[2008] IIM Kozhikode GD/PI call getters Profile & Queries

Hey all :: Congratulations to all those who have got Calls from the prestigious IIM’s All those who have got calls from IIM K, please visit the official mentorship site for the year 2008 *mentor.iimklive.com - Index * Please …

Hey all

Congratulations to all those who have got Calls from the prestigious IIM's

All those who have got calls from IIM K, please visit the official mentorship site for the year 2008

mentor.iimklive.com - Index

Please note, each one of you who had got a IIM K GD PI Call, will be notified of the same by personal E mail too.

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This mentoring program is available only for students who have got calls for GD/PI from IIM K. You will be assigned the current batch of PGP students as mentors. You can use this program to get your questions regarding IIM K, GD, PI etc. answered.

Hey all ...

Congratulations for getting a GD PI call from God's Own IIM

Please use this thread to discuss all GD PI related queries ...

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Though keeping up the tradition, we would be helping out every call getter with their queries right here too ... :)

Expect the GD PI call letter to reach you in a few days along with the Interview Form ...

we will keep you updated with the number of calls given out, cut off's et all as soon as we here from the Admissions dept.

Till then start off with the newspapers and magazines 😉

ATB to all


For all you call getters out there ...
Here is some basic reading material ...FAQ's on GD's and PI's
Dos and Dont's ... some gyaan from
mentor.iimklive.com - Index
Any queries and discussions about the document at

Hope they help

Congrats to all the call getters
have a blast :bomb: tonite ..have :popcorn:

But only half the job is done , the main hurdle is yet to be crossed.
All the call getters post your profiles here which will help us know you better.
All ur queries regarding GD/PI will be answered here

and please adhere to the following format for your profiles.

CAT percentile





Work EX

Extra currics

Any other Info


Thanks for opening up this thread.I have got calls from K and L. My scores are given below:Overall : 99.27 percentile (Score: 119.42) QA: 92.41 (27) DI : 99.25 (60.42) VA : 97.36 (32) Profile: 53 months of Work Ex as Programmer Analyst in Infosys Technologies Ltd. Worked in US for 29 months. Left the job for CAT in June 2007.Academics: Average throughoutX - 70.2 (From kendriya Vidyalaya - CBSE)XII - 70.2 (From kendriya Vidyalaya - CBSE)BE (Comp Sc.) - 70.1 (From Begal Engineering College (D.U.))Extra Curricular Activities - Not impressiveThanks,Rajib

hi puys,
this is my first post at PG,though have been reading stuff here for over an year.
MY profile:
CAT percentile:99.75(calls :I,K)
Sectionals:92.84 in verbal
97.41 in DI
99.87 in quant.
X :77%(cbse)
Graduation:Pursuing Mechanical Engg from P.E.C,chandigarh(66.5%)
Work EX:Nil
Extra currics:I have been member of various college clubs(but havent really done much there),have worked a bit under N.S.S..(extra currics is a serious worry for me)

Any other Info:
i dont carry any hobbies m very passionate about but have been reading books for past 1 year.pls guide how can i make up for this wid just less than 2 months to go
looking forward for ur views.

how many ppl got selected??any idea??n how tough is d gd pi rounds of iimk..i got calls frm k & l also..........

hey somak,dont know abt K and L but C called 793 general candidates...wats ur percentile.

I have a silly query....tell me how many people go for an exchange program and whats the selection criteria for the same... thanks

Overall Percentile: 99.57

X: 90% (CBSE)
XII: 86.4% (CBSE)
Graduation: 68.4% (NSIT-DELHI)
Work EX: 2.5 years n june 2008 in consulting (currently as Senior associate consultant)
Extra currics: decent in college

hey,iimk call getters,give us some info bout d gd-pi..........

CAT 07
OA 98.78
QA 98.82
VA 93.94
DI 92.31

lone call K.

X 70.6
XII 77
BE 73

19 months experience in Verizon Communications

me too got a call
va 92.83
qa 93.79
di 99.25
BE Marine Engg.
3 years work ex

Kindly continue your dicussions at:-


Congs to all call getters :grin:

my profile

OA 99.75
Qu 99.80
DI 97.81
Eng 93.94

Calls: L I K

XII 82.44
X 82.2

BE 70.1

Very gud extra currics, 19 mnths wrk ex in TCS

whoa !!!!
puys sure are quick 😃

Ok Step 1 -- please register urselves at mentor.iimklive.com - Index

This is a dedicated mentorship site for all of you to guide you through the GD PI preparations :)

Now for the queries

@Somak -- We will get in touch with the admissions department tomo and find out how many calls were given. That number should not worry you 😃 . Start preparing for your GD PI.

@social loafer ... please do not worry about exchange program and the likes right now :).
There will be a time and place ( read as thread 😃 ) to discuss these issues ...

Information about IIM K can be found at Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode and
The Students' Portal of IIM Kozhikode - Home
@Rahul - Do not fret if you do not many hobbies ... reading books is a very good hooby ..
u might get asked questions on the kind of books you read ... learnings from a perticular book .. which book or protaganist do you like / relate to ... Be confident and honest about it ..

Please post any more queries you guys have ...

A request .. please follow the following format while giving the profile

CAT percentile
Work EX
Extra currics

Adding to what revant said....
Give your best shot at everything right now...you would have enough time to pick and choose later :)


Calls : I,K
CAT percentile : 99.51
Sectionals : QA :94.35(2 marks cost me 3 calls),DI:97.41,VA:99.54
X : 83.8(ICSE)
XII : 82.4(ISC)
Graduation : 68.4 (BE EEE,VTU)
Work EX : 18 months(IT(BFSI))
Extra currics :Reading,watching movies,daydreaming,occassional writing and playing TT

how many calls to obcs?my friend has got a call with96.12.

My scores:

Calls: LACKI

10th: 87%(CBSE)
12th: 84%(CBSE)
I am currently in final year of comp sci. at NSIT with about 66%.
Final Placement: CISCO systems.
Interests include Economics & finance(Investment Banking) . My hobbies are F1 & quizzing.
Lots of certis at school level , 2-3 at college level.
No major extra currics as such.

Looking forward for a great 2 months ahead ! Congrats to all the call getters !

Hi all...
First of all congos to all the call getters..

CAT percentile: 98.9

Sectionals: QA-99, VA-98.93, DI- 79 (still managed to get a lone call from K)

X - 86
XII - 90.1
Graduation - BE (Mech) from Andhra University - 86.8
Work EX - 15 months so far with a PSU oil company
Extra currics -
1. Member of board of studies, Dept. of Mech. engg. in the college
2. President of student organizing committee of a national conference.
Any other Info -
Got ugadipuraskar and a gold medal for acads...
hobbies - dont have many.. i read novels (i know this will not do), play cricket.