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Hi guys, Has anyone heard about Great lakes Institute of Management starting in Chennai from this year. What is your opinion about this ? Is there anyone who is applying for it ? For guys who don’t know - economictimes.indiatimes.c…

Hi guys,

Has anyone heard about Great lakes Institute of Management starting in Chennai from this year. What is your opinion about this ? Is there anyone who is applying for it ?

For guys who don't know -



Have anyone heard about Great lakes Institute of Management starting in Chennai from this year. What is your opinion about this ? Is there anyone who is applying for it ?

well knew abt this a coupla days back.. the Board of Dir. looks awesome..
Tata, Balachander , Kumarmanaglam Birla , Goenka , Ramdorai... et al..
but then the fees is too steep.. comes to around 3 Lakhs pa. tuition fees.. only..
and I guess there'd be lotsa hidden costs too..
and how good it is ? well no idea as of now.. but think this Instti. shd have probs with placements

Well .... Bala Balachandran assurred in the information session that he would work for 100% placements . So atleast some placements should be there. Another interesting thing - The placements will start in october itself. In today's scenario, placement is not a big thing. Even small small colleges are boasting of 100% placements.

But my worry is reputation. How well known is the college ??????????

My worry is ...

is there space for one more ISB like (better or worse is a diff issue) insti ..

when ISB itself is fledging, wonder how Great Lakes would attract quality in terms of students..

Quality ?

I think the buzzword "International" should attract cream students. That is the nature of Indians :)

I don't think ISB and GLIM would compete with each other as they target different students. A student aiming for INSEAD or KELLOGG would go for ISB. GLIM could be for students aiming for top ten Indian colleges who are looking for a fast-track course in one year. Even these students would join only after the placement results of first batch.

Another noteworthy thing is that the GLIM doors are closed for freshers - they strictly enforce one year experience.

As for me, the only reason compelling me about GLIM is that it is so near to my house ..... Just Kidding :)


Am not sure how sensible is it to be attracted to 'buzzwords' when you are getting an MBA

sujayath Says
Another noteworthy thing is that the GLIM doors are closed for freshers - they strictly enforce one year experience.

well same is the case with ISB, Hyde too.. ;-)
so its gonna be Rajat Gupta/ Deepak Jain vs Balachander / Tata ?? :

hey Guyz,

Posting after a brief hiatus. wanted some info about Glakes...people who have attended their information session please help.

I have been through their website n it gives u an impression that it's just been put up...so plain n bland. But more than that..not much info provided.

Neway coming back to my doubts:

1. I read somewhere that Glakes would accept CAT/GMAT. Is it true???
2. I didn't find any reference to the experience required part on their website. Please, confirm??
3. What's this funda of GLIM test. Is it going to be CAT or GLIM....or it is going to be like MICA..u first give CAT n then u appear for their exam.
4. Any hints about the placements ..any names or figures suggested at the information session. Looking at their advisory body, placements should be fine.
5. Facilities??? read that it's gonna operate out of leased premises, has anyone been to this place...Chennai people please help!!!

Has anyone applied to this institute or is planning to apply???


I had heard of Great Lakes institute about a month ago. Yes their website looks very impressive. I was in Chennai for a day on the 28th of last month for my SCMHRD GD PI and I thought of dropping into the Great Lakes campus to check it out and guess what? They don't have a campus!!! The entire Great Lakes institute is located on the second floor of a house in a residential colony. They don't have classrooms / computer lab...
The institute is in a very nascent state. I met a lady there, she told me that they plan to conduct classes in a tiny room (which she showed me). She said "Depending on the schedule of proffessors such as Prof. Philip Kotler we'll arrange for classes thru vid. con." Now this I think is hogwash and a sales gimmic. I don't think anyone there would get more than an hour or two of prerecorded lessons from Prof. Philip Kotler thru the 1 yr. course. Moreover they have NO PERMANENT FACULTY (Only an impressive list of names in an Academic Advisory Council) and depend entirely on people from the industry to come n teach. To top it off GLIM has NO OFFICIAL TIE UP with KELLOGS!! The institute is backed by Prof. Balachandran personally.
I would request anyone thinking seriously about this institute to please go see the institute personally once before deciding to join.

Thanks Abhishek. In fact, i did feel that something is fishy when i read that they are gonna operate out of leased premises of just 15000 sq. feet. That's certainly not enough for a B-School. And u know wat's more, their diploma is given by Illinois intitute of tech. and is not recognized by any board in INDIA.

Yes their website looks very impressive.

I suppose that was sarcastic in nature. Personally, I found that website an absolute waste, with zilch of information provided.

It's just this one thing which beats me..how the hell did this institute manage such an illustrious advisory committee with such pathetic facilities(or should i say no facilities)


I visited the GLIM campus and met the deputy dean. They are operating from a rented house. He said the first batch will be operating from there. The new campus will be available for second or third batches only. We have to wait and see how this institute goes. As far as now, I think getting admot is not a difficult task. they even give admit for last year CAT scores. He said that freshers are also given admits if academics is good. So, I doubt about the student quality. For me, student quality is the important thing. So, I am inclined to join NUS.



Met the Deputy Dean, Mr. Narasimhan, yesterday. Happened to be on a professional call (Banking!), but did speak a bit about the institute.

Regarding the campus, they are being allotted land by the govt. of tamilnadu (Amma's initiative), on the old mahabalipuram road, and shall be shifting there once the facilities are up.

They are not positioning themselves as the next ISB, but are rather concentrating on a Gurukool culture (Mohobattein anyone? :)) of pure growth in terms of intellect & network, without the glamour attached to ISB.

Regarding Placements, they have come up with some model to integrate placements with the core curriculum, such that placement doesn't remain an isolated event, which is taken care of by a placement cell.

As suggested by Abhishek, it would be advisable to visit GLIM and having a tete-a-tete with the officials there before taking a call.


Tata, Balachander , Kumarmanaglam Birla , Goenka , Ramdorai... et al..

Add Mohan Sawhney, Raghuram Rajan and V srinivasan.

this is with regards to the post about the facilities available at great lakes. i visited the place myself to get some infor about the same. it was not a "secnd floor of a rented house" place. they seem to have spent a lot. i met a lady also, and she took me around the place. it was till getting completed. anywys.. my point is that this is a new institute, and some credit must be given for they have managed to do so much in jus 6 months. wel... there will be some initial hic cups ..,,, its the first batch right.
anyways, i am planing on apping to the place..lets see..

take care,


could any one tell me the site of this institute


Please contact [email protected] for more information and getting all your queries answered.