[2004] IIM C GD/PI experiences

Please share ur IIM C experiences here !!!

Please share ur IIM C experiences here !!!!

have the interviews started.....

When will IIM C interview start. Mine on 7 April
Neone bfore that !!!

mine is one 8th.... i guess they r starting on 6th.

IIM C form asks for Annual Family Income.
Does that include our income( for work ex ppl) or xcluding urself.
Any idea ?????


IIM C form asks for Annual Family Income.
Does that include our income( for work ex ppl) or xcluding urself.
Any idea ?????


YES. It includes your income too.

hi ppl,

i guess the iim c interviews and gd's have started..so let's get some responses in now..


Please post bfor I go for a halaal tomorrow...

where are the reviews
are they askin maths questions
temme now cause ill find out tomorrow any case

god save the been

Stop unnecessary bumping of threads! 9 Posts already and not a single 1 abt the GD/PI exp.
Ppl who want to post.. WILL post!

well, so i m the first one to post IIMC interview!

had mine today in delhi, panel 13.

there were 4 panels, each having 3 people, one being an external (IIMC alumni)
my panel also had a lady prof.

GD topic: GDP growth as an indicator of the divide b/w poor and rich
1 minute to think and 15 for speaking and 1 minute to summarize(everyone gotta do this) in the end.

very ordinary GD, with no one really outperforming neone.


was very lucky or unlucky to escape with an HR interview as most of the people had some ques. on Maths and academics.
i had just one ques. on acad...i.e., on data warehousing, diff b/w databases and datawarehouses.

I/V concentrated on my career goal and why i had chosen that, then my hobbies.
the interesting thing was that they were speaking more than i was, always trying to explain me one thing or the other as if i was attending a lecture!

for every answer of mine, there were a few explanations from them, so dint have to speak much.

cant really say how they found my performance or what they were looking for but do read some maths.
what do u guyz think, do give some feedback.


hey bow123..am curious..wat was ur cat percentile..tat might be a factor in the no acads.

how many years work ex?

no geniass...that doesnt seem to be the reason.
my CAT %ile = 99.73 (not very high by any standards)
guess, i was sheer luck that the discussion carried on other things for too long and then there was little time left for acads!

hi ppl,
had C GD\PI today........10 ppl in one batch.....i had panel 12....3 persons as described by akash in another thread ....met couple of PGites there 😃 ....
GD----in a democracy, autonomy is a myth
GD went ok....no fish market tho on some occasions 3-4 ppl were speaking simultaneously......but overall we had a nice GD......i was 2nd to speak.....went ok by me.....
3 profs whose name akash has already given in his thread.......
as i was in the process of sitting on the chair, hit the table wid my shoe :oops: .....whole table was shaking badly :oops:
as soon as i sat, alumnus asked abt the brand of the shirt i was wearing....said Park Avenue......he then proceeded to ask me abt the effect of branded shirts on the market.....what changes i cud see in the last 5 yrs in that market......i think i handled well...
another asked me as to how i will finance my MBA as my father is retired......they assured me that no probs on that account as bank loans are easily available..started discussing bet themselves abt it 😁
then they came to agril engg....wat i study......abt the jobs.....gave me a farm to manage.....how will i do it......factors i will consider etc etc...cross questioned deeply on my answers......i think i performed ok there...
in between asked abt Agri business mngmt at IIM-A......y not ABM instead of MBA...general ques regarding what did i forsaw when i took up agril engg......
op. mgmt prof enquired abt statistics(i hav sats in my engg).....asked me abt avg salary and mean salary....diff.........i confused it wid median .....apologised.....but was not able to answer his questions further related to stats..
thats wat i m able to recall it now....took abt 20 min i think.....not feeling gud abt it......i was not fluent i think....so here goes C down the drain after B 😞 .......now looking fwd to I tomorrow.......

EDITED ---TO INCLUDE AAKASH'S POST(LOCKED NOW ), posted while we were waiting for our PIs
so heres how it goes,
Our topic for the GD was, 'In a democracy autonomy is a myth.'
It was a std 15 minutes GD, with 1 min summarisation for each candidate. There were 10 people in each group The panel consisted of 3 people,
Prof BN Srivastava- Behavioral Sc.
Prof. Ashish Chatterjee- Operatioms Mgmt.
Mr. Arunab Banerjee- Alumnus 12th batch

Until now the PI' s have been very general not much on Acads, can be anything else.
Why MBA is a crucial question, some panels are asking puzzles, tht too general.
I am the 10th guy in a batch of 10, 3 are alreadu thru, will post more later.
We have managed to crack the net accnt of IMI, in the waiting room and are posting from there .
WE Also have PGians, abhishekjain, and arjun chauhan, with us.

hey bow123..am curious..wat was ur cat percentile..tat might be a factor in the no acads.

afaik, the panel is not supposed to know your cat percentiles...

Had my IIMC GDPI at IIMB today.

GD was about thether the lack of the rule of law was the biggest problem in India. It was a pretty good GD with all 8 people (one didn't turn up) getting a chance to speak. I think I spoke fairly well, making 6-7 strikes in total.

The interview was weird. They spent about 7 or 8 minutes trying to convince me that I should go into research since I seemed to be the kind of person who can focus on one thing and do it well, rather than juggle 3 or 4 things.

Then, they went into politics and my views on who the best PM of India in the last 50 years was. Also, they asked me to explain why I would vote for Vajpayee and why I thought he was a good leader.

Finally, I mentioned that I read Sherlock Holmes books, among others. They picked this up and we had a good discussion about Holmes' deductive capabilities. This was my best (and last) patch of the PI. The whole PI took almost 30 minutes!

way to go Vibhavan ... hope to cya at IIM-C:)


Guys guys and oops Gals Gals...
I dont know why... but does this ANIL has a serious dislike towards my name aakash. He keeps on locking my threads, denying me the fundamental right of expression.
:idea: But anyways, what can not be cured , must be endured and endured peacefully!!!
I guess i am too pissed off to post my XP rt now, so i'll try again.
In the mean time THANX ABISHEKJAIN for putting my post on this thread. ALL THE BEST FOR UR I GD/PI.
way to go Vibhavan ... hope to cya at IIM-C:)


I was pretty confident of making it through after the GD, but the PI was . I really hope I make it. 😁