[2002] MDI interviews

hello guyz please, people who had their MDI interviews at gurgaon and delhi , put in ur gd interview experiences. cheerz anand.

hello guyz

please, people who had their MDI interviews at gurgaon and delhi , put in ur gd interview experiences.


hey, guys who had their MDI interview on april 11th at gurgaon put in ur experiences yaaar.

Hello Anand,

I had a couple of PMs and emails from your about MDI. I guess I'd reply here since I have delayed their responses.

MDI for me had been a different kind of ride last time around. The GDs are conducted in groups of 8. Agression is not expected and will most likely be stunted. So take your time, listen to others, probe, explore the possibilities and don't attack any one personally in a GD. However incase someone tries to 'hijack' the proceedings, you can smack em into place .

The GD topic for me last time around was

"If you are the lead dog, your view never changes".

15 minutes for the GD and then every student was interviewed for hardly 5 minutes. Questions can range from academics to GK to GA. So maintain your cool and don't bluff your way around. I saw a couple of guys being snubbed, when they did that.

Incase you need any more information, post back.


Hi guys !
I think Delhi guys had their MDI GD/PI. i heard they r givin case studies this time.
Can the Delhi share their experiences

hey frens the final results of MDI will b out 2day afternoon .. as said by MDI guys....

Best of luck to all

Hi Arcade,

It is good to see that you are always at the top with the latest news.
All the best guys for MDI, Just pass on the info as soon as they put it on website.

Hi sachkal

Will definitely post ne thg as soon as I get somthg concrete....

My cousin in Delhi is keeping an eye on MDI continoulsy and will lemme know...

So just keep ur bags packed for MDI guys and gals ... :-)

I wud luv to see many of u getting thru... For me the wait is still on... SPJ/IMT and NM... Ne updates abt these b plz posted on respectives threads asap...

Hi Arcade,

What i know is that NM result is coming around 10th of April. All the best..
Keeping fingers crossed for MDI.

hey guyz
MDI final is out..not on site right now but on phone..
all da best to all who appeared fer GD/PI..


BOYY this is gettin on my nerves.....
ive already finished with all my finger nails. will have to start on my toes now i guess....
anyway all the best to everybody in the similar situation im in...

Guys ----

MDI results are out and you can check it on the website...

All the best....

R u sure the result is out on the site...

I checked the following link but nothg coming up.. they come back to same screen after putting in the no.

Yes buddy,

Results are surely out,,,,,
Link is -- http://www.mdi.ac.in/mdinew/admission/ResultPgpm2003.php.

Just go by the normal way as you did while checking for your interview calls....
All the best...

hi guyz
the first time i logged on.....it said ive been shortlisted
but when i logged on again now.....it says im waitlist number 32.....i dont understand the funda :(

hey Bingo try that once more.. i tried my cousin's .. both rather thrice .. all time the result was same.. he got thru..:-)

Best of luck

WL 32 should clear with ease once the IIM results are out. So bingo, no much worry about that. Relax and take a break. Check the list next month when they release the updated list.


hey guyz,
mine is WL 27.and bingo congrats.best of luck for the rest of the ppl in the forum.

hey guys,
i made it to mdi final list
i guess mdi is a lot beter than iift
what say u guys?
keeping my fingers n toes crossed for iim L which might b out tomorow or day after as reported in a post in cat2k2 group
best of luck to others

Hi guys
im new to this forum...really i hada tough time to register in the forum...then i got calls from IIM A,I,K..&MDI...im; put in the wait list in MDI..NO:72...Can any one tell me regarding my chances...in getting the final call?? :