[10-Jan-09] Biggest PG Mumbai Meet in the new PaGaLGuY HQ!

Hi All!!! Glad to tell ye all that we have shifted to our new office in Sion in the new year! :: :: :: [image] So how do we celebrate that? By showing off our new office to all the Puys! :: So let us have our …

Count me in
Hope to check out some tees.
Pagals at Champaklal Estate, beat that

I'm in the not sure but will try category....

Will try to be there for the game challenge

This is definitely a new year gift!!!

And there is enough inspiration for everyone to be on time!!!

I hope i wont be the only girl this time ...
Neetu.. ananta.. sudoku... :lookround:

I am in!!!

A little suggestion....we have fms on the 11 th..i dont know how many people would like to have a PG meet the day before fms...also some big results will be out during these few days...might impact the turnout....

I wont be able to make it...will be outta town

anyways congos to the PG team for the new office

A PG meet in PG Office..!!

I am sure it would be one Gettogether..!!

Wish I could be there...!!:sad:

But I am sure all the Puys will have loads of fun..and yeah do share with us some snaps of the meet and the PGHQ!!:D

Hail Insanity!!


post deleted. It made little sense since it is going to be a PG Mumbai meet.

Dhakitiki dhakitiki dhakitiki dha dha dha....

Apun in...

Apun toh pakka aayegaich...


This is definitely a new year gift!!!

And there is enough inspiration for everyone to be on time!!!

I hope i wont be the only girl this time ...
Neetu.. ananta.. sudoku... :lookround:

I am in!!!

Medulla its sudoku's office so m sure she would be there..mine case..depends on office hrs.

and waise bhi kisine mujhe promise kiya ki mujhe koi apne new office mein khud haathon se lakar coffee pilayega
m i rite khushboo??

damn cool...way to go pg...
i still remember the PG meet in July end sometime when Allwyn had jus mentioned about the relocation plans of PG HQ...
given my reputation of kalti master....come wat may...i shall be there!!!hehehe:new_bat_angel:

PS:Happy new year guys!!

hello everybody!!

Wish you all a very happy and pagal (in the right sense) new year!!

Well i couldn't make to to last time's meet at lower parel coz i had my engg. exams on the 29th:-x.but trust me,if this is how i am gonna make it to my first pg meet ever,i might need help to take me home!!

My vacations couldn't get better than this!:1eye:

Congratulations to the pg team!!

More folks should join us .. for a day of gaming, chit-chat, free food and great friends

Any chances of opening a PG Branch Office in Delhi anytime soon??? with the Wii and the X-Box, of course.... 😉

Hi Medulla,

You won't be the only girl in the PG meet. I will be in... This would be my first PG meet and looking forward to meet all the puys there...


muahahahah!!!! time to throw the Wii Sports gauntlet it's gonna be a thrillah' & a killah', when i'll beat the gorillah (Raw-heat) with my Wii Boxing pwnage skillah'

Hi All!!!

Lots and lots of food , drinks ( the softer version of course ), game challenges on XBox and Wii ,and chance to interact with the people who work behind the scenes to make this place more insane everyday!

Now I am wondering why there is no PG office in chennai yaar :(
Anywayz puys hv a gr8 time...:popcorn:

Oh No
this is wrong yaar
how would i be able to come at such a short notice
I am getting jealous of you lucky people who would be able to go thr
Enjoy !!!!!!

This time i will be there for sure...Couldnt attend the previous meet as I was reqd to travel to Pune for work commitments...
Hope Jan 9 brings us happiness which we can share on 10th...:angel:

I'll pop up there too, unless I have an appointment here

me too in would love to see the new office 😁