[2009-2011] IIML final results out / Final Call getters Profile and queries

IIML Final results out http://www.iiml.ac.in/pgp_adm_results.php Please use this thread to post your status, if converted post your profile too… All the best

IIML Final results out


Please use this thread to post your status, if converted post your profile too..

All the best

Iam not through,

Congrats to people who could make it


My profile:

Grad-9.38 CGPA
Work -Ex: 18 months (On Dec31st 200
CAT: 99.95%ile

Essay: Decent
GD: Good
Interview: Good

Not joining

Joining HELL for sure........This was one of the most pleasant surprises of my life......converted my best caLL of the three IIMs.....now nothing else matters.

My Profile:
Xth - 79.2%
XIIth - 77.6%
B.Tech - 76.6%
CAT %ile - 99.78(QA-98.49 DI-92.74 VA-99.54)
Current Work-ex - 32 months in an IT product MNC

Essay - Now I think it was Good
GD - Good
PI - Wierd

Selected :-)

Essay: Good
GD: Avg
Interview: Poor

selected after an average GD and PI..

waiting for C..


My profile:

X : 89.2
XII: 81
B.Tech : 7.2/10 ( B.tech Mechanical IIT Delhi )
Workex : 0

GD: Average (6.5 /10)
Essay : Good (7.5 /10)
Interview: Very good (8.5/10)


CAT 08 - 99.99
Xth Class - 89
XII Class - 92
BE(Comps) - 71.5%

Work Ex - 21 months (till date)

GD : Good
PI : Average

IIM L converted


CAT 08: 129 98.73

10th: 71%

12th: 77.4%

BE: 68.34%

Workex - 52 months till Dec 2008

Extra Currics- Avg to Good

Calls : CLIK ; C(PGDM)

IIML Converted

Grad-8.42 CGPA
Work -Ex:42 months (as of Jan 31, 2009)
CAT: 99.88%ile

Essay: Fair
GD: Average
Interview: Good

Not selected in B.


My profile:

X-std: 89 % 49th rank in state
XII-std:85 % 96th rank in state
Grad- 83% 1st class 3rd rank Jadavpur University Production Engineering
Work -Ex: 3 years + ERP Consulting (PwC IBM Cognizant)
CAT: 99.61%ile
Calls: I B L

According to the pdf circulating in IIM-B Thread I am selected in IIM-B.

Selected :)

Average Essay
Good GD/PI

Has any puy received the result as waitlisteD?!!!

Heartiest congrats to all the converters
Is anyone getting a waitlisted message? Ne idea whether there'll be a seperate waitlist link like last time or this is the only one.

Btw me not thru which was kinda expected after the wierd interview


I converted L too!!!!!!!.....unable to keep my emotions in check. Most awesome feeling to be a part of the elite IIMs.....A big congo to everyone who's made it, and all the best to everyone who hasnt - there are more results to come, and you'll def make one of those!

The feeling after converting the lone IIM call is pure ecstasy....especially after an interview which had gone so sour the proverbial fox would have been proud!

I am also selected.....first convert of the season....
feels so gud to post here after a series of rejects from iift,nm,nitie,spj,imt...


I am eLated..joining for sure.

X: 89.6% (WB Board)
XII: 86.4% (WB Board)
B.E: 82.1 CGPA (EE NIT Durgapur)
Work -Ex: 42 months (as of Jan 31, 2009)
CAT: 99.83%ile
Calls: B I L

Essay: Good
GD: Good
Interview: Good

waiting for B
Congrats to all the fellow puys

IIML Converted

Grad-7.31 CGPA (A college affiliated to Anna University)
Work -Ex:18 months (as of Jan 31, 2009)
CAT: 99.75%ile
Calls: LACKI

Essay: Good
GD: Good
Interview: Decent

First convert. Feeling great especially after rejects from IIFT and FMS.

Congrats to all fellow convertors ....

A and C -Reject.
Joining L