11th All India PaGaLGuY Meet (AIPGM 2014) Sponsored by MISB Bocconi

Hello Puys! THE MOST AWAITED EVENT IS HERE! [image] CLICK HERE TO REGISTER FOR AIPGM 2014. Here is a glimpse of the last few AIPGMs. [image] [image] [image][image] [image] *11th AIPGM = 1…

Hello Puys!



Here is a glimpse of the last few AIPGMs.

11th AIPGM = 11 times the insanity!

Date: 7th and 8th June 2014

Venue: Pune (Details of the venue will be updated soon)

How to reach?

1) From PG HQ: A bus from PG HQ will leave for Pune by 09.00 A.M on June 7th. Those who want to tag along will have to be at the HQ by 08.45 A.M.

2) From Pune Station: PG Bus/Cab will leave from Pune station by 12 in the afternoon on 7th of June. Please be at the station by 11.45 AM. Our volunteers will pick you up from there.

3) Additionally, people can also reach the venue directly . We will post the directions after we announce the venue.

What happens at AIPGM ?

You meet lots and lots of people 😁 - MBAs, non-MBAs, newbies, OMPAs, aspirants, students, alumni... all of them. So you have the chance of meeting the most insane people. Also you get to change the meet the PG HQ junta who is working very hard to make your experience on PaGaLGuY and at 11th AIPGM legen...wait for it...dary. Lots and Lots of surprises in store so make sure that you make it to the invitee list.

What happens if you miss AIPGM?

Eventually, this ----->

So don't miss out, REGISTER NOW!

We have a maximum of 120 seats this year, so fill it quickly.

Also, as had been the case last year, AIPGM will be Invite Only this year too.

The following people are eligible to attend the meet -

1) Members of Dream Team, City Dream Teams, UDT, SBT.

2) PG MadCapz.

3) Any Hardcore PaGaL (as of 30th April).

4) Anyone who has attended at least one PG meet this year

5) OMPA members

6) Anyone who might not fulfill the above criteria but has been a part of the community, is invited as well. He/She can fill the form and we will take it on a case to case basis.


Use this thread in case of any query and for confirming your presence.

PM @sonnes @cynicalruchi @rutabhatt @pranjal.kumar if you have any queries.


MISB Bocconi is the Indian Campus of SDA Bocconi School of Management (Milan, Italy).

It is a leading International Business School based in Mumbai, granting post graduate and post experience management education to meet the career aspirations of the best students and participants and the needs of a changing global environment. MISB Bocconi provides its students the tools and opportunities to develop their personality, employability and entrepreneurial expertise and equips them with cutting edge skills to meet the needs of the employment sector. MISB Bocconi ensures industry interaction, practical experience and projects which prepare students and participants for jobs and entrepreneurship.

Why 7th n 8th :'( Won't be able to make it! Filled the form assuming its 31st may n 1st June! Please ignore my entry! 😞

Why 7th and 8th???!!!! Wont be able to make it!! :'( Filled the form assuming its 31st and 1st! please remove my name!

filled the form :) @sabrinakhan will post d pictures if i will be there :P

registered :mg: :gm:

yay yay yay!! comming!!

Me too coming thanks a lot for keeping it on 7 nd 8 would be able to make it after summer internship

Filled the details in the form, had lots of fun at AIPGM 9 and 10.
Looking forward to one more sleepless night thanks to Mafia mgmg

I'm not able to fill the form :'(


should be back this year hopefully.

attended it last year, made some really good friends...... looking forward the same spirit this year.....

desperate to be on board...!!!

1) Members of Dream Team, City Dream Teams, UDT, SBT. - Satisfied mg

2) PG MadCapz. - Satisfied mg

3) Any Hardcore PaGaL (as of 30th April). - Satisfied mg

4) Anyone who has attended at least one PG meet this year - Satisfied mg

5) OMPA members - Don't want to satisfy


Registered..👍 for the 1st tym though i am active user from 1year mg

registered... mg

Had missed it last year but really want to be a part of the event this time... 🍻🍻🍻

Next mission: AIPGM 2014
Venue: Pune
Mission accepted :mg:

Who else is gonna join? @manmishr @BABA_Pencho @nihit @abhimanyu_ @dreamer87 @deepak_pgi @dark-phoenix @interceptor16 What abt u guys?

AIPGM 2014 To-do list (Subject to an invite)
- Take on IRCTCdotCodotIn with multiple session logins for a ticket!

- To not play bakra to the bus pranks and games and preserve dignity! mg
- Click candid photos of people for them to later analyse whether they had a good/bad hair day! 👍
- To greet all the people who conveniently call me UNDERSCORE with a smile splat
- Endless MAFIA session participation in the MAFIA-TILL-I-DIE spirit.
- Make new friends and have fun!
- To know more about this year's sponsors than last year mg

So a big shout out to all my friends present from last year and the one before:
I know what you did last summer, Also if you owe me money, I can/will go HULK and accept CASH ONLY! mg🍻😁👍

To sum up in the words of the Great Homer Simpson: "Wohooo!"

Congarts Jasonwa :mg:

I haven't heard from PG yet .. Ominous signs :banghead:

yeh kya h aur isme kya hota hai??

Was expecting it to be B'lore this time 😞