to get marks n leninger was for ppl who wanted to get deep insights into biochem.P2 seemed satisfied.
P1: wat r ur hobbies??
me: blah blah
P2: u read anything??
me: calvin n hobbes...( i guess he didnt have many questions on Calvin so he probed whether i read any other books..) said dan brown.
P2: which one is ur fav??
me: DA vinci code.
P2: how is it diff from angels n demons??
me: blurted out something...(p2 nodds in agreement)
P1: anything else u read??
me: newspapers and india today.
P1: which is the first page u read n why?
me: blah blah.
P2: tell me abt ur family:
me: blah blah
P1: is being a single kid advantagous or disadvantageous??
me: advantageous...get undivided love and money.
both laugh...no more questions..thank u.

(the form was collected by the interview panel and they did not return it. 95% of the questions are from the form itself. So think twice before u write something there)
Overall, pretty good. GD got screwed cos of that guy...PI was good.
Hope this post helps u guys.
All the best.

My profile 96.25%ile 2.5 yrs work ex. IT
decent extra curr.
i reached well in time met with two fellow puys there, got to know about process.
we were taken to confreres hall and were shown the college video and overview.:
After that 15 mins of essay in 300 words
2 topics
1. Security is responsibility of security agencies or general public involvement is also necessary?
2. rural India is able to save Indian economy from current downturn.
i wrote very well..:angel:
After that we were taken to GD/PI room in batches of 15
i was at first position topic was the case study of Udupi vs McD.
at first 1.5 mins for everybody to speak..
i was the last to speak but still had many points to cover in 1.5 mins
so this process was too good for me
Then GD started for 12 mins i had too much positional disadvantage of sitting in corner :angry:
even then i interrupted group twice not to make fish mkt and given my point in full peaceful time

after that PI started.

P1:male professor
P2: Lady professor

P1:what is ur role in job
I:answered for 3 min with all process and responsibility and my role in that.
P2:Are u not satisfied with ur job
I; not at all i m fully satisfied and this is not the reason for me to go in MBA.
P2:why MBA then?
I: (fully ready with my long term and short term goal)
P1: some more job related questions
I: answered all
P2: did u read XYZ book?
I; sorry i didnt read
P2: why finance?
I: gm:blah blah my nature of work and my goal matches
P2: why KJ som?
I; told course structure , faculty, brand value

P1: why not part time?
I: told my commitment to company, told about my goal .. and told i want to learn finance not to gain degree
P1:do u read newspaper?
I: Yes

P1: which one?
I: economics times but i usually browse for news in internet

P1:which sites?
I: news.google.com,reuters.com,bbc.com...

P1:most browsed site?
I:news.google.com coz of it's interface and it has links to all other sites.

P1:when did u last browse? and what was the news?
I: Yesterday and news was about Lalit modi's statement about new schedule of IPL.

P2: career achievements
I: told about the client appreciation.. and one and 2 my sports achievements also..
thanks exchanged

i will rate essay 8/10
Monologue 9/10
GD 7/10
PI 8/10

All the best to others may it will help you:

Well puys ,
I had my GD yesterday at 1 p.m. slot
Cat :96.89
exp: 3 years in IT.

We were ushered into 1 large room initially & then verification.It was confusing.they only saw the cat admit & scorecard & profile sheet.
then essay . Nothing much into it .
Essays were: Can rural India save us from recession
How the internal security agencies should be managed
Wrote the first one Anyway we were taken into one room at ground floor where we had the GD & PI .We were 12 people .

Case was on UDUPI & MACD .how as a consultant to udupi restaurants we can help . Basically what failed restaurants should do to promote themselves.!!!

After the intial 1.5 minute intro our GD become like a Parliament .There were two guys (one with specs & another one from satyam with two buttons of his shirt open(I don't know how somebody can come like that) who fought with each other like Matix movie .they were shouting at the top of their voice with tradition and non-tradition . 5-6 mins passed in that only.Anyways I spoke twice or thrice,gave some relevant point & tried to moderate once.

After the GD was over we were rushed in the same room for our PI.
I was 5th in the slot.
Two professors P1 & P2
P1: So what you where doing outside?You already know the questions we asked
Me: Talking to one guy regarding our GD and how could we have done better.(Actually we were doing that)
P1 :Something about yourself
Me:Blah BLah
P2: Which engineering have you done
Me:electronics & Instrumentation
P2:What is the difference between precision & calibration.
Me:Somehow manged to answer
P2:What is tolerance
Me: Again somehow managed
P2: (Seemed satisfied)
P1:What books dou you read
Me: Chetan Bhagat ,Dan Brown,Amitava sen
P1 :Asked questions on five point someone
We hd some discussion on that .
P2:so you think bunking classess are ok
Me:I said it is fine if the person enjoys that moment.Actually I told him ultimately we want to be happy.
P1:He asked whether you have bunked in engineering or not:
P1Why not
Me:scored poorly in 12th standard .
so decided to be serious with my studies.
P2:Tell me your job profile.
Me: spoke to them for about a minute
P2:Your work profile seems to be great .Why MBA in operations
Me:Spoke about it.
P2:But so many IT people wants to do MBA :Why
Me:Spoke about it.Seemed very satisfied.
P1:Asked me about my integrity & ethics.
Me:spoke about my work & values
P1:Something about my family.
Me:Blah blah 7 told that my family also has founded an NGO and manages it.spoke length 7 breath about it
P1:Asked what I have done for that
Me:Told that I am developing website for the NGO .
P1:Thank you.

Overall it was about 15 to 20 mins.
Pretty lengthy one.
How dou you rate puys.....


Thought i wud jus briefly put my exp though it was quite bad...

Date- 8th March
Time- 8 am
[ But effectively 7:30 am to 1;15 pm, (4 ppl still waiting for PI after me)]
Bangalore center, PESIT
CAT: 94.18

I reached there by 7:30 as mentioned in mail. waited till 8 till everybody turned up. we all taken to conference room. Had to sign in register one by one. our original CAT admit card, score card and photo id were verified..

There was presentation about the institute followed by Q & A session ( ppl just too eager to ask questions, cudn't guess why, lil gud gyaan from Director but this session was longer than our gdpi :sad:

Then there was essay for 15 mins, 2 topics given on the board, 1 topic had to be chosen. Dont quite remember wordings, 1. is google causing death of traditional library. 2. - Is business ethics, a thing of past.
Wrote on first topic.
( thought my day had started off well but cudnt anticipate tragedy ahead :sad:)

GDPI batches assigned and asked to report to respective halls.

Gdpi was case study: one page of case study given to read up in 2-3 mins and one blank page given to jot down points. It ws about:
E-governance in india, challenges faced in enforcing, role of NGO's n Private sector.

Randomly called out numbers, each 1 had to speak on the case for 90 secs.
After tat general discussion for 5-10 mins. was kinda ok ok... i cudnt make much of impact in the later discussion. :crazyeye:

Then all our profiles were collected and pi started 10 mins after tat.
( i had copied tat profile form onto word, filled n then taken printout, some had got hand-written one's... all were accepted. No issues on tat)

Then went into hibernation. my pi came after one n half hr of perseverance.. i was No.8 in list...
Each person before me spent gud 15 mins for pi, were bein asked all kinda questions, some only on profile filled, some on work ex, hobbies, some questios on acads too, but easy n basic one's only.

My turn:
Two panelists, diff from gd panel. A gentleman(P1) n a lady(P2).
I'll post only my questions if they cud help... i cudnt answer many.
but it was not stressed, quite cool n calm, lil fun inbtw.. Panelists were gud ..

P2: So, ur doc, Why MBA after MBBS..
P2: There are specialised healthcare managemet courses, y not go for tat..
P2: First line of treatment for upper RTI
( my honemoon ended here)
P1: asked about few pharma companies mergers, takeovers, ceo's, patent cases, then named some ceo's n asked who they are, Some companies owned by KM. Birla, what do u read fiction/non-fiction, Music..???
Almost blank for all... lil blabbering in btw...

P1: what else u do apart from acads
Finally one ques i cud answer, but as i started very confidently, stopped me n popped up next ques

P2: Why kj.. blabbered all i cud about the isntitute

P1: How do u know faculty here are gud.?
me:senior puys in this forum here...

P1: so, have they put any Gd exp of yest..?
me:A cpl

P2: Even u shud go on n put urs... All the Best.

All smiles... i too smiled n wished n came out with agony.

PAnelists were cool but my corporate general knowledge was very poor i thought. Very few chances for me..., but a very nice exp inspite of long long waitin period for pi.

Any comments (mockery) is welcome...:biggrin:

All the best to all the puys...
(Brush up ur corporate knowledge a bit, my panelists asked everybody regardin some gk in corporate world)

Me heading for BIM n TAPMI, Hoping something better....:innocent:

I spoke to the admission coordinator reg profile sheet collection.

For all those whose profile sheet were not collected. Send it to the college Admission Coordinator by post. Write a cover letter along with it and mention clearly your date of interview, morning/evening batch, GDPI panel number and other details u think are relevant.

I hope this clears the doubts related to documents collection.

Venue : Bangalore
Time : 13:00
Here goes my GD/PI experience:
Essay : Media sensationalizes matters!
Well wrote things like it is the media which is always made the scape goat for all the things that go wrong , where as it is only a medium of Communication .Also wrote how unlike the west where the whole area where a particular tragedy happens is cordoned off , this dose not happen in India.Also wrote how people play into the hands of the media by giving statements and comments and all .
Overall : Good
then the GDTopic : A case study about Raju a Satyam employee who faces the brunt of the economic slowdown and also the Satayam fiasco.I was the first and so started off , said that he should go do an MBA(was mentioned in the case study that he wrote CAT and got a decent score too).Best thing will not have to explain the reason for quitting his job,as many people leave their job for an MBA.Also it will be a good break for him.As for the disscussion , well got a few points in between . Spoke a few times and talked sense(I think so) ...
Tht was the GD.Now PI:
Was the first in :
Two professors , one lady(L) and one gent(G) and me the Bakra(B) :
G : Tell me about your background , eduational .
B : Well am doing my Engineering , Final Year !
G : No , mean explain fully , your background ?
B : Well , did my Xth here ..... and now doind Engineering final year.
G: So why do u want to do HR ?
B : Well sir as i have written later in my form , i intend to get into Civil Service/Politics.So i think HR will be an appropiate specelization for me.
G(Stunned) : Politics , why do u want to get into politics ?
B : Well sir i would like to change things in society and all that stuff
G : How will an MBA help you in your carreer as a Politician?B : Sir , managing a constituency is also a very demnading job and so i think it will always be an advantage if i have a professional Experience in it.Also sir the Job of running a country is the most important job in a country and so the people for it should be really qualified which is not the case in India.But i would like to change that and be an instrument of real , visible change!!!!
L(For First Time) : So what have u done in the feild of Politics as such?
B : Madam , i am the Secretary of my College Department.
L : So what all did u do ?
B : Told about how Rs.20,000 was always given by the college but never got used in the function in the function as the it always got sipponed off , but i ensured that the money was used effectively
L : Apart from the monetary aspect of things , what other problems did u face?
B : Well people alloted to do one kind of work wanted to do something else which was always not possible.
L : How did u deal with it?
B : Madam , accomodated the requets as far as possible but then had to draw a line somewhere as changing a schedule for a person also changes the schedule for others.
G : So which are the qualities u look for in a Politician?
B : Honesty , integrity , Willingness to serve , sense of justice , etc
G : Don't u think in these times , such politicians can't succeed ?
B : Sir , it is not impossible but highly improbable .
G : Give an Example ?
B : Monmohan Singh !!!
L : So which all social initiatives have u been part of ?
B : Told about the party created by IIT Madras students to contest elections for the last TN Assembly Election , but sadly lost even the deposits!
G : No which u have been part of ?
B : Teach India Campain (Times of India ), went to many orphanages as a part of my School visits to then.Told them i always felt i had to do something for them , but was very small then . Even know,i don't know but am tryin my level best!
L : Any negetive trait u have which might ave a negetive impact on ur ambitions ?
B : Maan , as i said after i prepare a schedule i don't make much changes to it as i feel a change for one affects everyone in the project.But the i think i should be more accomodating and should change the schedule as much as possible.
L , G : Well that will be all , Thank u . Send the next one .
B : OK , thank you
L : send him after 30 secs , no wait just tell him to stand outside . We will call him !!!!

What say puys!!