[2008]IIM Indore GD/PI call getters Profile & Queries

Congratulations to the Call getters…Use this thread to post your Profile & all your GD/PI queries (IIMI)…All the Best…

Congratulations to the Call getters...Use this thread to post your Profile & all your GD/PI queries (IIMI)..All the Best..

Doing the Honors

QA: 96.76
DI: 96.27
VA: 98.93
OA: 99.40
X- 88 CBSE
B.Tech- IIT Kharagpur 2005 passout 7.62/10
Extra Curr- Running into pages...with many accolades
Work Ex: 2.5 Years in Investment Banking



Finally after 4 long years and 3 CAT attempts I get to post in thread like this..

CAT Score

QA -- 99.92% --- 60marks
DI -- 95.64 -------46
VA -- 89.80 -------22

OA -- 99.65 -------128

Xth -- 82%
XII -- 86%

BTech - 73 from Nagarjuna Univ in Andhra Pradesh

Have 4.5 years experience with Infy.


Now gearing up for the GDΠ


My scores

QA 37
VA 35
DI 55.21

OVERALL 127.21 (99.59 )

No B or L


10th 92
12th 90
Grad 73 (in final year)

BMS college of Engineering Bangalore, Electronics and Comn

Extra curricular: Various certificates ranging from Mad-ads to technical paper presentation in school and college level (but nothing spectacular)

Final placements: IBM, Geodesic
No internship yet. Have a diploma in Space sciences though (from ISRO)
NO work ex.. Planning to join TIME as an instructor.. wht say guys??

Congos to all call getters..

Moi scores:
OA: 99.46

QA: 95.02
DI: 98.97

Calls: B,C,L,I,K

Team: UDT

College: 8.9/10 from CEG, Anna University
X: 91
XII: 92

Extra-curriculars: Good enough, in many fields.

Experience: 2 years in Business Intelligence.

Well, geared up for my first attempt in Jan. 2007.

Gave the test in Nov. 2007.

Now, the result in Jan. 2008.

Its been one long year which i will really treasure!

My scores:

QA: 37 97.5%ile
DI: 32 82.22%ile It is my strength, dont believe me then check my Mock Scores.
VA: 44 99.61%ile My biggest weakness. Still dont beleive me!!!!

I too cant believe this!!

OA: 113 98.98%ile

Calls: IIM-I(its better if i say call instead of calls)
But, i m happy! though, it cud hv been much better!

Other Forms
MDI: Expectin
IMT: Expectin
SPJAIN: No in the 1st list now waiting eagerly
PGP-ABM: Not got a call. Well looks like everyone filled it up!


X: 78.6% I know its less!
XII: 81.0% OK
B.Tech(IT): I.P. Univ: 71% (Upto 6th Sem) will take it upto 73-74 till 8th!

Extra Curiculars: College & School Level Certis in Debates, Extempores, Declamations & what not.

Got certified from Hindi Academy for my Xth Hindi Marks

Volleyball Certi in school!

And some more certis like College Fests (most of them technical fests though)!!

Hoping to convert my single call!

Cheers to Life!!!!!

Congrats to All

Congrats to all the call getters

My scores:
VA: (49.00) 99.83 %ile
DI: (52.0 97.41 %ile
QA: (22.00) 87.72 %ile

Overall: 99.44 %ile

Calls: BIL

10th : 80.0
12th : 84.2
Engg. - Computer Science - 83.1% ( Rajasthan university, Meritlist rank holder)

Work Ex: 3 yrs.
Currently working as Junior Manager in IT deptt. of SAIL.

Hobbies: Dance and Cricket

Extra Curriculars:

Selected by college for attending International Conference on Water Conservation at Helsinki, Finland.
Won several prizes in dancing,atheltics and essay writing.
School Headboy,College Hostel Prefect,Organised technical fests and national level seminars in college.

My Scores:

QA: 99.92
VA: 89.8
DI: 96.27

Over-all: 99.68

Calls from L & I


10th - 84.8 (CBSE)
12th - 83.1
B.Tech - IIT Roorkee (GPA 6.76)

Good extra-currics

Work-Ex: 2.5+ yrs in IT Consulting

Congrats to everybody who got the calls!

My scores


Solitary Call from I


Current work ex of six months in a MNC

I have presented an IEEE paper at Singapore
Another international paper at an International conference on Embedded Systems

Hobbies-Philately and collection of cricket statistics

Congrats to all the call getters.

Score :
DI - 86.19
VA- 99.66

OA - 99.06

Profile: IITB 2006 graduate..-7.25 GPA
XII- 74.2%

CAT 2006- 99.36 -0 Calls
CAT 2005 -98.85- 0 Calls

1.5 Yrs work ex in Financial Services present as a Quant Analyst with a French Hedge Fund.
CFA Level 3 candidate.

Never intended to do join the MBA programme just a personal crusade to break my jinx of never landing an IIM call(last year with 99.4 overall and min sectional of 94 did not get any calls)
Had not prepared this year and thankfully Indore has spared me from writing it once again .Now I can finally close the chapter on CAT.

All the best to the remaining call getters..

hi this is JAGGU
congrats to all of u for getting a call from IIMI
let me start my story

that makes me a BLACKI

WORK EX:14 months in trading and from 14th AUG 2007 to till date as a faculty in TIME.


QA 90.69%tile

DI 97.81%tile

VA 99.54%tile

OA 99.35%tile

Shortlisted --> IIM I

X - 76.26 %
XII - 80.17 %
BE - 62 %
Work Ex 22 months

c that m the only 1 with such pathetic acads :)...neways wish every1 all the best :thumbsup:


Here's my profile:

Cat %ile: 99.64 (129.08 )

QA %ile: 99.56 (50)
VA %ile: 94.70 (27)
DI %ile: 97.41 (52.08 )

Calls: K, C, I

Xth: 80.80
XIIth:80.80 (sounds familiar?)

Grad: 63% from DAIICT, Gandhinagar

Workex: 1.5 yrs till date, presently with Qualcomm

Extra Currics: Have won a couple of chess tourneys, thats it!

Hobbies: Music, Driving, Blogging..

Man, I was so skeptical about my VA results. I was getting 9, 19, 29, 34 and 39 marks in VA according to CH, PT, TIME, IMS and CL. I filled up a lot of forms. I never expected the results would turn out to be like this !!! Here're the results...

QA :: 52.00 ::99.69 %ile

LR :: 56.25 :: 98.53 %ile

VA :: 39.00 :: 99.09 %ile

OVERALL :: 99.90 %ile


BE :: 77.67 %
XII :: 72.60 %
X :: 80.60 %

Was my first attempt

got overall 99.57

va: 99.8

di: 93.13

qa: 96.xx

calls only LIK

have gud acads..

10: 90%
12: 86.4%

grad: 68.4

wrk ex 2.5 years....

ONE BIG QUESTION (for PI Preps)......
Start framming answer for this question..Question may sound funny, but the fact is this single question takes care of most of your PI questions are answered...
How does it work...
WHO ARE YOU??? includes lots of sub questions..Who are you as a person, what are your characters, How do you react to situations, What are your strengths/weaknesses (Remember weakness is something which are trying to overcome by working on it),What is your aim in life (next 5 years),what have done to the society, what is your hobby/interests & soon..The moment you start thinking on those lines, you will have 10 more questions popping up to be answered...This ananlysis will not only help you in your PI, but through out your life as a person..You will give convincing answers even without preparations..when you say hobby, you should know in & out..Wikipedia would be a nice source...
Let us look at what I did.....
Now I did this analysis much before CAT...then Singing is my hobby, my favourite singer is SPB..I garnered the complete history of SPB, I had 4 gold medals in Badminton (I garnered the complete details about the Indian Players, why are we unable to shine in the International arena & soon), One of the IIMA faculty had bought s/w from our Ahd branch..Now I learnt why had he bought, what is the NGO(for which he bought) all about, the credentials of the Professor etc....Then I love Matrices..Learnt in & out of it...
I had collected various appreciation letters from professors, customers etc.....
Net Net...IIMs want Men who know themselves & not Boys
Ps: Lets have a conferrence chat if required (all 3 team call getters...Me an exception ..hehehehe)

Finally, I have got the coveted call. CAT 07 results -

QA - 97.2
DI - 99.37
VA - 98.53

Total - 99.73

Calls - ACLIK
Team - DT


X - 88
XII - 78.7
B.Tech (IT) - 8.01 (CGPA)

Work exp - 26 months now, will be some 28 months at the time of interview.


My story so far...

CAT percentile : 99.77
Sectionals :
QA 48->99.43,
DI 50->96.75,
VA 37->98.77,
Total 135->99.77
X : 91.2
XII : 81.7
Graduation : 70.3
Work EX : 40 months
Extra currics : Not much to write about post school days other than a NCFM certification
Hobbies : Cricket,quizzing


- Jay