[2009-2010] XLRI GMP Interview Experiences

Dear Friends, Please use this thread for posting your XLRI GMP interview experiences only,any feedbacks on the PI etc For normal queries pertaining to course, admissions etc use the thread (link provided below) http://www.pagalguy.c

Dear Friends,

Please use this thread for posting your XLRI GMP interview experiences only,any feedbacks on the PI etc

For normal queries pertaining to course, admissions etc use the thread (link provided below)


Profile: Working in IT field since August 2004. Worked in C-DOT, Microsoft, Stryker.
B.Tech Comp. Science IIT Roorkee 2004. CGPA: 6.4 :sneaky:
Xth: 81%
XIIth: 81%
3 Profs and Me

P: Why are your marks so less in graduation
Me: :eyepop: Should have studied more.
P: :detective: So you became complacent
Me: Yes Sir.. to an extent .. (Should have said something better. Donno why didn't say the rehearsed answer)
P: What was your Rank in Roorkee entrance
Me: Told. told i also got Metallurgy in IIT kanpur which i left for computers
P: Did you had any prior experience in computers
Me: No Sir. U P Board does not have computers as subject. Had till 8th in school that too just played games.
P: :eyepop: Then why did you take it
Me: Discussed with Seniors. Moreover felt that computers bring ease in usage so would be used in almost all the fields.
P: Did you study Artificial intelligence?
Me: (Of all the computers subject you need to ask this only)I don't remember it sir
P: What is neural network?
Me: Can't recall it sir
P: What are the advantages of tree?
Me: told.
P: why do we need tree? we can use linked list
Me: Parsing becomes easier. If its organised like Binary search tree then computations reduce.. blah blah.. wasn't that much articulate.
P: Different ways of traversal
Me: Postorder, Preorder, Inorder
P: Do you use that in maths?
Me: Did not understand what you mean
P: Arithmatic Expression equivalent
Me: Not sure . Did you mean Postfix, prefix, Infix .. P Nods yes thats right.
P: Merge Sort, Quick Sort
Me: Told
P: You got a "D" in Mathematics?
Me: Yes sir that was only 1 semester. (In my opinion that's an achievement.. passing it. Its called Death by Algebra)
P: You also said You didn't study Artificial Intelligence.. but its one of your subjects
Me:(Don't my grades say that i did not study.. ) Sir i might have misspelt. What i meant was i can't remember anything in it now.
P: What do you do other than work? Do you read.
Me: I generally follow Stock Market and Economy news. That interests me. Ofcourse my knowledge would not be as big as yours but i think i am better than average.
P: You said Big knowledge. Knowledge is big or Vast
Me: Sorry Sir... its Vast
P: Why do you think we are economists?
Me: Sir two possibilities either you are or not. If you are then i can't match you in knowledge and if you are not then you might have been in the vicinity of all the economist and you have a vast experience compared to me coupled with teaching MBA's i can't match it.
P: So, Why was the economy liberalized in nineties?
Me: :eyepop: (Whats this? i was just 9 years old then. Please aks me about current state)... blurted out something like previously it was not opened as industry was in a nascent stage. Gave e.g. of aviation which was not opened till recently to let the local industry develop. Then to allow more FDI, improve liquidity
P: But why was the need? why was it liberalized?
Me: Blurted out something... (Correct answer is economy was in problem and India went to IMF for loan and they had imposed conditions on india. Also india wanted the liquidity situation to improve to avoid having same crisis again)
P:So you are working as Tech lead
Me: yes sir
P: Major problems and how u address
Me: Told people associate themselves with their idea. try to build consensus. blah blah
P: So you don't lead.. you don't take decisions..you build consensus
Me: No sir its not like that... i take decisions but i have to take the group along so that we achive our goal of delivering the project as every resource is crucial. But yes i have to take decision sometimes and if i am in a higher up position then i will defintely have to take decisions as leader is someone whon people look forward to.
P: What are the negatives of building consensus
Me: Can't Recall
P: :eyepop: Recall ??? This is your experience? you have to tell
Me: said some irrelevant crap.
P: Heard of a theory called Group Think
Me: No
P: Ok what are the disadvantages of a group, role of leader
Me: blah blah... without a leader generally a fish market leader can give directions..
P: What about terrorist leader?
started Laughing and say we are done
Me: i complete by saying that there motive is wrong but leader is giving them direction to motive.

Thank you sirs.

Profs were very friendly. Just simple discussion..


Had my itvw on 25th in Mumbai at 2.00 p.m. Could not post it earlier sorry.

interview panel 3
My profile: currently in IT industry (what else after my MCA)
XAT: 98
decent acads

not in sequence. Am typing it out as i remember them

p1: u get so and so salary. do you think that after GMP you would be getting more
me: money also matters but more interested in role, told i was preferably looking for IT consultancy
p2: y GMP
me: told
p2: u are from North-East (NE). how is it different from the rest of the country
me: told
p1: what do u do in ur free time
me: told
p3: how is the IT industry shaping up. after GMP do u think it will look good for u to get a decent job
me: told.
p1: ur dream co and role u r looking for
me: told
p3: suppose i gave u 20,000 crores to develop NE, how would you spend it
me: told the usual like tourism, education, infrastructure. Then out of the blue, i said policies.
p3: u need money for policies??
me: tried to cover up by saying something
Then a decent discussion on policies in the NE with everyone chippin in
p3: some maths now. Give an example of null set and universal set in this room
me: null set- BM and PMIR candidates
universal set- the tubelight
panel: ok thank you u may leave

May have missed out some general qs. these are all that i remember.
Went on only for 15 mins. Met two other candidates whose slots were 2.20 p.m. and 2.40 p.m.

All the best to everyone.
Feedback would be appreciated.


I had my interview on 27th in Mumbai. It was about 15-20 minutes and I am really afraid that how will they judge a candidate in this short time.

Irony is, all of the guys were having interviews of same duration.

The questions were mostly from work-ex and I wont say that I did very well.

Anyone has clue what is the ratio of number of interview-calls and number of seats.

had my interview today on 28 th feb Mumbai

was waiting in conference room, got a call to come in.

simple questions.

Like what u do? how has recession affected business?
they were reading my application and essays while asking me very general questions about business.( I am from sales and marketing function)

How seasonal is your business?
what do u do when it is lean season?
what is range?


what is standard deviation?
i dont remember

no answer logically!

i answer based on what little i recalled.

what is more accurate?
standard deviation.


because it is more complicated:new_Llol:
no actually it is a measure of deviation from the mean value :eyepop:

than another theoretical question on sales forecasting.

than one googly question on marketing( Good one)
and yep i answered it right.

i smiled, asked 2 questions about institute and walked out.

very relaxed atmoshpere.

lets wait for the results

Request people to post their profile too while posting their experiences..

10th, 12th, UG/PG scores, XAT percentiles/GMAT scores, Workex-years & sector, extracurriculars etc

The interview is over. I was called for the interview on 3rd. I was first to enter the GMP interview room. It was 9:10 am in the morning and the movie began with me and 3 profs(P1, P2 and P3).It lasted for 30 mins !

P1 : Tell me about your projects?
me : told ..
P1 : What is the technology used there ?
me :blah...
P1 : How client billing is done in your project ?
me : told about time sheet and etc
p1 : If some one is not very efficient and you are very efficient then how will you measure that ?
me : told about metrics, estimation blah blah
p1 : what are different metrics ?
me : told..
p1 : what is effort variance? what is schedule variance ? etc
me : told
p1 : give me a diagram with a critical task and asked me to calculate SV ...
me : asked BAC and tried to persuade him with my answer...but he was not satisfied..
p1 : what is CPI ?
me : told
p1 : how you are affected by recent recession ? what you can do at your individual level ?
me : told and there were now convinced

Now it was the turn of third prof :
p3: one of my project name starr with one stop XXXX. He asked me the difference between one stop and one start.
me : told...and he was convinced
p3 : what is range ? what is standard deviation ?
me : gave wrong answer..
then the p1 give me an example and asked me the answer
me : this time I was correct
p3: how they are related ?
me : no idea !!
p3 : what is taylor series ?
me : told.

now it was turn of p2

p2 : what is your philosophy of life ? asked me from my own answer for XLRI wuestions
me : told
p2 : cracked a joke regarding my philosophy and asked me to give proper example..
me : gave an example ...
p2 : Asked about satyam case ? how we were affected ?
me : told
p2: asked about why MBA kind of question in diff format
me : told

P1 : asked about resign / study leave \
me : told
p1 : told me about bad placement scenario at XLRI and told me that they could not gurantee a job after the completion of the course..asked me about my plan
me : told (frustrated !!)
p1 : advised to take all types of precaution and to do contingency planning before leaving the company for study
then asked me about any question for them
me : asked about the course commencement time ?
p1 : told and thanked me
me : thanked all of them

Profile :
X : 93%
XII : 88 %
B-Tech in CS : 82%
Work ex : 5.5 years in IT

B.Tech- 2003
Experience in Power Sector

interview was on 26th in Delhi.
Q what are the problems being faced by your team
A told
Q major social pro being faced by the country
A told
then lot of q on secularism, ethics, political parties etc

at last full form of pdf :p

3 prof were friendly and interactive.

can any one say when the result of xlri-gmp will be out?

I had my interview on 27th in Mumbai. It was about 15-20 minutes and I am really afraid that how will they judge a candidate in this short time.

Irony is, all of the guys were having interviews of same duration.

The questions were mostly from work-ex and I wont say that I did very well.

Anyone has clue what is the ratio of number of interview-calls and number of seats.

probably 850:100

Sorry for the late update, but here goes my XLRI PI...

March 2, 2009
Reached the venue by 8.30 AM (My Interview was scheduled at 9.40 AM). Couldn't see even a single living thing in the campus. Had a gutt feel that the Interviews might happen in the same building/floor like last year, hence went to that building & was waiting there. Got to see the banner near the building, which was speaking about LIBA's event (not sure cultural or business) called Chrysantis and in the online partner column, could see "Pagalguy.com" J
My feel came true, when 2 Professors got into the building and the same floor J
The PIs started on time (9.20) & I was the second guy..
The first guy came out and warned me of an aged Professor who was trying to stress him L
Sharp at 9.40 I was called in
Professors and their Profiles
1.Aged Professor -A. C. Jesurajan ,S.J. , B.Sc., L.Ph., M.A. (Leicester, UK), Communication,General Management
To be referred as AP
2.Young Professor- L Gurunathan , B.Sc. Mathematics (Madras), MBA (Coimbatore), Fellow (IIM Ahmedabad), PM & IR
To be referred to as YP
3.Smilling Professor- Ram Kumar Kakani , B. Tech. (Andhra Univ.), FPM ( IIM Calcutta), Finance,Strategic Management
To be referred to as SP
And Yours truly
Sharp at 9.40 I was called in by SP.
Me: May I come in Sirs
YP/AP-Come in, Come in
Me: Good Morning Sirs (Smile )
AP/YP/SP: Good Morning (Smile)
SP started going through my file, YP was busy looking my questionnaire, AP started process
AP: Where are you coming from?
Me: Bangalore
AP: What do you do there???
Me: Sir, I work for Mathworks. I take care of the Sales of MATLAB software for the Educational territory.
AP: How long have you been working there ???
Me: Sir , for the past 3 months
AP:Prior to that???
Me: Sir, I was with HP taking care of HW sales in Education Vertical
AP: So , you were again with Education (Smile)
Me: Yes Sir (Smile)
AP: Why did u leave HP???
Me:Sir, out of 8 years and 9 months of the Sales experience, around 7 years I was in Software Sales. I moved to HP to see how the Hardware industry is. I was with HP for 15 months, but got to understand that more than Technology, it is a price driven industry. This was the time, when the discussion between me & Mathworks started. From the discussions, I understood that Mathworks is setting up an office in India & more than a Sales role, its going to be designing the complete business plan for the education vertical. Frankly speaking the role seemed interesting and as it was a software company I decided to move
YP was nodding his head through out & AP looked convinced
AP:You should be drawing a good salary (Smile)
Me: Yes Sir (J)
AP: Then what do you want to do after GMP????
Me:Sir, if you look at my career path , I have started my career as a trainee executive & have reached this stage after 9 years. Also I have worked only in IT sector but in 4 different Verticals. After this course, as of now, I would prefer to come back to IT industry. During this course, I hope I can know much more about roles available in IT as well as other Industries. If Iam convinced about some other Industry , I might take a role there. Basically it's the learning & understanding of the various Industries what I want to know and frankly speaking,for sure Iam not hungry/desperate for money (I didn't give them a lengthy story on why MBA, because it was already written in the questionnaire which was submitted)
AP looks at YP..
I started wondering, the 1st guy said AP will stress me..But he is cordial
YP: Who are your competitors???
Me: Excel
YP: Excel???
Me: Yes
YP: Hmmm, true ..But Mathworks might not like you saying that??
Me: True, but frankly speaking that is the fact
YP: Who else???
Me: C..
YP: Programming Language C..Hmmm GoodWhoelse???, whats your market share like
Me: Labview from National Instrument Frankly Speaking , these softwares are competitors only for certain modules, but none of them can compete with our complete suite. Explained the user friendly applications, debugging capabilities, Interactive nature etc . For MATLAB, MATLAB is the competition
YP: what ??? (With Smile)
Me: Yes Sir, Matlab is such a wonderful package that everyone wants to own it & the easiest available option is pirated version & for me to sell to a customer, those pirated copies are the major competitors
(Everbody Laughs including me)
YP: How about Statistical Packages like SPS, what does customer feel?Whats your market share like??
Me: Sir, SPS is one of the Statistical tool what a customer prefers, but many a times, the customer also has additional requirements based on pure Mathematical functionalities and more.In such cases, it becomes easy for us to bundle our Statistical Tool Box for better integration. Market share of ours is more than 70%
YP: The Statistical Tool box is in built in Matlab???
Me: No Sir,it's a separate tool box.
YP: You told AP some business model you have to create, Whats that???
Me: I spoke about Piracy & what we are doing to create a university wide licence, which is popular in US
YP: Like Microsoft academic version???
Me: Yes Sir
YP: GoodBut you guys could have done it long back..
Me: Frankly Speaking..
YP starts laughing and says We know you are frank , every time you needn't have to say that you are frank (every body joins the laughter including me)
Me: To put it straight (Again everybody laughs as it sounded like a replacement for frankly speaking)
But we have started our operations only 3 months back
YP looks convinced & looks at SP

SP: Prem, I went through your complete certificates, I am actually worried about 2 things, you have low marks + your extra curricular is running into pages (J), can you concentrate on the course???
Me: Sir, I had a problem when I was in class 9

SP: Iam perfectly fine with class 10 & 12.Iam worried about your engineering scores..
Me: Sir as I said, I had a problem from class 9 till my BE 3rd year. My mom was ill. I could focus on studies to an extend when I was in 10 and 12, because I was with her always. When I moved to do my engineering. I had attended college only on alternate days & whenever I went to college I travelled 120 KMs oneway. Now coming to extra curriculars, I was undergoing so much of emotional stress at home. It was paining, I want to divert myself..So started participating in almost all the other extracurricular activities. Now when my mom started recuperating in my BE final year, I got 74% J..
SP looks convinced (Throughout AP/YP were nodding their heads).
SP: How is your mom now
Me: She is fine Sir J
SP: (Removes a mark sheet from my file)..Keep looking at this
SP(after 5 secs)Now you have this mark sheet which gives me some information about you, if I ask you to add/delete some data here and ask you to give me a new marksheet which gives me much more details about your performance, what modifications will you do????
Me: (looked at the marksheet from my school, meanwhile YP/SP were laughing without sound) Sir, I will.
SP: Hey, don't reply me immediately, you can take your time, use paper pencil if you want..
Me : (Wasted 20 secs, didn't use paper pencil).Sir, I will introduce the Percentile concept here like XAT.
SP: Percentile???
Me: Yes,it will give me a nice overview of the students performance across the board..Also I would like to put his rank in that sheet
SP: Percentile seems to be ok with me, but why rank??..Do you want to put both..
Me: Not required Sir, I will stick to only percentile in that case. If I know the total number of test takers along with the percentile, I can actual know his rank..
SP: What else can be added???
Me: I would like to give ranks to the school & would like to mention that in the score card??
SP: (Little surprised) But what will we do with the rank of the school??
Me: By giving rank to the school, We can actually see the quality of the school from were the student has done his schooling which also plays a role in the student's quality..
Silence around for 15-20 secs
SP:You seem to be very very active & deeply associated with PAGALGUY (Smiles around) J
Me: Yes Sir (Was expecting questions from this zone as I have mentioned about the same in the questionnaire)
SP: What do people feel about XLRI (Every body laughs including me)
Me: Sir, XLRI is one of the colleges which people rate as the best one. We have something called as PAGALGUY BSchool rankings which is a survey taken from 5500 people. As per the survey XLRI is one of the Top 10 B schools which a student prefers to join
SP:What do people say about our interviews (again everyone laughs)
Me: Frankly Speaking, I haven't gone through the interview experiences as I was busy preparing for my interview..
SP: This one you are not Frank (Every one laughs)
YP: One more "Frankly Speaking" from your mouth (Every one Laughs)
SP: But why should people post their experiences at all??
Me: Sir, for a person who has got selected for an I terview, doesn't know where to start & where end for his interview. One of the good things at Pagalguy is that, people post there experiences, so that the person who doesn't know how to prepare gets a fair chance.People look at profile and get an idea as to what to prepare.Many of us also know that te questions might not be repeated, but still we get a broad idea..
SP: Most cases questions do repeat (Smiles)
Me: Agreed Sir,the questions might be repeated. But for a person who hasn't visited Pagalguy.com, doesn't know about the repitition.You might also not repeat the questions to a person, who says he is a part of Pagalguy. Most of them wont reveal this like what I have (Laughters around)
After the Laughing got over, the body language of the Professors conveyed that the PI is over.
But AP bounces with a serious face L
AP: Taking a que from SP's question tell me why do we want the School Rank??
Me: Sir, the quality of a school plays a major role in a student's..(Cuts me)
AP:Forget about school, lets talk about the universities, Do you agree Madras University is a Good University (with a serious face/tone)
Me L: Yes Sir
AP: You have come here with a mediocre score
Me: Sorry Sir (L)
AP: Lets also take a student from Punjab University who has scored well, Now do u accept you are Mediocre???Why do we need the rank of the University at all
Me: Sir, when I said rank of the University, I am looking at parameters like age of the University, faculty, Infrastructure (AP cuts me)
AP: Why do we need these things at all
Me: L, Inspite of studying from a good ambience, if a student scores low, then there is something wrong with the student.
AP: Net net it boils only to the student's performance and nothing to do with the University
Me: I opened my mouth (AP says enough enough enough) L
AP: You seem to be jumping on conclusions, you are not thinking enough, you don't want to take time, use paper pencil & saying some thing link rank of a school extra on the fly L
Me: Sir, Rank of the school think I told you from my recent experience
AP: what is that??
Me: I was looking at these parameters for my Daughter's school
AP:You seem to be a person who just stick to your own things, you catch something, conceptualise it , don't think about consequences, Iam surprised how you have survived for 9 years in the corporate world. You seem to be a strongly opinionated person.You say that you are brutally rude or you flatter people..I am worried how you are going to finish the course. Please correct my opinion.
Sir, whendidI ..Say..this (was very slow while asking)
AP: look at this questionnaire, this is what you have written (he reads out the paragraph)
Me: Sir, I have written about what I feel uncomfortable in a person (confidence back J)..I have said that I cannot tolerate a 2 faced person. If a person flatters on my face & goes and talks ill about me behind my back I get confused about what I have done..I start thinking whatever I have done, was it really good or really bad..Instead if someone, with out the fear of our relationship comes and tells me the facts in a brutally harsh way, I accept it and try looking at and correcting my mistakes
AP finally looks extremely convinced..Smiles & asks me to sign the register..AP offers me a pen & I say no thank you..Took my pen started signingFrom the time AP started grilling till this minute YP/SP were not even looking towards me, they were either looking outside the window or their pens in their hands..
After signing I said THANK YOU SIRS..AP spontaneously said "GREAT"..YP/SP nodded their heads..
I don't know what he meant by the word Great..But I felt really good after the PI, much much better than my last year PI, now Iam not saying its going to be a sure convert (which was the learning from the last year PI), but a confidence booster for my L interviewExcept but the last 5 mins, the PI was more like a discussion.Lots of LaughtersJ
PI for sure lasted around the 30 min mark (when it was scheduled for 20 mins)
So XLRI is over & I have given my best, let me start working towards IIML which is on 25th March..Between your comments are most welcome..

BE(Info-scien) 03 - 71%
Work Ex :- 3 domestic, 3 intl (US)
GMAT - 690

I flew from San Francisco to Chicago, was tired like hell and couldnt sleep the previous night before the interview.
I watched TV till 4:30 in the morning and finally got some sleep. Woke up at 10 ,The very first feeling i got was , i could have
prepared well for the interview. Then finally dressed up and concentrate on things which
i know instead of searching imperfection inside me.
My interview was scheduled at 3:00 pm in Loyola Business School ,in Chicago Down Town. I took a cab and reached there at 2:30.
I was under the impression that i am in vicinity of Loyola campus, however this was a different campus in down town.
Surprisingly, i started 1 hour before and managed to reach there at 2:30.
Interviews held in Loyola campus. A girl named Apeksha from ( Loyola business school) was coordinating.
She took me to the interview room and gave me a glass of water. I was the last to be interviewed.I met one proffessor in the canteen and he made me comfortable and asked me to take my time and have some coffee/tea.
and come to the room when ready.
2 person, Father A.C Jesurajan, Other Guy (Alum)
(1) Tell me something about yourself?
Ans:- Chronological order, school, college, job .
some discussion went on how i moved to US, what kind of work iam doing etc. Then some discussion on Wells Fargo which is my client.
(2) Asked me how good are you in Mathematics?
Ans:- I said fairly good.
(3) Your Gmat score doesnt look that impressive.
Ans:- I got 690 (M-50 , v-34) I told thats due to my verbal score.
(4) Asked me reasons why its such low score?
Ans:- I gave an honest assessment of my grammar pathetic score from school. Told them i improved from 26 to 34.The professor asked me ,whether i dont read
that much. I told him that i read, but dont watch television programmes.He asked me to listen some quality english stuff to increase the vocabulary etc.
(5) Why do you want to do MBA from XLRI? Why GMP? Why not do a part time from some good college in US?
I gave my reasons as:-
(1) Fast 1 year programme.
(2) Highly diverse and experience peer group.
(3) Focussed on India
(4) I dreamt of XLRI
This discussion went on for sometime. I told them i want to do management which is focussed on Indian business system,and also Eventually i want to move back to India.
(6)You have mentioned that you dont like criticizing others instead you look more as an opportunity to improve? Each of us tend to criticize one or other?Defend the statement?
I told that i introspect more before finding fault on others and blah blah.. I guess he looked satisfied with my answere.
(7) Everyone in IT company dont stick for long. How come you stayed in same company for more than 5 years? Tell some values of Syntel
and how have you incorporated those values in personal life?
Told some values from Syntel(Simple, Synergy, Smart) and how some of those i have incorporated in real life.
( US is a land of oppurtunity? why do you want to leave?
I was expecting this. I told him i didnt wanted to come to US for money and told him my main purpose of this visit
which extended to 3 years is mainly to get client exposure, the way the work is done in US, and cultural differences.
These were some of the things which i have learned and enjoyed in US.
(9) Will you be leaving your company to join? or taking a sabbatical and join back?
(10) Asked me whether i have some question?
I think i asked the ubiquitous one, how has recession affected XLRI and about the placement scenario of XLRI.

The interview went for around 20 mins or so.
Overall i felt it was a fairly good discussion rather than a grilling interview.

All the best everyone.


Interviewers don't grill outside India. It happens only in India

GMP results..

I have converted.. 😃