[2009-2011]IIMI GD/PI Experiences

All the best to everyone for their I interviews and please do post in your experinces.It would be good if we can use an earlier format. For the benefit of everyone concerned, please keep the format like this: *PROFILE: *Acads: X…

All the best to everyone for their I interviews and please do post in your experinces.It would be good if we can use an earlier format.

For the benefit of everyone concerned, please keep the format like this:


Undergrad Major - GPA/%age

NIL/Sector - Number of Years

CAT %ile:

Any other special thing abt u:

Number of Ppl present
Brief Snapshot of Discussion:
Other Salient Details: As whether summary was asked to be written or not, Time given, and other stuff.

Panel Members Intro:

Any other relevant detail.

1. Kindly do not post anything other than your experiences of IIM I GD-PI.
2. Please do mention your background and hobbies as it might help us understand why a specific question was put up to you.
3. For appreciating an interview post use thank button, or if you want to show more, use PM.

All in all, keep this thread for what is meant!

Hi everyone, had my IIM I GDPI today


Sushovan Rudra
Category: General
Acads: 4th year Electrical Engg. Jadavpur University
X: 85.75
XII: 87.5
Undergrad Major - GPA/%age : 7.41


CAT %ile:
DI: 99.86
GD: A case study, one page long, about a guy who's a programming wizard but at the same time not a teamman and frequently scuffles with co-workers. One day he goes overboard, fights with a colleague and bunks an important client meeting. The manager is a seedha-sadha guy, doesn't like to get into a fight, finds this guy a pain in the neck. What should the manager do ?
Number of Ppl present:10
Time:30 mins to write ur analysis, then discuss for 20 mins
Brief Snapshot of Discussion:fishmarket
Other Salient Details: One guy who didn't speak was asked to summarize

Panel Members Intro: IIM I profs both, one technical prof (p1) and the other current affairs prof (p2)
They called us randomly. I was the 2nd guy to go in.

Enter; asked to take a seat.
me: Thank u sir
p1: So Sushovan, u're an electrical engg right ?
Me: yessir ( ufffffff firse they start with acads )
p1: When will ur final sem be held ?
me: April-May
p1: Dates ?
me: Sir they've given us a tentative schedule
p1: What is ur favourite subj ?
me : (actually none ) Sir electrical Machines and Digital Electronix
p1: Ok do these two subjects meet anywhere ?
me: (Arey mereko kya pata) No sir, I mean we haven't studied any such sytem.
p1: What happens in an aeroplane ? Does the pilot operate conveyor belts and pulleys ?
me: :banghead: No sir Digi Electronix used, interfacing with motor, etc.
p1: Sushovan, tell me the diff between motor and transformer
me: blah blah
p1: Ok, but tell me from the point of view of energy...
me: told, motor converts electrical energy to mech and blah blah
p1: What is there inside a transformer ?
me: Magnetic ckt ...iron core, windings, etc.
p1: why iron core ?
me: blah blah ( permeability fundae )
p1: how does a transformer work ?
me : blah blah ....Alternating flux, Lenz law etc.
p1: Is there anything inside the transformer shell other than the things u mentioned ?
me: told them about transformer oil.
p1: Why is it used ?
me : told
p1: What is the usual efficiency of a transformer ? Why is it not 100% ?
me : sir around 98% efficiency, losses, etc
p1: Tell me something about the various types of losses
me : Iron loss, Cu loss
p1: Plz elaborate on the iron loss u spoke about
me: Told them, hysteresis and eddy current loss
p1: can u draw the hysteresis curve ?
me: drew
Some more questions on hysteresis follows.....
p1: What is eddy current loss ?
Me: Fumbled, made a mess of it :-x
p1: Ok, Why do we need to separately address these two types of losses ?
me: Told them about reducing eddy current loss through laminations etc. Same cant be done with hysteresis
p1: Asks some qestions about indian standards, international standards
me: no friggin idea
p1: What r the diff types of power stations ?
me: Thermal, Hydel, nuclear
p1: Any other ?
me : Sir these are the most imp ones
p1: What r the problems in distribution ?
me: Tells them about load shedding prob in Kol and the blame game that ensues. Give examples of recent events where wet coal was supplied, Conveyor belt torn in Titagarh plant etc.
p1 trying hard to suppress a laughter, smiles at the end ( dunno why 😞 )
p1: Where r transformers used generally ?
me: Transmission lines, need to maintain high voltage in transmission lines etc ?
p1: Why high voltage ?
Me: blah blah
Some more cross questioning follows. Answer them, p1 seems satisfied. Turns to p2 ....Do u have any questions for him ?
p2: What does LTTE stand for ?
me: ( arey baapre ) Sir, there are a few tamil terms involved, I dont remember :confused:
p2: (frowns) Ok, tell me something about the group.
me: ( ah! :xmas: ) told them, they use armed militancy, not too much into diplomacy, spoke about the current situation, SL army ne band baja diya unka, etc etc
p2: But what do they want ? ( the LTTE )
me: told them, want a separate state for tamils etc etc
p2: So why r there protests in Tamil Nadu regarding this ?
me : blah blah
p2: What are the major political parties in Tamil Nadu ?
p2: what does Dmk stand for ?
ME:TAmil terms sir
smiles all round
p2: leaders ?
me: told
p2: Are the TN parties for or against LTTE ?
me: no sir, against SL govt
p2: Which ruling coalition is in power in Andhra ?
me: ( Sir, I'm not a south Indian ) Congress
p2: CM ?
me: told
p2: Principal oppositon party ?
me : Dunno
p2: leader ?
me: told
p2: Ok, Sushovan. Take ur certis, Nice meeting u, take ur certis.
me: Thank u sir

And that's it. Any idea on my chances ?

Hi everyone, had my GD n PI at Calcutta today.


Arnav Neil Mukherjee
Category: General
Acads: 4th year Computer Science n Engg., C.E.T. Bhubaneswar
X: 91.4
XII: 87.2
Undergrad GPA : 8.52


CAT %ile:
DI: 98.xx
Aggregate: 99.80
GD: Had a page long case study on a Company being a market leader, innovation being its USP, and is now facing challenges. Opinion of many important people in the company was given, what should the CEO do?

9 people were present. Discussion was quite structured, everyone had ample opportunity to speak. Did not become a fishmarket.

PI: 2 profs P1 and P2. They were very soft-spoken and cool, no stress at all. Were smiling throughout, I was very impressed by them. But becomes difficult to then understand whether one is giving the right answer or not!!

In our group of 9, I was the last person to be called. So my interview lasted all of 15 min. P1 asked questions on Karnaugh Map, its use, and how to implement the minimized expression using NAND gates. Then a few questions on Distributed Operating Systems ( I said I prefer OS, so... ). Then P2 asked me questions on WTO, the reason for its existence, I mentioned Protection of Intellectual Property being one of them. Some questions on it ensued. Finally he asked who represents India at WTO, after some dilly-dallying, I said Kamal Nath ( the answer struck me when he asked "Who makes the maximum noise from India" !! ). He seemed satisfied, and so my interview ended. I was offered a toffee too

My interview ended in just 15 min. No use guessing whether it was good or not-so-good!!

Goodluck to all those whose process starts tomorrow.

It would be great if you guys could find out name of panelists and post it also.
Also, is the panel during case study & that taking interview same?

Also, is the panel during case study & that taking interview same?


GD: A case study, one page long, about a guy who's a programming wizard but at the same time not a teamman and frequently scuffles with co-workers. One day he goes overboard, fights with a colleague and bunks an important client meeting. The manager is a seedha-sadha guy, doesn't like to get into a fight, finds this guy a pain in the neck. What should the manager do ?
Number of Ppl present:10
Time:30 mins to write ur analysis, then discuss for 20 mins

is that really 30 mins for writing :detective: or 3mins ..........
30 mins is too much

Hi everyone, had my IIM I GDPI yesterday


Category: General
Acads: Mech. GPA 7.35
X: 91 (CBSE)
XII: 96.9 (AP State Board)


CAT %ile: 99.89

GD: The case study was same as Pink Floyd, was in a different panel though and there was no fish market scene. Everyone got a chance to speak and it was a good discussion.

And yes, they did give 30 min before for writing the analysis and suggestions on the last page of the form and then there was GD for 20 min.

PI: I was the last to go in from my group so it was a pretty short interview. It followed a structured pattern, similar to others. First, the sir, P1 (neither gave their introduction) asks questions from acads and then the mam, P2 asks questions about your hobbies.

P1: So how would you describe your academic performance?
Me: Said didn't work hard enough and was involved in other activities (there were 3 people just before me from mech and iit and all had much better marks than me)

P1: So I notice that all the A's you have got are not in Mechanical.
Me: Said something about our dept not giving good grades and again me not working hard enough.

P1: So what have you studied in Kinematic of Machines (a subject in which I had got a bad grade)?
Me: blah blah

P1: So how many types of gears are there?
Me: told a few

P1: And where are they used?
Me: again told a few

P1: So what is the difference between gear hobbing and gear shaping?
Me: No idea

over to P2

P2: So where are you from?
Me: I am originally from Vizag but have lived in many places in India

P2: So what is Vizag famous for?
Me: blah blah

P2: So you have written watching football as your hobby. What is the difference between soccer and football?
Me: Said both are same, only Americans call it soccer since they have their own game called American football.

P2: What is difference between American football and football?
Me: Said American football is more like rugby, they just use more protective gear like helmets etc.

P2: Why do they use these?
Me: It is a physical game game, lot of tackling and hence for safety.

P2: Why don't they use it in football?
Me: Said can't use helmets because you are allowed to use your head in football but not in rugby.

P2: Where did rugby originate?
Me: I think England.

P2: So do you know any other game which is known by 2 different games and hence played differently?
Me: No idea

P2: Ok, Thank you for coming, here is your admit card and here are your certificates and take a candy.
Me: Thank you


X : 83%
XII : 93 %
Undergrad Major - GPA/%age : 63 % (Computer Science)

Work-Ex: 16 months

CAT %ile: 99.89

The day started badly. I lost balance and fell off my bike while taking a U turn. I was hoping the GD/PI will be better. GD was ok , PI was horrible.

Topic: Case study involving Susan , a conservative religious Christian girl who is attracted by army life. She marries her childhood friend - Navin , an army officer against the wishes of her parents. After some time , she realizes army life is not so idealistic , as imagined by her. She comes to know that her husband has committed excesses and had an illicit affair when on posting in N-E. What should she do ? Take divorce ?

Number of Ppl present : 10
Time: 30 minutes to analyse the case and write recommendations followed by 20 mins of GD.

Brief Snapshot of Discussion: A lot of repetition of points. People were like "I agree with you" and would repeat the same point in different words.
Other Salient Details: No Summary was asked .

Panel Members Intro: Both were aged around 40-45. P1 was interested more in History - Civics and P2 in /MIS.
It was all over in 11 mins.


P1 : Tell me about yourself.
P1 : If you are doing so well in your job , why MBA ?
P1 : Why IIM - Indore ?
P1 : What is MIS ?
P1 : What is DSS ?
P2 : Who was Gokhale ? (Gokhale Education Society is mentioned on one of my certis)
P2 : Tell me some freedom fighters of India.
P2 : Who wrote Constitution Of India ?
P2 :What is Federal Republic ?
P2 : What are fundamental rights of Citizen ?
P2 : What are guiding principles of Constitution ?

Have no courage to write down the answers. Will probably update my answers later.

The other panel was more interested in Agriculture.
Overall , interviews were short and lasted an average of 15 mins.

Have the big one .. IIM-A lined up on Sunday. Just hoping that Sunday turns out to be better than today .

Best of Luck to others .

Did they ask you anything on acads ??


X : 88%(State Board)
XII:92.9(state Board)
Undergrad Major - 7.44(Met-allergic:P)CGPA

20 months with Deloitte consulting(19 till Dec31st)
CAT %ile:
DI : 99.83
Quant : 99.88
Aggregate : 99.98
Topic: "A friend in need is a friend in deed".How far is it relevant in modern times.

Shreyas and kunal finished their graduation in commerce and history respectively from xyz college. shreyas is more intelligent but took more attempts to pass. Kunal is a soft-spoken and well mannered. They have good extracurriculars. shreyas is good in football and painting, played a crucial role in winning the state championship and reaching finals at national level in football. He also organized events .Kunal does mimicking well and could mimic famous personalities . A street level mimicry artist. Both their fathers got retired and looking to them for financial supports.They both couldn't find job after graduation. So finally came across an ad for a sales(not sure) job and with the help of a placement agency secured the job in dubai. All went well for six months after which they were being assigned menial jobs. Meanwhile they built a good rapport with asians who migrated there. The locals were also very helpful unlike what they heard of them being religious fanatics.

What should they do now?

Number of Ppl present :9

Time: 30 minutes to analyze and write the analysis in the form that we filled. 20 minutes for discussion.

Brief Snapshot of Discussion: Very peaceful GD. Except one person, everyone spoke and made decent points. We stopped 2-3 minutes before the allotted time(is what I had felt). Was actually looking for a moreal crisis may be one ditchin the other which could've generated a lot of points. Overall came in 5-6 times stammered a little bit once but still satisfactory.(7/10 I'd rate)

Other Salient Details: No summary. One rough paper was given other than the case sheet. the case sheet and the paper were taken after the 30 minutes allotted for the analysis. I made a few extra points on the rough sheet which I couldn't write in the given space. So missed out on 1 0r 2 points.

Panel Members Intro: P1(went from technical to general) and P2(Asked more about general awareness)SL:Moi..both the gentlemen seemed to be in their late thirties or early forties..quite young by industry standards.

P2: Comes out and calls my name. (I was the last one to be interviewed in my panel and it went on hardly 10 mins or may be less.)
SL:enters wished each of them individually good evening and took my seat. P2 asked for my file and P1 was looking at the form.
P1: where do you work
SL: Told
P1: What do you want to do now?
SL: You mean w.r.t job sir?
SL: blah..
P1: Explain what is metallurgy
SL: Told.
P1: What is Thermodynamics.
SL: Told. A bit of fumble.
P1: What is kinetics?
SL: Blah.
P2 takes over
P2: You studied in warangal. Tell me about it
SL: Told.
P2: What is naxalism..why and when did it originate(Naxals actually used to roam around in our campus in 1970's)
SL: Told
P2: Why are they called maoists
SL; Don't know.(Should've made a guess)
P2: Whos mao
SL: Told
P1 takes over
P1: what's your fav subject
SL: Steel production. Iron production.
P1: which companies produce steel in India?
SL: Told(Mentioned tata)
P1:Why is tata recently in the news?
SL: 26/11..Taj mahal hotel belongs to Tata Group.
P1: Before that?
SL: Nano and Corus deal.
P1: Some Q's around nano,.
SL: Answered to the best of my knowledge.
P2: What should be done in case of singur like issues..
SL: Blah
P1: Who's the chairman of wipro?
P1: what does his son do?
SL: Don't know ..when I last read about him, he's studying in US
P1: Is he not your colleague?
SL: No sir, I don't work with wipro(The guy who went before me works for wipro. They might've mistaken..Not sure though)
P1: That's it thanks.

The interview on the whole was totally cool. Will give it a 8/10..Fumbled a couple of times. But a good start to the season. No interpretations about the outcome. Felt I gave my best. Looking forward to the rest. 1 down 5 more to go. Coming up : A,B,C's ;)..Back to basics

Result: Converted


I had my IIM Indore GDPI today.
Place : Kolkata - Kenilworth Hotel .
(Have been to this hotel almost a dozen times , but never dreamt in the wildest dream that I will be coming here one day for an IIM GDPI. My coming today , was predecided even then.)

Time : 8.30am

Reached there by 7.45am .. Did not take the taxi . To remain cool and bindaas I took my bike . The Kenilworth gate keeper did not allow to park my bike within the Hotel premise !! So , I had a 15 mins fight with them and complained to the Hospitality Desk . The Day started with some action.Warm Up


X - 89 % 49th Rank in West Bengal state
XII - 85 % 96th Rank in West Bengal state
Undergrad Major - Production Engg . 2005 - Jadavpur University
83 % 1st class 3rd

3.5 Years - ERP Consulting in PwC / IBM / Cognizant ( No more IT companies left in Sector- V, Kolkata :eyepop: .. Have to convert at least 1 call this time ...)

CAT %ile:
DI 95.86
Quant 86.03
Verbal 99.79
Aggregate 99.61
Any other special thing abt u:

Stock Market Trader - Qualifed four modules of NCFM - Derivatives , Securities , Capital Mrkts , Beginners' Modules.

Painter - 3 awards from Art Exhibition in Tokyo.


20 people were called at 8.30am .We were divided into 2 groups of 10 . 2/3 people were absent.
Topic: Susan - Married to Army officer Navin - Susan sees the other side of the coin .. Dilemma . Same case study as the previous post.
Number of Ppl present : 8
Time: 30mins for reading and writing the analysis on the last page of the yellow form.20mins for discussion.

Brief Snapshot of Discussion: Very Structured GD. Not a fishmarket at all. Everyone got fair amt of time to speak. No cross - talks . The sound level was well within the normal range.

Imp : Since 30mins were given for writing the case analysis , everyone got the chance to clearly write down his / her points . So , I feel even if someone is not quite vocal , he wont get a zero in the GD as he has clearly written down his points .

Other Salient Details: As our GD was well structed and everyone spoke , the panel did not even ask someone to summarize at the end.

I wasin the second panel.
Panel Members Intro: Prof . Abha Chatterjee (Madam)
Prof . GR Chandrasekhar (Sir)

Sir : Where are you from ?
Me : Kolkata .
Sir : Which part ?
Me : South Kolkata - 15 Kms from this hotel.
Sir : You have studied Material Science in ur B.E.
Me : Yes Sir :eyepop:
Sir : What is ..... ..... ....... ...... .... (very tough terms)
3 questions on Material Science
Me : Surrendered ! Sir , I have read those in 2002 .. 7 years ago ... in my 1st yr of BE. It was not my fav subject .. so did not revise

Sir : What do u do as an ERP Consultant ?
Me : Thank God
My strength area - alomost 10 / 12 questions on ERP . I work on Oracle Apps . Comparison between Oracle apps and SAP .

In this part I was confident and answered all the questions .
3.5 years of hard labour in IT Consulting - Kuch to kaam mein aaya

Sir : Hobby ?
Me : Stock Markets - Had a discussion about Stocks for sometime.

Madam : After 3 yrs in IT Consulting , why do u want to do an MBA ?
Me : I justified and supported the points I had written in the form .

Then we had a comfortable discussion about art / painting and the awards I have got .

Madam : You mentioned a couple of theories in the GD .. How did you learn them ?

Me : wikipedia.

Long Live Wikipedia !

And the interview ended on a happy note .

I was asked to take a toffee . I took one and left.

My interview was over by 11.15 am .


My first IIM interview of my life .. It was not a stress interview at all.
Freshers were asked a lot of acads . The interview lasted for around 15-20 mins for most of the people.

Next Stop : 16-Feb IIMB.

Verdict : Converted

Hi joy

I am also working as Oracle apps consultant from last one year. Could you Please help me with the kind of questions they asked during the interview which were related to ERP.

I have my interview three days from now. It would really be helpful.

Nitish Srivastava

Hi joy

I am also working as Oracle apps consultant from last one year. Could you Please help me with the kind of questions they asked during the interview which were related to ERP.

I have my interview three days from now. It would really be helpful.

Nitish Srivastava

Nitish if you want to have details then PM Joy your queries .. moreover posting contact information on threads is not allowed :-)


X (CBSE) - 91.6%
XII (CBSE) - 91.2%
Undergrad- B.Tech CSE (IIIT Hyd)
GPA - 8.43

Work-Ex: Nil

CAT %ile:
DI : 84.92
Quant : 99.88
Verbal : 99.18
Aggregate : 99.86

Others: Lots of extra curriculars- quizzes, debates, cricket, blog, writing for newspaper and college mag, blog, organising events etc.

Date and Place: 13/2/2009 (8:30 AM), Hyderabad.

GD: Case study.
Ramcharan was looking into the problems that he was facing. He was reading the resignation letter of Sarah. She was the forth experienced worker who was leaving the job.
His father and his uncle Radheshyam were the 'Karta' of the joint family. Ramcharan, Ramdev (not too sure about this name ), Leeladhar were siblings and Radheshyam had just one daughter Radha. They had a big ancestral home and 20 acres of cultivable land on the banks of a small river. Radheshyam was a teacher and traded in agro based products like wheat.
Ramcharan was a fresh graduate from college when Radheshayam had suggested him to go for a career in IT but Ramcharan wanted to start him own cashew processing unit. So without any prior experience in the corporate world he started his own business. He required experienced people and so he hired them at high pay and also arranged for their families to be moved. He started with two varieties of cashew (medium and high end). For the first two years he was able to make good profit and so he was able to procure bank loans to buy new machines. He was thinking of expanding the unit to a cold storage and mango-jelly processing unit.
Recently due to high produce of cashew all types of processed cashew's value reduced by 20%. The price fell to a level where he was having difficulty in meeting his expenses as well. So he had to cut down on the routine maintenance of the machines. Moreover not-so-reliable supply of electricity from the electricity board was also resulting in loss of productivity. For this the consultants advised to use generators for electricity. There were some high-end Technicians in the company and they were also asking for a raise in pay.
His brother Ramdev had completed his MCA and was getting an admission in one of the top 20 universities in US. He expected the joint family to take care of his educational expenses. Radheshyam was thinking of marrying Radha to an IT consultant who belonged to the same place and was doing well. Also from last two years Radheshyam was not making any profits in his business. At this time he thought that the prices of wheat have reached an all time low and it is the time to invest in wheat and store stocks of wheat.
In her exit interview Sarah told Ramcharan that her son was doing well as an IT engineer and he did not want Sarah to work here anymore. This echoed the same thing even other workers who left the job had said. What should Ramcharan do?"

The GD was a fish market for the first 10 mins and quite peaceful after that. I think I did quite well. I started the GD and gave it a direction, pitched in a lot of times and gave quite a few original points. I was satisfied with my performance.

No summary. Like yesterday, we were asked to write our learnings from the case for 30 mins before the case.
I was the first one to be interview. Lets call the professors P1 and P2.
Ask for permission to enter the room and sit. Wish them.

P1: So Karan, How'r you doing?
Me: Fine sir, Thank you.
P1: So you'r doing your B.Tech?
Me: Yes sir.
P1: You want to shift to management?
Me: Yes sir.
P1: Why?
Me: Sir, I think the possibility of leading and guiding businesses excites me. It'll give me high levels of accountability and responsibility which I cherish. I believe that I am a natural leader and have in me to give vision and lead the fortunes of a company. In the future, I would also like to set up my own venture.
P1: What are the qualities which make a good leader? Why do you call yourself a good leader?
Me: Sir, a leader should have qualities like 1) visionary (elaborated) 2) good himself (elaborated) 3) inspirational (elaborated).
Then spoke about how I fulfill these qualities. How I was elected coordinator for my college fest, a 1.5 million INR event. Then spoke about the challenges I faced during the fest and how I handled them.
P1: What is network security?
Me: Talked about the definition of network security and what are the different types of security issues: 1) impersonation (elaborated) 2) interception (elaborated) 3) viruses.
P1: How do you make sure that a network is secure?
Me: Talked about asymmetric and symmetric cryptographic algorithms. Elaborated on the differences between the two, which is used in which situation and why.
P1: But are they effective? Whatever is available in the market today?
Me: To a fair extend sir. Then I spoke about RSA, RC4, DES, SDES, AES and how they are being used today.
P1: Then what is a virus?
Me: Sir a code written to make sure that the computer program performs in an ineffective way.
P1: Can you name a famous virus?
Me: Sir, Y2K.. :detective:
P1: (Cuts me) No no..
Me: Sir, the "I love you" virus. It was started in Thailand in 2000. (elaborated)
P1: Ok. Now tell me something about database management systems.
Me: Spoke about what is db and dbms. Then spoke about issues facing a database, distributed databases, database admin's role etc.
P1: What is a relational database?
Me: Defined. (But was not very confident here)

P1: Ok.

Now P2 takes over

P2: What is globalization?
Me: Spoke about the definition, the types of globalization- economic, cultural, social etc. Elaborated on each.. Gave examples like western culture affecting countries in Asia etc.
P2: What are the types of economic globalizations?
Me: Sir 1) Trade , imports and exports (elaborated) 2) FDI, when a company invests (elaborated) 3) Joint ventures between companies.. Gave the example of Vodafone Essar. 4) Acquisitions.. (elaborated) Tata-Corus acquisition.
P2: How many people in India below the poverty line.
Me: Sir, according to one dollar a day definition around 30%.
P2: What is the FDI cap in telecom in India?
Me: 74% sir.
P2: Banking?
Me: (Hmmm.. 49 ki 74?): Sir 49%.
P2: Insurance?
Me: Sir its been raised to 49% by the cabinet.
P2: Asked about some economic term.
Me: No idea, sir.:confused:

Back to P1

P1: Karan, what do you know about IIM Indore?
Me: Spoke about the vision of IIM Indore- thought leadership, world class entrepreneurs, managerial excellence, social awareness etc. Then spoke about the logo of IIM Indore, what it mean etc. Also told that it started in 1998. Spoke about integrity, excellence etc.
(All smiles)
P1: (smiling) So you've gone through the site?
Me: Yes sir.
P1: What did you find special about IIM Indore?
Me: Sir, the fact that it stresses and fosters thought leadership. It is in sync with the vision in life I have for myself. Spoke about how I wanted to be an entrepreneur. I also spoke about Iris, and the other fests of IIM Indore. :D

(All smiles again)
P1: Do you know someone in IIM Indore?
Me: Yes sir and named him. Spoke about Indore 360 the mentor system and how it has helped me.
P1: Why have you been moving from one state to another?
Me: Spoke about how family moved from Ranchi to Vizag for personal reasons, then about why I moved to Puttaparthi (spoke about Satya Sai Baba) for my 10th and 12th, then about why I dropped a year for JEE, then about my engineering in Hyderabad.
P1: Asked about something like
Me: No idea sir. :confused:

P1: Ok. What does your dad do?
Me: Sir, business.
P1: What business?
Me: Answered.

Both look at each other.
"Ok thank you, Karan. Please take your certificates".
Me: Thank you sir. Good day sir.

Overall, the profs were pretty cool. Enjoyed my first GDPI experience.

Acads being asked to virtually everyone, including people with 3+ years of work-ex. So be careful about that.

All the best!

Verdict: Converted.

Hi All,

Had my interview today, Feb 13 at Hyderabad.Two back to back interviews(had my K yesterday at Mumbai).Was in the same panel as karanmaroo's.

Xth - 86.7%
XIIth - 89.5%
BTech(Mechanical,N.I.T Jamshedpur) - 80.3%

Work Ex:-20 months ,Accenture

CAT Score:-

QA - 96.90
VA - 98.59
DI - 96.42

OA - 99.49

Have decent extracurriculars(sports and athletics).

GD:- It was a case study about Radheshyam and his Cashew manufacturing company. Please refer to the post on the previous page for the details of the case.

Was in karans group, a 10 member one.The first 30 mins we were asked to write down our views about the summary.
The next 20 mins,we discussed it. The first 10 mins were a fish market sort of. Each one had good number of points,so the eagerness to speak.I participated some 4-5 times totally. Made some decent points. But the whole GD was an average one for me.

Then the interview.
Was the 8th one to be interviewed.

The profs P1,P2 and myself.

Me:-May I come in sir?
P1:- Yes, come in
Me:- Wish them both and sit down,P2 takes my file.
P1:- Tell me some material manufacturing processes,like forging,casting
Me:- Casting(told),Forging(told, but was very specific)
P1:- Which material is used for electricity transfer?(I dont remember the exact question)
Me:- Sir,Aluminium. It has a high thermal conductivity.
P1:- But Aluminium is costly.Any other(He asked something regarding some new material)
Me:- Sorry sir:confused:
P1:- What is MIS?
Me:- Management Information Systems(Had this subject in Engg)
P1:- What did u study in MIS?(bhai yeh kahaan se aaya, some core mech please)
Me:- Explained it briefly(It is the application of Management Concepts to information systems)
P1:-What is Systems?
Me:-It is a repository of Data
P1:-What is the difference between data and information?
Me:-Data is a raw form and information is refinement of data.
P1:- Give me an example?
Me:-Consider a sales shop which sells T-shirts, this particular thing is data.Consider a particular brand of T-shirts and u have observed that a section of people say b/w 15-20 yrs prefer this brand.That is information.
P1:-Discussed something with me regarding the same and gave a more gyaan of an answer for systems(the previous question).
P1:-Did u have any appraisal in your company?
Me:-Yes sir, in September
P1:-How much did you get on a scale of 10?
Me:-Told that we dont have any such system and started explaining about the appraisal process.
P1:-Are you a good people manager?(I talked about it in the appraisal process)
Me:-Yes sir
P1:- How much do u rate yourself on a scale of 5?
Me:- 4 out of 5 sir(very humble)

Now P2 enters

P2:- So what skills do u lack?
Me:- Told that I am still in a learning process and cultivating my skills.
P1: Asked my hometown
Me:-Told(I'm from Hyderabad)
P1:- Do you know anything about Indore?
Me:- Told that it is the commercial capital of Madhya Pradesh.Indore is to Madhya Pradesh as Mumbai is to India.
P1:- Why?
Me:- One of the growing cities of India, has few industries...
P1:-Tell me some industries of Indore?
Me:- stumped
P1: What places do you know in M.P?
Me:- Yeh hui na baat.I told many places(kuch das bola hoga) and said had few friends from M.P.Then told him about the famous railway institute and the locomotive plant situated in Jabalpur.
P1:- Anything famous?
Me:- It has a famous national park(Bandavgarh National park).
Again P2 comes in.

P2:- Did India win any medals in Olympics?
Me:- Told him about Abhinav Bindra,Jitendar Kumar and Sushil Kumar and the events they have won it in. Was not sure about Sushil Kumars's so told that I am not sure.
P2:- Who won the Australian open mens and womens?(I wrote tennis in my extracurriculars)
P2:- Did anyone from India win?
Me:- Told,Mahesh Bhupathi and Sania Mirza in mixed doubles.
P2:-How many grand slams did Mahesh Bhupathi win?
Me:- Was not sure about this, told 11 and said I was not completely sure.
P2:-How many grand slams did Mahesh Bhupathi and Leander Paes win?
Me:- Told 4
P2:You know any one in Badminton from India?( mein ne badminton kahi pe bhi mention nahi kiya tha:eyepop:)
Me:Saina Nehwal,Pullela Gopichand and Prakash Padukone.
P2:- When did Prakash Padukone win the All England title
P2:- Gopichand?
Me:- told 2000 or 2001.
P1 and P2:- Ok,thank you
Me:- Wished them both and proceeded towards the door.

door bahut puraana tha.jaise mein latch open kiya, vo mere haath mein aagaya.ab door locked hei.mere haatch mein latch:eyepop:, aur andar do prof baite hein(yeh kya hora hein bhai).Prof asked me,any problem?.Told him the same. He came and tried for 1-2 mins. Finally the door opened. What a relief. IIM profs know everything.Thanked the prof and came out. Was ecstatic that I was not struck up inside the room with the Profs.Bahaar public soch re the ki andar mujhe vo log peet rein.

The panel was very very cool.

Donno wat to say. Pinned high hopes on this, esp after my K disaster.Neways, was a mixed experience.

Good interviews till now! :)

Keep posting as much info as possible in order to help out other puys..


Location : Administrative Staff Collge , Hyderabad
Time : 1:30 pm

10th 91.8
12th 95.6
Btech cse 7.67 cgpa
work ex 16 months , IT

Extracurriculars:counter strike and Dota , quizzing and guitar

GD :
Case Study : I was abt companies collecting private data abt customer and employess,like there web access,phone calls etc.

Every one got a chance to speak , though the noise levels were on the higher side it was not a fish market.

PI : P1 ,P2 and Me

P1,P2 looked at my certificates.

P1: Tell me abt ur company and ur project .
Me :Told

P1:What is a fire wall?
Me: told

P1 :what is cryptology and related questions

P1 :What network topology would u suggest for IIM Indore?
Me:Tree topology

P1: Tree ? advantages and disadvantages?
Me:made up the story on the fly

P1:What is switching and packets?

P2: Who is the author of A brief history of Time?
Me: umm aa Stephen Hawkings

P2: Tell me abt Big Bang theory and Black Holes?

P2: Name Indian scientists who got Nobel prize?
Me: JC bose ,Khorana and chandrasekhar

P2: what is chandrashekar limit
Me:its realted to black holes , but I cant recollect .

P2: thats fine nice talking to u .
Me:Thank u sir .

so other puys .. be prepared to get grilld on acads , for CSE guys they were askin abt Databases,computer architecture.

after acads they move on to a general topics like ,corporate governance,big bang theory ,E-seva,land sealing ,singur,recession etc

I had my interview on 12th Feb in Kolkata

X = 84.00% RBSE(Rajasthan Board)
XII= 82.31% RBSE
UnderGrad Major = Dual Degree(B.Tech+M.Tech) Mechanical Engg. IIT Kharagpur
CGPA = 7.1/10

Work Ex = NIL

CAT %ile = 99.76

No. of persons: 8
Penal members: 2
It ws a case study. 30 mins were given to read and write the analysis of case on the last page of interview form.
Case details: Case study involving Susan , a conservative religious Christian girl who is attracted by army life. She marries her childhood friend - Navin , an army officer against the wishes of her parents. After some time , she realizes army life is not so idealistic , as imagined by her. She comes to know that her husband has committed excesses and had an illicit affair when on posting in N-E. What should she do ?

Snapshot: Writing part ws good. I wrote down in proper format. :). As soon as discussion start, one a**hole ws trying to go to the solution part. He jumped in between 3-4 times to start the solution part. But as a group we cut him short.
I was able to put forward some points in starting. I was quite silent in middle of GD. Then I put a couple of points in the end.

One was a lady prof.(HR )
P1: Lady Prof (Left to me)
P2: Prof (right to me)
M : Me

I was the secong last person to go for interview. They asked me to sit.
P2: So Where are you from?
M : Rajasthan
P2: Originally from rajasthan?
M : Yes. I am born and broght up in rajasthan and have done my schooling form rajasthan. Then I am in Kharagpur since my first year.
P2: Your acads are very interesting. You have got good grades in non-core subjects and poor grades in core subjects. whats the reason?
M : I am not good at mechanics part(I could not convince them why i got poor grades in department subjects)
P1: Why did u choose Mechanical engg?
M : That was the best option available to me. I hav consulted my seniors and I was naive at that time. I didnt know much about engineering
P1: What are your interests now?
M : Numbers, consultancy, optimization of things
P1: Like Operation research, Have u done any course in OR?
M : No
P2: You have got "B" in PDE. All of your colleagues have got C or D
M : (Smiles)
P2: What have you studied in "Industrial Management"
M : Roles of manager, other functions of management blah blah
P2: What r the roles of manager
M : blah blah
P2: What have you studied in "Intelligent Machines and Systems"(one of the core subject)
M : We have done a project and blah blah
P2: What have you done in that project
M : Blah blah
P2: (Over to mam), you ask
P1: You play AOE,
M : Not now, I have nt played since last 4 months
P1: What is the best thing you like about AOE
M : Its strategy making part, blah blah
P1: Can you give us one example from Indian history of some strategy part
M : Blah blah, give one example of mughal reign
P1: There is a book in chinese on war strategies? Do u know?
M : No
P1: You take part in dramatics?
M : Yes
P1: Which are the plays you have taken part?
M : Blah blah... (Mentioned one thing about secession and gave example of thing going on in West bengal, gorkhalaand issue)
P1: What is that?
M : Explained which are the parties involved etc etc
P1: Before this, when did this issue got in light before?
M : in 1970s
P1: What happened then?
M : Govt formed a committee to look after the needs of people in that region.
P1: Now?
M : then that committee went corrupt then people lost confidence etc etc
Some discussion on other extra-curricular, y i dont have certis of winning anything. I explained them that my hostel never wins :)
P1: Thanks, you can go

No questions from Cricket :sad:
Overall a decent performance.
Guys, PM me your feedback

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