[2009-2011] NITIE GD/PI Experiences

All the best to everyone for their NITIE interviews starting tomorrow and please do post in your experinces.It would be good if we can use an earlier format. For the benefit of everyone concerned, please keep the format like this: *PROF…

All the best to everyone for their NITIE interviews starting tomorrow and please do post in your experinces.It would be good if we can use an earlier format.

For the benefit of everyone concerned, please keep the format like this:


Undergrad Major - GPA/%age

NIL/Sector - Number of Years

CAT Score:
Number of Ppl present
Brief Snapshot of Discussion:
Other Salient Details: As whether summary was asked to be written or not, Time given, and other stuff.

Panel Members Intro:

1. Kindly do not post anything other than your experiences of NITIE GD-PI.
2. Please do mention your background and hobbies as it might help us understand why a specific question was put up to you.
3. For appreciating an interview post use thank button, or if you want to show more, use PM.

All in all, keep this thread for what is meant!

Hello puys...
the process started today at 8:00 am...
you first had to register for the day...there were separate queue for those with regular gd/pi slot today and those who had requested a change in gd/pi slots...also, they issued new call letters in case yu had not received the original...
there were arnd 240 students who had been asked to report today and they were divided in 24 gd groups of 10 each...
after registration, ppl were made to sit in the auditorium and went through a couple of presentations for 10-15 mins..then the gd pi process started...

yu can check yr group and panel no..on yr call letter there will be a number like 1/A/5...
1 is yr gd group for the day...A is yr gd panel(there are two panels - A and B) and 5 is yr interview panel(total 5 panels were there)...

they are entertaining requests if yu have to leave early or smthng...IMPACT team was present everywhere and helped out the students in every possible way...there is arrangement for refreshments as well...

from the audi, students were taken into another room in order of their groups...there was document verification...

yu need to keep with yu one set of followin docs in the following order:
cat scorecard
X marksheet
XII marksheet
graduation marksheets
work-ex certificate
character certificate
caste certificate
physical disability certificate

they take copies of only those certificates which they do not have...better to keep a backup of each(my 12th marksheet was missing from their file)...

after verification, the students are divided into gd groups...there were 10 ppl in my group out of which 4 were absent...so they took 4 students from group 2 and added to our group on a dynamic basis...

then we proceeded for the GD...there were 7 panelists for the GD!!!

my topic was: "Customer is a King" is still a myth in India, not reality...

discussion was ok...no fish markets...

then we had to wait in another room for the interview...i was in panel 5...there were 6 ppl taking the interview!!!

interview, though, was chilled out...no stress...they asked questions and waited for yu to answer..yu can take yr own time..
to me they asked about my work-ex...why mba...why pgdim...a couple of questions on computer science(my background)...final year project(i think they asked this to a few others as well)....

all the best to other puys for their interviews...

PS- the GDs were expected to continue till lunch...but team IMPACT said that interviews will probably go on late...they expected it to b over by 6-6:30...but gave a worst case time of 9...

Could u plz elaborate on questions they asked on ur acads(CSE)? I am also from same branch.
thanks in advance

Could u plz elaborate on questions they asked on ur acads(CSE)? I am also from same branch.
thanks in advance

they asked me a few questions on theory of distributed systems(one of my courses in 8th sem), examples of distributed systems, whether wikipedia can be considered a distributed system?
also they asked me what all i had a learnt mathematics 3(one of my subjects in 3rd sem) and how is this maths useful to us now...
also little bit about my final year projects...
they asked me a few questions on theory of distributed systems(one of my courses in 8th sem), examples of distributed systems, whether wikipedia can be considered a distributed system?
also they asked me what all i had a learnt mathematics 3(one of my subjects in 3rd sem) and how is this maths useful to us now...
also little bit about my final year projects...

How much Work-ex do u have??
Was every body asked question on acads??

How much Work-ex do u have??
Was every body asked question on acads??


i have 8 months of work-ex...
i have no idea about others...i was among the first people to be interviewed...and left the centre after that..
good luck...

Hey puys... had my NITIE GD/PI today..:)

Thanks to akky, who has already explained the process in detail...

I was late in reaching (reached by around 8:20 am) and was greeted by a very angry looking lady (came to know later that she was the registrar), but anyway was shuffled into the auditorium by some very friendly seniors.

The presentation was already over by then and some of the people were asking questions.

After that people as per their groups were sent for document verification followed by the GD.

My turn came at almost 9.30 am (was in 11th group)... n yeah seniors also made the arrangement of getting the certificates xeroxed so in case u miss out on anything, it can be done there.


X - 91%
XII - 80%
Undergrad Major - 7.78/83.8%

20 months - One of the big-4 in SAP practice

CAT Score - 99.61 (overall)

GD group consisted of 10 people, and 6 panelists. The topic was "Success vs Values". 3 minutes to think, 15 minutes to discuss and 2 minutes to summarize. The GD didn't turn out to be very great and it did turn into fish market at least a couple of times, but not a very enriching discussion and it did get a bit repetitive..could come in 2 times properly and in 3 4 times in bits n pieces which i would rather not count...:|
So a discouraging start of the process for me..:shocked:

And then came the long wait... lots of people who had a flight or train to catch late in the day got their PIs rescheduled and so the poor Mumbaikars like me suffered.
Anyway was called for PI at 5.30pm

Enter room: 6 chairs out of which only 4 were occupied
3 males: P1, P2, P3 and one lady L1 (P3 was busy with some papers all through my PI and L1 also remained silent)
Myself: M

P1: So tell us something about yourself
M: Told.... (chalo shuruat to theek hai )

P1: So you'r working on SAP. What are the different modules of SAP?
M: Told.... Also said that I'm working in sales and distribution and customer service modules.

P1: What exactly do you do in Sales and distribution module?
M: Explained about order to cash cycle, order entry, stock allocation, dispatch, invoicing etc

P1: How do you do sales forecasting
M: Gave some gyan....
(copule of minutes discussion on this)

P1: What do you mean by ***** effect? (dont remember exactly what was that)
M: Sorry

P2: Can you explain the financial implications of the sales cycle?
M: Explained about the accounting impacts at the dispatch and invoicing stages..(both nodding)

P2: What is back order processing?
M: Explained...

P2: What would be the opposite of back order processing?
M: Explained about customer independent requirements and subsequent order processing.... (P2 nodded in acceptance)

P1: One last question.... tell us something about extracurriculars..
M: was too engrossed with giving SAP gyan and had to change gears suddenly... finally managed to blurt out few things but felt that could have answered in a much better manner.

Thank yous exchanged

Overall a good PI (lasted a little under 15 minutes), they asked me only about my workex which i think I managed well. Thankfully they didnt move towards acads.. maybe lack of time i guess.. Came to know that 18 more people were to be interviewed by that panel and it was already 5.45pm.

All the best to all the puys for their GD/PIs

And then came the long wait... lots of people who had a flight or train to catch late in the day got their PIs rescheduled and so the poor Mumbaikars like me suffered.
Anyway was called for PI at 5.30pm

I think it will be interesting to know that seniors were showing a movie (Andaz Apna Apna today) in the audi to pass the time for the waiting candidates...First of its kind for me...

X 89
XII 86
Undergrad Major - 65% (BE telecom)

Work-Ex: 20 months TCS

CAT Score: 99.81%ile
Topic:Turmoil in pakistan: a threat to india.
Number of Ppl present: 10
Time: 2min to think, 15 min to discuss, 2 min to summarize
Brief Snapshot of Discussion:
average GD- chipped in 4-5 times- emphasized first to the group that besides terrorism there are also other aspects to India pak relns that could be affected by turmoil, eg: SAARC, international trade- told about adverse effect on social and cultural aspects, about people having roots in Pak - Told that the current turmoil has taken away the chance from us to prove that Pakistan was involved in terrorism since it has diverted the attention from Mumbai attacks investigation - Also, Turmoil gives a chance for international powers to interfere within Indo Pak matters - Told that through better co operation, we could build SAARC based body on the lines of EU which would be more fruitful - told that the current turmoil projects a bad image of Pakistan in the international community which could work in favour of India with regards to the mumbai attacks investigation.

GD was good for all.

PI (th bad part)

It started off well with regular questions like
1) Brief us about yourself
2) why do you want to leave your job
3) Why MBA
4) What are your job responsibilities? (software tester)
5) How would you test a software consisting of 7 modules each with 200 lines of code?

But then they turned to academics
I could answer about Maslows theory of need hierarchy, and Supply demand relations
but then...
1) what is the range for microwave frequencies?
2) just an estimate :shocked: (gave a completely wrong one)
3) Which is better AM or FM and why? :wow:
4) Why is stereo possible in FM and not in AM:w00t:

Couldnt answer the above four questions in a row

Then thank god they turned to extra curriculars: (acting and writing)
1) so who is your favourite standup comedian? (discussed a bit on different comedians)
2) Have you worked in movies :wow:...dramas?
3) What do you write about? (mentioned blogging, Showed my poetry)
4) What is your poetry based on?
5) So will you continue these activities? ( Ofcourse!!...smiles...dont know why! )

interview went on for 20 min..
Dont know...think my wrong answers for tech questions will see me rejected..really wanted this college..feedbak puys..plz

hi puyz
can smebdy who is done wid the process enumerate GD topics for this year..... It wud be great help for the ppl who r yet to hve their interviews.... thx in advance..... cheers

date -18/3/2009

reached the audi at 8
the verification process started at around 8.15 with ppl from 4 groups called for the same.
You are supposed to have all your documents and the corresponding photocopies
but they collect only photocopies of documents that they dont have

after that the the gd started
topic- dont remember exactly but was something abt generation now professionals balancing their worklives

was a sort of fishmarket but ok i guess it was ok in the end
yours truly chipped in with some 5 points and summarised also

PI started at abt 4 o clock
till then we were in the audi ......enjoying andaaz apna apna;)

(there were 5 panelists, I'll call them 'p' collectively and me 'm'

P:(Before i could find my bearings) ok tell me your academic achievements and your career plan
M:boasted chronologically from tenth to CAT and moved on to my career path

P:Oh! so wat does a product manager do?
M:(had expected that) blah blah.......just a gist

P:Ok so wat made you choose textile engineering?
M: said something abt me looking for a damn good college at that time and then said in that college, i got a shot at only a few branches and since there are very few textile engineers in the country

P:Ok so where r u working ?
M:blah blah as a trainee(only 2 months workex)

P:(letting go of that) Ok tell me something abt your final year project?
M: blah blah

P:probing deeper
M: explained with an example(they seemed convinced thankfully)

P:So will you get back to the textile industry
M:blah blah

P:Ok thank you
M:thnk you.......:)

so very general as you can see.........i guess it lasted for around 10 mins.
hrd other panels were grilling on acads and work-ex stuff

PS: ran into chopseuy and asked him if he was chopseuy

good luck to all
keep the faith!!

A frnd of mine (Comp sci, IT 16 month workex, CAt-99.78, gud acads) had his NITIE GDPI today...

GD: Shud India's foreign policy be Pro-US.
The GD was fish-market on occasions, and u wer reqd to raise voice on occasions.

His PI was pretty chilled out, no grilling.

Some of the qs he was asked:
Y reschedule? (He said he had Indore interview yday)
How was interview? (Told)
Some qs on CS backgrnd...
Final yr proj...
Any management courses in B.Tech?

Lots of friendly discussion...abt his being underwt..they even suggested to eat bananas...

Date: 18-03-2009

Academic Background

X - 88.8 % (Maharashtra State Board)
XII - 87.17 % (Maharashtra State Board)
Undergrad Major - Civil Engineering, 70.9 % (Mumbai University)

Work - ex - 35 months, Larsen & Toubro ECC Division, Ports & Harbours Division.

CAT - 99.14 %ile

GD topic: Import of Chinese toys. Is it good or bad ?
2min to think + 15 mins to discuss + 2mins to summarise.

Very ordinary GD for me. Lot of points were being repeated. There was chaos almost throughout the GD. I guess the topic too wasnt very exciting.

Panel of 5 profs. The arrangement in the room was pretty intimidating. I thought I had ended up in a interrogation room

P: So tell us something about yourself ?
Me: blah ... blah

P: So tell us about your long time goals ?
Me: blah ... blah

P: So why leave L&T; ? You can do this with them as well.
Me: blah ... blah. Explained in context to my career goals

P: Which is the no 1 civil engineering company in the world ?
Me: Bechtel

P: So if they offer you this profile will you go to them ?
Me: :eh: Explained my career goals all over again.

P: Tell me something about CPM & PERT ?
Me: :xmas: blah ... blah ...yeh toh ab by heart ho gaya hai

P: Wot probability distribution do we use in PERT ?
Me: :xmas: blah ... blah

P: So why do we use beta probability distribution for time estimates and normal distribution otherwise ?
Me: :eh: some gyaan

P: But then y probability distribution ?
Me: some gyan about mean and standard distribution.

P: Do you remember Central Limit Theorem ?
Me: (thoda thoda yaad tha par kyun risk leneka) ... Nopes

P: Not a problem.
Me: :biggrin:

P: What are the different types of floats ?
Me: blah blah

P: What is free float ?
Me: Was a bit rusty here, so very generic answer.

P: What is slack ?
Me: Blah Blah ...

P: Why are engineers professionals ?
Me: some arbit gyaan... talked about engineering ethics

P: Ok what are engineering ethics ?
Me: :biggrin: started rambling was interrupted after 2 points ...

P: Ok Ok ... I get the idea
Me: :biggrin:

P: What is population of India ?
Me: (Major goof up was about to say 1.1 trillion, but suddenly realised what crap I was talking) ... 1.1 tri ... billion

P: :eh: 1.1 billion ?
Me: :-|

P: What is India's GDP?
Me: 1.1 trillion USD ... no wait thats GDP (nominal) ...GDP (PPP) is diff ...

P: How does India rank in both ?
Me: blah

P: What is this Purchasing Power Parity ?
Me: blah ... blah

P: See how can we compare this basket of goods. People do not the same goods.
Me: :eh: representative basket.

P: Ya ya thats ok ... but still these Americans use this McDonald Burger index ... who eats burgers ?
Me: :eh: (yeh kya chal raha hai. I too get into PPP bashing) Yes sir other issues are related to quality of goods considered

P: Yes Yes. Hey you havnt told me about your final year project.
Me: :eh: (kya tha mera project ?) Yes ..."Computer Aided Design of Advanced Wastewater Treatment for Domestic Reuse"

P: So what was all that about ?
Me: Explain in layman's terms avoiding all technical details Explained its relevance.

P: So why dont you want to do Environmental Management, its coming up in a big way.
Me: Explain that it is a component and responsibility of PM

P: U dont want to do MS / Mtech in Structures, Geotech etc ?
Me: (Pata nahin keh kyun pucha ?) No

P: Ok you may leave
Me: Thank you

I found the panel a bit stressful. They were not letting me complete my answers. All of the 5 profs asked questions.

I, shameless plugged myself throughout the PI.

A lot of thanks to Team Impact for all the assistance. Pretty smooth process.
NITIE ne free movie bhi dikhaya
Thanks to Arpan, my PI coordinator for an engaging chat before the PI.

I'm very sad today..I lost my new mobile phone in a crowded bus ...it was stolen from my shirt pocket

Date: 18-03-2009

Academic Background

X - 88.53 % (Maharashtra State Board)
XII - 82.33% (Maharashtra State Board)
Undergrad Major - B.Tech Pharmaceutical chemistry and Technology Engineering, 68.15 % (UICT/UDCT)

Work-Ex-0 months

CAT - 99.03 %ile

Started at 6:50 AM from my house, reaching NITIE 7:50 AM

We were sent to the auditorium after initial attendance(I 'm not repeating the usual stuff again)...Andaz Apna Apna was screened later on

Time for the GD at 10:45 AM...was in group 8(32) according to todays order.

Topic: Obama: Will he prove to be a blessing for India (I think these are surely not the exact words 😞 )

Moi didn't start as usual
Was the fourth entrant..and ensured that I grabbed the limelight..
Mentioned that since the broad outline although that has been mentioned...we need to specify these issues . These being positive and negative.

These are 1)Protectionism 2)H1B visa cap 3)Outsourcing 4)Ratification of CTBT and NPT 5)WTO fiasco 6)Non tariff barriers 7)Pro-pakistan and China policy
Positives are:1)Has big Indian -american lobby support 2)Is from a pluralist background 3)Has the power to deliver(I took about 50 seconds in this)

The course being set all the point were discussed in details. Countered two points in between with hard facts.
Supported 4 points made by others by giving some examples. Gave 2 more of my original points

In the summary...we could conclude as a group that the future can tilt both ways..he might or might not prove to be a blessing....

Started with 3 panel members..gradually increased to 6 during the course of 14-15 minutes of my interview.
The sixth member being the research dean Dr. Amitabh De himself
He came into the room in the last 4 minutes and started rapid fire questions(10 total)

I'll henceforth address the panel members as P1,P2,P3(only 3 of them asked questions) and the dean as AD

M:moi=>sabse bada duffer

This took place at 2:25 PM
Panelists were still to return from lunch
and I was felling sleepy after a full meal

M:greeting the 3 profs present at first
P1: Please take the seat

P1: Tell us something about yourself
M: Told...when i was speaking about my college P1 interrupts...
P1: is it at nanded
M: No, sir its at Matunga...oh that one
P1: asked about autonomy
M: told about deemed status from nex acad year..and i will be from the last batch having MU thappa
P2: it seems ure not happy with it
M: A bit true sir:laugh: ...actually I would have loved if it were a deemed this year from my batch itself
P1: Why is that?
M: There are some concrte reasons sir...
P2..please elaborate
M: grabbed this oppotunity to explain the meagre placements (absence of student placement cell)
absence of electives..flexibility..etc etc
Now comes the acads grilling
By now two more lady panelists have entered...AD is still not in the scene

Questions that follow:
So what is B.tech pharma?
Explained completely the course specifics

So why did u take this course..
told the complete epic story

Where did u take ur mandatory inplant training?

What all were there, what did they produce, name a fmous product of theirs, what consitutes their product range, what did u learn?
Answered all

So what is this Shelcal..(with a smile...looked like he knew about it)
Explained all the 8 products in the range

P2 starts now..so why MBA
Gave my answer(with the lean towards marketing)

P2: But how will this help u to market ..u just have to convince the doctors...
M:...Sir OTCs!!!
Gave the example of Eno...explained my answer by using this brand...he seemed convinced now

I maintained my stand on product differentiation...mentioning Crocin vs paracetamol

P1: asked a lot on paracetamol..answered all

P1: so in a batch process ...what determines the batch limit...
Told about the differnce between batch and continuous drug prod lines and mentioned the factors limiing cap size

P3(L)...so basically these are the factors to limit batch size
This time i added the specific biotech drugs like steroids....homogenisation becomes difficult

P3...asks about project ..what is it and it has been completed or not
M:...Phew..Was waiting for this
Enter AD
AD..So pharma eh?
What is a generic drug
What is a bulk drug
What is contract manufacturing
relation between the above two
What is USP IP BP
What is GMP
which countries GMP is followed in india(This was the sole question i didn't have a proper answer to 😞 )

What are clinical trials

I forgot the remaining two

He gave about 5-10 seconds to anwer each..and started firing the next..

After the rapid fire...AD looks at the other panel members..smiles around..now this was really great:clap:
AD asks them done then..all agree..."u can leave now"

I offer my file....all in unison..its not required..

I wish good day to all and leave

And now I'm still upset over my cellphone


X 76(U.P.Board)
XII 83(U.P.Board)
Undergrad Major - 71(U.P.Tech)

Work-Ex: 4 yrs
NIL/Sector - IT/Telecomm

CAT Score: 98.97
Course: PGDIM

Topic: Don't remember the topic but it was something like 'Should universities be aided by gov'. 10 ppl were present. GD was decent. Some ppl were very good. I was ok.

Summary was asked. some ppl even contradict each other in summary. That should be avoided.

Panel Members Intro: 4 panel member + 1 came later

Panel: p Me: v (victim)

p: tell me about u
v: told. Interrupt in work-ex.

P: why changed company
v: told

p: final yr project?
v: Told abt the project related to encryption. Luckily they didn't ask further.

p: What improvements you have done in your company?
v: telling something. interrupted.

p: I am asking as a manager.
v: :wow:( manager banane to NITIE aa raha hoon. Manager hota to kya baat thi)

p: which trainings u attended in your career?
v: I was almost surprised. could recall business communication, six sigma and some technical trainings.

p: Tell about six sigma
v: told

p: Given some college example and asked if six sigma can be applied here?
v: Told. Yes. Given some fundas. Later realized that I had given a very good answer.

p: what do u want to achieve by MBA?
v: telling something. Interrupted again.

p: What is your principal of return(something like that)? U will loose 2*x(my current salary which is pretty good) and may get good salary if condition improved or not?
v: telling something. Interrupted again.

p: U r already getting x salary, if recession will persist then it will be difficult for u to get better salary.
v: ( Iska tho dar hai sir considering current market condition, but career growth ke liye mba bhi jaroori hai) Told abt long term goals, aim in life etc etc. He looked satisfied.

p: What are your hobbies
v: Told. Some good discussion on hobbies. Was able to put my strong points.

p: Then discussion went towards newspaper
v: I mentioned I read economy times.

p: What do u know about economy?
v: told something like fiscal deficit. growth of India.

p: But indian economy is still growing.
v: Told about deficiencies. 4 Yrs 8-9% growth but now 11-12% fiscal deficit and 5% growth. Is it good?

p: what measures should be taken to improve growth?
v: was telling something. Panel guys told its ok. And said bye bye.

p: which other calls you have?
v: told

I had stress interview. Interrupted various times. Best of luck for other puys for their GD/PI. Its only confidence which matters in Interview.

Room was decent for just 100 Rs. Seniors were very co-operative. Many ppl again didn't bring photocopies so seniors have to get photocopies for them. Movies were shown meanwhile and an excellent quiz also happened. That was the best part.

Result of this interview: Convert in first list


Hi guys. Here goes my experience

X : 82.8
XII : 80.2
Undergrad Major - 73%

Work-Ex: 20 months IT

CAT Score: 99.76

Topic: Turmoil in Pak is threat to india.
Number of Ppl present : 10
Time: 15 min
Brief Snapshot of Discussion:
Topic being indo-pak, ppl were just waiting to jump in the discussion. I entered some 4-5 times and managed decently i guess. Lot of cross talk happening and seemed more like a mock-gd

PI: 6 panel members. 5 gentlemen and a lady.Collectively call them P


P: Introduce yourself
moi : blah. mentioned national prize in essay-writing in between

P: tell about that
moi : told

P: Wats your job profile
moi : lengthy monologue about current role in security

P: What security protocols you use
moi : no protocols used. We just try to hack into the OS.Gave recent example

P : How did you achieve that
moi : again some general stuff.

P(The lady who was asking tech questions) : i'm technical. You can give a technical answer
moi : told technically

lady still not convinced. So you use a flag??
moi : yes mam

p: you should tell no..
moi (ab flag kya bolun.That is the most obvious thing any computer science guy does)

p: so what was your final yr project.
moi : told

p: how did you do it
moi: again told. mam cuts in between to tell that the tech part is over

p: you're interested in military history. Tell about kargil war
moi : told

p: you're in r&d.; Why don't indian cos create products
moi : about services being more lucrative nowadays. Even Microsoft into services.Not their part of the value chain and stuff

p: wats value chain
moi : told watever i knew. Thankfully they didn't go deep as i was grilled on the same question in a mock interview

p: wat are your career objectives. Show me this certificate
moi: showed the certificate. Went bak to my seat and told career objectives

p: so you want to be strategic consultant
moi : yes

p: give any indian who was good in strategy
moi : military or corporate?

p: corporate
moi : c k prahlad. some blah about fortune at bottom of pyramid

p: but he's not a strategy consultant. he's an academic
moi: his ideas defined a lot of corporate strategies

p: how wil u choose between colleges. Which college will you join
moi : gave a diplomatic answer about not counting my chickens b4 they hatch

p: ok suppose hypotheticaly iimb,mdi and nitie all converted.Then?
moi: iim b cos its more aligned with my goals
between mdi and nitie defi nitie cos in these recessionary times, one should look at roi

p: fine we're done. Thank you
moi : Thanks !!

Misc details : Guys who're yet to reach nitie, try and get the MDP hostel. Its a steal with an A/C and TV at Rs 400. Much more comfortable than the pgp hostel. Rest will be great with a spell binding campus and helpful seniors.


Hello puys ....had my GD PI today...here goes my profile and experience
X: - 78%
XII: - 71%
B.E: - 78%
28 months work-ex in IT
CAT %ile: - 98.66

Well to start with, i reached NITIE by arnd 7.45AM, presentation started at 8 AM exact...Team impact was handling everythng nicely and were really helpful....

GD Topic: - "Isn't all you need is money to be happy??"(or somthng like tht)
I started the GD and gave direction to it succesfully....then chip in 4-5 times..with each time giving a new dimension to it...not really a fish market and everbody got a chance to spoke...infact during the end the some points were getting repeated.......
Overall a nice GD, was really feeling gud after coming out of it....
GD rating: - 7/10

After GD we were again made to sit in the auditorium where we enjoyed "Andaz apna apna"... in half an hour i was called for an interview
Now the bad part starts.....
there were 6 panelists aur mai akela(bahut nainsafi hai.......)
As all the 6 members were asking Q i'll denote thm by "P"

P: Tell us somethng abt your Academic Achievements...
M: Sir i have represented my college by taking part in....(interrupted)

P: - No tht is your extra-curri...tell us abt ur acads......
M:- Consistenly being among the top rankers...then again jumped to Tech events like winning competitions in IIT etc....

P: - What does your company do??
M: - explained

P: - explain in more detail
M: - explained (looked satisfied)

P:- Wht difficulties do u face in Work...
M: - blah...blah...

few more discussions abt work which i explained...

P:- tell us abt ur final year project?
M:- told

P: - its working
M: - told in detail.....

P: - tell us its industry applications: -
M: - told one

P: - any other?

P: - So you are a telecom engg...tell me if thr is a truck which is going frm Mumbai to Chennai...how will u detect it.....
M:- Sir does tht truck hav any sorts of material....

P:- wht sorts...
M: - sir its just tht if the truck hav any material like radioactive or somethng then it will be easier to catch their radiations.....

P: - so u think tht radioactive material will be Xferred in the open in the truck..
No sir, its just even if its closed thn also the radiations can be detected....

P:- wht if the truck is empty.
M: -

P: - Thnks....
M: - Thnks.....

PI rating: - 4/10
Donno wht to make out of it...one thing tht i noticed was each panel member was asking me Ques and noticing my ans......
Guys...plz tell me tht we can still make it even if our interview doesn't go well.....
puys any feedback???

Had my interview on 18th....


X : 71.8
XII : 84.4
Undergrad Major - GPA/%age : 78.88

Work-Ex: 18 months
NIL/Sector - Number of Years : IT/ITes

CAT Score: 99.14

Topic: Insurance promotion thru emotions.....how ethical ?
Number of Ppl present 10

Brief Snapshot of Discussion: basically discussed about types of insurance..and it is more impotant to have insurance rather than being ethical/ nonethical....

PI: 6 panel members in all......

Panel: intoduce yourself....
Me: blah blah

Panel: some question on sudoku....like number of minimum variables..
me: answered most of them

Panel: then asked about y mba..
me: blah blah....

Panel: lastest movie watch....
Me: Delhi-6...

Panel: Learning fro that...
me: told....

Panel: Final year project done.....
me: told....

Panel: what all u see when u open CPU....
me: told.....

panel: some questions on serial and parallel communication....
me: told at my best..

panel: some questions on cache memory ...
me: told but panel not convinced much...

panel: what are usb ports....
me: told....

thats all...lasted around 15 20 min.....

Had my interview on 19'th....


X : 86.8
XII : 83.2
Undergrad Major - GPA/%age : 8.92/10(NIT Bhopal)

Work-Ex: 20 months
NIL/Sector - Number of Years : IT/ITes

CAT Score: 98.45

Topic: IT and telephones have had a negative impact on human relations
Number of Ppl present 10

Brief Snapshot of Discussion: Good Discussion. I started the GD and summarized well. Though could have started much better but concluded good. Some very good points were raised. One guy was really hyper active with gestures , but yah hopefully not with his speech, he spoke decently. And yah, the girl next to me Shruti , she was really very nervous before the GD....but amazingly she spoke great...barring two three people, everybody contributed well .

6 panel members in all......I will call them P
This was fun, before entering a girl from NITIE met us, she recognized me, she was from Bhopal actually. She told that in this panel all bade log are sitting. The Dean( Placement CEll ) was in it.:clap:....pehle hi watt lagaa di yaar ....chalo koi nahi. I go in

P- I will ask you only 3 questions, first, meaning of your name and sth about urself, second your job profile and last ur final yr project
m- Told about myself, about my job profile.

P- Suddenly asking , Ohk ur from Mech ? Do u know we have special inclination towards mechies? But then u have to prove urself ..ohk
M- I will try

P- wat is the difference between two stroke and four stroke ? Tell me common uses that are helpful in selection of engine
M- hehehe;)....ye cheez ek mechie ko kabhi mat poochna, mooh zabaani ratti hogi....told about power , fuel efficiency, weight to power ratio etc etc

P- Ohk, Any machine towards which u were fascinated?
M- bhai lathe pad ke gayaa tha, so said sir lathe, bacuse of its ability to perform multitask

P- Have u seen CNC Lathe ?
M- yes sir, We have one non operational at our college, and seen big CNC machines at BHEL during my training. Explained how programs are feeded in it

P- Any name of a company that manufactures them?
M- sorry Sir. I don't know.There is one french company, but I can't recollect its name.

P - No Problem, What is hobbing?
M- Sir its a technique of gear manufacturing
P- explain it
M- told very basic stuff, then said, much finer details are also there, but I know this much only.

P- what is centering?
M-Told about dead center. live center, how job is being put between them

P- what is ur job profile?
M- told about my job.

P- Okay Thank You Indrajoy.
M_ ae lo ho gayaa, abhi to final yr project pe aaya hi nahi, ekdum phad deta main usme to :D......( jus kidding, rather meri phat jaati ).....

Thank You sirs and maam ( though only 1;) )....Have a nice day

Bus, khatam hua ek aur GD/PI, alwaida MDP Hostel, kaash aisa hostel hi mile :clap:.......time to go back to Noida, grab a chilled beer , and sit on my couch