Hi folks, Do any of you have any idea abt the MET… you know, the type of questions… and what else to expect… anybody could let me know how to prepre for it… that would be a great help…

Hi folks,
Do any of you have any idea abt the MET..... you know, the type of questions... and what else to expect.... anybody could let me know how to prepre for it..... that would be a great help.....

Hi Windisha,

I have a soft copy of it. If you can reply to this mail, with your email ID, I will mail it across to you.


HI Windisha,
Well, they ask u some Qs on ur personality and on some other topics for which u write a answer in about a para and there 4-5 Qs in which u have to write about a brand logo whose picture is given. Right, Harish? Anyway great to see ppl interested in MICA cause its one of my fav insts.

Sandeep A.

And harish,
Please also send me a mail of the paper at "[email protected]".

Sandeep A.

And harish,
Please also send me a mail of the paper at "[email protected]".



I will put up the paper online here today evening.

Also IMS has provided 1 MET practice test with its ADMAT course material. please check it.

Hi People,

I contacted a friend of mine who is in MICA with the following questions and the following was her reply. hope it gives a clear idea to others abt MICA and its selection process, like it has given me.

The Questions that I asked:


I have given my CAT this year and also applied for MICA. Can you please give me the following insider information: ;-)

1) What time are the MICA interview calls for this year expected? Will they publish it on the net?

2) What are the factors that lead u to selection: work ex., acads, CAT score (with sectional cut-offs or overall), MET, GD/PI?

3) How much weightage to GD/PI and MET?

4) How were the placements this year? How many applicants to the course each year?


Harish Thota

The Reply that she gave me (not given in any specific order)

hi harish,

okay now ur questions.....my exams r still going on, but still am
mailing u ur queries. u can contact me if u shall need any other
firstly, how was ur CAT ??? i hope u simply crack IIMs, coz
nothing compares them....but okay MICA is a good instt.
too....especially for those who want to join ad agencies

MICA interview calls arrive in april...call for 6 IIMs come much
before that, so say, if one does not get call from any of the 6
IIMs by feb/early march...or maybe end of jan...one shd not worry
that he lost even the allied instts which he filled, like MICA,
GIM, MDI etc etc....
coz they send thier call letters in april, early april...or end of

my intv happened in the first week of april itself...n i was asked
to join on june 30th....hence final call comes somewhere in may i
ya sure they publish all thier results on internet...gd/pi call
letter as well as final one....but ya, waitlisted candidates's
name for final admission isnt there on net....for them, a separate
written letter is sent.
and a written letter is vaise bhi sent to all....

okay, after the call letter arrives, u have gd/pi n met...nope i
have noooo idea abt the weightages assigned to each, thats i guess
quite internal, and only the selection committee knows abt
it...all i can say is that on the basis of ur cumulative scores in
cat, gd, pi n met r u finally taken....
but ya do good in met.

now, for instts apart from IIM which takes thru CAT, there r
absolutely NO sectional cut-offs...IIMs have it....but not MICA,
or any other cat allied instts....
but ya that definetly doesnt mean ki u solve only 5 questions in
QA n 40 in DI....okay ???
there shd be overall thik thak scores in all the sections, and the
section which really matters for MICA is english...i.e VA n
RC....u really have to get veeeeery good score in verbal ability n
reading comprehension...
va n rc matters highly for MICA's intv call letter...n remaining
sections to be scored averagely....no sectional cut-off.

yes work-ex surely matters...it matters a lot...any kinda gap yr
in ur academic profile is thoda detrimental....overall if u
perform well in met, n gd/pi...bas u r thru finally.
gd/pi is just ur personality testing, n not much acads questions r
asked there....gd tests ur communication skills n leadership...
a good intv will secure ur chances.

my seniors were 58 in number, n the intake used to be 60 max...but
during r year it was drastically increased to 85, coz of lot of
industry demand....so we r total 82.
my juniors r 87....hence keep the intake as 85 to 90 something.

now abt r placements, well it was good....almost all r placed in
good companies....which ranges from marketing companies like HLL,
Hero Honda, Electrolux, Frito Lays, GE etc etc, to ad agencies
like...hmmm...name anyyyyy except saatchi n saatchi....to media
agencies n channels n publications like star tv, CNBC, Zee TV, Zee
Turner international, Sony, Hindustan times, Times of India,
Hindu, Dainik Jagran etc etc etc....to market research agencies
like ORGMarg, IMRB, Gallup etc etc.

MICA definetly has 100% placements n good placements, with only
one sad point that we start at quite low salary levels...compared
to the kind of fees we pay....
but then i guess entry level salaries r not much high....
and ya, the growth potential of a MICAn is tremendous...so later
on those salary levels do rise.

filhaal i wont paint a verrry bright picture, n i wud quite
frankly say that the average pay here as of today is 2.5 to 2.75 L
so if u r dreaming of getting something like 5 L or 6 L types, as
its at IIM is suppose....then u'll be disappointed here.
only ppl who r placed here at hero honda, GAIL, or HLL type
companies r getting salaries like 3.5 or 4.5 L....hll ofcourse is
giving all the more but then onlyyy 1 was taken by hll from
even bajaj allianz offered 2.5 L.

so u get my point naa???
but yes one thing is there, that though salary is not tooo high,
the kind of companies which come is good, the course is good, the
instt is good....and placements r secured....

phew !!! so i wrote quite a long mail....
i hope all ur queries were answered....i have to get back to my
exam prep now, so bye rite now.

do mail me if u have anyyy other query regarding MICA....but i wud
suggest that u first get a call letter, n then remaining things
can be clarified....rite??

so then, all the best to u for ur future endeavours,
take care,

Hope this Helps everybody....


HI Harry,
Thanx a lot yaar! This is of great help.

Sandy A.

thanx a lot for that hthota.....

Hello Harish

i am narsing 😲

i am also an MICA aspirant.I recently joined this gr8 junta .
Sooooo...can u send me this soft copy the recent MET pls .

narsing_30 Says
Sooooo...can u send me this soft copy the recent MET pls .

here you go, citizen..


Thanx pal.....for that quick reply.

Thanks a lot , Harry :)
That was really informative !

CAn someone tell me if MICA is for engineers or not?
Because i have heard that from the technical field very few people have been selected in MICA.
Also the batch profile of 2002 shows only 10% engineering students in MICA?

ethanhunt1 Says
Also the batch profile of 2002 shows only 10% engineering students in MICA?

Maybe becos... engineers lack the creativity that MICA calls for... maybe we are too tuned to be analytical & quantitaive in our approaches... 😃 😃 .. But then again... if as an engineer, u think Branding is ur true call.. Go Ahead & show them a thing or two... 😁 😁


Am an engineer too, lets see, we'll defn show them!!

Thats the spirit, pal!!


lets see if we r creative enuf as engineers. but starting salary is low

i think its all abt pursuing ur interest . Statistics can be changed , hope so !