[2002] IIM indore gd/pi

hi there how did the delhi guys do on the iim indore interview? i think deepak is from there…anyone else…if u can let us know ,how did it go? regds,Lyndon

hi there
how did the delhi guys do on the iim indore interview?

i think deepak is from there...anyone else...if u can let us know ,how did it go?


Yes Lyndon, Im thru gd/pi of IIM-Indore... and believe me.. this was THE most civilised GD i have ever had in my entire life..7 ppl 14 mins.. It was a case study ..fairly easy one with absolutely no figures.It was about this guy called Mr. Prasad wrking in some construction company. contractor doesnt like him coz he makes no compromise abt the quality of material.So the contractor uses his contacts to get him out of the job...Now the company wants to get him back to complete the project. Shud he join the company again ?
We had to write a summary after the GD.

Intervw was weird .. thruout i got this feeling that they had decided even be4 the intervw whether they were going to take me or not.. similar was the case with a few other ppl i talked to.
anyways..contents of intervw.. difference b/w Electronics n Electrical,then some Electronics tech. questions,Cricket world Cup, Indian Culture..how is india different from the rest of the world,..a couple of maths ques. (probability)..fairly easy ones..mmm and a bit abt my college n curriculum ..
anything specific u wish to know ?

One more thing.. out of 24, 22 were present.. n only 2 frshers.. me n a female frm LSR..other all wrk ex guys.. n most of em pretty solid wrke-x of 2 yrs up.

Hi Deepak,
- Did they allow your group any preparation time for the GD as well?
- Were there any questions on the stuff that you wrote in the form?
- What about all the Prob., Statistics stuff that we have to fill up in the form?
Were there any questions about that?

hi deepak
thanx a lot!!..would appreciate if u could give more info bout iimi interview

1) how much time to think after giving the case?....also did they tell u when to start..or did the group do it by itself?
2) how were the interviews diff for those with work ex with those without?
3)how many ques n of what type,based on the interview form?
4)how deep do they drill in technical ques?....do they allow u to mention ur favorite topics?
5)canu post the probability ques..that u were given....

any other info , u think that can help us out....thanx a lot!!!
n all the best for ur iima interview..which i think should be this weekend!!

We were given 5 mins to read the case n they were keeping time.. asked us to start n stop .. And after that 1 min to write the summary.

Ques. on form.. just once he asked me to give examples abt my academic strengths/weaknesses.. thats it.. nuthin from the form after that.

Intervws of wrk-ex guys involved their wrk nmore than anything else.. very little acads..( this is what i was told)

They do ask abt ur fav. subject.. infact they were talkin to me abt my coll. cur. for a long time... How deep in tech stuff.. well not much.. just the basics..

n all the best for ur iima interview..which i think should be this weekend

This weekend is FMS.. 'A' on tue. .. anyway..thanks for ur wishes n same to you!

Hi Ppl,
The IIMI form has a column for Quantitative Ability Areas we are well-versed with...Is there an issue if we tick anything with an average knowledge. Were there any questions based on the section.

Reply back so that others can decide what to select and what not to...


transcript of my iim indore interview on 5th march at 2 pm at mumbai

Panel 1:So how does it feel to be last person?
Advantage is u get to know what kind of questions were asked, disadvantage is impatience can cause anxiety and panel is also tired.

Panel 1: So what kind of questions were asked?

Panel 1:Ok Lyndon tell me why do you think you are good enough for management?

I mentioned I was friendly

Panel 1: but mbas at iim indore are very nasty. I dont think you will fit in here
I said one has to choose how one reacts. I am a friendly person ,but if required I can be nasty too. One has to choose ones emotions according to situation, its like the difference in being aggressive and assertive

Panel 1: So what is the difference between aggressive and assertive?

Panel 1: well,lyndon..now tell me who inspires you among the Indian industry today
Mentioned narayan murthy, ratan tata, dhirubhai ambani with various reasons

Panel 1: what bout premji ..dont u think he is good?
I dont know much about him..the media doesn t seem to fascinated by him..i have just read a speech by him and he definitely seems to be a proactive person

Panel 1:so why do u think infosys is perceived in the media better than wipro..is there really anything diff between the 2?

panel 1: so tell me about process control at your company

baton passed to panel 2:
Panel 2: so what is the producers risk?
What is alpha and beta in this context?
What is OC curve?
R they different types of oc curves?
What is ASN?

Wasnt very sure with my answers
Panel 2: you are a production engineer and you dont know this stuff!!

Panel 2: Define quality control?

Panel 2: no..no in terms of sigma
explained to him normal curve and sigma relationship with process capability.but he dint seem too convinced..

Panel 2: whats six sigma?..is 3 sigma better than 1 sigma?are you sure..isnt 6 sigma the best?

Panel 2: ok you can go now
Panel 2: by theway ,what is your percentile?

Panel 2: oh.ok..so youve got all 6 calls?ok
Panel 2: you can leave..thank you!

Finally the law of averages caught up with me. After having a dream run from the cat scores and continuing it through the initial interviews, my IIMI interview turned out to be a pathetic performance.

The case study was about a student from a middle class family having problems at one of the posh schools. Things were fine till 7th standard, but now parents are getting somany complaints and what should they do. The group of people were exactly same as the group for IIMA, only difference was the three of them did not came. Also most of us have been in the same groups for L,K also. So it was a very peaceful discussion, and I spoke once in a while. In the end they gave 5 minutes to write a summary at the end of the green form. We were asked to stop writing at the end of 5 minutes and most of us were midway thru the summary.

The interview started with commenting about my scores and what I felt about my verbal scores. Then one of them started asking about WAN, LAN, VPN etc and I just gave some basic stuff about that.

Then they asked about the headlines now a days and I mentioned about rIraq, World Cup, Train blast etc etc. Then as I said I follow world cup the most among these, One of em started quizzing about cricket. Though I spent so much of time reading abt WC, at that point of time took so much of time to recollect the names of the team's and spend almost 30 seconds for remembering Canada.

I was asked the diff b/w a flick and a glance which I was not able to answer. Was asked about beamer, flipper etc. Told abt the waqar-symonds stuff, shane warne etc, but when asked about how a flipper is bowled I had no clue. Asked about the leading wicket takers in ODI & we both agreed that Akram was highest with 502, bu t he didn't agreed when I said waqar was second. Asked me if I knew or I was guessing and I replied that is what I think.

Then they asked me about IIMs for abt 10 mins. On asking why I like IIMI I really did not have any reason why I like or I dint remember anytinhg for which I was famous for. Then they asked if i get only I&K; which wud i choose and why, but again couldnt answer it properly, rather my answer did harm my chances at IIMI. Then Iwas asked abty the various IIMs and I spoke abt the Work Ex factor seen at B,K and number of engineers at L&K.; Could not come up with anything for I.

Again after sometime the discusion went into student bodies. I was talking abt the needs of a varied profile for the batch, and they asked if it was just the student body that I care abt and not the professors. Overall in the 10 minute I was not able to give even a single point why I was interested in I.

Anyway it was a good eye openor before the crucial ties for B&C; on 20th and 26th. Doesnt have much hopes at I, but still not bothered about that also.

Guys who already had B&C;, how were things for you?

Hi All,

Had my Indore interview on the 13th. GD was a case study and Interview lasted for just 10 minutes (I was the last guy to be called in).

GD went off pretty well. Was calm and quite a few points were raised. At the end of it, we were asked to write the gist of the case/discussion at the back of the application form.

As I mentioned, my interview lasted for just 10 minutes. Got the impression that they had decided beforehand on my selection/non-selection. Coz they kept asking 'time pass' Qs like how many districts are there in my state, what was it formerly known as, how would I go from Mumbai to Hyderabad by road, which cities I would cover on the way etc., They threw in a couple of Qs on my work area and a question on Digital circuits. They also asked me a few Qs on the 1991 Gulf war and the Indian political scenario then. That was about it. Not much acads/math. 90% GA/GK Qs. Don't know what to expect at this point of time, but atleast I don't feel too bad about my effort (unlike the IIML interview). Hoping for the best and keeping my fingers crossed. All the best to the others for the upcoming GDs and Interviews


my iimi gd/pi was on 17th at bangalore.
the gd had 7 of us( 1 absent) and it was a acase study where the family problems of an employee affected her work. I started off the gd but felt that my participation decreased as the gd progressed. We were given 14 mins for discussion at the end of which 5mins for summary. Midway during the gd thnew ideas were exhausted and we kept on puttin back the old ones and filtering them out.My perf. cud have benn better ,but was one the better gds.
the iview panel had the same 3 persons. and we were called in some random order. i was the 4th to go in.As soon as I entered they began commenting on how i differed from the photo in the admit card and whether it was mine itself.I told them i had taken it last year."Wehad asked for a recent one ? Not last year's" ,they said. I explained it was taken just before the CAT exam last year.Then they started with the Qs
1: Define databus
here after each defn. he expressed his disapproval in some ways and i kept changing my defns.a couple of times.
why do u keep changing ur defns?

1: define object code
same thing here .Again he asked me why i was changing my defns.

During this time the 2nd person was looking at the green form , probably the last one where our s/w knowledge had been given. I had said in it that knew about most of them except for the dbms stuff. And the questions came from exactly there.
2: whatz diff. b/w dbms and rdbms
tried somw bluff here.
3: name some s/w companies in india(not indian origin) and a few Qs like whether MS had dev. centres in india., where is intel in india..
3: whatz nasscom?who is itz present chief? previous one?
Told it till here when he asked me what happened to dewang mehta. i confused him with some other man and told he was shot dead. then they asked me whether he was a terrorist. i realised my mistake and told them i was not sure. it may be a plane crash or something like that which i shudn't have.
2: About campus placements? if i wudnot join infosys for sure?
i told them it was my last option. and they asked about my other calls and previous iviews
i told them 1 was good and the other bad?
why do u think it was good? was it bcoz u were able to answer all their Qs
i told them it was bcoz i wa s able to convince them that i was looking fwd to their mgmgt prog.

It was a cool iview.absolutely no stress.
Looking fwd to my iimk iview on 28th


Well cs99001 looks like we were in the same GD and didnt even know. In fact I was sitting to your left :shock: .
Since you described our GD so well - that's one thing out of the way .

My interview was the last of the panel and a nightmare. About the only thing I said was "I don't know" 😞 .
Three guys in the panel. One started on Civil Engineering and maths stuff. For one I hardly remember any of that stuff, for another even if I did it wouldn't have made any difference. He passed on the baton to the next who bombarded me with GK (indian politics- first prime minister, president, head of the army, constitution etc...). This was the only place I answered something. All this while the third fellow was mum and the first guy went back to reading some book (Kenichi Ohmae - didn't catch the title - from the size it looked like Borderless world).
Well that is one interview I expect nothing from. Hoping K will be an improvement :).

Well cs99001 looks like we were in the same GD and didnt even know. In fact I was sitting to your left

i remember. Hope 2 see u on 28th for K.

about iview, i recall 2 more Qs which i messed up.
They asked about the differences b/w win98 and 2000
i said about 98 being for personal use while 2000 as server too.,then about increased usage of systems resources ....
But they said i shud have been more technical.
Then they asked what was S.T.P.I i asid i ddint know.but it struck me just as i got out. isn't it supposed to be the Software technology parks of india?
None of the 3 iviews i had so far had been satisfactory .
tis was on of the slightly better ones.
Still K & B to go.So hoping it will all click at the right time.


Hi Guys,

Iam finding this discussion forum very informative, I would also like to share my experiences with Indore on 13th. GD was a case study about some employees leaving a concern in Bhopal. During the case study, I observed one from the panel actually reading a novel and not even listening to what we were shouting. As for me the case study went very well.

I was happy and relaxed. Then came the eye opener--interview. There was no introduce yourself type questinos, but directly what is FMS ( as i am from mfg. background). I have been working in IT for past 2.5 years and didn't remember much about acads. They kept on asking me about acads and acads and in addition to I don't know sir, i also gave wrong answers. It was horrible experience. They didn't ask me anythign about work, hobbies, but only about acads. It was not a good experience coming out of interview panel after 12-15 mins with me almost holding my head as Indore was my only call and they screwed me up.... Dunno what to expect.

The I experience:
Strictly Ok.
GD: Case study about an army man in a management role.
Had a very good GD. 8 people, made sense speaking most of the time.
PI: Started with Linear Algebra, Eigenvalues, Eigenvectors, rank of a matrix, singular matrix. Then was given two math problems to olve. One a tame binary to decimal conversion. second a x-y-z axis related problem. Made a mistake in teh second problem.
Then the third guy started with GK. Political situation of Tibet, Karmappa, Dali Lama etc. Education of Kalpana Chawala, Hong Kong, China, Bangaladesh. Ye lord! I really made a mess of the GK questions.
Rating: 5/10