[2004]IIM B GD/PI experience

Had my IIM B gd/pi today. Will be posting experiences shortly. Others also please post here.

Had my IIM B gd/pi today. Will be posting experiences shortly.
Others also please post here.

i got f*****. end of iimb dream. 😞

Hey PG'ites,
had my b'lore gd pi today at mumbai. here's my summary of the proceedings

gd topic
in india, students graduating from college should serve two years in the army.
no. of candidates : 10

we were given 5 minutes to jot down points before the start of the gd. my take on the gd was that it was very noisy, with everyone making their own point and not giving a ear to others . the panel stopped the gd before 20 minutes were up and asked a particular student who had not spoken much to give his views on the topic. after the gd, we were asked to write a summary of the gd and 3 personal questions in 10 minutes.

initially the interviews were taking about 30 minutes, however the later ones were getting over in 20 minutes. i feel my PI was very short(just about 15 minutes 😞 ). they asked me questions related to the 1 year gap since graduating last year. other areas touched upon were special achievements in the past, what achievement would you like in the future. almost no questions relating to academics ??? (i'm a fresher 😞 ) i guess i can count out my chances for b'lore. i guess the groupings were based on profiles ( there were 5 CA's in my group, all with work ex. I guess this went against me)
anyway, hope my other interviews go off well. next one on the 27th at ahmedabad.

looking for more experiencec PGites ... got mine on 25th delhi .. if anyone has same ... PM me

gd topic
in india, students graduating from college should serve two years in the army.
no. of candidates : 10

do they give the same GD topics across cities?
cos one group had same topic at bangalore.

here the gd went off very smooth with loads of airtime is wat i heard
n most interviews were arnd 20 min n my fren had it for just 10 min , they asked her more on social service n let her off , prolly they had predecided

nobody else had their PI today?

I didnt feel quite happy after my Bangalore GD/PI

GD topic was "Television in India is turning ppl to watchers than doers..GD went fine !!! ppl got to speak, No fish market....quite goood infact !!

PI was a messs !!!!!!!
Lot of discussion on BPO, anti outsourcing, Infosys performance, It industry pressures etc..this part was comfortable..

he came to India shining...How is india shining affecting u on a micro level as an individual ?(bouncer)

Hobbies : I said travelling and that last place I have visited in Pondicherry and mahabalipuram, so Dynasty which established mahabalipuram?(Bouncer), aurobindo's teachings (Bouncer).....

so basically I got stuck at a couple of places whereas other ppl have had quite comfy PIs..so I think bangalore is out for me..looking forward to other 5 interviews.....

Saurabh Singhal

No one was asked acads/tech ??!!!......and no stress ?..interesting !!!

Hi ppl,

Had my IIMB thingy yesterday...22nd, 2:00 pm batch. Same as saurabh's batch, with obviously the same topic "TV is making us watcher and not doer". Everybody kept on beating about the bush and saying the same ol thing..."the discretion is on us... we shud decide what to watch...blah...blah" Must have talked for half a minute in the entire 20 min duration. wouldn't give myself more than a 4/10. (even thats optimistic)
Anyways... had my intervew around 4 hours later...at 6 as I was the last person. Anyways, went in, with a good smiling face. trying to look pepped up and fresh, ut guess didn't make much of a mark. two ppl in the GD, both iimb faculty.
P1: You are the last guy sir, I am sure you would have already asked everyone what all we are asking. What did they tell you....
I blabber some things...
P1: So I am sure you know the answers to these q's to, and you would have fine tuned them in the meantime. Whats the use asking you these...
....( still smiling)
List out the questions you think I should ask you...
I repeat the same set of q's again. :wink:
P1: Now that you have said it all, in the same sequence...kindly answer them for me.
(I rant out the who am i answer) 😲

P1: So ...you have put me in a very tough situation... everything about you is perfect...very good acads, sports, vice chaiman of coll... what should I ask you to judge a person of your caliber... ( I could almost see the smirk..)

Still kept smiling...suggested he asks me about my be project, homestate, hobbies...anything he wants to.

P2 (till then, he was just reading my form answers) You say you were a introvert when you entered college.....and tried to open up consciously. Is being introvert bad ? :!:

P1: Long term goal... and kept questioning it for 5 minutes. In the end, had me confused about my own goals.

P2: Okay sir.. thanks. You can leave. Before that, anything you want to know about the college?
I say..."what are the various teaching tools that you use...gd, case studies.."
P2 answers, but says something else. says the onus is on student to learn...nothing about the tools.
I am visibly uncomfortable... but take the answer. Start getting up.
P1: SO, satisfied with the answer?
Not really sir...
P1: So.... why didn't to pester him for an answer?
I ask again...still smiling..
P2 answers ..but its not much better than the first. I again accept it.
P2 : Are you now satisfied..?
P2: how can you be...I am not. he didn't answer what you asked... :shock:
U come across as a person who dosn't want to hurt other ppl. is that so..
"Sir, I like to get the work done by placing faith in the person... and not castigating him. I feel he grws more by that. "
P2: smiles.... ok. ? You may leave.

End of interview. I missed out two q's... role model in life and example where I have displayed creativity. Overall, I was pretty fresh and smiling throughout (maybe a bit too much at times...) , but the only drawback is the GD performance, which was definitely not good enough. Also, the last part of the intervew, in which I got myself neatly trapped. Dunno about chances, but they are definitely bleak, if not bad.
Have 5 more... hoping for the best then. 😐


Here's my experience in the B gd/pi:

Date: 22nd March, Time: 2 pm, Venue: IIMB campus, Bangalore
Panel had 2 profs., a guy and a lady. The guy had a slightly American (or atleast non-Indian 😃 ) accent. Group had 10 members of whom 1 was absent (apparently not interested).

GD topic: Television is fast making India a nation of watchers, not doers.

Procedure similar to what has been stated above. 5 mins. of prep. Given 20 minutes of time. Our group was excessively peaceful, very rarely did two people speak at the same time. Few good points raised, but the last 3-4 minutes, we started repeating some points. I spoke thrice for short durations, and in general, my own performance was so-so, not great at all. However, I wrote a fair enough summary.

As for the PI, all 3 people who had their interviews before me had mostly questions on work-ex, and a little on other aspects. So, I went in expecting similar kinds of questions. And they didn't disappoint :). Let M = male interviewer, F = female interviewer, T = me. Trying to recollect most of it:

M: So how is it working at (ur co.)?
T: Good and a rich experience. In these two years, I have been put on 4 projects, each of a different type with different kinds of teams.
M: So what are u currently working on?
T: Our flagship product is now in maintenance mode and this work has shifted from the US to India. I was involved in this transition. Now I am handling maintenance work on it.
M: So what does this 'maintenance' involve?
T: Interacting with customers or customer support engineers and prioritizing their issues, and finally, fixing and delivering the product to them.
M: What are your personal learnings from this work?
T: Personal learnings have been both on the technical and the communications side. Technically, I am new to this domain and it's a totally new learning for me. Communications-wise, it has been a challenge to make a transition using video-conf calls, emails and the phone only, i.e. without visiting the US myself. Also one gets to learn the conventions that those Americans use to communicate.

F: So, what kind of a product is this that u work on?
T: (I describe some major features and the concept behind the product. This obviously seems very new to her)
F: Does there exist a market for such a product?
T: Certainly, the no. of user licenses runs into millions and over a thousand customers exist.
F: (some more questions on the utility of the product)
T: (answers)
M: (more technical questions on interoperability of the product)
T: (answers)
F: Is there any competition to ur co. in this space?
T: there is stiff competition (she is dismayed :), and I talk abt our rivals in this space)

M: (changing tack) so u have stated in ur answers (to the 3 written questions given alongwith gd summary) that u want to excel in the information systems and its business applications. What does that mean?
T: (I blabber things abt how i want to ultimately found an IT consultancy firm which helps firms make the best choice on IT deployments in their organizations and then implement those solutions for them)
F: So what stops u from founding your consultancy firm today? Why is it only a long-term goal?
T: I have only two years of technical experience. In this field, continuous learning is needed. Again, i know next to nothing abt the functional areas inside orgs. and want to acquire knowledge there. Some experience abt business practices in different domains is also required. So an educational course would be an ideal foundation here. (meaning: please select me 😃 )
M: So why don't you switch to, say, PriceWaterhouse Coopers, work there for 5 years and then start ur firm?
T: That's certainly an alternative but then, all my learning would have to happen on-the-job and besides, once you join a large org. like that, it is difficult to move within the org. and hence expertise across diff. areas cannot be acquired. I want to build a strong foundation in business fundae just as one would do a BE for engg. fundae (we know how far this is correct :)) )

M: So what do u think abt the Indian IT industry, is it just BPO and nothing else? Or can we develop products on our own?
T: At present, the scenario doesn't seem encouraging for product dev. and there is a certain stigma attached to failed entrepreneurial ventures, which makes people hesitant to think differently. Basically what we lack is focus, not ability.
M: So what trend do u see? Large product firms in India or small ones?
T: We certainly have to start in the small. U can see many start-ups in Bangalore nowadays developing their own IP and products and that is an encouraging sign.

F: What do u do in ur spare time?
T: I read a lot, both fiction and non-fiction, I listen to music, mostly old Hindi film songs, and quizzing is another hobby. I usually participate in the public quizzes in Bangalore and also post quizzes on yahoogroups. I also handle a quiz column in the weekly internal newsletter in my co.
F: Do you still attend quizzes even after joining ur co.?
T: as long as they are on weekends, i do.

M: ok, thanks, you can go.
T: thanks a lot.

That was it. In MBA students' lingo, I talked a lot of 'globe' :). Anyway, I don't repent any answer that I gave. Time taken was 20 mins. and at no point did I feel even remotely uncomfortable.
However, once I came out, I had lots of doubts on what exactly they wanted to see in the candidate, what was the basis on which they would evaluate ppl? I had kept my folder of certificates and marksheets in front of them, but they did not even look at it. I might have missed a few certificates and it wouldn't have mattered. Similar experience for almost everybody in our group.
But again, I think the interviewers thought, why waste time on certificates and recos. etc. that have already been submitted? Let's ask them something else. So end-result may of course depend on gd/pi as well as other aspects.

Got my L interview tomorrow. Will post abt it on the L thread.


Hi !
Had my GDPI on 22 march 2.00 pm at IHM, mumbai.
topic: Television is fast making India a nation of watchers, not doers.
GD was peaceful and satisfactory. The only hitch was tht we all exceeded the given 10 minutes for the form!! ( i hope it didnt decide ourf uture !!!!!)
Our PIs were too short (approx 15 to 20 minutes )(i was 3rd so dunno abt the rest )and general ! we were 7 CAs and 1 Engg. the panelists were not too familiar with finance. Not much Qs were asked. Either they ahd made up their mind to chuck us all out or had decided on whom they wanted to pick.
My PI started with Why MBA after CA/CS. the 7 months gap after finishing articleship till date.
which audits: focus in audits, analysis of B/S:Modvat - pros and cons: opposition to VAT: What do u do in yr free time:
I was actually disappointed after the PI since it was too general, as if a mere formality !
well, thts done for me. Looking forward to L on 29th.

I had my GD earlier today (23rd).

GD topic was Should GD and PI be removed as a selection criterion for management schools. I made 3-4 good new points and sopoke about 8-9 times in total. It was a good GD where everyone got a chance to speak.

The PI was almost entirely technical. I had mentioned my interests in the automobile sector in my SOP and the panel (both with Operations background) pounced on it.

I was able to answer almost all questions except for one question at the end in which they asked me about the relationship between the bore/stroke ratio and engine performance. I said that I didn't know and that was the end of the PI.

what are the personal questions that ppl have to write answers to after their gd??

bestfrnz4u Says
what are the personal questions that ppl have to write answers to after their gd??

Three questions are asked (not the exact wording):

1. Which person has influenced you the most, if any, and how?
2. What qualities do u see in urself which makes u suitable for a management career?
3. What are ur career plans and how does a PGP from IIMB fit into these plans?


hey.. how come posts on this thread have stopped!
pplz plz share ur experiences.. !
nebody with iimb int's in bangalore? how are da panels?


hi all

thro with my IIM B..another day of anti climax..:-p
as cool as it could get..if i thought A was cool this was ICE !!

G D :- POpulation of india is nto a problem but an oppurtunity...geeral farting..all came up with points..gud group...decent GD..though we did not summarise still we were more or less convergent on whts to be done ....

PI :-
Q: -whts india's score ?? sehwag hit 300 yet ???
Q:- did we disturb u from the amtch !!!
A:- guess its worth it ;)
Smiles all around....

from then on discussion veered to consultancy, BCG's implementaiton program in our Co., outsourcing, can McK outsource assignments to india fully ? why or why not ? (Told em if client is Indain firm, no issues)...Some fart on confidentiality in outsourcing..Lehmann Brothers taking back the wipro contract,WTO, Free markets ?? GUd or bad ?
Back to my firm...why demerger ?? why divestent ?? whts ROCE ? is divestment decision purely a function of ROCE ? ...
Why dont u directly take FPM (i had written doctorate as long term goals.)..u have such gud acads..guess u shud directly take FPM>>so can we offer u FPM ???
I was like, dude i want some salary in bank... ...

HOW ARE PENCILS MADE ??!!!! (the only Q i cudnt answer!!):(

dude, first congrats on a great interview :).. you sure will make it...

afaik, pencils are made thus
mix clay and graphite with water to get the right hardness/softness - the proportion of clay and graphite determines whether the pencil is HB-2B-2H-4B-4H etc... the mixture is then heated at a high temperature and given the cylindrical shapes... then two blocks of wood have grooves cut into them.. the graphite "lead" is placed in the groove betwen the two pieces and the pieces are glued together to make the pencil...


Well , I had a rather wierd GD/Iview experience . Was held on the 23rd of this month at IIMB . Was busy prepping for IIML , so didn't have the time to post my experience . But better late than never .

GD was scheduled for 2:00 pm . But started only at 2:30 . The list of 10 students in my panel was outside the room , and I found out , much to my dismay , that I was the 10th . When we went inside , the panelists introduced themselves as L.S.Murthy and Janat Shah , from tthe OR dept at IIMB . You ppl must have heard of the good cop /bad cop routine . Well , LS was clearly the good cop and JS looked like he was frustrated with life . LS told us that the GD will be for 20 mins , 5 mins prepping and 10 mins to summarise on a form . He also said that the Iview will be held in order of names posted outside the room , and he looked at me , smiled and said , " so u must have a fair idea how long u will have to wait " . I smiled back and said " yea , I do " . He said " nice to see someone smiling about it " .

GD topic : " Use of animals in medical research is immoral and should be banned "

Was a pretty civilised GD , nothing like I have seen in TIME GD classes . Except for a couple of occasions when 3-4 ppl were talking simultaneously , there was some order . I spoke on abt 8-9 occasions and ws able to brring some good points to the table . But 1 chap from oracle ruined it for us all . He acted like he was the LORD OF THE GD and tried to police the whole thing . He said things like " Excuse me , u have spoken enough , now give others a chance " and " excuze me , this person hasnt spoken ne thing , plz let him speak " . All of us felt like kicking his ass then and there . Everyone was irritated with his behaviour , as I found out from them after the GD when we were waiting outside for the interview . Nut all in all , I think it was a good GD . Surprisingly , all of us seemed to agree that use of animals should not be banned .

Interview experience on the next post .


As for my interview , was nothing like I ever thought it would be .

GD was over at 3:00 , and I was the last person in my group , so my iview started at 6:45 .
Assume LS = LS Murthy
JT = Janat Shah
NR = Me

LS : LS : I dont know how to tell u sorry for ........
NR : Im sorry ?
LS : Im telling u sorry ... why are you telling me sorry ?
NR : No sir ... Im saying sorry coz I couldnt hear what u said
LS : I dont know how to tell u sorry for making u wait for so long
NR : Its ok sir ............ I met quite a few nice ppl outside... was able to spend my time talkin to them
LS : (smiling) then u should tell me thank u
NR : Ok sir ... in that case ... thank u
LS : Since I made u wait ..... im gona give u an option that no one b4 u had
LS : Im gonna let u choose any topic to discuss
NR : U mean in poliitics .. economics ... sports ...or ....
LS : No..... any thing under the sun

NR : Can I choose MYSELF as the topic
LS : (smiles) ... well if u choose urself as the topic .. what will be the question that I ask u ?
NR : I choose myself as the topic ............................................. and the question u will ask me is ................ " Can u introduce urself "

so i spoke abt myself for a minute, highlighting my good acads ... lotsa prizes in extracurrics and my posts of responsibility .
Somewhere in my intro , I told him I participate in advertising competitions .

LS : You say u participate in ad competitions . What do u mean by that .
NR : Sir , in the cultural competitions scene in Chennai , there is a very popular comp. called adzap . Its a team competition , where u are given a product or a service to advertise , and 5 mins to prepare . Then u have to go on stage and advertyise for about 5 mins , after which u will be questioned for 2 mins by the judges .

LS : What is the purpose of advertising ?
NR : Sir , the purp. of advertising is for the company to convey to it's target customer base that the company makes X product , which has such and such properties and qualities , and that it is superior to a competitor's product in such and such way . It can also be used to build a prdt.'s brand image .
LS : I am gonna give u a product to advertise . U will ahve to do some parallel processing . While u are thinking of ur ad , we will question u on other issues . Then we will come back to the ad.
LS : the prdt. is .................. PGP at IIMB
NR : Who is my target population .
LS :I dont know , that is for u to decide .

JS : Shall we go to ur major , ECE ?
NR : Sure sir .
JS : What is ur favourite subject .
NR : Cellular Communication .
JS : CAn u wxplain the diff b/w GSM and CDMA ?
NR : Sir it will take some time , maybe a couple of mins , but I can surely explain .
JS : Go ahead .

So I explained the whiole 9 yards in abt 2-3 mins , following which they asked a couple of questions , whic I was able to answer .

LS :Now back to the ad .
NR :I will prepare 3 separate ads , 1 for indian students , 1 for foreidn studs and 1 for recruiters .

Then I went on to highligght the parameters whilh will be highlighted .
1. Stringent selection
2. recruiters
3.Peer group
4. facilities and infrastructure
6.Largest no of electives
7. Student exchange programe

They asked me to prioritise those points , which I did , but the priorities were diff for studs and recruiters .

finally , 20 mins later .....

LS : thank u , u may go

Well thats that . The rest is with god .


I totally agree with suhas.
IIMB i/w was cool ..
Dunnno what they are lookin for..
I tried to be myself rather than uttering prepared answers..and i think it helped..

Here is my IIMB interview....lemme know how it went

RLM- Rajyalakshmi Moorthy
NR - Narsimha rao..
both of them conducted my interview..

RLM:where are u frm?
A:i am from karimnagar a town 160 kms north of hyd

NR:where did u do ur schooling.
A:in karimnagar sir

RLM:so u went to IIT Guwahati after that...

RLM:u dont seem to have performed well at IITG ur acads are low.
A: yes most of my schoooling was in karimnagar after i went to IITG, i had a kind of change of environment and culture..
people were speaking refined english and i cudnt ..soo i ws having low confidence ..later i realised that i should change and stated reading and etc to develop personality i also interacted with ppl..

RLM:okie bbut how did that effect ur acads
A: wel in 1 st year i had cources in c++ and c..i never saw a comp before that i dont evn know basics
so i had to spend extra amount of time in labs and all that affectd my acads in 1 year,...that affected mmy whole acads but i did some good projects at IITg and that fetched me internship at KAIST.
i handled a roboticss workshop conducted by Mechanical Engg students association and conducted practicals...
i think koreans were impressed because while recruiting me they enquired about that project

RLM okie okie i so u had lot of things going on ur mind..

RLM: how did koreans recruit u ? interviews?
A: no we interacted thru mails..
RLM: so despite low acads u are pretty happy with ur projects n all?
A: yes Madam

NR : so how was working in delmia?
A : it was a nice experience.delmia as an org of 6500 ppl has rigid processes in place,. so i could see how delmia grew frm a start-up to a big orgnisation.
i could see what steps are involved in growth and what all need to be standardised as u grow up

NR:anything else u wanna add to it..
A: yes it was a nice learning experience ...i learnt c and c++ and CNEXT (our architecture). moreover, i learnt how to be a team player

then coupla Qs abt my work at delmia-

RLM: so do u have any performance review kind of thing at Delmia?
A: yes Maam jus last week i had my apprisal. we are generally graded on 3 point scale. i got the highest grade .
my project leader was pretty happy with me...
moreover jus yesterday my PL came to me and enquired me abt my classmated he wants to recruit my classmates also..so may be they are impressed with my perf..thats another good thing happent to me

RLM: so do u think they can perform as good as u did
A: atleast they were better than me at IITG..so i hope they perform better than me

NR: so did u really go to SK.
A: yes sir.

NR so how was korea?
A: korea is a beautiful country sir and most of the ppl there are involved in high end research.
for example my prof was involved in making 1 inch hard disk drive to integrate it with mobiles...
thats the kind of work they do.
comint to the economy , they have two big companies...LG and samsung they are literally into everything frm tooth paste to ship building...as we see LG and samsun are success stories in india..so i feel their business management strategeis are also acclaimed all over the world..

NR: do u think india should emulate south korea...do u think india should indulge in high reseearch stuff?
A: no sir, our economy is rural economy..we are based on agriculture...so i think we should concentrate more in grass root things rather that high tech things
NR: grass root things like??
A: when we get good monsoon , our GDP is 8 % and when we dont have good monsoon our gdp growth is 4.5 % ..so i think we should think in those lines to make us more independant of monsoons
another thing is th e literacy rate..koreans have 95 % we too should improve our literacy rates.
and also population..they are jus 5 crores so it becomes easy to handle things..so we too shud concentrate on higher literacy rates and control outr population

NR so how does IT help in that??
A: IT helps in providing rural connectivity and good services to ppl at lower costs ...it brings in flexibility and also helps in educating them.

RLM : so y mba? u said u want to expand ur dads busines tell us something abt it..
A: my dad is sewing machine dealer and we have our own brand ...i am planning to establisg a factory to manufacture our machines...

RLM: so u thing there is ample market for that in future?
A:yes maam. if we look at the trend, levis shut its operations in US and relocated in south east asia...same with leather industry... nike adidas etc relocated to south east asia...
so there is ample market for machines in this area..as of now the players in this feild export their machines to south east asia and it is gonna increase drastically in futire .
moreover the local players concentrate more on house hold machines...industrial machines area still has lot of scope

NR:so u want to concentrat more on Industrial machines?
A:yees i want to concentrate "MORE" on industrial machines...

RLM: - do u mean house hold machines dont have market?
A: no not like that...there is lot of scope in that too..but i would like to concentrate more on industrail side..because all the local players are involved only in House hold machines

NR: there are already big players in that feild..so how will u go abt it?
A; alll the big players outsource 75% of manuf to local players ..so i still have a chance there...i can get outsourcing contracts...

RLM: then if u have soo clear thoughts, why dont u go and start it now itseld..y do u wanna waste 2 years?
A:two years of MBA is worth it beacause of globalisation business today poses huge challenges and after MBA i think i ll be in a position to handle challenges well..

RLM: y not hire an MBA?
A: yes i can but i want to do it myself. i want to handle challenges myself and learn from it and grow up

Q: Do u plan to take a job after MBA?
A: No maam
RLM: do u have any Q's

i asked what is the scope of extra curricular activities
RLM said in lighetr vein, extra curricular are the only things studs do here

i said i always wanted to learn violin
and i got a chance in bangalore i dint have scope for it in guwahati and karimnagar..
so i want to continue with that....moreover gym helps me to be in positive frame of mind...so i want to continue with all these things later also..

they askled me which music hindustani or carnatic?

i said carnatic..

RLM asked me abt the instructor..
told them

NR: it is good that u have diversified interests

thats all u may go now
Thank you sir bol ke chala aaya..

they could have grilled me on violin and gym stuff..
but they didnt..dunno why? may be they felt i am a gone case 😉 lets see whats in store.