[2007] NIRMA GD/PI experience

post ur GD/PI experience here about the nirma interview process… please reply

post ur GD/PI experience here about the nirma interview process...
please reply

post ur GD/PI experience here about the nirma interview process...
please reply

mine is on 25th sumbody wanna suggest me sumthing

hi . i had my nirma on 23 feb ...11.15 batch . 3 batches were going on simultaneously. and each day had 4 stolts. 9,11.15,2 and 4.15..... 13 ppl in a gd

first the gd .. topic " china is threat to indian economy "..
each person is one min to give his ideas ... then 10 min of discussion and again 1 min for summary in the reverse order.

then the pi .....generally asking questions on ur statement of purpose or why mba and why nirma and little on gk and current affairs .

best of luck to all those appearing ..

i had it today......it was like gd 11 ppl 3 panelists......3 grps at a time....
and in PI.....whichever state u come from do know the details of the state as in political as well as social..etc.....any thing GK from ur state.....
60-70% GK questions in PI.....so come prepared....

i had mine on 24th at imi, delhi. 13 ka grp bt 2 were absent.... so we were 11. 3 panelists.... gd was very organized.... they are giving 1 min monologue for each student at the start...it makes the gd organized and prevents a fish market scenario. the topic was bit on social side... was- mobile phones are a nuiance in educational institutes. 10 min gd and half min monologue again. then interview was of 10 min..... academics and g.k. . i am from bio, so they asked about amino acids, toxicology, toxins, bacterial diseases, useful bacteria, harmful bacteria.
THEN tata corus deal, how many million make a billion, what is conversion rate of uk pound. who is speaker of rajya sabha, deputy speaker of lok sabha, speaker of lok sabha, he is from which party?not much stress given on the SOP, but they did take it and one of them read it.
best of luck to everyone......

The Gd/ Int is very systematic & organized, Interview had three panelists & it was a very chilled out interview they asked me about my work ex, the kinds of books i read a little bit of current affairs like editor of TOI?, fdi in insurance etc though i screwed the currnt affairs part Still i managed to convert the call. Stay calm & composed during the interview.
Best of luck!

Hi all,

Today we had our GD/PI in bangalore...the GD topic was "Corporate Governance and Corporate performance are mutually exclusive things"

PI was great..there were 3 panelists...they made everyone feel very comfortable and didn't dig up your technicals too much...No matter how our PI went...atleast we came out smiling and happy...

Best of luck to everyone...

hi all,

had my gd/pi in iimb. well the atmosphere in iimb was awesome. man this is how studs are. will give an arm and a foot to get here. unfortunately i dont have the marks.

reached the gd pi centre at 9.15 without eating any breakfast. well should not have knowing about bangalore traffic. mods came at 9.35 and all started off at 10.05.

Gd topic was "Navarathnas should be privileged". navarathnas in the sense the public sector navarathnas. Had to give individual opinions and then gd. and then summary. individual opinions for 1 min. gd for 15 min and summary for 0.5 min. since only 7 were there, we thought getting chances wont be tough. but one guy shouted loudly and ruined the show. it was tough to get chances.

after the summary u shud hand over the notes to the mod.

pi was short and good. Went in. Good morning sirs. 3 people. all of them mods in the gd.

P1:So ur cat socre is 96. have u got any other calls
me: said.
P1: will u take nirma.
me: nirma will be on the top of my agenda sir.
P1: what is this? pointing to my university in B.E. Is it same as BIM.
me:no sir. it is different.
P1: So u r working in infy.
P2: what is ur work. and dont u feel u have wasted time by doing mech and going for software.
me :said.
P2: u told u r from a banking software. so what are ur work over there?
me : said.
P3: is ur software complying to basel norms.
me : it will in the future version.
P3: well it needs lot of data modification.
me : we have done migration projects sir.
P2: did u know some doc released yest by govt about finance?
me : no sir.
P1: do u know the meaning of crr
me: told.
P1:what is the interest rate being paid by the rbi and for what period.
me : no idea sir. i know the rate is between 1 to 3% .
P3: u can leave.
me : thank u sir.

when can we expect our results?

The Gd/ Int is very systematic & organized, Interview had three panelists & it was a very chilled out interview they asked me about my work ex, the kinds of books i read a little bit of current affairs like editor of TOI?, fdi in insurance etc though i screwed the currnt affairs part Still i managed to convert the call. Stay calm & composed during the interview.
Best of luck!

Waht do you mean by you managed to convert the call??
They told you after PI ?????

wht in the world do u mean by "converted the call"?

guys, i suppose shibashish is talking abt. his last year's exp. at nirma. he is in the 2008 batch of some course. go through his entire post once again.

k, here goes my experience. (myself an electronics and comm engg)
My gd/pi tuk place on 23rd at delhi, ya know i m late but i didn't hav time to write this earlier

gd topic: indian philosophy is better fr management than western phil
no. of mem:16
procedure:evry1 given chance in the beg and end(fr conclusion)& an open discussion fr abt 8min in between
my exp: v bad, had to shout eventually to make my entry

interview: quite casual...m writin the qs only

q1-introduce urself (also told em my strengths)
q2-example of strength
q3-wht r the social problems faced by india?
q4-solution to abov q
q5-shld prez rule b implemented in up?
q6-wht's the difference b/w products and services?
q7-prodded me more on abov q
q8-who is arundhati roy(name of buk also)
answered all abov....trouble strts here??:
acad qs:
q9-wht's the full form of rfid
told em i know rfi stands fr radio freq interference but not rfid
q10- asked me sthin like maganatometer or sthin like tht
don't know
q11-difff b/w bjt and fet
phew, answered

here's the best part:
asked me abt my other calls & wht wld i prefer. After i gav the obvious answer, 1 interviewer said...."Ahmedabad is a nice place".


when can we expect the results?
seniors,when was it last year?gd/pi at ahmedabad is ending on 9th march.

Had my GD/PI at NIRMA on 8th March 2007

Topic: Economic Boom in India is an illusion?
10 participants.
Process was divided into 3 stages-
1. Each one puts his point in 1 min in clockwise direction.
2. Discussion for 10 mins.
3. Each one puts his final point in 1 min in anticlockwise direction.

Was good in a way that each gets to speak and fish-market situation is avoided.
Did very well all around, put up some new points. Was a very cool GD.

Panel of 3.. all faculty; same as the GD Panel:
Mr. Kshamanidhi Adabar
Mr. Satish K Nair
Mr. Yogesh Doshit

F=Faculty; M-Mahip

F: So, u working in *** and completed *** months, must be due for promotion?
M: Not promotion, but got 2 onsite opportunities but refused to go coz i am looking forward for a long term plan of MBA.
F: Why MBA?
F: As u mentioned in the GD that majority of youth is in your age group, u want to grow fast.. hmm today's youth
M: yes sir, we need to be ahead of the competition.. if we dont kill it, it will kill us.
F: hmm.. Ok, and u are Six Sigma Green Belt Certified.. What is that? Like Karate Belts?
F: hmm... What are your hobbies?
M: Quizzing, TATA Crucible Regional Finalist, ...
F: ok, so whi is the current CM of MP?
M: Shiv Raj Singh Chauahan
F: And who was there earlier when u were studying?
M: Digvijay Singh, then Uma Bharti.. then Babulal Gaur.
F: hmm.. and what other hobbies? extra curriculars?
M: modding PG.com, Event management in office..
F: tell us abt PG.com? Who started? Its history?
M: explained... :biggrin:
F: But nowadays there are many ads, etc there... who manages this?
M: Told abt Marketing/Editor/Tech team at PG HQ
F: So what is your role? Do they pay you?
M: explained
F: I see that Industry will lose a good professional if he comes for MBA.. What do u say?
abt the number of MBA's is very less than number of IT professional and engineers..
F: So u say that taking one drop out of that ocean won't affect much?
M: hmm yah.. and some more gyaan
F: What is one thing which you passionately dislike?
M: hmm nothing particular like that...
F: .. but still, u have many likings, but what is the thing which u passionalety dislike?
M: Himesh Reshamaiyya Songs :|
F: ok, i wont ask you about your dislikes.
F: You took 5 years to complete engg? :wow:
M: :shocked: no sir, I took a break of 1 year after my 12th to prepare for IIT entrance. Since I was not getting admission in the engg college of my choice and had cleared Screening once.. I thought to have a go at it ..
abt career oriented
F: So u prepared urself at home?
M: No sir, I went to Kota for an year.
F: How is this industry there? How much do they charge?
M: explained..
F: So what was the end result of this break of one year? IIT?
M: No sir, I was again unlucky not to clear the final IIT exams but got admission in the top engg college of M.P. So i was satisfied with my efforts
F: Ok, Thank you. You may now leave.
M: Have a nice day!

Overall, it was a cool interview

The campus of Nirma Univ is really awesome and so is the Infrastucture at the college. :thumbsup: Met some of the first/second year PGites as well 😁

Best of luck to all!

Had my GD/PI at nirma on 9/03/07
3.30pm batch. Panel no. 1
was member no 2.
GD topic : Is land acquistion necessary for industrialisation.
Mahip already explained the process of GD...
ours was a fish market but not really bad..due to the process everyone got to speak their points.
Young chap(y)

as soon as i come in..
U: ok arpan divanjee u stay in viceroy park?
me: yes sir
U: who was india's last viceroy
me: blah
Y: india' only "indian governer general"
me: blah
O:so did the viceroy leave immediately or .........
me: blah blah
O: so divanjee means?
me: blah blah
O: so under wich kingdom were ur ancestors diwans
me: blah
(mind u guys never ever did i write/mention indian history as my fav subject or anything )
U: so whats ur fav subject in BBA
me: learnt to play it safe so said sir HR
everyone laughs..
Y:okay tell me abt motivation
Y: tell me different theories abt motivation
me: blah
O: explain hyginemotivator theory
me: blah
Y: what abt need hiearchy theory
me: blah
U: compare these two theories
O: (interupts) tell me what is more relevant
me: sir "in present work culture..."
O(interupts again!) okay tell me about present work culture
me: blah blah
U(interupts now) okay so now compare the safety needs blah blah
me: blah
Y: hmm ur dad works in Jet airways as?
Me: blah blah
U:wats ur take on jet-sahara deal?
me: blah
Y:whats an escrow account..
me: yap yap yap!
O:why did u do ur BBA from pune
me: blah!
Y: you know any1 from nirma
Me: yes (gave name of a guy who passed out )
Y: so will you be comfortable in ahd
Me: yes(like duh!! :P)
O: okay you can leave now..

Was a somewhat long interview..but was good i guess.

when the result will be out??

Friends, the NIM results are out.
Check out at ------> Institute of Management, Nirma University

Click the "Admission Status - MBA Full-Time" link from the bottom left corner and fill your CAT regn number in the following screen. ATB....

Had my GD/PI at NIRMA on 8th March 2007
i got call for 2008-2010 session from nirma , if u can help me with any tips then pm me. it would be of great help. thank u in advance. :)