[2009-2011] IIMI Final Results/Profile of call getters

Hey guys, couldn’t find a thread for IIM I Batch of 2009-11 so went ahead and made one myself… Final call getters/waitlisters please post yr profiles here… plz mention ur GD/PI calls, percentile, final calls, work ex and educational b…

Hey guys,

couldn't find a thread for IIM I Batch of 2009-11 so went ahead and made one myself..

Final call getters/waitlisters please post yr profiles here.. plz mention ur GD/PI calls, percentile, final calls, work ex and educational backgrond..

Please feel free to add any info that you may like to share :)

Also, please join the orkut community for IIM Indore batch of 2009-11 at
orkut -

I'll go ahead with my profile (confidence booster for IIM aspirants 😃 )

X: 70 (CBSE)
XII: 61.8 (CBSE)
Undergrad - B.E. (EC) 68% IIST Indore (which happens to be right infront of IIM I)

18 Months in consultancy wing of IT firm

CAT %ile: 99.68 (QA 98.98 , DI 99.74, VA 94.9)

Calls- I,K
Converts- I
Rejects- K
Joining- I
So i get to stay in Indore for another 2 years :)
They say, once an indori, always an indori :D



Name: Adarsh Sharma
10th: 86
12th: 70
B.E.(Chem): 65.3(Currently in 4th yr)
CAT %ile: 99.73
Calls: I,K
Converts: I

X: 87.4 (CBSE)
XII: 87 (CBSE)
Undergrad - B.E. (Comp) 62% AIT Pune


CAT %ile: 99.93 (QA 99.5 , DI 99.97, VA 96.9)

Calls- I,K,A,L,C
Converts- I,C,K
Rejects- A,L

joining -IIMC........

best of luck to waitlisters.....:)

X: 75(CBSE)
XII: 75 (CBSE)
Undergrad - B.Tech (IT) 70% GGS Indraprastha Unv (Delhi)

Work-Ex: 57 Months in IT (IBM,TCS)

CAT %ile: 99.81

Calls- I
Converts- I
Rejects- n/a

That's 100% conversion.

Ashita Mittal

X: 88.3 (ICSE)
XII: 86 (ICSE)
Undergrad - B.E. (EC) 74% DIT, Dehradun

Work-Ex: nil

CAT %ile: 99.81 (QA 96.90 , DI 99.35, VA 99.08 )

Calls- C,I,K
Converts- I
Waitlisted - K
Rejects- C

My profile...

X (Maharashtra Board): 87.20%
XII (Maharashtra Board): 87.80%
Engg (IT, Mumbai University): 75%

Work Ex: 20 months in IT

My story...

CAT 08: 99.66 (QA: 95.10 VA:95.51 DI:99.97)

A ka call nahi aaya...I should have studied more in X & XIIth :
C ka call bhi nahi aaya... 'doh' marks (1 in QA & 1 in VA) ka sawal tha...should have solved a question more in QA & VA rather than DI :
Got L K I ... thank God kuch toh mila

XAT 09: 99.44 (Both calls BM & PMIR)
Now was feeling good

L int: Good GD, Good PI.
K int: Good GD, Very Good PI
XL PMIR: again went well...
XL BM: Complete Disaster

I int: Very Good GD, Very Good PI .... feeling better again

XL results... BM rejected as expected. PMIR: wtlst 20.
Things going as expected... so was looking forward to IIM results!!

The D day (10th april):
6.30 AM - L reject
10.30 AM - K reject
lost all hopes.....

but then came I... finally an IIM convert

Cya all @ IIMI !!!

Hi All,

Converted Indore..
Now have confusion between XLRI (BM) and Indore. Which one to join..
Puys please suggest on the thread below -


anyone with the idea of the buffer calls in OBC category....
What can be the expected wait list clearance??

seniors,,,please pour in your views and knowledge

Also...what is the last waitlist no. in OBC category...??any idea??

I fear I m the last person with 66..

Also...what is the last waitlist no. in OBC category...??any idea??

I fear I m the last person with 66..

I don't have much idea about the calls right now.
Will try to get information from Admissions office.

Yipee IIM I , I am coming
My Profile:
Work-ex=19 months in IT
Calls-IIM B,I,L

Converts-IIM I

Rejects-IIM B(pata nahi kya hua GD/PI toh first class tha):banghead:,IIM L(yeh to pata tha)

IIM I came to my rescue and I am so HAPPPPPYYYYYYYYY.
Indore here I come!

Even I converted IIM I ...
Not sure though if I am joining it.

My Profile:
Work-ex=20 months in IT

Congrat to everyone who has converted..

Sticking this thread for the benefit of everyone

Welcome all to IIM Indore!

Congratulations on cracking your way into the hallowed portals of Planet I.
We all promise you a hell of a 2 years - probably the two best in your life!

I suggest all of you go through the IIM Indore homepage (www.iimidr.ac.in) and the 360 page (www.iimindore.360.com) to get a glimpse of your life ahead.

For all those with a million questions feel free to ask any of us. We'll try to get back with answers as soon as possible.

Congratulations once again. See you all at the hillock that never sleeps!

Hi all,

my heartiest congratulations to all. welcome to IIMI family. and all the best for all the waitlisted ppl.

so, time now to "get high on planet I" - just to tell u, the campus is located on a small hill top, and so the usage of the word high, we have no relations with boozing or any reference to it

for all the queries, keep pouring in your queries, but i regret to say, that our replies might take some time, since all of us are at different locations for our summers, so we ll need time to get in touch with the Admissions Office. Will get all the info required asap.


Got PGDM !!!

X- 85%
XII- 81%
B.E. 72%

CAT 99.24

Converts: CLIK
Rejects: A,B, , IIFT:nono:, SIBM(P)

Converted the lone IIM call !!!(was itching to use this emoticon since the last B-school entrance season)


10th = 81.2%
12th = 81.2%
Grads = 69.2% (Instrumentation and Control, NSIT)
Work-ex = 5 months (in a KPO)

CAT %ile = 99.8 (I guess this did the job for me)

Converts (till date) = IIM I

hey puys,
the first day has passed by and just two pages have been filled up :(
no action on orkut community as well...

are you guys not excited???? nahi to what are you people waiting for???

Congrats to all...it feels great to be eligible to be posting on this thread

I would like to thank all the seniors who have really worked hard to get us all here, especially to my mentor Sayani...thanks for all the discussions we had regarding Interviews, profiles, profs, [email protected] I...really looking forward to being a part of it

My Profile:
CAT %tile: 99.43
Work Ex: 2yrs in IT Telecom doamin @Aricent Technologies
Grads: B.E. (Comp Engg) -> NSIT - 70.46%
XIIth: 90.0%
Xth: 87.6%

X-Factor: Entrepreneurship during college for 15 months
Extra-Curricular: Low to moderate

Other Calls: IIM I, XLRI(BM), MDI, SJMSOM, SP Jain, Nitie, NMIMS
Converts: IIM I, XLRI(BM), NMIMS
Did not appear: SP Jain, Nitie
Rejects: ----

Puys, I am really confused between XLRI and IIM Indore...seniors (Kamal, grey_havens n all the rest), if you don't mind, please PM me your contact number, would love to have a one-to-one discussion instead of PMs.