[2004] FMS Interviews feedback

hi guys, i know this is a bit premature as the iviews r startin tomm(atleast here in delhi) but i hope u guys wont mind my startin this thread. :smiley: ive got it tomm at 11:00 am at delhi.the thing is that ive got no idea abt the ex…

hi guys,

i know this is a bit premature as the iviews r startin tomm(atleast here in delhi) but i hope u guys wont mind my startin this thread. 😃

ive got it tomm at 11:00 am at delhi.the thing is that ive got no idea abt the extempore part.so..
1)what r the topics like,abstarct/factual/what??
2)whats the duration of speaking?
3)this question looks silly:is it about making sense or just tryin to spaeak at a stretch(as in the jus a min at coll)?

any links abt anythin abt the fms stuff ill be gr8.

hi cooldude,

this is my last year experience there.

extempore is of one min duration there.they will give u topic related to ur background.I studied at rec kurukshetra.i got mahabharta as topic.there.i think your innovativeness and content counts as anyone can speak at strech for one minute
w/o making sense.my friend got kahani ghar ghar ki as topic.


waiting for some posts.cooldude,leebaba where yall??

this is sad...careeraluancher posted expeirences b4 this forum..neways
check tht out

Doesnt matter how reputed the insti is i guess as long as it comes to being punctual we all
urs truly enters FMS war zone. a chap checkes xerox copies of my marksheets(doesnt matter attested or not it'a all TAURUS EXCRETUM ).
me along with 12 others :shock: take our seats in the gd room.
THE TOPIC :"adult education is the key to eradicate poverty" 😁
we are given 30 seconds to think about it , which i honestly did and the panel says start .. and then.........
@#$$&^ &^%$&^*$ 987689795
$#5 %$^&$ &^%&^%7 &^%&^%
^%$#^%$ &^%^&% &^%& bull shit. couldnt get more than a zilch of what was going on.

We are asked to wait outside and would be called for interview and extempore.. 😞
i was the first person to be called for it. i would like to give u the sequence in 'sic' so u get a feel of the interview.

lee: may i come in sir:
evrybdy sure get in:
i see they are 6 of them let me call them P1 p2 p3 p4 p5 p6.
p2: u will have an extempor5e first and then the formal intervuew will start, i will give u the topic.
p2: speak on "stock markets are true indicators"
(i thought what the heck what about the topics which i had heard of, bangalore, my fav actress etc...)
p3: ur time starts now
leebakra: #@$#4 %$#@% ^%$# ^%#$653 blah blah blah
broken window fallacy, post hoc ergo procter hoc >>>> blah blah blah

p1: stop thank you,

p6: tell us about ur academic achievements.
lee: #@@% $#^# ........

p4: which other calls?
lee:#[email protected] %$#@5 and XL

p5:wy will u coose fms fagainst all these specialy XL
lee: blah blah blah....

p1: recently ipo's weree issued tell us about them
lee:( what the heck where is the hr i/v that i was told of) anyway iocl.. etc within 20 minutes etc.....

p2:was it sold at par , premium what
lee:i dont know sir, but it was sold at around Rs 650.

p3:what is ipo and explain.
lee: initial pulic offer and explained..... 😁

p4: can a state sell the shares of a public company to private people only?
lee: NO sir (i was wrong here , i realised after talking to a senior from FMS, after the i'v of course.)

lee:every indian has a right to own shares and have a knowledge about it, so it cant be sold under the table.

p4:recents book read related 2 economics etc..
lee: sir, reading "wealth of nations at prsent"

p3:tell us all about the pin example adam amith gives.
lee: blah blah division of labour blah blah... unskilled labourer could only make 2 pins in a day.

p3:are u sure it is 2 pins i think it's 20
lee: yes sir i'm sure it's 2 (i had almost forgotten who the heck was adam smith let alone numbere of pins a fool could make in 17th century. )

ALL ps: ok lee hank you.that will be it.
lee:thank you sir, thank you madam.(go to hell )

results will be announced on the last day of the i/vs which i believe is 21st.

ps:- got a free pepsi coupon from FMS.cheers...

Wooow coool man....free Pepsi coupon and all,the college rocks man..... 😃 I guess it is the only place where you get freebies other than water ofcourse..I wish I had got a call 😃

lee:thank you sir, thank you madam.(go to hell )

😲 Do you REALLY think that way leebaba?


Had FMS on 15th @ 2pm.

Background: BSc (Genetics)... final year
Class X: 90.2 %
Class XII: 87.8%
BSc I & II: 78%

Reached at 12:30 pm, spent a bit of time talking to ppl there. Registration at 1:30 pm and GD began at 2:30 pm.

Lots of Chennai-ites in the group. My GD group had 11 guys - and me, the sole female.
GD Topic: Our education system is becoming mechanised
One minute to think and 15 mins discussion time. Bell is rung in after 14 mins, to indicate that a summary should be made. The GD was quite okay - though not high in content... plenty of airtime.

I was the first in the group to be interviewed... lasted about 8 minutes.
Extempore topic: "First come, first served"
10 secs to think, a minute to speak.

Interview was all too general... 6 ppl on the panel... mostly faculty I suppose. Oh yeah, same panel for GD and Ext, PI.
>> no acads... but "why these acads"
>> a bit about background
>> a bit about career choice
>> some Qs from SOP
>> a bit about management related reading

Thought it went quite okay.

A bit about first "feel" of FMS. It's in North Delhi in DU campus, opposite Kirorimal College, next to Hindu college and Delhi School of Economics. It's not residential, so the campus itself was small. Looks like a lot of socialising happens in the corridors there. Nice classrooms... the place has an "academic" air about it.

Delhi... aah... nice city maaan! Of course, no comparison to apna Hyd :wink: ... but Delhi's still a good place to be. Very green - and a lot less polluted than it used to be. City of HUGE distances, when compared to Hyd. Flipside: Great shopping, great crowd & lotsa yummy eye-candy

hi guys ... :(

i am down with pneumonia and high fever ... cold ... throat infection ... you name it ... i got it. i have my fms on 20th and i am afraid i am forced to cancel it. cuz the condition i am right now in, i cant even speak propely, forget abt taking part in a gd/int and travelling all the way from mumbai to delhi and back.

again i hv my iimb on 22nd ... pray for me yaaron ki tab tak theek ho jaaye. i am really so pissed with myself rite now. :(


hey i am no medico but ask ur doctor if u can take nimesulide ,it brings fever down instatntly and for longer duration as compared to paracetamol.
hope u get well soon and give the gd

why is this thread so dead! someone please say how interviews went!

hey i am no medico but ask ur doctor if u can take nimesulide ,it brings fever down instatntly and for longer duration as compared to paracetamol.

boss nimesulide will shave ur liver...there was a report in the economic times last year abt how such drugs wit dangerous side effects are in the indian market and how they are prescribed by unscrupulous docs who want their part of the comm. 4 the recco.

hi guys
sorry to post so late.was stuck wid my final yr project n exams.got home today .neways,my fms exp was pretty chilled(n dats how it was fr everyone).the gd topic was-"r bskools priviedge of the elite".wid 12 guys,twas pretty chaotic n shouytin n all.extempore-"docs r mercernaries".jus tried to keep it going fr a minute.iv was more like a chat wid no acads n jus plain questions like why mba,hobbies,coll campus,placemnet at college etc etc asked in a very superficial manner.dats it.the gd was of 15 mins.iv of 8-10 mins.the atmo was relaxed n kewl.n after all the preocedures,the free coke helped


am freaked abt extempore .... how did you guys manage to say for 1 minute abt the topic ? cant even think for material to say for 30 sec :(


Hello all

although my FMS interview yielded nothing to write home about ... yet as a responsible (!!!!) PG member ... i ought to share it with you ppl

GD topic: Women managers have to try harder to prove their credibility

Not a lot to talk about ...... result stalemate ... everyone agreeing but nobody had anything to say abt the topic ....... i did not perform well ... but did OK

PI & Extempore

First comment on my entering was that your name is famous nowaday ..( Mihir ... aka Mihir Virani ) ... what do u feel about it ? Extempore topic given was " what is in a name ? " Despite all my apprehensions .... i was able to speak for a minute ... wow ... i thought all thw orst was over . .... i did not see what future had in store for me :(

then the bombing run began ...

1. see the ac's around here ..... how is their tonnage fixed
2. mechanical engineering in a bullock cart
3. diffrence between a diesel anmd petrol engine
5. Planning scheduling & timing
6. Capital markets
7. Inflation and causes
8. devoloped, developing and under-devoloped countries ...... what are they
9. blah blah blah .... mechanical mechanical mechanical .......... 😞 😞 :(

as far as i remember ... i spent half my time in Sorry sir ... and rest in I dont know sir ...... this one is gone ...

And to top it all ... i forgot the free pepsi from the coupon :(

Chalo BCLIK await


PS: comments on PM welcomed ... koi to ummeed badhao .......

GD topic:Religion is way to escape from conflicts.

extempore:What were you doing in one year after your joining at Infy got deferred?

Q:How are marketing strategies of Infosys and wipro different?

Q:Tell me two achievements of your school and college.

Q:Why infy selects all types of engineers?

Q:Tell me name of logo (some arbit thing was shown to me)


Overall not a good practice for IIMs.this fellas stayed true to their image to arbitrariness in intv.


ok ...back from delhi ....so time to post my experience

there were two groups of 12 each having separate panels
i had jason,hereiam,freak,chandoo,and 2 other college friends in my panel
all of us had our pepsi before the GD itself
kya karte lukhe the sab

the best part was the seniors there ...they gave a presentation abt the college for 10 minutes and then addressed to all our doubts apprehensions
gave tips and pointers to clear the interview too

GD topic :- All prevailing problems in india are the result of all prevailing corruption

spoke few points ...agreed with few ...overall content was low ...but a nice gd
no one fought or got too aggressive

Extempore topic :- "your fav corporate leader"

for the nth time talked abt Louis V. Gerstner
talked abt his book "who says elephants cant dance"
the panel stops me after 1 minute and asks me to talk abt indian leader
i start with narayan murthi this time

then starts the interview

> diff between comp science and Information technology
> name of 7 business magzines
> pages i read in newpaper
> extra curricular activities
> courses like spirituality shud be included in MBA courses

and then thank you !!
i look from left to right ...all of them say thank you

dont know what to expect

PS:- other ppl got extempore topics like
women make better managers

anyone here with 11 am on 19th ? ...