10th All India Pagalguy Meet 2013 sponsored by MYRA School Of Business

Dear Puys, Fill this FORM to register for AIPGM 2013 Here goes the discussion thread for All India Pagalguy Meet 2013. This being the Tenth edition of the event, we are going to make sure that it is a superb experience for everyone w…

Dear Puys,

Fill this FORM to register for AIPGM 2013

Here goes the discussion thread for All India Pagalguy Meet 2013. This being the Tenth edition of the event, we are going to make sure that it is a superb experience for everyone who attends the event

Here is a glimpse of Last Two year's AIPGM

8th AIPGM – Year 2011

9th AIPGM – Year 2012

So now that you know how much fun it is to be a part of this event,go ahead and note all the details mentioned below :

10th All India Pagalguy Meet – Sponsored by MYRA School Of Business

Date - 1st and 2nd of June

Venue – The Corinthians Resort & Club Pune Nyati County, NIBM Annexe, South Pune:- 411060

5 Star Luxury Resorts & Club in Pune - The Corinthians Resort & Club

How to Reach Corinthian:

1) From PG HQ: A bus from PG HQ will leave for the resort by 9.00 A.M on June 1st. Those who want to tag along will have to be at the HQ by 9.00 A.M

2) From Pune Station: PG Bus/Cab will leave from Pune station by 12 in the afternoon on 1st of June Please be at the station by 11.45 AM. Our volunteers will pick you up from there.

3) Additionally, People can also reach the resort directly .

Lunch will be served after 1.30 pm

What you will miss if you do not attend the AIPGM:Basically you will miss the chance of meeting the craziest pool of MBA aspirants, alumni, Current MBA junta of all times. Also you will miss the chance of meeting the whole PG HQ junta who is working very hard to make your experience of 10th AIPGM legendary. Lots and Lots of surprises in store so make sure that you make it to the invitee list ( Goodies are definitely welcome my way )

All you have to do now is to FILL THIS FORM to register for the event.

We have a maximum of 120 seats this year, so fill it quickly.

Also, as had been the case last year, AIPGM will be Invite Only this year too.

The following people are eligible to attend the meet -

1) Members of Dream Team, City Dream Teams, UDT, SBT.

2) PG MadCapz.

3) Any Hardcore PaGaL (as of 30th April).

4) Anyone who has attended at least one PG meet this year

5) OMPA members

6) Anyone who might not fulfill the above criteria but has been a part of the community, is invited as well. He/She can fill the form and we will take it on a case to case basis

Use this thread in case of any query and for confirming your presence.

See you at AIPGM!

A big thanks to Myra School of Business who are the Title Sponsor of AIPGM 2013-------------

MYRA School Of Business

MYRA School of Business – a new premier B School. What's new? Business Education Redefined to prepare business leaders and manager with a social conscience. Built on decades of higher education experience, internationally known faculty, extensive network of academics, business executives and policy makers. That is MYRA! That's what's new!

And the countdown begins......just waiting for the list mg agar convert ho gaya toh 🎂

Here goes the First List of Invitations for 10th AIPGM :

1) ashishpai2001 @ashishpai2001

2)Abhimanyu_ @abhimanyu_

3)avinashkrjha @avinashkrjha

4)writetotanveer @writetotanveer

5) BABA_Pencho @BABA_Pencho

6) sid2222000 @sid2222000

7)visionIIM-ACL @visionIIM-ACL

8)ayushnasa @ayushnasa

9)abhimukh19 @abhimukh19

10)coolbrady @coolbrady

11)tamal220187 @tamal220187

12) choosen04 @choosen04

13) dark-phoenix @dark-phoenix

14) nihit @nihit

15)Evilheart @Evilheart

16) bournejason @bournejason

17)TnT @TnT

18) Omkarp @Omkarp

19) TheChaser @TheChaser

20)nayas @nayas

21)paceisace @PaceIsAce

22)Preeti_L @Preeti_L

23)deepak_pgi @deepak_pgi

24)Sameersapre23 @sameersapre23

25)ravihanda @ravihanda

There are more forms that we have to go through. Will post the second round tomorrow evening.

All the above users, please send your acknowledgements by tomorrow evening . You can post a comment to this reply confirming your attendance

@abhimanyu_ @BABA_Pencho @nihit am I missing any other puy from Ahmedabad / Gandhinagar / anyone else planning to travel from Ahmedabad??? leave a comment here if u want to travel with a detective (yours truly ;)), param pujya babaji & jhandu kumar mg

I have registered. Finally a PG meet after 6 years of being in PaGaLGuY! Plz do confirm.. 😃

Filled the form for the first time ever! :mg:

Please let me know if I have to bribe anyone to get through 😛 lookround

P.S. What time should we book our tickets from Pune? How far is this Hotel/Resort from airport?
List Number 2 :

26) himspuy @himspuy
27) economst @economst
28) manmishr @manmishr
29)viveknitw @viveknitw
30)ank_mission_iim @ank_mission_IIM
31)abhishek.b11 @abhishek.b11
32) gudakesh @gudakesh
33)Pranav10 @pranav10
34)vilsha @vilsha
35) tatadocomo @tatadocomo
36) pravin1234jd @pravin1234jd
37) hirakms @hirakms
38) dexian @Dexian
39) kanu shrivastava
40) jyoti_thakur @jyoti_thakur
41) Interceptor16 @interceptor16
42)ankitrocks @ankitrocks
43)manish_harodia @manish_harodia
44) priyalli @priyali
45) grondmaster @grondmaster
46)anshul_mechie @anshul_mechie
47)coolintellect @coolintellect
48)exploringaadi @exploringaadi
49)subhakimi @subhakimi
50)mossad @mossad

Please confirm if you all will be attending for sure . In case you are not make sure that you inform us so that someone else gets the chance to attend

on what basis do u call ppl...
just curious .....
i m in anyway..😁

@shashankvenkat3 saar es baar gangnam style... pakkaa.... 😛

Eligibility criteria met, form filled, bags packed, all set for the AIPGM 10 😃

As long as my review doesn't clash with it, and I am not denied a VISA by the HQ people 😛

Will not be able to join this time 😞 . Hope you guys have fun !! Looking forward to Mumbai PG meets now . .

for the first time in 4 years, kya merku seat milegi ?? or CAT jessa criteria hai kuch 😛
my acads are poor 😛
filled the form wat next ?

And here goes the 3rd List

51)Abby11 @Abby11

52) hiteshpratap @hiteshpratap

53)harry4u9 @harry4u9

54 )RuchaM @RuchaM

55)pari123 @pari123

56) ajaygovindg @ajaygovindg

57) DeAdLy @DeAdLy

58 )EagleMenace @EagleMenace

59) cutie.pie @cutie.pie

60) phoenix2011 @phoenix2011

61) spectramind07 @spectramind07

62) Trueindian @TRUEINDIAN

63) spoddar181 @spoddar181

64) Nj21 @Nj21

65) shashank3012 @shashank3012

66)ThE bmr @ThEbmr

67)abhithehobbit @abhithehobbit

68)Squib @Squib

69) naga25french @naga25french

70) intelligio1 @intelligio1

71) sanjay.A @sanjay.A

One more list to go.

Anyone travelling from Hyderabad? Kindly PM me. :lookaround:

Tickets booked! :mg:

Saturday morning !! :mg:


Please note that you do not have to pay anything to attend this event. All you have to do is reach either Mumbai HQ or Pune Station or the venue directly and everything else will be taken care of.

4th and the Final List for AIPGM

72) sushilpatil86 @sushilpatil86

73) Artaxerxes @Artaxerxes

74) TISSian @TISSian

75)prakashpz12 @prakashpz12

76) dreamer87 @dreamer87

77)RG41 @RG41

78)Arun_subhash @Arun_Subhash

79)techcrate @TECHCRATE

80) iamniks @iamniks

81) YouMadFellow @YouMadFellow

82)kishan2gnit @kishan2gnit

83)amulya25 @amulya25

84)Mayuthan @Mayuthan

85) rvidyanta @rvidyanta

86) 88pj @88PJ

87)akshanshb @akshanshb

88) Rjhgt @Rjhgt

89)saurav4489 @saurav4489

90)harshgupta88 @harshgupta88

91) ranapujari @ranapujari

92) hydrogenball @hydrogenball

93) chanakya004 @chanakya004

94)paragd @paragd

95)veerainkaul @veerainkaul

96) Lokesh3 @LOKESH3

97)kambarish @kambarish

98) sekhar_s @sekhar_s

99) ShriR @ShriR

100)aim.game @aim.game

101)CAToholic_pal @CAToholic_Pal

102) prashmint @prashmint

103)enlighten_soul @enlighten_soul

104)VSK1608 @VSK1608

105)VijayRawat @VijayRawat

106) somhere @Somhere

107) fuhgetaboutit @Fuhgetaboutit

108)Devanki @Devanki

109) rohitpal @rohitpal

110)smitakn @Smitakn

111) Koshti @koshti

112)hotshot02 @hotshot02

113)humrahi @humrahi

114)RockerRules @RockerRules

Guys please note if any of you who has been invited for the event is not sure of your attendance please let us know right away so that we can invite someone else in your place.

How many puys are going for

10th All India Pagalguy Meet 2013 sponsored by MYRA School Of Business : PG Meets & Events : PaGaLGuY Forums from Bangalore ?

Plz reply because we can go together.

final list nikal bhi gayi 😲

i too want to come.. was too busy in job, just now filled the form.. @visionIIM-ACL plzzz accept the request..
maine AUTO bhi book kara liya hai..