105 Days to CAT

Common Admission Test Final Lap

Hey Guys & Gals I am hereby starting my preparation in full swing for CAT2016. This will be my last and final attempt at CAT. Doing a full time technical JOB and preparing for CAT is getting pretty hectic. But I am not here to make complaints or give excuses. From today I vow I will improve on my score everyday and follow my Plan to the last. I am starting this group so that similar like minded people can motivate one another to make it till the END .......Best of luck to you all.  I will give the details of all the things that I am doing in order to reach my full potential in the CAT .I am not targeting any particular Percentile but having a AIM is IMP so I will be targeting the Below B Schools which will add to my current valuations.

1)IIM- ALL(Mainly top 5)