17th Feb CGL Tier-2 Errors

This group is to Discuss errors in 17feb tier 2 paper

Hey guys!

I found 

Q33 ---> Nowhere mentioned that AD is perpendicular bisector 

Q34 ---> I found it to be incomplete

Q37 ---> Regular Octagon not possible

Q38 ---> Correct ans is 2 option but 1 option is given

Q50 ---> Nowhere mentioned that p stands for pie in question

Correct me if I am wrong

English mei b koi galati H kya?

QID 37 bhi galat hi...we cannot form a REGULAR octagon from a rectangle

Kisi n di krke dekhi kya sahi hai kya poori

https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=twr7GHbaG0I Bhai ye 6 error h 17 ko kisi ne challenge kia h kya?

Bhai kis kisne challenge kia h bta do

Q34 kisi ne try kiya?

Guys! Does anyone know if there is normalosation in tier 2 this time. Because 17 march was the toughest of all slots in both maths and english.

Q 43 koi confirm karo Mere according answer galat h

Maths mei 6,38, 50, 37(conceptual) English 126 ans is ophiology (none of the answer) .. Ab ye btao kisne kis kis question ko challenge kia h

151 bta do yaar wrong hai kya

Guys q141 in English..I think it should be " Credit can help us achieve " instead of " Credit can achieve " ... what's your say .. please comment

6th is correct for sure

QID -148 , priest class...for (in place of to) it's own advantage...what's your say please comment

6, 43 sahi h bhaiyo, please ab koi 6, 43 ko represent krne k liye mat bolna

Bhai yaar koi bta to do kisi ne koi question maths ya english ka challenge kia h kya? Maine 38 and 151 kr dia h

Maths ka 15, kisine khud solve kia?

Kisi ne DI solve Kiya h kya...??


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