[2009-2011]IIMB GD/PI Experiences

All the best to everyone for their B interviews and please do post in your experinces.It would be good if we can use an earlier format. For the benefit of everyone concerned, please keep the format like this: *PROFILE: *Acads: X…

All the best to everyone for their B interviews and please do post in your experinces.It would be good if we can use an earlier format.

For the benefit of everyone concerned, please keep the format like this:


Undergrad Major - GPA/%age

NIL/Sector - Number of Years

CAT %ile:

Any other special thing abt u:

Number of Ppl present
Brief Snapshot of Discussion:
Other Salient Details: As whether summary was asked to be written or not, Time given, and other stuff.

Panel Members Intro:

Any other relevant detail.

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All the best to everyone!!!!

Whens the process starting??

I've mine on 25th Feb Mumbai

16 feb its starting i think :detective:

Sticking the thread...All the best for the Interviews..Please post only the Interview details, any personal feedbacks, PM it to the User..Also editing the thread name for easy identification...


last year's IIMB interview experiences.. might be helpful for ppl who are finding it tough to locate this and for ppl like me who are impatient to read thru some experiences..
also, reproducing the following post by ACCENTURE07 as i found it to be very useful.. this is the first page of this thread.. so, it might reach out to a lot of candidates..

See over a period of time I have realised that IIMB people give profile based calls.They give you call if they are interested otherwise not.As simple as that.
So generally,if some superman (gud acads,gud extra-currics,gud profile basically) comes,then they are aware that this guy/gal has survived and got such great CGPA/marks let say in IITs, and such gud extra currics- then in this case they only verify very few things about the candidate.In this case they try to maintain a converstaion (no stress interview) as they are sure that this guy/gal wud certainly do well at IIM bangalore and they then give admission to that candidate.
But even after being a superman,a person screws his interview because of lack of confidence and other factors, we all know what wil happen. :)

Now coming to people who are good but were not so good in acads during some period of time(like decrease in grad,school were 90s)- then they are aware that there must be some reason behind this performance.Most of the time they know that its because of fun and masti and lack of committment towards studies.But sometimes there are genuine reasons.So in that case they confirm that plus they want to see "what if the candidate has not scored good marks in grads"- there must be some other qualities- like working under excess pressure (in which people with avg acads are always superman,one nite study and stil such marks 😃 ).

Now here people with avg acads have to compensate for their marks by their genuine qualities like working under stress (other qualities might be tested i just gave an example).

Thats it.There is no other category exists and i am stil repeating IIMB people give calls only to special people.So be confident, al you need to do is to prove yourself in those few mins of interview.

All the best


PS:These are my views other people might feel differently :)

I am posting a snapshot of my GD/PI experience that happened today at 9:00 AM.

Topic: After financial meltdown, should government bailout the companies and should it use taxpayers money ? (Topic was based on this.)
Number of Ppl present: 8 (This time they made groups of 8 in alphabetical order and that order was followed for interviews also.)
Time: 25 minutes (They had told that they will give 20 minutes to discuss but they gave approx. 25 minutes)
Brief Snapshot of Discussion: Discussion went well. Everybody got a chance to speak.
Other Salient Details: Only summary was asked to be written. No other questions. Time given was 12-13 minutes.

Panel Members Intro:
Questions: They asked general questions.

1) Compare my previous company and my current company.
2) Who is your role model? Why is your current company founder not your role model ?
3) What percentage of people in India pay taxes?
4) Government is announcing bail out packages. What are their sources ?

They asked some 3-4 questions in all the above mentioned questions.

Any other relevant detail.: Overall they asked general questions to everyone and a couple of questions on the GD topic.

X - 91
XII - 78
Undergrad Major - 9.05 -- Electrical Engg from NIT Silchar
Work-Ex: 31 months in IT sector SAP practise

CAT %ile:
DI -- 98.66
Quant -- 98.72
Verbal -- 87.45
Aggregate -- 98.66

Any other special thing abt u: Nothing Much
Venue -- The Kenilworth
Topic: Economic Crunch and bailout of companies. SHould taxpyers bear
the brunt as well

Number of Ppl present - 9 Made to sit in groups of 3 each on differnt
sides of a table

Brief Snapshot of Discussion: All of us contributed well except a lady
who did not speak much. She was asked to
summarise in the end. I contributed quite
well I think. I would rate myself 8.5/10.

Panel Members Intro: One tall sir and one short sir(Prof Malay Bhattacharya). Both were chilled out
and nice ppl. Let me call them (T,S).
S - So dear tell me abou urself briefly.
Moi -- bla bla -- was cut short
S - So what have u been doing for the past 2 and half yeaes in ur org
Moi -- Told about my work and my visists to Swiss and Germany
S - Why the dip in marks in 12 after 10
Moi --explained
S - So Srinibas where do you see in 10 years down the line
Moi --Said I wanted to be a subject matter expert and be a gud
consultant.Added example of my senior who is an IIMC alumni
S -- How many times have u taken CAT
Moi -- 4 times sir and this is the first successful one
S - What happened in grads
Moi -- Sir silver medalist and topper in Electrical Branch
S - Asked me to explain the system of medal allocation in coll
Moi -- Explained
S - So Srinibas will you have problems while attnding classes..smiles
Moi -- (Is he actually offering me a seat..lol..nana...low CAT score and 12
marks..cant be)..Explained how I prided myself in being called a
sincere student and that I am an avid learner
S - (turning to T) Ok I am done you ask
T - So Srinibas what is this BRAVO award you have won in ur company
Moi - bla bla
T - How many ppl are shortlisted
Moi - bla bla
T - Srinibas what value will u add to IIMB
Moi -- I said about my global experience and working in an organisation
has helped me etc..
T -- What all calls do you have Srinibas
Moi --B,L,S
T --Ok, thats it Srinibas any questions for us
Moi -- can i hand the recos to you.
T,S -- ya sure give it to us..

Thats it guys.No technical.Maybe they thought his fool is out before I even entered.

I could have articulated better but I think I was decent in whatever I was asked..My interview was probably the shortest of my panel about 13 minutes..

My personal analysis..With not such great CAT scores, 12 marks and not such a great interview my chances are limited..All the best PUYs..

Next stop Shillong..Guys please pour in with ur views

Hi everybody.. Will post my detailed interview little later..
My panel had 2 interviewers ..n they asked all mostly HR related questions..ie just basics questions to all and was more of an interaction session. The profs were cool no grilling at all..for any one..
Case Study topic was : abt corporate governance and role of independent board of directors...
It was nice effort by all not a fish market sorta...
They asked for summary after GD.

In other groups also it was not much related to acads and our panel didnt ask abt acads to any one...

..best of luck all of u ...
Note: i have mentioned few more pts lil later in page 8 of this thread..

Converted n Joining IIM B


I had my IIM Bangalore GDPI today.
Place : Kolkata - Kenilworth Hotel .
(Last Thursday 12-Feb-09 , I was in this place for IIM Indore interview.
Today , since my interview was at 2pm , I started early .. thanks to the highly complex one way traffic rules , by the Kolkata Police.

Time : 2.00pm

Reached there by 12.45pm .. Did not take the taxi . To remain cool I took my bike . On taking off my helmet after reaching , I found that my spectacle was broken .. one screw was missing . but the glasses were ok. :eyepop: Could not find an optical store anywhere. Suddenly , I saw a watchmaker's shop and then I inferred that the world's smallest screw drivers are used by the optical stores and the watchmakers !! Got my spectacles repaired and the watchmaker did not take any money.

X - 89 % 49th Rank in West Bengal state
XII - 85 % 96th Rank in West Bengal state
Undergrad Major - Production Engg . 2005 - Jadavpur University
83 % 1st class 3rd

3.5 Years - ERP Consulting in PwC / IBM / Cognizant

CAT %ile:
DI 95.86
Quant 86.03
Verbal 99.79
Aggregate 99.61
Any other special thing abt u:

Stock Market Trader - Qualifed four modules of NCFM - Derivatives , Securities , Capital Mrkts , Beginners' Modules.

Painter - 3 awards from Art Exhibition in Tokyo.


8 people were called. Only ONE panel in Kolkata. Out of the 8 people , 4 (including myself ) were from my college - Jadavpur University , Kolkata , 1 from IITKgp , 1 from another Engg. College , 1 from Shibpur BESU and 1 was from Xaviers. J.U. -Engg Faculty representing 50 % in a GDPI batch at IIMB !

Topic: A case based on Corporate Governance - Issues , Role of Independent Directors - There were 5 questions at the end like Recommendations , suggestions ... This case had Satyam case in the backdrop .

Number of Ppl present : 8

Time: 10 mins for reading , 15 mins for discussing , 10 mins for writing the summary ... (i do not exactly remember the time allocations . )
Brief Snapshot of Discussion: Very Structured GD. Not a fishmarket at all. Everyone got fair amt of time to speak. No cross - talks . The sound level was well within the normal range. We came up with lots of ideas and the guy with B.Com and C.S. qualification added much value to the group.

Other Salient Details: As our GD was well structed and everyone spoke , the panel did not even ask someone to summarize at the end. I spoke 5/6 times and ensured that we were on track.


We were called in the order we sat in the GD. I was 3rd to be called in.
(same panel as that of Srinibas - Prev. Post)
Panel Members Intro: Prof . Malay Bhattacharya P1
Prof. R . Narayanaswamy P2


P2 : How are u feeling ?
Me : Fine :robot:
Then straight into workex -
P2 : what are the clients you have worked for ?
Me : told
Then till the end , for almost 25 mins I was asked many questions specific to the Oracle Apps ERP (my area of work).

No acads . No Current Affairs . No why MBA . I guess that profs know very well that we all have prepared these general questions thoroughly.

So , the interview is centered about workexp and that was the only topic discussed in great detail. I guess that by drilling down , they can easily find out the claims made by you in the SOP. The also verify the same from the Reco. Letters.

Profs. were also looking at my reco. letters very carefully.

P2 : So ... will it be ok for u to come back to the classroom after 3.5 years ?
Me : Yes ... Isi liyei to cat diya tha !:w00t:

Statutory Warning: This is NOT a hint and this question was asked to ALL workexp people !

For freshers , they were asked about their final year project.

My interview was over by 4.30 pm .


My second IIM interview. It was a feel - good kind of an interview. You can never draw any inference from an IIMB interview. For workex people , I guess the panel asked - "Will it be OK for u to come back to classroom after ...... years ? " Dont think that this is a hint :detective:

Gyaan : Neither the GD nor the PI alone or together can decide our selection. It is the final cummulative score that will matter. So a brilliant GDPI does not necessarily mean inclusion.
Next Stop : 19-March Long gap IIML




My dear friend..
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Kindly refrain from posting personal feedbacks..If you have any genuine query (based onn somebody's interview experience), which you feel will help other puys as well please ask the same to the person..For any general queries, use the GD/PI call getter profile & queries thread...

Have the interviews started in Delhi? Delhi guys..please post your experiences soon....

Had my interview today
Place:Kolkata - Kenilworth Hotel
Time:9:00 AM


X: 92.8%
XII: 97.25%
Undergrad Major - GPA/%age: 9.31 in IT from WBUT

7 months in IT sector

CAT %ile: 99.08

Any other special thing abt u:

Gold medalist in B.Tech from WBUT
Topper in Class XII board exam

:Should Higher Education be opened up in India (allowing Foreign Universities)
Number of Ppl present:7 (1 absent)
Time: 10 min for analysis,15 min for GD, 10 for summary
Brief Snapshot of Discussion:
I thought the discussion was a lively one.
All of us pitched in some points.
I spoke 4 to 5 times and came up with 3 points which were acknowledged by the group.
There was some cross talk but not much and overall it was ok

Other Salient Details:
No one was asked to summarize.

Panel Members Intro:
Prof . Malay Bhattacharya p1
Prof. R . Narayanaswamy p2

I was 5th to be called in
p2:Feeling bored?
p2:reading newspaper?
p2:what does your name mean?
p1 agrees with me
Next p2 asked me a lot about my University and College.
I explained about the college history and admission procedure.
A lot of discussion on my grades and awards.
Next P1 asks about my work-ex and my specific job role.
I explained to him in detail about my work.
More qns on placements in college and education standard from p2.
Why didn't I join NITs with my AIEEE rank?
Why I didn't get into IIT or try for it next year?
Then p1 asked me whether this is my first attempt in CAT.
I said yes.
So he asked my why not last year.
I gave him the reason as well as reason for choosing management.
I also informed him that I had no training at all for CAT.
Then p2 asked about my strategic abilities.
I explained and he asked for an example.
While I was thinking he told me how I had approached CAT.
I gave my strategic reasoning behing my CAT preperation.
The final qn was what other calls I have?
They asked me if I wanted to know anything?
Couldn't think of anything.:confused:
That was all

There were no technical or current affairs questions or tell me abt urself, or why MBA.
I was very puzzled by this since all those who had gone in before me were asked qns on mathematics (esp. probability).
I don't know this was good or bad.
They didn't interrupt me much.
Overall it was a feel good interview.

And puys be ready with some relevant question when asked.
What do you think, do I have a chance?

Had my GD/PI at Mumbai today morning.
Hotel Ritz was the centre.. no waiting hall L the rest room was too cramped for space .. had a tough time changing from t-shirt/jeans to formals L HMATC, Dadar is a much better venue. We had to sit outside in the corridor.. the GD/PI room was not spacious.. .. had continental breakfast.. the two ppl sitting opposite me in the dining room turned out to be the two panelists..
Only 6 were present for the session.. two of them were girls
X - 85 (cbse)
XII - 89 (TN)
Undergrad Major - GPA 6.7/10. CEG, Anna Univ
20 months in Infosys
CAT %ile:
DI 98.11
Quant 97.48
Verbal 98.84
Aggregate 99.7 (obc)
Any other special thing abt u:
didn't have any sleep for more than 30 hours before the interview started.. Reached CST station at 4.30am..took some rest in the waiting room.. no sign of sleep. Roamed around south Mumbai for some 2 hours.. then had a walk along the marine drive with portugese tourists J enjoyed the early morning thoroughly..
Topic: Foreign Univ to open campuses in India. What are the pros and cons? Should it be allowed? Who are the possible stake holders? What should the govt do to?
Number of Ppl present : 6
Time: 5-7 mins to think. 15-20mins to discuss. 10mins for the summary
Brief Snapshot of Discussion: Good GD.. I did contribute well with some 5 or 6 diff points which were very well received. at the end of the discussion, Prof.Jagdish said "that was a good discussion" :)
Other Salient Details: One panelist seated on either side and it was like a rectangular table..
Panel Members Intro:
J- Jagdish http://www.iimb.ernet.in/iimb/html/facultyprofile.jsp?id=148
P- Asish Mishra http://www.iimb.ernet.in/iimb/html/facultyprofile.jsp?id=130
I was the 3rd to be called in.
J- Hi Karthik, seems like u haven't sent the workex certificates
K- sir, it was mentioned in the letter to send only academic certis.. anyway I did scan and mail them afterwards.
J - when?
K - feb-1
J - no.. they say that it has not been received yet..pls make sure that it reached the admin office
K - ok sir.
J- so what is quintessential? (picked up the word from my SOP..)
K - (oh no I am gonna be doomed.. anyway relax, its all over.. ) Sir, something that's necessary/essential.
J - whats the diff bet essential and quintessential?
K - quintessential is a higher degree of necessity. (well its wrong... wrong usage in the SOP too.. bad start !!)
J - ok .. so u r working in Infosys.. tell me abt ur work..
K - told.. mentioned terms such as T1s and T3s
J - what are they exactly?
K - told ..
J- that's ok.. whats ur part exactly in this process?
K - told so..
J - what do u mean by "subtleties in customer satisfaction?"
K - sir, I have interact daily directly with my customers and gave some story.
J - looks satisfied.. what are the issues faced by others??
K - gave some good examples and compared my profile with job profiles of others in my floor.
J - so is it like a BPO work?
K - no sir. It requires knowledge in basics of communication..
J - for how long are u working in pune?
K - sir, from nov-07 before that had training in mysore.
J - everybody has that right? For 2 months?
K - comp.sci guys for 2 months.. others for 4-5 months.. now recently increased to 6-8 months for all.;
J - u r a comp.sci guy ?
K - ECE guy sir.
J - oh what subject did u study in ece?
K - sir, I had a lot of subjects in my syllabus..
J - that's a nice answer man.
P - (finished checking the certificates) hey that's ok.. tell us which is ur fav?
K - Optical comm.
J - is that the only one u studied?
K - cellular mobile, telecomm etc..
J - why only comm.?
K - sir, the first four sems of BE was electronics. The last four was on comm.
J - so what is this latest tech 3g all about?
K - sir, now we are using 2g.. EDGE is like 2.5g. 115kbps data rate.. 3g will provide BW in mbps range..
J - that's for the customer whats the tech part?
K - 3g uses much better data compression, less redundancy .. I don't know much more than this sir.
J - that's ok.. what are GSM and CDMA?
K - gave correct answer..
J - whats the diff?
K - again told correctly with some detail. .
J - whats the modulation used in CDMA? Pulse or amplitude?
K - I guess its pulse code modulation
J - hmm.. what do u do in ur free time?
K - Sir, I watch a LOT OF moviesss, listening to music.. playing tennis, cricket etc.. even I have started skating seeing the kids in my flats J
J - so, do u know this rajnikanth?
K - (very happy.. ) yes sir.
J - whats the criticism abt him?
K - (may be my second most fav topic in this world..) sir, actually he did some good roles in the late 70's and early 80's.. then only masala.. smoking on screen .. misleading youngsters.. always the same mass masala kind of movies .. no logic.. recently did a movie called kuselan it was sold for 1.5 crores in the Karnataka market.. he criticized the kannada agitators against the hogenekkal project heavily.. he used the term "kick them" .. later when the same set of ppl like vattaal naagaraj opposed the release of kuselan in banglore, he pleased guilty, asked apology.. then later denied the apology too,,. Image got damaged in TN and karnatak sir.. (spoke in full energy )
J - if he is repetitive, why do u watch his movies?
K - sir, I am not a fan of rajinikanth
P - then whom do u like?
K - I am an avid fan of Kamal Haasan sir..
P - what do u like abt Kamal haasan?
K - (my most fav topic ) explained abt his movies.. the way he enacts the character and the way we feel the impact of what the character is going thru.. gave examples like Mahanadi, kuruthi punal..
P - but for that, the credit goes to the script writer ..
K - sir, Kamal is the script writer for many of his classics like Mahanadi, kuruthipunal, heyram, anbesivam, thevar magan etc..
P - why do u think kamal is occupying every frame in his movies?
K - sir he is the most talented.. he can do 10 roles.. only he can.. hence he did a movie like Dasavathaaram..
P - hmm
K - sir say for example a movie like heyram was a first person narrative.. hence required kamal's screen presence from who's perspective the movie goes, in all scenes.. he has also done movies like anbesivam where there was equal scope to other actors like madhavan.. also I explained in detail abt Virumaandi which is the only double-directive in Indian cinema ..
J & P - listening patiently..
K - there are various concepts in dasavathaaram like religious fanaticism, politics,bio-weapons, sand theft, environmental protection, untouchability etc etc..told that it was brilliant script with amalgamation of sooo many concepts.. I personally feel that i have learnt a lot from Kamal's movies..
P - smiled.
J - ok karthik, u can go now . but pls make sure that work-ex/obc certis reach the admin office..
K - sir, I have it now.. can I give it to u.
P - no. I have verified the originals.
K - sir, I hve some copies with me.
J - oh then, pls give it to us.
K - gave it.
P - thanks karthik.
K - very nice meeting u sirs..
Smiles exchanged..
Well, I felt positive then.. I gave detailed answers on work ex and movies.. answered almost everything on acads(much to my surprise, though they weren't very tough questions) .. got the meaning of quintessential wrong.. 😞
Is this another "nothing-much-can-be-said-feel-good-pi"??
What ya ppl think?? PM me pls message me in orkut/yahoo/msn..

verdict :REJECTED ..

get lost bengalooru
GD/PI - 17 Feb 2.00 PM @ IIM B
X - 89.2 CBSE 2000
XII - 96.5 (TN) 2002
Undergrad Major - GPA/%age- 8.52 Chemical Engg NIT Trichy 2006
Sector - XYZ Bank IT domain (Trade Finance)
Number of Years - 2.5
CAT %ile:
Aggregate - 98.6 (QA 83.7 VA 97.58 DI 98.83)
Calls - lone B
Any other special thing abt u:
Certification in Trade Finance, IIBF
6 mth stint on site in Melbourne
Topic: Opening up of Retail Sector in India - Implications on kirana shops. Discuss pros and cons and arrive at a consensus on how you are going to implement this in India.
Number of Ppl present - 7 (1 absent)
Time: 10 min thinking time, 20 min GD, 10 min written summary
Brief Snapshot of Discussion:
Discussion was very peaceful. Very few cross talks. This topic had ample points so group spoke for all of 20 mins.
Group arrived at consensus on whether retail sector needs to open up. (Yes) later delved into the implementation part.
No official summary in end. Mods just announced 30s left and I hurriedly made a short summary on the implementation strategy.
Overall a very satisfying GD from my perspective. Tried to moderate the GD flow and contributed decent points.
Other Salient Details:
Summary sheet given. Don't write in points. Write in paras as a cohesive whole.
Now GD went good, so every one (esp me) were in high spirits. Then this happened.
Panel Members Intro:
Prof. Shubhabrata Das - QMIS (SD)
Prof. Sankarshan Basu - Finance (SB)
6th person in order. Handed my 3rd LOR. They just casually kept it aside. Actually none of my previous mates' files were checked. They didn't even take it. Mine included.
All our forms were feeded into their laptops (don't think if LOR's were even included), and now the grilling commenced -
SD - Hello, tell me about yourself (while glancing at his laptop)
Me - (blah.. didn't prepare this very well) traveled lot of places - Orissa, Trichy, Blore, Melb etc..
SD - Orissa? Difference b/w TN, Orissa and Melbourne cultures...
Me - blah blah ...
SD - Some ques on Oriya cuisine... Rasogulla ! (FYI rasogulla is a sweet formulated in Orissa and not in Bengal as popularly believed)
when SB walked in
SB - Ok.. you work in a Bank (IT division actually) so you should be knowing economics tell me the 3 significant economic events in last fiscal yr in India
Me - (Recession).. how India escaped due to strong regulatory mechanism..
SB - Grilled on US recession .. I started comparing it to 1930 Great Depression Pounced on that.. asked on what caused that.. what steps were taken to resolve... Bretton Woods agreement...how exchange rates are determined.. dollar pegs/free floats...dollar reserves held by India
Me - gave a ball park figure 60 % (question was how much dollar reserves among the total forex reserves of $ 300 billion in India. Note that it includes gold, other currencies etc.)
SB - cant believe you work in a bank.. my questions are done!
SD - Why MBA? (I mentioned long term intent to teach).. PGP vs FPM (have applied for this)
Ok thank you leave.
(didn't ask if you have any questions etc.)
16 mins (most of our grp had 15 - 20 mins)
STRESS was the order of the day. All my panel mates had similar experiences. No ques on acads. They simply built on what you said - much like a relay.!
They were giving an impression that they had already rejected me and interview was merely a formality. Esp SB was intent on pooh-poohing everything. SD at least gave a semblance of listening to what I had to say.
That's it. Good luck to everyone.
Post verdict revelations on why I think they took me?
As they were drilling me deeper and deeper about Recession and Depression (pun unintended), I continued to answer unfazed. Guess that must have impressed them . Finally SD said - "You have a good profile... but why MBA" (yeh kya timepass question hai bhai...) that gave me sufficient cue that they liked me and that explains the reason why I was overconfident with just a solitary call ...Also my profile was kinda different.. bank and all so that was a clincher...
So dear Puys, dont worry about lone B calls. You are on same plane as any BLACKI etc. B sends out calls only if it likes you. No need to fret about lower CAT%iles. A good GD/PI should see you through.... All the best :)

I had my GDPI for IIM B in IIMB today.. 8 members for the GD in aphabetical order..

X 85 (cbse)
XII 92.6 (cbse)
Undergrad Major GPA 9.3/10 VIT Vellore.

19 months in Honeywell Technology Solutions

CAT %ile:
DI 92.74
Quant 89.26
Verbal 97.58
Aggregate 98.09

GD: Should the retail sector in India be opened up? They had briefly described the scenario and asked questions.. It was a good GD calm and went well.

PI: 2 professors. One young prof. I'll call him 'y'. And a old prof called Prof. Jha 'o'. I was called in 7th.

i: good afternon sir
o: good afternoon, take your seat
y: So what have they been discussing about the panel outside?
i: They said its a nice panel and there was no stress interview. But actually there was no anxiety as such sir, we were basically getting to know each otehr.
y: Aaahh.. good to know Ok tell me about yourself, where you're from, where you work etc.
o: You have current pay slip for proof of employemnt?
i: yes sir, its in the last page.. (i mentioned other than work i was a party focal)
y: Oh you work right across the road?
i: yes sir
y: Acha whats this party focal? what do you do?
i: Managing budgets and arranging birthday parties..
y: Very important!
i: it is improtant too sir

y: How would you measure productivity? take an example and explain..
y: Are you a team lead?
i: No sir, i'm just 19 months experienced
y: oh yes yes.. sorry. ya why are you trying to initiative?
i: We did the greenbelt project, but after we were done, there were still some practical issues in implementing. So i'm tryin to address that and pt it in place.
y: oh ok.. good.. acha tell me, if you are not in office what do you do?
i: Sir, i love reading books..
y: what kind?
i: I read both fiction and non fiction?
y: whats this non fiction??
i: I mean autobiographies, business etc..
y: ok, anything else you do?
i: if time pemits i enjoy experimenting with cooking.. (PS: Something i let loose on the spot)
y: oh thats nice.. so how would you make, hmmm, dal tadki?
i: I'm more into south indian sir (smile)
y: oh ok.. south indian dishes..Ok what all can you make in south indian?
y: Do you know to make avial?
i: Yes sir.. to an extent..
y: ok.. tell me how will you make?

y: what spices you would add?
i: Our place, avial doesn't have many spices sir. mainly coconut and curd are needed.
o: Ok since you are from tamil nadu, you must be aware of the problems with Karnataka?
I: Yes sir to an extent.. But i don't feel there is antagonism between the people but between the Governements which they are trying to resolve.
o: No. you were here during 1992? There were big rots. thats when the Karnataka people actually attacked houses in malleswaram, which they categorise as 'tam bram' place.
I & y: oh ok..
o: So you know the Kaveri issue?
i: yes sir, it is related to the water..
o: which are the 3 states involved int he kavei issue?
i: I'm sure of Karnataka nad Tamil Nadu. the 3rd state, i'mnot sure sir.. is it kerala?
o: If you're not sure lets leave it. No need to guess..

o: What do you know about the tehri issue?
i: I'm not sure sir.. i don't remembe reading about it..
o: Heard of the socail activist involved with this?
i: Sorry sir.. I remembe the Narmada issue which had environmental implications and..
o: who was the social activist in that
i: Ican't remembe her name from the top of my head sir. I'm sorry..
o: which all states does narmada flow through?
not that good with geopgraphy huh?
i: look
o: ok, you're following the US developments?
i: tO an extent sir..
o: Ok what is the relationship of US with Pakistan?
i: Pakistan was buyin fighter planes and missiles from US earlier sir.. but with the terror attacks, US has been warning pakistan not to harbour taliban terrorists..
o: why does US need pakistan?
i: for the US war against terrorism, it will need pakistani bases to atack afghanistan.
o: ok, if pakisan is not an option, from where will they attack?
y: who are the neighbours of Afghanisan?
i: I'm sorry sir, i'm not able to visualise the map..

o: ok leave it.
y: Ok, tell me what's the population of India?
i: 1 billion..
you're giving 2001 data..
y: Currntly i would 1.2 billion..
o: 1.2???
y: thats ok, it a near enough ballpark figure..ok of the 1 billion how many are below the poverty line?
i: sir according to the Government its 20-25% sir. According to the US based dollar values.. that is dollar per day basis..
o: what is that $ per day? is it per capita income, expenditure,
i: its pe capita income sir.. based on that more than 70% are below the line..
o:70%!!! Where do you get such data?
i: I read it in the magazine sir..
o: which one?
i: Outlook..
o: which month's?
y: you mena to say 70% are below the poverty line?
i: no sir i mean 70% could not meet the 1$ a day criteria..
y: its ok you are going into stuff that might complicate it..you tell me how much you think are below the poverty line?
i: I'd say its 30% below poverty based on essential service..
y: ok out of remainin 70-80% how much do you think pay taxes?
i: I'd say around 30% sir..
y & O: you mean 1/3rd? You're way off!
i: i'm sorry sir. I accounted for it by the working age group..
its ok.. SO Girish, its been 19 months since you started working.do you think you can come back to class?
i: yes sir.. very much so.. I've also done part time courses in IISc while working.. plus motiated enough to want to do this course.
y: oh thats fine then.. tell me how do you think an mba will benefit you..
y: ok, lets say i have a certain teaching methodology, Prof Das has a teaching technogy. if i ask you which method is better, how would you go about doing it?
y: ok, you've done that collected the results, how will you present to us?
i: i'll list the pros and cons in each methodology and present the findings.
o: have you heard of hypothesis reasoning?
i: no sir..
o: ok then.
i: but i can guess from what you just mentioned sir..
y: ok go ahead, what do you think is hypothesis reasoning?
i: I'll make the hypothesis that one of your pedagogy is better than the other's.. and then try to collects data far and agianst it.. am i close to the solution?
o: not close to the solution.. but yes thats what hypothesis reasoning is..
y look at o: then says, ok Girish thats it..
i: i have a clarification to ask sir?
y: oh good.. ya ya, tell me..
i:thak you sir..
y: thak you girish.. best of luck..

:eyepop: Messed up the current affairs.. chilled interview but.. Don't know what will happen..

Lets see..

CAT 2008:
Calls: IIM B,S

it seems dat ppl having lower %iles also have received calls frm IIMB... anyways best of luck to everyone here 😃

Date 17/2/09
Place:IIM Bangalore Campus
Time:9:00 AM


X: 89.6%
XII: 96.42%
Undergrad Major - GPA/%age: 9.26 in CSE from Anna University

19 months in IT sector

CAT %ile: 99.96

Any other special thing abt u:

Gold medalist in B.E. from Anna University
Best Outgoing Student in College
Topper in Class XII board exam

Topic:Should Higher Education be opened up in India (allowing Foreign Universities)
Number of Ppl present:8
Time: 10 min for analysis,20 min for GD, 10 for summary
Brief Snapshot of Discussion:
I thought the discussion was a lively one.
All of us pitched in some points.
I spoke 6 to 8 times and came up with 3 points which were acknowledged by the group.
There was some cross talk but not much and overall it was ok

Other Salient Details:
No one was asked to summarize.

Panel Members Intro:

Dr.Gopal Naik (GN)
Dr.Rupa Chandra (RC)

GN - Tell Me bout urself
JD -bla bla
RC-y mba?
JD - strat management....bla bla...
GN - Wat do you want to do in life
JD - Make my rock band famous and manage it
GN- Why do you need managers for a band?
JD- had a prepared answer.
GN- Ok. Y cant u make someone else do it?
JD - Had a prepared answer with examples for the rock music industry.
RC - What books do you read?
JD- Fiction.Mysteries and Thriller
RC- Favorite Author?
JD-Chuck Palahniuk..writes transgressional fiction
RC-What book currently reading?
JD-Historian.Liz Kostova
GN- Tell me bout ur company
JD - Explained bout cryptography and stuff..
GN-What is the problem of economy?
JD- Explained about sub prime crisis
RC- Did you think interest rates had anything to do with it?
JD- gave some answer.
RC- What did Greenspan say bout it?
JD-(I cant distinguish greenspan from a greenhouse gas) said i don't know.
GN-Is this Indian economy decoupled?
JD-I said something bout it being self reliant...
GN-Asked me to justify
JD-Stumbled a bit
RC-Are these crises cyclic?
JD- Said yes and spoke bout the great depression and other things.
GN-Asked when the ecomony in India will pick up
JD- gave an estimate.spoke bout interim budget.
RC- Thank you.

A feel good interview. No acads.Never looked at the file.Lasted ten minutes.I cracked a few jokes here and there.They laughed(hopefully with me 😃 )

fingers crossed...