18th FEB CGL Tier 2 Challenges

Discussing the questions and Solutions of the CGL Exam conducted on 18th February.

Any 18th Feb guys and girls are welcome to discuss doubts and challenges here.

18th Feb walo ke scores kitne horahe hai, please give genuine answer t1+t2 milakar

  • Below 350
  • Above 500
  • 350-390
  • 390-420
  • 420-450
  • 450-500

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I found 3 question wrong in maths 15 26 41 Koi English ke dhund do

139- no error 140- a vast majority of people are 142- no error slow is followed by in 149- there's something wrong with informed answers 153- hardly think Acc to me these are right answers Is there anyone else

 In case of wrong questions, do we get marks for not attempting the wrong question? Ya phir attempt karne pe hi marks milenge? 

https://youtu.be/DN7gVR9YUoA Guyz watch this video nd challenge accordingly!!!

Quant Q15 no correct option Q26 no correct option Q41 no correct option Q66 conceptually wrong Verbal Q121 no correct option Q199 correct answer 2 Q200 correct answer 1 Q217 no correct option Q222 correct answer 4 Let's split in groups and distribute the questions to be challenged as it would be economically optimal for all of us

Q 42 is the answer 7.5 right?? I'm getting 6 as answer, please check if the answer is right or wrong guys, Thank you

VERBAL: Qid: 230 is also wrong. The answer is Peru 4)Peru. De orellana floated down the Rio Napo(a tributary river of amazon) to its confluence with amazon, near Iquitos(peru) [this is the place]

English 217. Shouldn't amswer be (3), because all other are mentioned.

(4) as mentioned in official key is definitely given in the passage. 

I have challenged qid 15, 41, 179, 217, 222. Any other suggestions ?

In case of qstns which do not have any right answer I think the credit of those qstns is given to everybody even those who did not attempt them Is that so?

has anybody solved qid 15 of maths

Has anyone challenge qid 99 in maths

guys i feel like my 30marks in english has been stolen

Guys agr Jo ques represent kiye h overall...unke marks milte h to math and English milakr kitne marks extra milenge


how many questions were wrong in quant section? other that Q66 which other is incorrect for sure?