[2008] DOMS IIT Roorkee GD/PI experience

Congratulations to all Call getters!!! Finally the D - Day arrived.IIT-Roorkee is the first IIT to conduct GD/PI this year.Please pour out your experience with the entire process.Some important fields to take into consideration. JM…

Congratulations to all Call getters!!!!!!!!!

Finally the D - Day arrived.IIT-Roorkee is the first IIT to conduct GD/PI this year.Please pour out your experience with the entire process.Some important fields to take into consideration.


Date and Time slot.

Your Profile

Any interesting fact about the entire process...........

Ohhhhhhhh. ALL THE BEST to everybody.

First Day Completed No experences Yet:-:-:-|:-|:-|:-|:-:-

hello to all

i m starting wth frst GD PI experience to help ppl out....i knw its quite late but still posting if any help to someone....

I had mY GD PI schedule on 17th at 8.30 slot......
till 9 my docs were verified......and i was lucky engh to be called for interview in the start...

In FAct i was the Frst one being interviewed.....

my panel was 3
There were 3 gentlemen out there....
( out of three 1 reached almst aftr half interview)
interview lasted for 10 minutes

few questions which i could recollect were....
technical stuff was basic.... like PN junction and transistor
thn came the questions such as Why MBA...????? tried to gv a proper answer but they werent too keen.( seems like) to take interviews in the early hours....
then asked me why i chose to do MBA before work ex...?
also things tht interests me in life?

in all a good interaction .

key is to remain calm.....

moreover....a strange question was popped up in last part of it tht wether i joined any coaching or nt fr the preps... i said No.... he he

thn aftr 10 minutes had my Gd around at 9.45
in between met Trushin sir and other students( hospitality take my words is awesome, it was like every one was treating me like their younger brother advicing to the best they can)

in GD 2 topics were given to us
1. Secular India it still exists?
2. Appreciating Value of Rupee against Dollar.

no guesses our grp chose the second topic///
7 min were gvn for discussion
and finally they gave signal to conclude.....

on the whole my IIT R experience was Exhilarating....one of the best Home like experience outside home...words are short to describe the reality///

u urself will realize in short while

My JMET rank is 793......and believe me guys there were ppl wth rank even lesser then 10 coming at IITR for interviews etc..so competition is really tough and remember the most important line

They dont have any Obligation to fill all the seats....so take care and do best////

ATB to Pg's


hey had my interview to day
jmet rank 1416
had 1:30 slot
gd topic:: should trade union be band in india
no of person 6
time for gd 5 min ,,,1 min for summarisation
since only 6 persons so pretty controlled gd
it was viewedby 5 persons 1 fello (bald) was hr fellow ...he was constatntly monitoring ur postures
then came PI round
there are 4 panels
panel 2 was tough one taking more time and asking currrrent affairs tooo
mine was panel 2:biggrin:
p1: asked governing equations in heat transfer
p1;; whats quenching
answered both correctly
over to p2
p2;;; name 1 more tiwari who is active in up and uttaranchal politics( my sir name is tiwari thatsy thatquest):biggrin:
over to p3
p3:: what would u to do if given 2 offers entreprneur or good job
whole process for me took jst 10 min
was preety chilled one
met ANUJ,ZUBIN AND all other guys thr
kudos to them for the hospitality it was a delight to be thrr
hope to see u thr in nxt batch

JMET Rank : 467

Date and Time slot. 16th Feb, Fore noon slot

Your Profile
Btech: 8.13

18 months work ex as embedded software engineer, LnT

10th,11th,12th outstanding achievements in acads, school magazine editor,won many prizes in debates,quiz,
in coll dean's list top 10% scholarship,Network theory subject topper,
first prizes paper presentation,hardware modeling, quiz in coll,
Participated n finalist of robotic competitions
Avid blogger,won many prizes in blogging ,hobbies: reading novels, writing poetry, short stories, n abstract philosophy, sketching

reached in the night before..very good arrangements i must say seniors were really helpful kudos to them

campus is awesome..met many fellow puys..PG always helps

well one thing serious..sex ratio is highly skewed he he..overhead even girls saying that ki yaha to ladkiya hi nahi hai..wondering :sarcasm: y they interested in girls n yeah the after effect of this skewed ratio can b seen as one of the girl who came in coat ..n was quite good looking tried to get max attention how? well she took out her coat..n mind u that day it was freezing so she as jst having half sleeves shirt n pants on :wow:

uhmmm anyways.. everything was well organized
there is one GD panel n 4 interview panels.. lot of top rankes n high work-ex guys were around..so dont know about my chances :|

i talked to lot of ppl before helped in calming down as this was my first GD/PI.

i had 7 ppl in my GD panel we get to choose a topic.there will b two topic given as such ..

topic we choose : Sting operation is against ethics

we had 1 min to think 8 minutes to discuss n after tha any no of ppl can summarize
overall pretty cool GD.. no fish market everyone spoke..though some wandered .
i spoke a lot... entered many times ..some ppl kept mum even when there were so less ppl..
with me one more girl ( PG id: isha_1) was very active..a guy was there who started it but actually cldn't give a good structure.. n in last he was comparing sting with indian economy :wow:

kher overall i was very satisfied with GD..

PI: got interview as soon i came out of GD room. got panel 3..bhery cool ;)

there were one sardarji sir (S) one old prof(O) one lady (L) ..n urs truly (Me)

S: so u r Mr xxxx
Me: yes sir
S: what is this name
O: are you from Andhra
Me: :wow: No sir m from north India( mind u my name is too unique)
L: what does ur name means..(with a smile)
Me: explained her.. told about my parents n history behind my name
S: okay so u r embedded system engineer.. what does embedded software means
Me: (mast hai;) explained
O( very serious, didn't smile for a sec) :u r from embedded field it such a hot sector.. y dont u do Mtech then
Me: explained( he was convinced i suppose)
S: again y mba kind ques
Me: gave full justification n my orientation towards marketing

*now only ques from marketing*

S: what is marketing
Me: answered
S: is advt is the only aspect of marketing
Me: no.. explained..he was pretty convinced n satisfied
S: some ques relatd to my dad's business
Me: answered
S: Y my salary is low
Me: took leave sir ..explained

*all this while lady was going thru my certificates very carefully*

L(suddenly): *smiling looking at my certs*: So u were ur school magazine editor
Me: YEs ma'm
L: what kind of contributions u have done
ME: explained. also my intrest in poetry n blogging stuff
L: whats the process to bring out a magazine
Me: explained
L: : u said "WE"
Me: explained about my editorial team. m i was there head
L: which press the mag used to get printed
Me: Ma'm that was handled by my teacher
L: have u brought ur magazines with u
ME: :wow: No ma'm , but i have my poems, it was not possible to bring magazine as i came directly for interview
L: Make sure next time in interview u bring ur mag
Me: yes ma'm but if u want u can have a look on my poems

S: ok thats all Mr xxx
Me: thats all sir, thank u sir. ma'm

Dont know how far its been good..hope i get to hear from IIT R again with a convert :)

ATB for rest of puys

p.s adding the result info: converted with rank:38

Moi Experience

JMET --AIR 330
Profile ---2.5+ IT guy

Awesome Hospitality......Awesome Crowd............... Thanks Zubin,Nischal,Harish and others not able to recall but still Excellent Organising Team....

I heard a guy came on 16 th with AIR 04 ,IIT K bTech....... Means Tough

Date --17 th (1:30)

Gd Topics(Choose One)
1.Borderless World Dream or reality
2.Should doctors be tried in CONSUMER (Ayee Consumer??????)Court for their Wrong Practises?

Anyways 7 ppl 4 were in Favour of 1st including Me and 3 in 2nd(Ab consensus Kaise bane...........)Polling karvayi No benefit.............end mein decided to discus 2nd).........

Gud Gd overall
Interview PANEL---04
Cooolest Panel....
7 ppl in panel(:shock::shock::shock::shock:)

>Define Urself
BLAH Blah..

>Ur family Background
Blah Blah..

>Ur hobby and Why MBA?
Blah Blah....

>Ok Whats the difference between Reaction and Response???(Ayee Yeh Question Kyon Poocha???)
I know I was impatient while giving answer ...Gave answers before Ending Question)
Told Reaction is Instataneous Response...

Response is given after thinking......

>which category do u believe u are from???
Mam i prefer Response then reaction but a lot depend upon situation....Sometimes u have to react fasterand there is no time for response..........

>Why a gap of one year after 12 th? preparing for IIT?

Ok now u can leave.......
Thankyou sir......(Sir result to bata do ???)

Anyways again Excellent CAmpus and Excellent guys.....................


Moi Rank - 1151
profile - 2.5 tears in IT

I had my gd\PI at 8:30 AM on 16 feb.

It was gr8 hospitality display by IIT-R students.I would take this opportunity to thank them for the same.

GD Topic - Is Foreign comp coming to india worth.

Gr8 discussion.No fish market.nice discuussion..everyone contributed.

PI -

Prof - tell about urself
Moi - gyaan
Prof - what is frequency spectrum allocation funda(I am ECE grad)\
Moi- explained everything + info abt TRAI
Prof- good

Prof - tell 2 weakness and 2 strengths
Moi - gyaan
Prof- substantiate
Moi - did that
Prof- what company u admire most
Moi - British airways ..gave fact about my reason

Prof - Thanks
Moi - Thanks(sigh...)

Overall gr8 experience....IIT-R really rocks

ATB puys

Chak De Phatte

result - IIT-R converted (Merit rank -19)

This won't be of any help to the current batch, but for the next one, for whatever it's worth, here goes -

I had mine on the 16th, in the second half.
GD - we chose to discuss "Kids today are not what they used to be". There was another topic, something on the dollar and ruppee and I really couldn't figure much about it.

PI - Panel #2. Amazing panel, 4 panelists. Very friendly.

Q1. Define yourself.
Ans: I'm blah... working with Blah for 2.5 years now. I work in Product engineering. The current product I'm working on blah...

Q2. about the product.
Q3. Do you work on development or testing?
Q4. Do you think blah's strategy (my organisation's) is good. They have diversified...
Ans: Gave them my opinion, and a couple of analogies.

Q5. Why MBA?

The PI then drifted to general chit chat, and then a little on the University of Roorkee.

Q6. Do you support Mr. Ratan Tata on the Nano?
Ans: Yes.
We then discussed the nano and its positives.

Q7. There is certain political unrest in Maharashtra. Are you aware of what is it all about?
Ans: Gave them my opinion.

Q8. What are the Good Schools in the US for MBA?
Ans: Kellog/Whartom/Harvard/Sloan.... etc.
Q9. Something about ISB, Hyderabad (can't recall exactly)

Then some general conversation on something I cannot recall! :oops:

Q10. What are the other IIT calls you have?
Ans: Currently Kanpur, Chennai.
Q11. Which one will you take.
Ans: Roorkee!
Everyone was laughing... gave them my reason... more laughter!

Finally one of the panelists said,
"Thank You Sonal. It was nice talking to you"
Me: 'I enjoyed this discussion too"
Thanked the panel, and came out!

Seniors, Thanks for everything! For a smooth GD/PI process, for the hospitality, for calming our nerves, for the conversation, for sharing your views...!!!!

Heyy Puys,

It certainly feels great to see all your experiences. Hope we can read many more in the next few days.
We @ DoMS, IITR call it a day today! :)
It was indeed a pleasure to meet all you prospective DoMSonians and interact in the manner we did. The feedback you guys gave was heart warming.
You could always keep in touch with us for future queries and concerns.
Cheers and All the very best!!! Hope to see you guys in DoMS!!!


Thanks to all the puys who have posted there experiences... i wud request all the other puys too to chip in with the experiences tht they went thru.. tht wud prove to be of gr8 help for the students coming in next yr to go thru all tht happnd here in IITR this yr...

Hope u do find time and post ur experiences..

Good luck to all for the rest of the GD/PI processes

Would like to share my exp and the kind of ques asked .... thought... it would help ppl. who come next year...
Work ex: 19 months IT

First of all....thanks to the MBA grads@IITR for the excellent arrangements.....

The GD topics for us:
1) Should we release stamps on youth icons like Sania and Shah Rukh
2) Engineers should not do an MBA :bomb:
After some discussion, we chose the second one....though everyone must have felt later that the first one should have been chosen.....
We all gave our points and talked on and on and on ...against the topic....no one dared to talk for the topic.....we felt we might be dragged out of the mgmt block if we did that

Except for a few interruptions.....it went smoothly.....no fish market situation (the climate had something to do with it ... I guess)

PI: Panel 2
Four panelists
Questions asked:
1) Why do u want to leave ur company and do an MBA?
2) Why not a correspondence deg.?
3) Is there any stagnation in your orgn. that is forcing you to come out?
4) Is there any HR practice that makes ur orgn. unique?
5) Tell us abt ur responsibility in ur organisation? (some details asked)
5) What is the advantange of being part of ur orgn. (in terms of career growth...salaries)?
6) A rival co. seems to be offering more sal....wat is ur take on that?
7) Name some famous personality associated with ur Univ.

On the whole....I enjoyed the process....no tech....no finance concepts....tat was how it was for most of the ppl......

GD/PI-IITR Feb 2008
Work ex: 2.5 yr+ (IT)

Few honest observation/facts:
(i) The main building (one which you see in the brochures, etc is awesome. (Worth a visit)
(ii) The campus is pretty big and newly painted :-), and next to bus stand which makes it pretty much accessible. Delhi-Dehardun bus (every 10 in or so) stops at the Roorkee bus stand. Though, it takes about 4-5 hours from Delhi to Roorkee (distance about 180 km?)
(iii) Didn't like the new hostel though, where accommodation was arranged. The acoustic in the hostel aren't very well designed so if a person on ground floor, room no.1 is listening to a song (at loud volume), other guy at room no.46 on third floor can listen to it, easily (read distracted). But as I learnt from seniors, MBA guys are alloted a diff hostel, so chill
(iv)It's freezing cold at night in Roorkee, so ensure that you are prepared for it
(v) Seniors are terrific and acted as true mentors. Good show guys. Keep it up.
(vi) Someone else also mentioned about skewed m/f ratio, which I agree to. In fact, I could hardly find any cool girls in the entire campus ;-)
(vii) We got a chance to clarify the doubts with HOD sir. He was simply rocking and gave us a much better insight to mgmt education in IITr and elsewhere in general.

Was s**t as usual due to the group. Wasn't really a fish market but two guys kept shouting about nonsense stuff. Process: Select 1 out of 2 topics; think over it for 1 minute; speak (GD) for 6 min; One person summarizes; batch size: 6; Contemporary topics...no formal preparation required.

Now the most interesting part:
Panel of 5 members (all in middle ages). One lady and 4 gentlemen (Profs from various faculties) ** No kajus or chocolates this time :-(

a.Meaning of my name
b.About my background
c.About my college
d.About my work ex and company
e.Over all a chill interview lasting about 20 mins
f. Asked about my leadership activities (if any)
g. Hobbies

P.S. One news that you guys must be really interested in that HOD Sir told us that there will be a consolidated list of admits for all IIT, i.e., results of all IITs will come at same time.

GD :
We were given two topics :
1. Kids these days are not what they used to be.
2. Bill gates not Gandhi is relevant youth icon today.
the group could reach consensus on first topic. The discussion was not exactly a fish market but everybody was desperate to pitch in and that created a bit of chaos.
The panel was not interested in our discussion for a good 2~3 minutes but they did pay attention to our discussion towards the end. In the end of discussion we could reach a consensus and hence summaries effectively.

I was rushed into my PI. Panel 3 was eagerly waiting for their next shikaar.
Sardar ji started the session by asking about my university. Then he moved onto my work ex, How is stainless steel made, why is de-carbonisation done, what do I do at my work, major projects i was involved in, Since we are into contracts and project execution, he asked me how do we arrive on final quotes. One gentleman asked me about my Groups MD and CEO. I couldn't recollect CEO's name and admitted the same. Panelist was not too impressed. The lady then pitched in and asked me Why MBA, Other IIT calls I have, My JMET Rank and my salary.

My take on my performance
Good GD session and decent PI. I tried to give direction to GD and succeeded to some extent but I guess we could have done better.

From the GD/PI experiences from all the puys I get a feeling that mine was too small. I came out of the PI in just 3-4 minutes. :dontgeti:
no acads, no work ex question.
Don't know what will happen

My GD was good no fish market and every body spoke.
Decent entries and valid points spoke. My topic was "Age of Information"

my rank is 793.

Hey Guys,
Thanx all for your valuable inputs...Your feedback will certainly serve good during the process next year...Keep on pouring in :grin:

Sorry for the delay guys! and hats off to IITR for a very well organized admissions process

Well, here's my story then

JMET Rank: 1098
10th : 80.6%
12th : 70.2%
B.E. ( Electronic Instrumentation and Control - THis came back to haunt me :eh:) - 70.47%

Well then, here goes - had my GD/PI scheduled at 1 on the 18th...roamed about the rather nice campus for a while in the morning, then reported for the process at 1. After hanging about for a while, the process started at 1:30 - The seniors were very nice to everyone, engaging people in conversation and basically making sure everyone felt confortable. This, was very appreciated :)

Incidentally, I ended up being one of the first to be interviewed ( maybe they liked my name 😁 - more on this later!)...
Panel 1 - HOD(H), another IIT Prof (very nice guy 😃 - will refer as NG )and a Lady (L)

Myself: Good Morning Sir/Madam :)
Panel: Good Morning.
NG: Please sit down..Abhishek Sharma, is it?

Me: No Sir. RVRK Abhishek Sharma :D( and the expansion - wouldn't want to bore you too 😉 )

NG: Oh - smiles - rather long name. So Abhishek, you're working at HCL for 18 months now. Why do you want to do an MBA?
Me: Spewed forth gyan - nothing out of the ordinary.
NG: Where do you see yourself after your MBA then?
Me: Well Sir, I might take up an entrepreneurial venture - or move into the industry, maybe do a further specialization in management.I am undecided as of now,since I don't know what the future holds - BUT I WOULD LOVE TO KNOW ( this, screwed me a bit 😉 )

L(perking up at that last sentence) : Ah? I would disagree - I would think knowing the future might be pretty scary!
Me: gyan about usefulness - two edged sword...
L:But then, would it not scare you to know when you might die?
Me: more gyan - depends on circumstances - being optimistic - reasonably logical
HOD: Abhishek, is this your normal hairdo, or have you just not combed your hair today ? ( )
Me: Erm Sir, I've been trying for 22 years to get a decent hairdo - never did succeed 😉 ( HOD says "Good one " - general laughter )

L : 22 years? how old are you?
Me : 23 ma'am 😁
L: so you combed your hair at the age of one?
Me: Erm, no ma'am - but I doubt my mum had any better luck ;)
More discussion on one year olds having hair :D
A couple of questions about my role at work.

And then, a punch at the end by NG 😉 - " Instrumentation and control? - know anything about a CAT scan?"
me " Oh...Computer Aided TOmography..medical diagnostics..similar purpose as MRI scan...(stammered a bit, though 😃 )"

Panel: Oh okay..you may leave :)

Overall, reasonable, in my opinion.


Topic: Decided mutually, "Violence in video games encourages aggression among youth"
GD: Was very well-behaved, actually - I put forward some very good points, and led the GD. I also shamelessly invited a girl who wasn't speaking to join in too :D
I'd rate myself around 7-8 out of 10 on the GD.Maybe 5 on the PI :)

Comments are welcome!

Hey Guys,
Thanx all for your valuable inputs...Your feedback will certainly serve good during the process next year...Keep on pouring in :grin:

Excellent presentation to keep us entertained during the process sirjee 😁 keep it up!

hi all ..... had my GD/PI on the 16th ... here's my experience ....
.... but first ... my profile:

JMET Rank : 513
10th : 80.2 %
12th : 92.4
BE - Mumbai Univ - Information Technology - 62 %
work ex - 13 months wid amdocs - DVCI
the GD:

jus before going in front of the GD Panel ... some seniors gave us tips ...
!! - let evy 1 speak - !!
!! - dun try to dominate - !!
!! - n .. ofcourse ..... make ur point - !!

we had sum 10 minutes afta being called for GD .. and since it was a group of jus 6 ppl ... (5 guys n a gal) .. we had a chat and the ice was broken .. n yea ........ all agreed tht we'd give the panel a PERFECT GD !!!

the topics were :
1. Coalition politics is here to stay
2. Right to Information is as important as Right to Privacy

amish (yea .. the same guy frm my hostel floor) suggested that we shud discuss the 1st topic ... and ..... needless to say .. we all agreed to that.... we were given 2 minutes to think ... after which the GD started ...

GD was pretty good ... every1 spoke .... no fish market ... no interruptions ... the gal in our group wasn't feeling comfy in the group ... and hadnt spoken in 3 minutes (of the total 6 minutes we had) ........ so 1 of us asked her to express her opinion ....

me made 2 points ... plus gave a start to the GD ..... was on the 3rd point wen the panel indicated us 2 stop ...1 guy gave a decent conclusion ... and the GD was over 😃 .......
...... neatly done i must say

the PI :
was called for the PI soon after ..... ofcourse ... had some time to relax ... i was interviewed by Panel 1 (the 1 wid the insti Director !!)
the panel had 1 Lady (L), 2 profs (P1, P2) and insti director (D)

Me (M) : good morning sirs, good morning madam...
P1 : yes ... please have a seat ...
M : thank u sir ...
P2 : so ... Vyas .... is it 'vyas kaushik' or 'kaushik vyas'
M : 'vyas kaushik' .. sir ..
P2 : meaning vyas is ur name ??
M : yes .. sir ..
P2 (looking at P1 & D) : what does vyas mean ??
M : sir ... it's supposed to mean "the 1 whose knowledge spans the breadth of this universe" ....
D : so .... how much do you know ?? (thinks to himself - 'fass gaya bacche' )
M : sir .... i dunno that .. but blaah blaah ...
P1 : so .... where have u done ur engg from?
M : told ...
P1 : what course is it? ... (reads from marksheets) .. Information Technology..
D : what is IT ?
M : whatever gyan i had :P
D : ok ... what is the difference between 'information' and 'knowledge'?
M : started talking sum crap abt information ... when i finished it ... realised that i had spoken about DATA ... and not INFO !!... .. but then sumhow explained abt knowledge .....
D : then what is 'wisdom'
M : blah blah blah ..
L : ... u mean to say u can learn from other's experiences ...
M : yes maam ...
L : give me an example where u have learnt from sum1 else's experience .
M : (thinks a bit .... ) ... maam .. im not able to recollect any particular incident .... but yes ... there is learning from others' experiences ....
then spoke sum crap ...
L : that's inspiration ... not a learning ........
M : yes maam ...... but it's pretty close
P1 : ok ........ so what's the difference btwn 'inspiration' & 'motivation' ?
M : blaah .. blaah ... blaah...
D : what is web 2.0
M : dunno what exactly it is ..... but my understanding is blaah blaah...
P2 : what is a blog ?
M : blaah blaah .......
D : have u heard of web 3.0 ???
M : (ab vo kaha se paida ho gaya ??????) ..... no sir ..
P2 : what's a website ... and a portal ...
M : blaah .. blaah ... and gave an example that IITR website should be called a portal ..
P2 : but we only say 'IITR website'
M : yes sir ..... but technically ....... it should be called a portal ...

P1 : ok ... what are ur hobbies ??
(thinks to himself : "is bacche ko IT ke related kuch nahi aata !!!!" )
M : sir ... blaah, blaah & cooking ...
P1 : oh .. cooking ... so... why do u have to do that ?? cuz u stay away from home ??
M : sir .... most guys do it for that reason ...
D: tell us abt ur reason ..
M : sir .... i got interested long back ..... and then a story abt my culinary skills..
P1 : oh .. ok ....... did u do any cooking in hostel ..
M : sir .... my coll was very close to my home .... and i lived at home...
P2 : ok ........ so kya kya banaatey ho tum ?
M : blaah ... blaah .... but mostly it is chinese..
L : indian chinese?
M : yes maam ....... indian chinese ... i have never tried authentic chinese..
P2 : do u use MSG in ur food ?
M : no sir ...
P2 : what's the full form ?
M : Mono-Sodium Glutamate
P2 : and the commercial name?
M : hmmm ... not able to recollect . .sir
D : it starts with 'A' ..... think a bit ...
P2 : yes .... u can't ask for MSG at a local store right ?
M : yes sir ....... but im not able to recollect now ..
L : so ...... tell me some restaurants in mumbai that serve good chinese food ...
M : maam ..... i havent visited any major restaurants ...
L : u mite be liking the chinese from some place ?
M : yes maam ...... i like my chinese .... ......
L : oh ....... ur own cooking ...
M : blaah ... blaaah ......
L : ok ..... wen u go to a restaurant ...... u see only men in the kitchen ... u know sanjeev kapoor n all .... y is that? aren't women good at cooking ???
M : blaaa blaaah ...
L : but isn't that discrimination ??
M : yes maam ... blaaah blaah
L : (BIIIG GRIN on her face) ...... ok .... im giving it to you !!!
(askin the other panelists) ... do u have any further questions ?

.. (no ,, no ,,, we're done)

D : thank u vyas ..... u may leave ...
M : thank u sir .. thank u maam ... and leaves !

i'd rate meself at 7-8 on the GD .......
and ....... gawd knows how much on the PI !!!

puys ... waddya think of my PI ???
n yea ..... if u have been, thanks for reading this looong post