[2009-2011] IIMA PGP ESSAY/PI Experiences

All the best to everyone for their A interviews and please do post in your experinces.It would be good if we can use an earlier format. For the benefit of everyone concerned, please keep the format like this: *PROFILE: *Acads: X…

All the best to everyone for their A interviews and please do post in your experinces.It would be good if we can use an earlier format.

For the benefit of everyone concerned, please keep the format like this:


Undergrad Major - GPA/%age

NIL/Sector - Number of Years

CAT %ile:

Any other special thing abt u:

Any Other Details:

Panel Members Intro:

Any other relevant detail.

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All the best to everyone for their A interviews and please do post in your experinces.It would be good if we can use an earlier format.

when is the first IIM A gd/pi ?

when is the first IIM A gd/pi ?

First A GDPI is on 14 feb (as per PG connect)
Dude for queries abt GDPI dates of instis pls use PG Connect...

@akkyagarwal...this is y normally threads are opened just a day b4 the first interview...

Hey ppl,
Let me be the first to report on the IIMA interviews...had it today in ahmedabad...

Major declarations:
1. No GDs...no case study,...
2. Essay to b written on the blank section of the interview form...time allotted is 10 min for both thinking and writing...
3. Very Very chilled out interview...random questions, on any topic....Everyone seemed hit in some area or the other, but the interviewers were throughout cool and smiling....end result was that nobody seemed to know hw they did since everyone had a cool interview...
4. Not a load of acads, but yeah ppl were asked a few questions on acads, even ppl with work-ex, but not lot grilling...questions on work-ex were of course there....

Will come up with detailed interview by tonite or tomorrow morning...

Cheers! and all the best!


This is the problem with people starting up thread mch earlier than the GD/PI dates...Nevertheless Sticking the thread...All the best for the Interviews..Please post only the Interview details, any personal feedbacks, PM it to the User..Also editing the thread name for easy identification...

Hey ppl, Here is my detailed interview of IIMA
hth, all the best to all !!


X - 90.60
XII - 93.00
B.Tech (EC) - CGPA 8.44

Work ex - XYZ coaching institute - 9 months

CAT %ile -

DI - 94.55
QA - 98.98
VA - 99.08
OA - 99.75

Panel intro - knew that they were profs at IIMA...nothing else....

Hobbies mentioned - blogging, reading fiction, exploring computer softwares, nanotechnology.

Started off with an essayv had to write on 'Educational System is quelling creativity in Indian children', in the small blank space of the IIMA formno rough sheets were provided, u had to think, make a draft in ur mind and write directly on the paper, all in 10 min
Then we were asked to wait for our turn in the interviewI was the last .. every interview lasted 25-30 minutesfinally, after a long wait, my turn came2 panelists, both wearing casuals and smiling

1) Hello Sushant
2) So what does Sushant mean -told
3) There is an ocean whose name is similar in meaning to Sushant - said Prashant, my brother's name
4) Ohh! So what does Prashant mean? - told
5) Sushant, u have 90%in class 12thhow many ppl actually get it - told abt 1-2 from a good school.
6) And what about 10th? - something similar
7) So, u r an electronics guy he got distracted after that THANK GOD !!!
So you are from Surat.can u tell me what are the rivers around Surat? - told abt Tapti and Narmada
9) Where do they sink? - told Arabian Sea (AS)
10) Where do they originate - told MP, nt sure if it was correct
11) Can u tell me names of some rivers which sink in AS and some which sink in Bay of Bengal (BOB) - said nt sure but probably Mahanadi, Godavri and CAuvery sink in BOB, cudnt find any additional ones for AS.
12) So where do the north Indian rivers like Satluj,Byas etc sink? - said don't know.
13) If u had to take a guess - said probably AS
14) And from which area do they enter the sea? - said the Sindh probably falls thru Pakistan, the others probably thru Gujarat
15) Where does Ganga sink? - told
16) He reached the nanotechnology paper I had presented in Japan (not a big deal folks, seriously! Had gone with my father in a research collaboration and just happened to give an informal presentation) - gave him a rough intro abt how I ended up doing that. wanted him to ask me in detail abt it, but he didnt
17) Somewhere in betn, he noticed that I was working at ABC Coaching institute for CAT, asked did u write CAT earlier - told yes
1 So did u see an improvement - said a drastic change, last year it was 95.18.
19) There was a discussion abt the top 5% ppl in an exam being very similar, but only the top 1% get calls and all
20) Then he asked, so r u in favour of introducing more IIMs/IITs - gave him a good answer here, about building the institute to a good name, and then designating it IIMs
21) So r v diluting IIM brands? - said if we introduce more IIMs, then yes.
22) He reached my essay by then asked, do u teach creativity to students? - said the students don't expect itwe teach them out-of-the-box thinking, which can solve many questions in a much faster waywanted him to ask abt it, but he didnt
23) From there, he said, let us test ur out-of the-box thinking.gave me a mathematical puzzle of finding the shortest route I solved it partially, gave an ok answer, but he gave me a mathematically better solution, I checked it and told yes, your solution is betterso he said how do we optimize the soln.he gave another alternative soln which I verfied
24) He asked me what I had read last (I had mentioned reading as a hobby, but usse upar blogging likha tha, usme se kyun nahi poocha) - said aravind adiga
25) Which award did it win recently - told
26) Who can win the booker didn't know
27) Can Bush win the booker if writes abt something said don't know abt any constraints - there is a constraint actually, only commonwealth citizens are allowed
2 Any other literary awardsaid Pulitzer, didn't know any else.
29) Asked what is a sine wave.. - explained
30) An example? - said AC
31) Draw it -didwhat is on x- and y- axis - told
32) In actually sine wave it is theta on x-axis, what is the case in AC signalsaid something about phase
33) What is DC? Draw it - did.r u sure - said yes (DC to pata hoga yaar12th paas ki hai maine!!)
34) What is the difference between the use of AC and DC motor, as to where do I use AC and where DC .. didn't know
35) He said we can switch to electronics, if u say this is electrical - I said that an electronics engg shd know this as we have a basic course in it.though I expected him to ask electronics after that
36) Alrite, we are done thanxpick up a toffee
37) There was alpenliebe and chloromint, I was deciding between the two, and then asked, can I take two? he said go ahead.

Btw, somewhere in between he also asked me to mention on the form that I did not want the fee waiver.so puys, if u don't need the waiver or are not demanding it, still , fill in the columns about parental income in the main formhe will ask u to sign and write 'not interested' in the interview.also, carry a photocopy of the work-ex certificatein the call letter there was only original mentioned, but they need a xerox.I submitted the original itselfthat'll do if u have other copies or better, carry a Xerox

All in all, when I came out of the interview, I was feeling pretty cheerful, I had given the entire interview with a smile on my face.but now that I read the entire transcript, I am not satisfied as I find too many 'nt sure's in it, too many places where I should have known the answers stilllets seegiven that everyone was asked on unexpected topics and gave a relaxed interview, no one exactly knew what was being judgedkeeping fingers crossed..

Sushant Bahadur

from my experience i feel they check ur depth of knowledge in a few topics and den try to throw u off guard to c how u recover..and ya they can ask u almost nethin under the sun..


X -- ICSE (84.3%)
XII -- Goa Board (89.67%...i was probably top 10-15 in the state)
Undergrad Major - 77%

NIL/Sector - Number of Years
IT (Telecom billing) - 18 months

CAT : 98.2% (OBC)

Any other special thing abt u:
Somehow my background (maharashtrian family, goan unbringing, engg. in Ranchi) seems to have become a USP of sorts...they seem interested in people from different backgrounds...so if any of you guys are from unusual places (goa, kashmir...you get the picture :P) read up about them a bit.

Essay: "Should Nehru's temples of learning remain elitist"
Time: 10 mins (thinking and writing)
Any Other Details: Messed up big time...couldnt finish in time...i think my iim a quest ended with the essay itself.

Panel Members Intro: didnt catch their names (dont think they told us either). Two proffs, one quite aged (P1), the other middle aged.(P2)
P1 : Hi, lets start with you telling us about yourself, what are you doing currently..
M : blah blah
P2 : So what are you responsibilities...
M : blah blah
P1 : what does the word 'team' mean to you
M : some more blah
P1 : what role does a leader play in a team
M : even more blah
P2 : tell us something about goa...political/economic scenario
M : told
P2 : you were in ranchi for 4 years...tell us about the development that took place there
M : told...mentioned alleviation of the poor which got them excited
P2 : what are the parameters for defining the level of development of a country...give me the specific parameters
M : sir i can mention some like BPL population percentage, life expectancy etc...but i dont know the exact parameters
P1 : tell us more about what work you do
M : told (telecom billing solution dev)
P1 : so you know how a mobile works? tell us...
M : sir, dont know the electronics part, but i can explain the software that enabled billing of the calls
P1 : okay fair enough, do that
M : did that :)
P1 : why is it called a cellular phone!!??
M : smiling...no clue sir
P1&P2...hmm...;(both shaking their heads)
M : maintained composure...i knew that its ok if i dont know that....
P1 : why doesnt a tv remote control have an antennae
M : some funda...shouldve mentioned infrared... 😞 but he seemed satisfied
P2 : what difference did it make in goa when goa was made a state
M : answered pretty well
both said thats enough...P2 was taking notes vigourously throughout the interview...saw a few of my certis asked a few questions on those...very generic...no acads....

i want to know from seniors (or anyone else with an opinion) as to what is the weightage given to the essay...my PI was pretty good i feel but i messed up the essay big time, i didnt finish and whatever i had written till then didnt make any sense anyways....so A is out for me if essay has a great deal of weight.... 😞

Venue: IIMA
Time: 14 Feb, 8:45


X 93.33
XII 93.5
Undergrad Major - 9.4


CAT %ile:
DI 96.24
Quant 99.99
Verbal 99.4
Aggregate 99.98

Any other special thing abt u:
Olympiads math physics, NTSE

Topic: Education system in india killing creativity in children
Time: 10 mins

Verdict: Did not complete. Hands cold due to AC. I would give 4-5/10. Made 2-3 good points though.

Panel Members Intro: Two guys p1 (CS guy), p2(maths guy)

I enter. Only p1 there.

P1: Come have a sit
M: Thank you sir.
P1: After the other guy comes, then introduce yourself.
M: blah blah
P1: Not tech? MS?
M: No sir
P1: some joke...So you did some optimisation courses?
M: yes sir.. did basic linear and then conversion of graph theory problems to linopt
P1: Min Span tree convert to Lin Opt
M: did with bit of help from him.. In the meanwhile P2 arrived
P1: So now tell us about yourself
M: blah blah
P2: Since you are so strong in maths, define geometrically what is tangent to a curve at a point
M: gave slope definition
P2: give better one
M: explained in terms of single common point, and rotating the line and blah blah
P2: Thats good.. actually quite good
P1: Name a curve which is continuous not differentiable
M:mod x
P1: coninuous everywhere, differentiable nowhere
M: Got confused, then P1 explained me how to do it..(should have got it myself..pretty simple)
P1: differentiable everywhere, coninuous nowhere
M: Impossible, as a function needs to be continuous at a point to be differentiable at that point
P1: good
P2: Let me ask you some questions in CS. What is quantum computing?
M:............... I had read about it a couple of years ago, but can not recall now..
P2:What limits the storage and speed capacity of hardware..
M: I did not get the question sir..
P2:I mean why is there an ultimate limit to the hardware capacity
M: could not answer properly
P2: What are genetic computers ? Have you heard about it?
M: Tried explaining genetic algorithms, (he said not that explain genetic computers.. :confused:) Tried to explain something..
P2: So you dont read about recent developments in CS
M: I do, but hardware is the area I am least interested in.
P1: But biomass is not really "hard" ha ha ha...
So what do you like in CS...........(yo baby)
M: Algorithms
P1: Define NP hard
M: defined
P1: related qns on decision , optimization and verfication problems
M: answered.. but got a bit confused in between which I should not have
P1: How will you convert the optimisation TSP to decision TSP?
M: answered
(Then they asked me for proofs of my 10th and 12th merit list..showed them.. They also asked me write the things like NSO all India rank 19 as 4th item on the co-currics list... also asked to write that I am not interested in uiton waiver)
P2: What was your JEE rank?
M: 231.. but secured branch change from CSE Dual to CSE B.Tech on account of being in the top 5 in IIT after first yr
P2: asked about Tata Nano controversy
M: gave all fundae..discussion went on for 5 minutes
P2: ok
P1: Have you secured a job in placements?
M: Yes sir.. Morgan Stanley..
P1: Laughs.. In this scenario with MS its better to do a MBA....he he
M: Smile
P1: That will be all.. take a candy.. and take your watch (by mistake I removed my watch in middle of interview.. dunno why)
M: thank you sir

Was smiling throughout.. Have changed order of qns in one or two places I guess because dont remember the correct order. My interview was last in the first batch of first day.. was really bored waiting for 4 hrs after essay.. My panel seemed to have zero interest in GK/Sports/Movies and all which were my hobbies..Only acads.. but went on well..

Please give your opinion

X: 92%
XII: 93.67%
Undergrad Major - GPA/%age : 8.33

NIL/Sector - Number of Years : IT 10 months

CAT %ile:
Aggregate : 99.81

Any other special thing abt u: Left job and cleared foundation exam of CA (after Engg.)

Topic: Indian women should take up their husbands' surname after marriage
Time: 10 minutes
Any Other Details: very little time. Only wrote about history, what it symbolizes and that surname doesn't show the degree to which she has adjusted to her new family. Maybe she can use both - past and present.

Panel Members Intro: No idea. G1 G2
G1: What is the meaning of Pushkar?
Me: told

G1: Meaning of your father's name?
G1: Tell us the history of Nagpur.
Me: blah... blah..(start with kings)

G1: That's it? After that?
Me: blah blah... industries/oranges

G1: What's the difference between orange and sweet.. umm..
Me: sweet lime?

G2: sweet lime is green, orange is orange
Me: :

G2: Do you watch cricket?
Me: Yes

G2: Which cricket do you watch?
Me: Test, one days, T20

G2: T20. IPL?
Me: yes I had watched IPL.

G2: Just a few days back they did all this tamasha. How do they value the players? Any parameters?
Me: Performance in the subcontinent, domestic performance, strike rate

G2: Did WI come in the subcontinent in the past year?
Me: No

G2: Then?
Me: performance against different teams, venues, economy rate, etc.

G2: Suppose g1 has taken 8 wickets for 80 runs and me 2 wickets for 20 runs then?
Me: Number of overs?

G2: Both of us have bowled out.
Me: Economy rate wise, you are better. If we are talking about one day cricket...

G2: (irritated) T20!
Me: OK. Then G1 is better. Wickets are important.

G2: (shrugs with a triumphant smile... coz I changed my answer)

G1: Have you read about some article about this rating and all?
Me: No

G1: You're an electrical engineer. What is Nyquist plot?
Me: talk about gain/transfer function.

G2: I am a layman. I don't understand this gain and all. He is an Electrical engineer and keeps on talking about Nyquist whole day. Please explain.
Me: try talking in terms of gain.. input output.

G2: OK radio is a system. What is input? What is output?
Me: Electrical input/battery and Radio signals = input, output = sound

G2: Now gain?
Me: Output/Input..

G2: But output is sound? how can you divide?
Me: :eyepop:

G2: Think another system and answer.
Me: Transformer.

G2: step down transformer?
Me: yes. input = 440. output = 220 V. Gain = 0.5

G2: yes. now?
Me: Now? Plot the magnitude and phase.

G2: Phase? Where is phase?
Me: OK we can take a phase shifting transformer. :confused:

G2: OK that will be a straight line? Phase is changing and magnitude is constant.
Me: Yes. :eyepop:

G2: Can you tell me what is Bode plot? B-O-D-E?
Me: told Log of Magnitude and phase of gain

G2: Use of log?
Me: Larger frequency range

G2:OK (another victory for G2. pokes G1)
G1: (just smiles thanks to their brutal victory)

G1: OK You are into final stage of CA?
Me: No. Got Inter in May.

G1: You wasted one engineering seat.
Me: blah blah

G1: 4 attempts at CAT?
Me: Yes.

G1: Plot ur percentile against attempt
Me: (Do it)

G2: Linear?
Me: Not quite.

G1: Now draw the absolute scores. Let's say for 75 questions?
Me: Don't remember my previous scores. :xmas:

G1: (smiles) OK :xmas:
G1: You will join your father's firm. You won't raise capital, borrow money, hire people, build infrastructure. How is this MBA gonna help you?
Me: talk about managing resources like article clerks in office. (say core competency)

G2: What is core competency?
Me: Inclination and Expertise in a particular field. We can track performance over a period of time.

G1: We don't have a software by which we can teach you to manage resources.
Me: talk about consultancy, project financing, etc.

G1: You like to work out right? Body building and all?
Me: no body building. just love to keep myself fit.

G1: Tell us some Indians who're into body building and all.
Me: Dara singh :eyepop:

G2: Classic, eh? If you call him now, he won't be too proud of his body.
Me: Karnam Malleshwari :eyepop:

G2: Which drugs is she taking now?
Me: ??? :confused:

G2: You take steroids?
Me: No Sir I don't.

G1: Tell us some more from olympics asiads may be?
Me: I don't know.

G1: Do you read too?
Me: Yes. Read Prey by Crichton/ Branson's autobio

G1/G2: OK. We're done.
Me: (stand up to leave)

G1: You don't have any certificates to show right? Got certificate for this 6th rank in SSC?
Me: I do. (still standing and opening up the display book to show them)

G2: (sees the certi.. it's in marathi. His looks say he doesn't understand where's Sixth written. passes it to G1)

G1: There. that's 6th.
G2: What is this pre designed software contest? Sit sit.
Me: Had designed a game. Can I draw and explain?

G2: I don't know if you can draw.
Me: :eyepop: Sorry May I?

G2: Yes
Me: (draw and explain)

G2: That's very interesting!
Me: Thank you.

G1: So you touched 100%ile?
Me: No. Almost there though.

G1: Left by?
Me: 0.19

G1: That's nice.
Me: (hmm)

G1/G2: OK We're done. Take a toffee.
Me: (takes alpenliebe) Have a good day.

G1/G2: You too.
Me: Thank you.

Any other relevant detail.
40 mins of absolute mayhem-destruction-atyaachaar

My verdict: Absolutely no chance

Their Verdict: Selected
Profile :
X - 87
XII - 88
GPA - 6.29, IITB CSE

Work Ex - 6 months in software

CAT % -
QA - 99.98
DI - 99.55
VA - 97.89

Total - 99.97

Any other special thing about you: Maths Olympiad and NTSE

Also started a football e-magazine around 2 years back with some of my friends, it has a dedicated reader base of around 1200 now.

Hobbies : Indian Philo, football, reading fiction

Topic: Obama will bring change, but only to USA
Time: 10 mins
Any Other Details: Time is very crucial. My advice to people is to start as early as possible after thinking of a structure and points. No point waiting for a couple of minutes to dissect what you are going to write point by point.

Panel Members Intro: 2 members, one of them (Prof Sandesh, I think) was supposedly the in-charge of admissions. Both were very chilled out and no stress
The two profs A and B and me, M


A : Whats is your actual name is it Venkata or Maruti or Vamsi or Kiran
M : Kiran Sir

A : Ok, do you watch movies?
M : Yes sir, sometimes

A: Do you watch old Telugu movies?
M: Yes sir, quite a few.

A: Have you heard of the movie Maro-charitra? Can you sing us a song from it?
M: :eyepop::eyepop::eyepop: I know the movie Sir, a Kamal Hassan starrer, but I dont recollect any songs from it.

A: Come on there is a song, starts with #@#@
M: Sang a couple of lines

A: Who wrote the song?
M: answered

B: Ok tell us about your work and projects
M: Answered

B: What is OOPs?
M: Answered

B: Why is it so hyped about?
M: Answered

B: Whats is heap sort and its time complexity?
M: Answered

A: You stated Indian Philo as your hobby, name an Indian Philosopher
M: Talked about Charvaka and Adi Sankaracharya

Then had a brief discussion about my essay and Obama.

A: We are done, do you have any question?
M: Yes Sir, in the criterion for shortlisting candidates for gd/pi, there was no normalisation of 10th and 12th marks. Dont you think it is a little unfair?

A: (Got upset) Now is not the time to ask such a question.
M: Ok sir

A: Here are your certis, you may leave now
M: Thank you sir.

Okish interview, but screwed up with that question in the end

Update :- Convert, the last question either dint hurt or did help 😃

Finally a chance to write here...The Big 'A'...

Profile :

X - 93
XII - 83
Graduation - 71%, CSE

Work Ex - 6 months in software in a reputed bank

CAT % -
QA - 99.67
DI - 99.46
VA - 98.72

Total - 99.93

Any other special thing about you: average extra-curriculars...

Hobbies : Playing cricket

Topic: Indian women should take their husband's surname after marriage.
Time: 10 mins
Any Other Details: No paper is provided for taking down your notes...You are just given the topic and yu have to start...

Panel Members Intro: 2 members, will address them as P1 and P2...
Both were very chilled out and no stress

P2 asked for my certis...and was taking a look...

P1: So Aakash, tell us which company you work for??
Me: XYZ bank...
P1: So what is your role??
Me: Explained...
P2: Why do you want to do MBA??
Me: blah blah...
P1: You have mentioned in your learning from work-ex that you are familiar with some banking terms...Which ones??
Me: Sir, we have been given some domain-related knowledge and more specifically in Private Banking(PB, my department)...
P1: Explain me the working of PB...
Me explained that taking my own sweet time...
Asked a couple of more questions on the same... Then looked over to P2...

P2: So, you are from computer science background?
Me: Yes, sir...
P2: Tell me more about your job..In terms of technology...
Did that...
P2: OK...Tell me when can you say was the first computer invented??
Me: Sir, there was no invention as such... A lot of research started around the time of 2nd world war...and there were rapid developments aroung 1950s and 1960s...
P2: What exactly you mean by a computer??
Me: Sir, it is basically a computing device...
P1 cuts me short...
P1: You know what is abacus??
Me: Yes sir...
P1: Tell me..
Me: Sir, it is a primitive calculating device...
P1: Where was it used??
Me: The Chinese..
P1: Good...So, would you call that a computer??
Me: No sir...A computer would have digital circuitry and logic involved with it...
P2 comes back in...
P2: So, tell me who invented the first computer??
Before I could answer??
P1: Was it really invented??
Me: No sir...We can call it a process of development rather than a single invention...
P2: OK...But, when did this start??I mean who started this??
Me::confused: Sir, I just cannot recall the name... He has been designated as the "Father of Modern Computers"...(I can almost kick myself for forgetting that name...Charles Babbage...have been studying about him since ages..And the only time I could have used that knowledge, I 4get it..wow!!!)
They gave me some time to remember the answer... But, then moved on..
P2: Tell me some of the major advancements in the field of computers in 1970s...
Me: ( hello...I am not a historian!!) Sorry sir... I do not know...
P2: OK...When was Microsoft founded??
Me: Sir, I think it was early 1980s..(its actually late 1970s...)
P2: So Bill Gates...He is the founder, right??
Me: Yes sir..
P2: Which college did he graduate from??
Me: Sir, he was a college drop-out...
P2: Which college??
Me: No idea, sir...
P2: So if he was a college dropout and made so much money, then why do you want to goto college?? It's so easy..
Me: Gave some 'blah-blah' type answer..said something like he was an exception and not a general case (all the time wishing that they should not ask me how many of the Fortune 500 company CEOs are actually MBAs..Someone had told me that I should know this fact)...Going to college improves your chances of succeeding...blah blah...
P2: Who was his founding partner at Microsoft??
Me: (Why did I ever watch the movie Ghazini???) Sir, the guy is right now the CEO of Microsoft...But, just can't place the name...
P1: Oh, thats an easy guess that he is the CEO...
Me: No sir, thats not a guess... I am sure he is the CEO...Just that the name evades me...
After sometime P1 decides to put me out of my misery...Oh thats OK..leave it..
P2 again...
P2: OK Aakash... I want to take computers to every single village in India...What are the challenges you see??
Had a small discussion over this...pretty good..put in 3-4 points...
Last of them was lack of electricity...P2 takes the forward...
P2: Oh yah...electricity is a problem... But, then we could use laptops...
Me: Sir, they would still require charging...
P2: So, how do you propose to solve this problem??
Me: Sir, may be we could use solar cells...
P2: Solar cells...What is the process of converting solar energy to electrical energy called??
Me: Sir, I do not know what the process is called... But, I can explain the process..The silicon wafers used and all...
P2 doesnt pursue this...
P2: Have you heard of simputers in India??
Me:No sir...

P1 back...
P1: Do you know Amar Singh??
Me: (Where did he come in from???)...Yes sir..I do...
P1: So, how is the man???Do you like him???
Me: Sir, whatever I know about him is from his political activities...And from what I gather, he does not come across as a very good person...
P1 thankfully left that there and did not pursue me on his political activities...
P1: Why is Sri Lanka in news recently???
Me: Due to its recent war with LTTE...
P1: Tell me more about it...
Me: Sri Lanka has recently hightened its activities and are said to be nearing the final blow to the LTTE...
P1: Any other country in a similar situation??
Me: (somehow Israel came to my mind...though the situation is different there...) Israel sir...
P1: What are they fighting for??
Me: Gaza...(hoping that he doesnt pursue this...)
P1: Who are they fighting??
Me: Sir, the Palestinians...
P1: Any particular group??
Me: Hamas...

P2: Which company did you say you work for??
Me: XYZ Bank sir...
P2: So, if you were to give some suggestion to your top management during this time of recession what would be it??
Me: Sir, I am not much involved with the banking activities directly...
P2: OK...Suppose you want to improve your tech department what would you suggest to your manager??
Discussed this for a couple of minutes...

They looked at each other...
P1: I think that would be it...Good...So, all the best Aakash...It was pleasant meeting you...
Me: Thank you sir... Same here...
P2: Do us honours by taking toffees...
took one...said thank you and left...

It would have been a pretty decent interview had I answered Charles Babbage and Steve Ballmer...
:death:Don't know how much will that count against me...Hoping for the best...
Next stop...IIML...

All the best to others for their interviews...

just got a PM from selebratinglife telling me that the co-founder is Paul Allen and not Stever Ballmer...verified the same...
feeling less stupid now...

14th Feb opening slot IIMA

Xth= 91.2%
B.Tech= Electronics, 8.67 CGPA

Derivative Trader with XYZ firm since last 7 months

CAT percentile=
QA 98.XX
DI 95.XX
VA 97.XX
OA 99.28

Panel = P1 = Prof. Satish deodhar
P2 = Prof. Chetan soman

Hobbies = Sports ( Football n cricket), Travelling and Cooking.....

Started off with an essayv had to write on Existing educational System quells the creativity in children, got just 10 mins......cud write abt 2-3 points.....gurukul system,its adv,alternate forms of career like sports, arts, music shud be atken seriously,existing system does not give weightage to consistency.........Altogether an OKish effort........

Then we were asked to wait for our turn in the interviewI was the 6th in my panel .. every interview lasted 25-30 minutesfinally, after a long wait, my turn came2 panelists, both wearing casuals and smiling

Interview divided in three parts........
part 1=( arbit)
p2= XYZ, u have an unique name,what does it mean?
me= told abt meaning in sanskrit etc....
p1= on ur form ur father's name is also spelt differently, wats the reason?
me=told that my father born in goa during the portuguese rule and so.....
p1=so u r originally from goa?
me= yes sir, father migrated to mumbai because of work etc.....
p2=(the girl before me also had goan roots, so they asked me the same question) can u tell us the approximate years of portuguese rule in India?
me= about 400 yrs, from mid 1500 till 1969.
p2=R u sure it was 1969?
me= It was 1961-62.......(it is 19th dec 1961)
p1= any major event happened in 1962?
me= yes sir, Indo-china war.....
p1= so it would have been a double whammy for the Indian govt in 1962.....
me= told that goa liberation movement being populist, resolved amicably, etc..........
p1=R u sure army action was not use?
me= yes sir.....(:eyepop: mistake........air force navy both played a part)
(told abt hyderabad and kashmir)
p1=Ok, which other places were portuguese colonies?
me= i thk pondicherry.....(:eyepop:)
p2= or was it French?
me=oh yes sir, not pondicherry, daman and diu.......
(between they asked me to name a famous religious leader from pondicherry......bombed)
p1= what abt aamchi mumbai, portuguese or british?
me= told abt how it was portuguese, then gifted by them to the britishers as dowry in marriage.......()
p2= what is ur mother tongue?
me = Konkani...
p2=can u name some common words in konkani having their origins in portuguese language?
me= told abt couple of them , also told abt a food item which made them laugh......
the conversation revolved around these thgs for the next couple of mins....

part 2(work-ex)
p2= for the past 7 months, u have been working as a derivative trader, so y trading after electronics?
me= blah blah......novel opportunity, didnt want to get into IT sector, engg helped in developing analyical skills etc.....
p2= u managed a profit of %@)) pounds, how come?
me= talked abt recession and how it is an opportunity to make profits but u have to be disciplined and blah blah........
p2= diiff b/w recession and meltdown......
me = told somethg.....
p2= countries in recession?
me= UK, US and Eurozone
p2= so who declared recession in UK?
me = prime minister Gordon Brown....
p2= wat was his role in the previous govt....
me= minister but cant recollect the portfolio......
p2= previous PM
me= Tony Blair....
p2 = which political party they belong to?
me= Labour party
p2= any previous famous PM from Labour party....
me= dont know (was gonna say margaret thatcher)
p1= U talked abt recession, when was the last time US faced such a phase....
me= 2000-01 dot come bubble, but the circumstances were not that grave......
p1= Describe ur work-exp.....
me = told ......
p1= you said somethg abt volatility in the markets? explain in simple terms
me = told in technical terms was asked to be more generic......explained as percentage change per day......
p2= have u heard abt variance?
me = i m afraid no sir......
p2= standard deviation.....
me = told.......( looked convinced)

part 3( acads)
p1 = wat is ur favourite subject?
me= didgtal circuits.....
( was told that the subject is also studied at xii th level, defended saying it is much in detail etc etc........)
p2= ok, explain the functioning of an AND gate in practical terms, may be for this interview process....
me= sir, its like even if one of u reject me, i wudnt get selected.....thus only if u both selected me.....i can get a convert....
(smiles all around )
(now comes the acads part where i mess it up a little)
p1= tell me y steel utensils are not used in microwave oven, while glass are used.....
me= told abt deformity and heat bearing capacity.....
(was probed further on this cud manged to somehow say some thg)

then discussion strayed to radios and frequency ranges.....y FM stations operate locally and other have greater reach.......cudnt answer convincingly........gave some gyaan........

p1= u have secured 91% in Xth .......do u thk it was easy......highest amy be around 95?
me= yes sir highest is around 95.....but i guess sir with average preparation, 85% seems achievable......but thereafter every increase in a single percentage requires huge amount of effort.....if i speak abt my score, unofficially i was ranked 22nd in mumbai division......
(looking atecah other)
p2= i guess we are done.....
(was still looking thru the form, p1 said i mentioned very general hobbies :confused:....and asked me the food item i previously mentioned was a self created or not.....gave explanation)
p1= u may take a toffee as u leave.......
took an alpenleibe and thanked them and left........

overall mixed feelings........not quite sure abt some answers.....but on a whole quite satisfied.......
Next in line IIM B on 24th.....

All the best to fellow PUYs........

CAT 07 99.62%tile = No calls
CAT 08 99.28%tile = IIM A,B
XLRI 99.88%tile = BM

16th feb....morning slot.....
Undergrad Major - comp-61%.....

work ex-part time 3 months at a coaching insti........am in 4th year though.....

CAT %ile:

Topic:Professional management is a mere rhetoric in family run businesses......
Time:10 minutes.......
Any Other Details:i think i wrote well although i could not complete......

Panel Members Intro:just know that they were iima professors......
Questions:i was the first in my interview panel and was called in quickly........
two guys one was pretty old in like his 50s and the other one late 30s or early 40s(the techie apparantly)......we will
call the older one P1 and the younger P2.....

P2-so tell us something about yourself......
me-stressed on being an army officers son hoping theyll ask some questions on it but they didnt.....

P1-so u have mentioned that u had a an years gap in ur studies so were u preparing for something......oh u have mentioned IIT...
right so unfortunately you did not make it
me-yes sir.....

P1-so are you placed somewhere?
me-yes sir........accenture.....

P1-but obviously u are interested in MBA........what are your MBA plans?
me-sir i basically look to work in the retail sector and for that i want to join an FMCG or a research firm in my summers.....
i saw that AC Nielsen is one of the recruiters for IIMA.....so i am pretty interested to join them......

P1-ok.....but why AC Nielsen?
me-sir i have always been good at analytics and research.....

P1-how do u say that?u have any experience?
me-well on a micro level sir........i have one of my certificates saying that i created aptitude tests for a firm which they are using
in their selection process......

P2-seems impressed.....ok.....so why retail?
me-sir basically coz of two reasons.....i think it will be beneficial to me and....cut short

P1-beneficial as in......
me-try to explain about profit margins and stuff........

P2-but why do u look at profit margins?ok so u want to start a chain of ur own?
me-yes sir 7-8 years down the line......

P1-so what differentiators do u look for in ur chain.....
me-sir there are basically 2 categories of people who buy something........lets take the example of a mobile phone.....theres
a category which just looks at price and then one which looks at features......cut short again......

P1 to P2-ask him some questions on comp......

P2 asks me about my project......i fumble a bit and he finally lets it go......

P2-so what is ur fav subject in comp?
me-sir databases......

P2-so do u know about normalisation?why do we do it.....
me-explained him well.....gave him an example too.....

P2-seemed satisfied.....do u know about cascaded delete?
me-???......no sir but i do know what delete is.......

P2 and P1 laugh....
P2-ofcourse u know what delete is......

P2-so have u done something other than relational databases?
me-sir i read about tuple databases....

P2-what is a tuple......
me- realized that a tuple db is a relational db only......so sir i have mostly done relational dbs only......although i did
have distributed and parallel dbs in my last sem......

P2-so what is the difference between parallel and distributed?
me-explained........he seemed satisfied.....

P2-so what sort of ops can be parallelized?
me-sir functions like join,sort,select etc.......


P1-so u have tennis as a hobby.......do u have a certificate for it?
me-yes sir........it was a intercollege event......

P1-ok......u have certificates for quiz and gds too......what is this gd?
me(dint u used to have it in ur selection process like 2 years back)-sir discussing topics basically.....like the essay topic

P1-ok one of the hobbies u have mentioned is numerology....
me-yes sir....

P1-why do u believe in it being an science guy?
me-sir it works perfectly with me......

P1-is that how scientific laws are verified?
me-no sir........u probably look at a larger sample space.........mine is pretty small....talked some more about numerology
and the 5 nos there........

P1-i still didnt get why u believe in something so unscientific......
me-sir i love working with numbers basically.....

P2-u give 2 nos from every person and ill tell u that he has two eyes,two ears and one nose......so i can predict too...
me-well sir i talk about personality traits......

P1-i guess that will be enough......thank u u can leave......
me-thanks for ur time sir......

all in all i think it was pretty chilled out...........but so is everyone elses here so lets see......

X : 88.2%
XII : 84.0%
Undergrad Major - GPA/%age : 8.97 / 10.00

Work-Ex: nil

CAT : 210
DI : 46
Quant: 80
Verbal: 84

I flew to Ahmedabad on the morning of the interview itself. (In retrospect, a bad idea since I was counting on airlines to deliver on time.)
14th Morning was (apparently) the first slot for IIM A calls this year. So the essay / no-essay mystery wasn't resolved until we actually reached the campus and spoke to people in the morning slot. The waiting area too was definitely better. We reached around 10 am, giving us ample time to kill and ample cookies to eat. The interviews of people in the morning slot were a mixed bag - which told me that second guessing the panel was an utter waste of time. However given the number of people (from IITB / CSE) that I knew, it turned out to be a good killer of time.
Our proceedings began with an on-time attendance at 1:45, in which we were slotted in 3 panels of 9 each. I was the 8th fellow in the 3rd panel which meant that their love would test my patience. However, we were called in a room and asked to write on Whether Nehru's temples of learning should remain elitist? 10 minutes is definitely less for the essay and most of us barely finished it. I wrote a few lines about why IITs/IIMs were set up and how elitism is a natural outcome of the engendering factors. We left our grade card copies behind along with the essay. This round was done with by 2:15 pm and I settled in for a long wait. The coffee, cookies and chatter helped a great deal.
Finally at around 5:20pm I was called in. While I was pretty relaxed all afternoon, I got a bit nervous just before entering the room. I handed over my file to one of them (L) , while the other (R) had had a good look at my courses and began spreading the love.
L: So tell me something about yourself?
M: blah fart blah fart fart!
L: But everything that you said is already here (in the form). Tell me something more.
M: some more blah. (In retrospect, should have capitalized on this)!
R: So I see you have taken a course in Convex Optimization?
M: Yes
R: Can you tell me what a convex function is?
M: (excited at knowing what the exact answer was, started blurting out inexact terminology...) the graph of f(x) at a midpoint of x and y is lower than midpoint of the function values.
R: (with a wtf???!! on his face) Can you be more clear?
M: The value a function takes at the midpoint of x and y is less than the average value of f(x) and f(y).
R: (Goes to the board and draws a sinusoidal wave) f(0) = f(2pi) = 1. f(pi) = -1.
M: blah blah blah ..
R: (hurling mental expletives my way) Wait take a paper and let me know once and for the last time.
M: (finally clearing up the air) For 0 katori.
M: sorry -- It can be +ve and -ve but it is an increasing function.
R: Increasing??
M: Non-decreasing (pulling at my split hair!!)
R: ok.. so what is a convex Set?
M: If X, Y \in S then lX + (1-l)Y \in S, for 0
R: So you call such a combination of X and Y as,
M: Convex Combination
R: What would you call it if you removed the bounds on l?
M: Linear combination
R: What is a Linear Transform?
M: told
R: What is an Affine Transform?
M: said something which was eerily similar to Linear Transform
R: Isn't it the same as Lin. T?
M: (mumbles) I am not sure what an Affine Transform is.
R: (fuming) and you say that degree project is in Optimization.
M: (It wasn't) No sir, its in Theory (and explained the confusion)
R: So tell me whats NP?
M: (roll of eyes, mentally) told. Proof verification etc.
R: So can you check primes in polynomial time?
M: Yes
R: Are you sure?
M: I think so (but was mentally in unfamiliar territory)!
R: How?
M: not sure..
R: Can you check composites in poly time?
M: Yes. We can ...
R: So what is NP-hard?
M: I think, it is ...
R: No that is NP-complete.
M: Sir, to the best of my knowledge. NP is ..., NP-hard is .... and NP-complete is their intersection
R: ok. So are their problems which aren't solvable?
M: Yes
R: Like
M: PCP - Post's correspondence problem
R: What is it?
M: Explained what I remembered. I think it was correct.
R: Can you prove that PCP is not solvable.
M: Outside the scope of the syllabus :P
R: Any other problem?
M: umm..
R: Haling problem
M: Yes, the Halting Problem is ....
R: ok.
L: So what are your hobbies?
M: (They were listed in the form) Reiterated.
L: You cycle in Bombay?
M: Try too but have been from .. to .. in Himachal.
L: What do you read?
M: Named a few
L: Thats it? :-o
When Was the last novel that you read?
M: White Tiger, 2 weeks ago.
L: Before that?
M: Hungry tide, around Aug.
L: (complete smirk) Is that what your top-hobby is? Reading 1 novel in 6 months
M: shrug
L: so trekking would mean going to Matheran a couple of times!!
M: No sir. Did this did that..
L: hmmph!
R: So tell me why do you want to do an MBA?
M: Sir, in college I did th (cuts)
R: you know, we really hate this answer. This seems to be the stock answer they teach in classes or something. Do you have any idea what real life management is about or what you'll learn in classes?!! Its not the same as Event Management. If you want to organise Mood Indigo or Saraang, so join an Event Management company. (kya samaj ke kahaan kahaan se aa jaate hain!!) Any IIM call you attend, ye answer mat dena. Humein bol diya to thik hai (.. anyway shayad hi lenge)
M: Sir, that was only part of the reason. But I really want to learn, network and other default reasons.
R: (giveup)
L: (core dump)
L: So you seem to have taken a course with Management school. What was it about?
M: Game Theory to various sectors
L: What can you say about the Infrastructure industry in India.
M: (stumped!) Slowdown, demand bottoming out and chug chug .. stall
L: ok.. What was the major event wrt. Public Transport recently?
M: Railway Budget was presented yest. (13th Feb.)
L: How was this yr. different from others?
M: Interim. The details of the budget new schemes etc. can be changed by the next govt.
L: What new schemes?
M: New trains. New coach factory in Bihar.
L: What about Bombay? Anything for Bombay?
M: Not that I could catch
L: What about A'bad?
M: umm..
L: Anything that Bombay-Ahmedabad have in common in the budget?
M: umm..
L: Was initially Bom-Ahm and now might be extended to Pune
M: Sir, had I read about it, I would have recollected it by now. x-(
L: hmm... They plan to run the first bullet train from Bombay to Ahmedabad.
(look at each other) L: thats ok! Take a toffee and your file.
(as I rise)
R: So tell me, Do you celebrate Valentines' Day?
M: If I had a girl-friend, I definitely would.
L (to R): IIT-ian hai yaar.
All Laugh and curtains!!
It went on for about 20-22 minutes. In retrospect, that I got hassled up at the start was my undoing. Had I taken a short breath before each answer more of what I said would have made sense in much less time. The panel was much better. After a long day, I was just happy it was over.

Venue : Hotel Monarch Luxur, Bangalore


X : 88.2

XII : 90.6
Undergrad Major - 8.67 CSE IIT Roorkee

NetApp - 7 months

CAT %ile:
DI : 99.23
Quant : 97.84
Verbal : 99.31
Aggregate : 99.87

Misc : We were sitting in the waiting room and the prof comes to announce the names of students in the panel. My name is called last. Just as I was thinking - well I am the last in a panel of 9 - he says come in reverse order 😲 .
So I was the 1st one in my panel to be interviewed.

Topic:Reading pure science is a waste of time.
I think they wanted some points about phd. Couldn't think about it at that time. Wrote some completely random stuff.

Panel Members Intro: Didn;t introduce themselves.
I'll call them P1 and P2.

P1 : So you work in NetApp. Can you tell me what does it do?
M : Told
P1: So where all are its offices?
M : Told
P1 : So what do you do in NetApp?
M : Told

P2(all of a sudden) : So what is a financial year for you?
M : (What?) Told about indian financial year.
P2 : No, you have written here in income column in fee waiver scheme that your income for 2007-08 was nil but in the work ex column you have written your salary as this much. Why this contradiction?
M : Told that I started working from June 08 only so income in 07-08 would be nil.
Decide to let it go.

P2 : So you had this elective on Mathematical Aspects of Computer Graphics. Do you remember anything in that?
M : Yes sir, I do remember 😃 . Told how pixels can be considered as a coordinate system and maths applied in that.
P2: Can you give an example?
M : Wrote the line drawing algorithm.
P2: (As the algo was pretty straightforward) But you used this y = mx+c formula in 10th 12 also. Whats so unique here?
M : But we use it as a basis to draw circles, ellipses etc. (Couldn't convince him properly).

Now, P1 starts.
P1 : So I see you have done couple of economics courses (I have done basic eco and industrial eco). So what did you study in industrial eco?
M : SCP paradigm (Bad choice )
P1: So what is it?
M : Gave an example that if market structure is such that 2 firms have 80% market share and 8 firms have rest their conduct would be monopolistic.
P1: How can it be monopolistic? Then the other firms would increase their share then
M : (Got nervous here) Sir, I meant their behaviour would be closer to a monopolistic behaviour.
P1 : And what is monopolistic behavioiur?
M : Gave the example of one firm case.
P1 : But there are many firms here.
M : (Couldn;t answer properly)
P1 decides to leave it at that.

P1 starts looking at my currics and extra currics. But no questions asked on that.
Moves on to hobbies.
P1 : So you like reading books. Which was the last book you read?
M : Maximum City by Suketu Mehta. Tell a bit about the book.

Now, P2 comes into action.
P2 : So, you like watching lawn tennis (one of my hobbies). So you go to lawns and watch tennis?
M : Sir, mostly I watch on television only.
P1 : So, is tennis only played on lawns?
M : No sir.
P1 : So, besides Wimbledon, name 3 tournaments played on lawns?
M : (No idea, just remembered one name) Sir, there is a Queens Tournament which takes place before Wimbledon.
P1 : And?
M : I don;t know.

Now, he starts asking about BTP.
P1 : So what was it about.
M : Sir, it was on DDoS attacks.
P1 : So what was your methodology.
M : I explained but couldn't articulate properly.

P2 : That would be all. You can take a candy and leave.

Don't really know what to make of it. I didn't answer well on any of the acads questions. Shot myself in the foot in the Economics question.

Profile :
X - 91.27
XII - 93.08
GPA - 7.31 (B Tech in Information Technology)

Work Ex - 18 months in the IT Division of a Financial Services firm

CAT % -
QA - 97.15
DI - 98.43
VA - 99.08

Total - 99.75

Hobbies : Reading, Quizzing

Topic: Reading pure science is a waste of time
Time: 10 minutes

A few people did not complete the essay.
Plan for 7-8 minutes so that you are able to complete it.
My essay was decent.

Panel Members Intro: 2 old male Professors.
IIMA>Faculty & Research>Faculty>Details (Prof Sanjay Sinha - P1)
Will include the name of the second professor in sometime
The guy before me had a long interview (close to 30 minutes).I was the second to go in for the PI.Both the professors were chilled out.Absolutely no stress.

P2 got my folder from me but didnot open it.

P1 : So you work.
Me: Yes sir. I have working with ........for 18 months and explained my responsibilities.

P1: Can you draw a chart of what you do at work
Me: I dint know what exactly he was looking for.So explained about my work.

P1: You work for an internal customer. Is it USA based ? What is the structure.
Me:I answered and as I was speaking P1 was drawing an organisational structure chart.

P2: Can you help P1 with the chart.
P1: Yes, tell me where you fit in the organization
Me: Drew the structure, explained where I come in and also talked a few lines about the general business.
( I was hoping he will ask about the various businesses. I used a lot of financial terms, I thought he will atleast ask me to explain them. I said in addition to the financial services biz, my company is into many other businesses as well. He dint ask me to elaborate on any of these.)

We had a discussion about the work.Interactions with customers.
Went for 2-3 minutes. P1 was of the view that my work is pretty ordinary and
I have no role, I tried to counter that saying when there are production issues we play a critical role .........................

Then P2
P2: Explain more about your day to day activities
Me: Explained

P2: They are all already scheduled ?
Me: Yes. We have a lot of scheduled activity + there will be adhoc issues at times.

P2: You have done a course named "Resource management techniques" what is it?
Me: It is actually "Operations research"

P2: What did you study
Me: Simplex,Game Theory, PERT CPM

P2: What is the application of simplex
Me:No clue. Said so

P2: Game theory ?
Me: explained in a 1-2 lines.

P2: Give me one specific application. ( He pushed a sheet of paper across)
Me: I could think of nothing else but Prisoners Dilemma.

P2: Explain Prisoner's Dilemma
Me: Explained it

P2: I dint get the whole thing. Can you repeat.
Me: I repeated the whole thing.

P2: But you are just giving me a story, where does game theory come in
Me: I said Prisoners Dilemma is a Game Theory problem.

P2: (Just laughed)

P2:UG acads are very bad. Till 12th scores are good.
Me:The usual stuff. Lots of extra curriculars and all that.

P1: What exactly
Me: explained the responsibilities that I held in college and said what I did.

P1: Good

P2: No A's or S' . Only B C D ( S is 90+ A is 80+ ........). Its been 7 years since you were a good student.Will you be able to learn
Me: answered

P2 and P1 looked at each other and said Thats it.
I was about to leave. P2 said you are from TamilNadu right,let me ask you something. Whats your view on the LTTE Issue.
Me:( Happy to be back on familiar territory) Said in India we equate the LTTE with the Tamils. LTTE is only a smaller aspect of the problem. Tamils have been oppressed for a long time. In opposing/fighting a militant outfit we should not forget the humanitarian issues involving a lot of civilians................

P1: What should India do? Oppose LTTE ?
Me: yes but should support the Tamils
P1: That is fine.

P2 decided to take a look at my folder. He just flipped through the folder for a few seconds. Smiled and asked me to take a toffee.

Interview lasted for a little less than 15 minutes.
Not much in terms of academics.
No questions on my Hobbies.
No questions on current affairs.

I dint mess up anywhere but I am not sure if it was an impressive interview.
I was not really sure about the Operations research topics and for the Prisoners Dilemma question, I just gave the story. I should have probably drawn a matrix and given the scenarios.

Hi all,

I had my GD/PI today at bangalore (4 batches - 9 ppl each).
reporting time given was 1:45, they verified the photo on cat app form, cat admit card and the one on our face . the essay started at 2:00.


X : 95.84
XII: 84.8
Undergrad Major - GPA/%age - EEE from NITK,Surathkal - 78.78%

NIL/Sector - Number of Years
Electronics(DSP) - 2.5 yrs

CAT %ile:
DI :99.79
Quant :99.98
Verbal :99.87
Aggregate : 100

Any other special thing abt u:
NTSE awardee, some extra curriculars

Topic:study of basic sciences is a waste of time.

Time: exact 10 mins. 1 guy asked before it started if he cud use a rough sheet. he said "not reqd. u can think and write".
(They told us when to start and stop. Also, this was made clear to us as soon as we entered. He actually timed it on his watch).
they asked us to submit all the documents along with the app form at the end.

Panel Members Intro:2 middle aged profs(P1,P2) (they did not introduce themselves)

P2 came to the waiting room to call me. he did not come in immediately. I knocked and entered. P1 asked me for the certificates.

P1: tell me abt urself
P1: tell me 3 famous businessmen from Bangalore.(I'm from Blore)
me: NRNM (then thought for some time and named Biocon, MTR foods owner(didnt know the name). I mentioned that MTR had sold off its packaged foods division(dont know why. it just came out)
P1:tto which comnpany??
me: dont know
P1: ok which country does it belong to
me: dont know.
P1: what is the owner doing now?
me: dont know.
P1: which part of bangalore do u stay?? N/S
me : N

P1: who founded ur school??
me: (name sstuck at the tip of my tongue) - was thinking for a few secs.

P1: what ?? u dont know his name?? the road in front of ur school is named after him??

me: yes sir, I know it. I have even talked to him.

P1 : atleast tell me the full form of ur schools name: (MES)
me: told.

P2: what did u talk to him abt??
me: (how the hell am I going to remember that??)

P1: which subject did he teach?
me: (remembered the name by then). name- MPL Shastry. Dont know which subject. he was not a prof when I was studying.

P2: yes, I know that. but can u guess which subject??

P1: was it physics??

me: (cud be if he is saying it. on the other hand it cud be a trap) dont know sir.

P1: name 3 carnatic musicians from karnataka?(my hobby - carnatic vocal)

me: Purandara Dasa(ancient), shama shastry(dont know if he was from karnataka or not). cud not think of a third .

P1: name 1 composition of shama shastry
me: dont remember
P1: ok tell me his ankita nama
me: dont remember
P1: u say u want to do mba, u named 3 bangalore businessmen with great difficulty(that too without naming one of them). I asked u for 3 names of musicians, u r not able to do it.

me: dont remember vocalists, but if u consider musicians as a whole, Mysore brothers

P1: ok tell me names of 3 hindustani musicians from karnataka:

me: (the name was stuck at the tip of my tongue. thankfully, they gave me sufficient time to remember) bhimsen joshi, gangubai hangal. mallikarjn mansur(actually told it as Mallikarjun Singh Mansoor )

P1: what?? singh??!!! why? because he sings is it??
me: (sheepish smile - what else cud I do ??)

P1: tell me abt ur work.
me: told

P1:(asked couple of clarifications regarding my work.)
me: was able to satisfactorily answer them.

P1: how come in a team of 22 ppl, there is no one working under u??
me: talked abut our company having a flat hierarchy..

P1: flat hierarchy is a kind of paradox right??
me: ok. we cud say it is a flat organisation. then continued the answer.

P1: but u must report to somebody right?? it cant be totally flat :new_Llol:
me: yes sir. - told them our reporting structure.

P1: what kind of novels do u read?? (another hobby)
me: initially read a lot of fiction novels- jeffery archer, robert ludlum. now trying out different things. latest is "wings of fire" by APJAK.

P1: but that is not a novel right, u have written reading novels?? when did u fill up the app form?? yesterday??
me: ur right sir. I shud have written reading books. And I filled up the ap pform probably 2 weeks ago.

P2: (after he came in, he took my file and looked at the certificates. My company promotion letter had athe photo of Rene DEscatres.)
P2: Whose photo is this?
me: Rene DEscartes
P2: what is the full form of ur company's name? (ITTIAM)
me: told( I think Therefore I am)

P2 : in what context was this told??
me: dont know .

P2: who was he? what is he famous for (apart from this)
me: french mathematician. he is the father of co-ordinate geometry(it's actually father of analytical geometry)

P2: co-ordinate geometry??
me: (bakra). yes sir. he developed the cartesian co-ordinate system(thankfully this is correct).

P2: what is it??
me: any point in 3d space- denoted as 3 mutully perpendicular vectors.

P2: why are the axes mutually perpendicular?? in 2d space can u have 2 axes that are not perpendicular? (he even drew an example).

P2: is it possible to represent all points in this system??
me: no (dont know why I said that )

P2: why??
me: dont know

P2:( he was waiting for the answer sor some time.)
me: (didnt know what to say. tried to think, but cud not think of anything)

P2: why MBA?? (P1 had also asked the same thing earlier. but while I was answering, he had asked some other question and we deviated from there)
me: (told something)

P2: u can become a manager even if u continue.
me: yes, but .. (gave some more explanation)

P1: (he was going thru my certificates at this point of time) You anyway have a good record right from school level. as far as I can see, u r doing well in ur job also, so u will become a manager in future. u dont need MBA. (I had my certis starting fom 3rd standard - some of them had golden stars in addition to 1st rank. he pointed it out to P2- "he s not only 1st rank, but also a star student")

me: talked abt wanting to learn. talked abt some more things on why an MBA is essential (hope this star really impresses u to give me a seat)

P1: what happend last time?? (this was my second atempt)
me:told that I had 1 call(L) but cud not convert.

P1: ok. what other calls have u got?
me: 6 IIMs(why r they kicking me out?? asking me to prepare for others??)

P1: which did u miss out?
me: S - did not apply

P1: (I dont remember what he told here - ) SO u want to get out of this room as soon as possible
me: no sir. Actually the intention is to get in to your institute.

P2: how do u think ur interview is going?
me: hanging in balance. (i think they were kind of taken aback by this reply)

P2: ok so if u have to convince us what shud u do??
me:(in my mind- what do u expect me to do??)

P2: (probably saw the confusion on my face). OK . put urself in our place. u ask urself 2 questions and answer them. the questions shud be that which is asked by an intelligent panel.

me: ok q1: why u shud select me above others(told my strengths)

q2: what I want to do in life
P2: but we have already asked that

me: what u have asked is related to my career. this is a bigger picture of my life. (told abt my passion abt spreading education among under privileged kids)

P2: so u r talking abt an NGO kind of a thing?
me: yes, probably

P2: what is an NGO?
me: Non governmental organisation.

P2: ok what does it do?

p2: name 2 NGOs in the field of education:
me: talked abt Asha- again did not remember the name of thefounder. but rememberd that he had won a Magsaysay prize for the saem.

P2: so what other ideas in this field?
me: talked abt an NGO tat I had read that paid parents to send their children to school instred of work.

P2: So if u want to get into an NGo, why MBA??
me: no sir. they are different. The MBA is for my career. This wud not be my career plan , but it is a passion thet I wud like to pursue.

P2: ok. u may take a toffe and leave now. have a good day.

I might not remember the order correctly.
-- no tech questions
-- no stress - both of them were smiling thruout. even when I didnt know the answers.
-- NOTE: most of the questions were based on what was filled in the app form.
-- i think I have missed out some questions. but there were so many qs.
I'm amazed at myslf that I remembered these many

the whole PI lasted ~30 mins according to ppl outside.

Hope this is enuf to convert:tellme::nervous:

HI all,
had my interview on 22nd Feb,8.45 a.m.
venue :Monarch Luxur, Bangalore

CAT - 99.24 (OA)

GPA-7.43 from NITK Surathkal (electronics and communication)

X-90% CBSE

Extra Curricular- Nil

Topic was "NGOs are yet to get their due in Indian society"......10 mins were given to think and write....(screwed up my esasy...coudnt complete on time)

Two cheerful profs
P1-Mr. Diptesh Ghosh
P2-(sorry couldnt find his name)

P1- So, tell me something about your final yr projet..
me- explained (discussion over my project went on for 2-3 mins, in the end he was not too impressed)

P2- Name some NGOs from Ahmedabad (I am from Ahmedabad)
me- couldnt name any

P1- How do you define a NGO?
me-tried to give a definition....

P1- So if i open a private college, is it a NGO?
me-said no, told that private colleges derive profit from students..

P1-assume that I'm not making any profit,now?
me-got confused but in the end said yes..

P2-Name some social activists of our country.
me-Megha patkar

P2-wat did she do?
me-told about narmada bachao andolan.

P2- wat is it all about?
me-blah blah

P2-wer is sardar sarovad dam?
me-Narmada river :new_Llol:

P1 (smiling)- my friend pin point it....
me-no idea

P2- wer does sabarmati river originate and end?
me-It falls in to arabian sea, no idea abt its originating point (things going bad for me )

P1- try to trace its path on map
me-drew map of gujarat and and indiacated some arbit path.

P1-draw narmada river
me- knew this one so drew it

P1- name river just south of narmada and its originating point.
me-said tapi and gave the originating point

P2- What do you mean by grand slams in tennis ? (mentioned tennis as a hobby)
me- blah blah

P1- name all of them

P2-name the courts in which they are played.
me-answered correctly

P1-how good are you at maths?
me-I think i'm good enuf

P1-how do you calculate maxima n minima of a function algebriacaly?
me-answered correctly

P1-now explain graphically.
me-explained by drawing a sine curve.....went on for 2-3 mins...

P1-why do u calculate double differential for findin maxima n minima?
me-explained graphically (P1 seemed satisfied)

P1- find maxima n minima of y=x^6 algebriacally.
me-told that double differential method cant be used as its neither +ve or -ve...

P1-then give an alternate method.
me-thought for few secs but couldnt answer....

P1-okay, that will be it, take a candy.....

all in all, a bad performance from my side and IIM A is a distant possibility for me now...next stop IIMC on 10th march