[2004] IIM A GD/PI Exp.

Dudes cum Dudettes (no pun) :: Me sitting at my friends room in IIM A er completing GD PI for IIM A ! :).. All i can say is it was an anti climax after days of thinkign bout stress and stuff !!! :: GD was cool Case study - HR.....

Dudes cum Dudettes (no pun)

Me sitting at my friends room in IIM A er completing GD PI for IIM A ! :)..
All i can say is it was an anti climax after days of thinkign bout stress and stuff !!!

GD was cool
Case study - HR..

Workmen not working properly in a wagon production firm..punching in and thn loafing bout and coming back to punch out.. a bit of trade unionism thrown in
Decent GD..no fights...no fish !! :)

PI :- 3 member panel...cool lady..2 guys...

Qs :-
1. is this ur first time in A'bad /
a:- no..was in baroda for 6 months on a hydrocarbon project....went on a tour of gujju land !!

2. so u have been in tanzania..how dya find tht place ?
a :- pretty cool :-p
some aaltoo phaltoo farting...

Guy :- So u are a mechanical engg (i was like "i were one... )..how much of mech engg do u know still ??

A :- smiel..broad and charming.. NOT MUCH SIRRRRR

q :- how does a fan rotate without noise ??
q:- how does doors with springs close without bang ?

TOld asn as dampeners for both..

q:- wht type of dampeners >
Dunno..guess its bal bearing in first case and spring in second...

q :- GUESS ??
a ;- smile..YES !!

2nd guy :- talk but work, technical colloboration, managin nlocal workeers in africa,well head strucutre,jackets/piling..types ..engg consultants ? radiographs of welding (jus farting around....nothing specifically technical..jus if ur using it ? do u know something etc etc ?..managed pretty well

q :-wht other interests ?
a :- stocks..

..im 100% sure sir !! :-p9actually now im not so sure ;)

lady :- thts it suhas...nice meeting u..u can take a toffeee

decent panel...as cool as u cud expect..no stress AT ALLLLLLLLLLLL

thts about it..shall edit and add if i rem later...

and atb

Dude....that was it?!!?! i mean the duration of the interview....anyway it looks like u did it well...all the best.


me too had my gd/pi yesterday at ahmedabad.

case study topic:
same as snan's(which panel were u with.which room??? me p3 r2)
made a few decent entries n tried giving d entire discussion a structure

(i m a fresher currently in final year engg inft)

1>how did u prepare for cat?
gave papers.no classes.had friends notes from his classes.but realized they werent of that great use.papers.papers.

2>what did u do d day b4 cat?
watched a movie and listened 2 songs.........no studies for me d whole week

3>many students here 2de wid an inft background?does it help?
i dun think so

4>one question on logic

5>questions on my final year project
my proj deals with AI using case based reasoning(revolved d nex 5-6 questions around it trying to p[rove i m nt using AI but m writing a simple program)

6>my academics show a consistent fall?why?

7>what is white revolution?
knew dat 1.spoke abt kurien ,anand n d milk co-operative


gave me a samosa n a toffee(dunno y)

others were given mangola,pattice n cake!!!!!!!!!!

i gues d whole things a lot hyped.no stress.no questions on d course studied.was absolute chill.no usual questions:tell me abt u?y mba?y shud v select u?
nobody was asked such questions

best of luck 2 u all!!!

u have fixed a seat for yourself in the most coveted institute of INdia


u have fixed a seat for yourself in the most coveted institute of INdia

Please tell me what all study materials and test series did you use( I have another thread for that..named:CAT crackers please help...please answer there)


ok dumb question....

most of the people on my panel...were given sweets....a few werent....
anything to be read into this?


ok dumb question....

most of the people on my panel...were given sweets....a few werent....
anything to be read into this?


may be the sweets were consolation prizes (dumb qstn => dumb answer !!!)

PS : though i wud hate to think that, cuz me too got sweets, and they insisted that i took two => they thoroughly disliked me !!

HI !
though i am not one of those lucky/elite few who get a call form A... i ahd faced the same situation of ethics vs pragmatism in a mock interview at CF.
i guess, one shud say tht i need to look into the larger picture here, since though my principles are important to me, its a conscious decision i will be making,... ie if i decide to compromise on my principles.. it is for a cause... for my family... sir/ maam .. i cannot forget my family... after all i owe a lot to my family...they have sacrificed so much for me till now, can i nto sacrifice once for them ????
i am sure.... its a gud enuf reason !
wat say dudes?
- Neha
( lemme know if this is ok ?)

IIMA GD PI experience :-

GD case study:-
johnson is the head of RND dept of a MNPC pharma company. dozage is the supplier of liquid glucose which is a raw material for a product. It is found that this glucose forms hazy "fungus" like substance which is not actually fungus. whether it is harmful is not known. Dozage is most renowned supplier and has a very good past record. there are other 2 suppliers who are not dependable and are new suppliers, but have liq glucose supplies which dont form the hazy substance. johnson studies the samples of all 3 suppliers and finds 2 of the new suppliers satisfactory and is wondering why Dozage dint inform MNPC about this hazy substance..

What should johnson do ?

Good GD.. peacefull and coordinated although it digressed a lil..was pretty happy with the performance of mine as well as the whole group.
Dudes and Princesses .! here is my Experience.. Hope it helps

p1 , P2, P3 : interviewers
Me:- Jon arbuckle.

p2:- what do expect from the interview?
me :- in what sense.?
p2:- what did u hear from the other guys? ( i was the last one!)
me- interviews were normal , no stress , no grilling, guys were happy p2:- do u expect a stress interview.
me - i dont mind .. actually it depends how u take it .
p2:- ok i wont take a stress interview. but u will have to really stress your brain .
me - ok !
p2 - so what is your fav subject?
me - IC engines !
p2 - how many yrs will it take for phasing out of IC engines .. waht are the alternatives .
me - blah blah ... 15-20 yrs .. not all IC engines will be phased out. only daily usage vehicles , cars mite.. in F1 races etc.. they mite continue using IC engines etcc.etecc..
p2- reasons why IC engines will go out?
me - polution , noise, oil prices going up ,
p2- ok tell me how would u find no of vehicles in Ahmedabad. assuming u r the first person to find this out and u have no source of data ..
me- sampling etc... select some areas representing the entire ahd and then count the no. and project for the entire Ahd. depending on the area. etc.. or find the sales of few sales companies( say 5) and project for the total sales for the last 10 yrs.. take into account the life of the vehicle and calculate how many get phased out every yr etc. etc.. ..
p2 gave me data and told me to calculate ...
me - did that ... .. he was helping me in betn .. i asked him if i could make assumptions etc.. and he agreed on some ..not on others and came out with the figures..
p2:- ok so that is the final figure..
me - more or less. yes ..
p2 - so what about vehicles coming frm other cities into Ahd..?
me - oh yeah .. :-(( . ! that should also be taken into account ...

( btw i donno what else i missed out )!!!

p2 - ok tell me what are types of engines .
me - Spark ignition , compression Igni.
p2 - fuels ? draw cycles ..! otto , diesel , carnot , which one has better efficiency , why ? , rate all these cycles in terms of efficiency, why not diesel in OTTO cycle etc. etc.. what is knocking.. .. which engines are prone to that?... explain how it happens in bothe engines ! what are ratings for the fuel ( octane no , cetane no etc) .. define octane no,cetane no.... who is deisel. whatz his name( i cud recollect Vin diesel only , at the end i could rremember it was Rudolph , told him!) ? Otto ? Carnot?.. ok .. Good.! u know your fav sub well !! (actually i had just read the book IC engines by Mathur sharma on sunday.monday it wasnt hard to recollect all of this)..

p3 : -ok tell me about infy. work? etc etc.. define professionalism! ( i used this word ). wht is the name of company making pepsi , coke... tell me or visualise for me the flow - from start(from the raw materials) to end (at home) of a bottle of pepsi. why the gap betn october 2003 and present .. (CAT etc) ..why ? (iim education is the priority for me). ( he shut up there itself was satisfied with the answer). OK !

p1 :- ok .. tell me wht national parks have u visited. (i stay at borivali , therez a national park at borivali.) what are the unique features ..etc.. kanheri caves.. hindu or buddhist?? ajanta/ ellora hindu or buddhist? .( answered these).where else... mahabalipuram sculptures etc.( i have no idea sir!! :-(( ).. ok !
ok Jon !!
thats about it .!
u can go .. have a nice day!
me thank u sir......!

Blore ka bhi ho gaya , but .. will write about that later!

cannt imagine tht nbdy had the a interview in all these days
gz put in ur experiences will help all others

edited----seems like a guyz r having a break in between

had mi GD/PI @ Ahmedabad

Case Study involved a company high on ethics which has to decide whether to service its regular customers or a project of national importance, by a company with not-too-sound credentials.

discussion was ok.... intially we had some gud ideas , almost everyone contributed .... got a bit noisy sometimes, but was overall pretty decent discussion...

PI started off with discussion on my role in my present organisation....
Id mentioned some stuff bout how i had led development of a system for monitoring
they were grilling me on whether i was a leader in this endeavor
the interview then veered towards who a leader is

wat r ur hobbies...
i said reading fiction
some qs on wat books i read.....
about John Grisham's latest novel ... how it was different from his other stuff(thankfully i knew these stuff)....

then some technical qs on

y VHF is line of site propagation?
fourier series :shock:
taylor series :shock: :shock: (said very sweetly i had NO idea at present )

then some better qs on CDMA vs GSM
y CDMA is better
then some qs on Reliance's services....
how Reliance had affected the telecom market
and its ethics (ALWAYS get those qs )
final q was: who do u think sets telecom policy in india: TRAI or Reliance
i said: TRAI..... definitely TRAI....
and i smiled and they laughed over it


do the copies of marksheets and extra-curricular certificates need to be attested for iim-a. pls. reply asap.



do the copies of marksheets and extra-curricular certificates need to be attested for iim-a. pls. reply asap.


no attestation needed for IIM A.....

also i believe u only need photocopies of marksheets.... only have 2 show them the originals of the extra-currs

they collect the marksheet photocopies along with the forms b4 the GD


do the copies of marksheets and extra-curricular certificates need to be attested for iim-a. pls. reply asap.


NO............the call letter does not say so..........if u do get it attested...May be they`ll stert grilling u on it.....u never know


hi all
this is how my A gd/pi went

GD: case study about management educationa dn how students shud manage time between academis and extra curricular activities....
it was an interesting case and we spoke for almost 25 mins as he had told us not to stop till he says so.....

PI: first in the batch....
1)area of interest...networking
2)lots of qs on protocols, standards, tcp/ip, osi, circuit switching, packet switching....
3)about cellular technology: difference b/w 1g, 2g, 3g...r gsm and gprs competing technologies....which g do they belong to??? what abt cdma???
4)difference between walkie-talkie and pust to talk (started off with simplex and half-duplex...but lost my way in the middle)
5)what r submarine cables? who has laid them in india?
6)what is bandwidth? what is braoadband? can u buy bandwisth? who sells them? who assigns them?
7)then moved on to interests (music and books)....asked me about latest book (the gr8 gatsby) asked me to tell the story (!!!)....then asked me about wuthering heights(one of the fav novels)...about PG wodehouse(coz i said hes my fav author)
asked me abt soem ragas in hindustani...told them ive learnt carnatic....then asked me wot kind of music??? whether i give performances......
9)then thr was a long discussion about management education based on the points i had made in the case study......

overall it was ok except for a few tech questions.....went for a little more than 20 mins....
(my background: engg working in s/w co, 2003 passout)

see ya all
best of luck for the rest

Hi everybody,

My GD/PI was on the 6th of April, 9 am at IIM Bangalore.

The GD was as expected a case. Ours was about the problems a personnel manager of a mill which has been making losses faces as he tries to enforce a VRS scheme on his employees. Overall, a very peaceful discussion with equitable distribution of talk-time between all the participants. There were actually 8 people in our group. One person unfortunately misread his interview letter and thought that it started at 10 (ouch) . He showed up about half an hour late and had to get his GD/PI rescheduled. Other than that, the GD went rather well. Nobody knew much about the particular industry (cotton yarn related) and so the GD didn't really get into much depth, but decent points were brought up nevertheless.

I was first in the group to be interviewed (love it when that happens, no painful wait in the lobby outside ) . There were three gentlemen in the panel, one slightly younger person who looked in his twenties (will refer to him as young dude, YD from now), one technical fundu types in his early forties (TF) and one very nice gentleman in his early sixties (HR); totally HR types.

I went in and the first thing I see is that TF has the photocopy of my college transcript in front of him. "Doomed", I think..."Technical. Here goes A :D". Anyways, he starts off by very politely asking me some database related question, which I equally politely reply to saying "I'm sorry, but I don't know". He gives me this little smile which reads something like "Oh no, not another engineer who spent too much time freaking out and too little time studying in college". I smile back with something that reads "Oh yes, yet another engineer who spent too much....". Anyways, he then goes onto asking questions about AI after I tell him that that was my favourite subject, and we have a discussion about what constitutes intelligence, what constitutes real intelligence, what constitutes artificial intelligence etc etc. We then talked about MinMax (I've worked on game dev for some time, so that brought this up) and I explained MinMax to him on a sheet of paper. YD chipped in with a question about game theory which I answered (don't know if I was right though).

HR was flipping through my certs all the while and once TF was done, took over. This was the most enjoyable part of the interview. He started a discussion about my life in Saudi Arabia (I had studied upto my Xth there). Asked about the advantages and disadvantages of studying there, about influences during my formative years etc. This discussion went on for quite some time, almost 10 minutes. Overall, it was a lot of fun.

At this point, HR and TF look at each other and then at me and say "Thank you." I'm about to get up when YD sheepishly requests the other guys to let him ask a few questions too. We're all smiles now and then YD asks me probably the best questions of the day. In his own words, "You see and hear a lot about India Shining these days...tell me what in your opinion are the 2 things in the last 55 years that make you the most proud to be an Indian, and tell me 2 such events in the last 5 years". I had to think quite a bit before I answered here. Finally answered. They gave me the standard cookie-toffee-coffee combination. And that was that :).

All in all, I felt that my GD/PI was decent. Nothing running-down-the-halls-naked-yelling-Eureka super fantastic, but definitely decent. Rating of personal performance would be something like 7 out of 10.

However, I was muchos impressed by the entire process. To me, everything about it...the way it was organized, the way the panelists behaved, the innate confidence they exuded; showed the class of this institute. The interview was a quality one. They tested technical knowledge, self-awareness and thought process. At the end of it, I was very happy to have gone through this process. Irrespective of which way the results go, I'm happy to have been part of it.


hey ..there was a list of all the states with their chief minister n other stats in 1 of the forum topics...i CANT find it...any1 know which one it is????

hi kans,
i think this is wat u were searching for.....


hope it helps...

Had my IIMA Gd/PI at bangalore.both were nowhere near the hype created about stress and stuff.Gd was cool with everyone getting an opportunity to speak.
The case ---
X migrates from a village to a city and sets up a sweets business.Milk and raw materials are supplied by 2 of his friends.This goes on for 57 years. X''s son Amit is a graduate in Commerce.X lays emphasis on quality rather rather than on profits.So Amit is not too happy with the current arrangement. Once he takes over, he changes the milk and raw materials suppliers(who gives major discounts on their stuff).One day,Amit sends across a batch of sweets to his daughter's school for a party.30 out of 270 students fall sick due to food poisoning.parents of the students are influential . Principal calls up Amit at 9PM that day and threatens to take legal action against him and also close his business. What should Amit do???

This is the gist of the case.I mite have missed out a few facts.
The PI was cool.It went on for just 15 to 20 minutes.They asked me questions majorly from my work-ex(i have 8 months of work-ex).That too from what I had written in the form. And as usual, the interview ended with them offering a toffee.
Nowhere near the stress levels that is usually expected.