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Jitendra Agrawal : Best GMAT Trainer and Tutor in Delhi Ncr

Jitendra Agrawal, founder & lead mentor at PrepGlobe, is known as the best GMAT Trainer in Delhi Ncr. He is seasonal professional GMAT tutor in delhi with more than 14 years of work experience including GMAT/GRE/SAT training for students/professionals and mentoring them. 

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Scoring 780 in GMAT- Sharing my test plan to help you meet this goal

Last Spring, I appeared for my GMAT Exam and was pleasantly surprised to score a whopping 780 Score. Here, I am sharing my test plan with you that will give you an insight into how you should plan your studies to crack this competitive examination. If you are planning to touch this score in your upcoming exams, here is how you must split and plan your studies or do your GMAT Preparation with MBAWizards for excellent results.

Divide and Conquer

GMAT One- 690 45Q/38V MGMAT, Ten Weeks Out

GMAT Two- 690 42Q/41V MGMAT, Six Weeks Out

GMAT Three- 700 44Q/41V MGMAT, Four Weeks Out

GMAT Four-770 50Q/45V GMAT PREPARATION, Two Weeks Out

GMAT Five- 720 47Q/41V MGMAT, Two Weeks Out

GMAT Six- 740 46Q/45V MGMAT, 1 Week Out

GMAT Seven-750 49Q/44V GMAT PREP, Two Days Out

GMAT- 780, 51Q/48V D- Day

A Brief about Myself

I would like to give you a brief about my background. My Mental math is pretty strong and can speak English like natives. I took my practice through MbaWizards books so I had considerable practice and experience of solving MCQs. I hope the tips and insights I am giving you prove to be fruitful for you and their study circle style of mentoring turned classes into a knowledge sharing platform, wherein my gyan about concepts and understanding tricky question become multifold, even I got improved on my group discussion skills and earned confidence too.

Now a little brief about Comprehensive Study Plan

When I was 12 weeks out

I started my studies and began with 5 books. These were

· MbaWizards books –it gave a very fine revision on basics and in the end book has separate portion of Advance level question which I kept for last.

· Manhattan Number Properties + Official GMAT Guide

· Data Sufficiency

· Geometry

· Sentence Correction

· Critical Reasoning

· For Strong basic revision

I would advise to go cracking data sufficiency strategy to begin with and start honing your skills. It is always better to start early so that you can handle this type of math tricky questions. This will help you with logic building, answer choices, and the way problem has to be solved. The best part was that as I moved towards upgrading and correcting my practice, it reflected on my learning curve which was maintained by my mentors, I was able to correct myself whenever I started practicing towards wrong direction as my marks decreased and learning curve started to move down this process was really helpful and I was able to correct my practicing immediately, with right direction I was able to maintained my learning curve.

When I was 10 weeks out

Now is the time to cultivate your study habits and start working on mini test. It is important to start with this aspect of your syllabus early so that you are aware of your weaknesses and have ample time to work upon them. It is prudent to mention here that GMAT is a skill-based exam and here more is the practice, better you will become. Give a lot of mock or practice tests so that you enhance your adaptability and flexibility to quick answering. I used to have quick review classes immediately after taking a test as I was able to nip the evil in a bud.

This is where my mentors help me immensely and I could say that coaching becomes meaningful when they help you identify your blind spots, with self practicing, you can loose right direction and would never be able to identify your blind spots.

When I was 06 weeks out

By now you must have become familiar to various types of questions asked and have ample practice solving them. Attend module based classes to understand how to approach studies systematically. It is not wise to study one question exclusively for a long time. Instead, it is better to set up a wide base and start building up a strong foundation from there. Consistency is the key here which will keep you in good stead. Learn how to pace your test. 

Manthan Methodology that prepares you for this exam and help you work hard. As the name has its meaning in rightful churning for heavenly fluid – Amrit, the same way your mentors churns out Amrit by keeping a tab in processes and practice. The course ends when the student reaches his potential. 

When I was 04 weeks out

Now is the time to increase your pace of studying and gap areas identification. You are already comfortable with various questions and are now in a familiar territory. With this done, start with rigorous practice sessions at all difficulty levels and you are not too far away from achieving your goal. With only four weeks left to the D-day, keep taking practice tests and do not slacken in your efforts. 

When I was 02 weeks out

With only two weeks left in the examination, now is to press your foot on the accelerator and go-ahead full throttle. Work on the most complicated and hardest problems. While doing so, my mentors helped me realize my mistake and also assist in correcting them. MbaWizards has purely customized and spontaneous system of learning so practice set of questions were not something which was widely given to all but customized according to level of student which actually help me in reaching to my goal in targeted time. Now accuracy has to be consistently achieved and you are just on the threshold, now is not the time to lose your confidence. So, go back and practice such questions again and again till you get them right. Continue doing this even if you are getting the right answers. 

When I was 01 weeks out

With just a week to go for your exam, now is the time to take the GMAT Prep test. It is an artificial intelligence based online test that will help you get an idea about how prepared you are and where do you stand as far as your preparations are concerned. If you have been working as per the study plan mentioned above, you already have a strong foundation ready and only the capstone remains to be placed. Pick up your MbaWiazrds online test and guide for the week and attempt the last quarter section which has 800 above level questions. While doing so, you must also pay attention to why an answer is right or wrong. You will find excellent answer explanations in their online test so make the most of this. If you come across any issue or challenge that is hampering your progress, mentors were always available to give some advice and answers. Also give a full online test for efficiency testing to prepare for the real exam. During my last week of GMAT preparation, I spent almost 4 hours, sometimes more studying and by the time I came to the final weekend, my number of hours studying reached to more than 10 hours a day. Solving randomly difficulty level test also help you prepare for all kind of challenging questions.

This is test strategy of MbaWizards where they throw different mocks of varied difficulty level so that I could be best prepared and prepared to expect anything in main examination.

When I reached the Test Day

The day I had to appear for my exam, I slept for less than six hours. I was a bundle of nerves which was expected but by morning, I was in control of my thoughts and senses but was fidgety. Stay calm and meditate for best mental preparation.

My thorough preparation and attention to details paid off and I was able to sail through the exam with a couple of seconds left. It was undoubtedly an exhilarating experience for me as before this I had never finished GMAT mock this way and always had to scramble at the last moment. 

Just like others, even I had to face complicated questions and my last question was a tough one. I ended up spending almost four minutes on it and was able to close just a few seconds before the test closed. I was sweating and shaking but was able to do it. I made the right choice and I was truly relieved to find the same. 

Though when I started, my aim was to get a full score but my spending more time than usual on one question made this goal elusive for me. Still I persevered and ended up so close to the full score. 

One thing that I have learned is that strategizing how to crack an exam always pays off. Being conceptually strong also worked in my favor. I also worked on increasing my answering efficiency. The combined impact of these strategies helped me in cracking this exam. If I could do it, you surely can, so best of luck and happy studying!


I scored 770 in GMAT (Q- 51, V-45).

If I talk about my background, so I was an average student throughout my graduation. I was doing my Bsc (Biotech) and I knew that for me , there is not much scope for it as I was not good in this. Then a friend of mine suggested about GMAT exam and the first thought I had was that there is so much competition there and obviously being an average student I was not very much convinced as I thought it might give another setback to my confidence. But I wanted to do a MBA course from a great B-school like ISB or any other Ivy League college. Because I was clear that it will make my life better in future and that is why I think that You should always have a reason on “why you want to do MBA” because this thing will keep you motivated when doing your preparation and staying motivated is the key to get over the times when you will feel demotivated. 

I got to know about Edushastra from a friend who had just taken their Free Elite Course and he was praising that a lot. I thought what is to be praised about a free course in spite of the fact that it is for free. But when he told me the details for it, I was so impressed. I mean I had seen 1-2 institutes offering free classes but Free course….No one is doing that.  And all of them were offering recorded sessions to watch and that too only 1-2 classes. They cover Quant, Verbal, DI and LR. But Edushatsra provides Live interaction sessions in the Free Elite course also . That means students can interact with the teachers, clear their doubts and that too for free. The tests they provide for GMAT are computer Adaptive Tests and that serves as a cherry on the cake. And ya that too for free. 

When I talked with them, I was very much impressed about their whole ideology on which they move forward. They work on ability based model which basically focuses on reaching the optimal ability of every student and without putting any time boundation to it. That means their all courses comes with Lifetime Validity.

Now, before joining their actual course, I wanted to be sure that it is right for me so I registered with their Free Elite Course. Now my expectations were high because of all the things my friend has told me. Now I am going to list some points which I know are hard to believe but ya Edushastra provides all this in their Free course:-

1. Free Live Interaction classes:- All classes were Live interaction sessions. I was able to interact with the teachers and ask my doubts also. They covered the basics of the portions and made sure that every student was able to understand that. Now , you must be wondering that how the teachers are able to interact with the students if the batch strength is big? The second option will clear this doubt.

2. Small Batch size:- Now, this was something that I was pretty impressed with and was not expecting at all. I knew that in their full courses, they keep small batch sizes to ensure personalization but in Free course also they keep small batch size to make sure every student get the personalized attention. In my batch, only 17 students were there.

3. Great Teachers:- Now in Free courses what I have seen is that institutes tend to provide recording and that too of not so good teachers. But Edushastra Free Elite Course is given by the best teachers. All the teachers are great there with a great experience. I really enjoyed learning the Quant from Ankur sir as he taught us how to avoid using the calculator to increase the speed of solving questions in the Free course. 

4. Free Tests:- Free tests are also given by Edushastra in their Free Elite course and for GMAT they are computer adaptive tests. The level of questions was just like GMAT and they also evaluated our tests and told us our weaker portions also which was amazing as we were just taking that for free but so much attention was given to every student in the batch.

After completing the course, I was so much impressed that I joined their GMAT Live online course and it was totally worth it. I would say that the things they are offering and the services they are providing, their fees is so nominal.

They have a Free University in which they offer so many things like:-

1. Free Elite Course:- Free Live interaction classes with Free GMAT test(Computer Adaptive) and covers Quant , Verbal, DI and IR. 

2. Rs.1 Classes:- If a student does not want to take up the whole course and just wants to take class for particular topics, then they can opt for Rs.1 classes. In that a student can book class for just Rs.1. They are also Live classes not the recorded lectures.

3. AI based new format test at just 99:- They provide AI based new format test i.e Computer based test for CAT and Computer adaptive test for GMAT at just 99 only. In that a student will be able to see clearly on how he has scored, what are the questions attempted wrong, what are the weaker sections and how to correct the methods.

4. Free Admission counseling :- For the students enrolled in their CAT/GMAT and GMCAT courses, they provide Free Admission Counselling also. 

For GMAT they provide:-

· Profile Evaluation based on IQ & EQ Profile facets. 

· Business Schools Selection based upon aspirant’s profile strengths.

· Profile Mapping with targeted Business Schools. 

· Application Assistance & Counseling.

·  Editing of Statements of Purpose, Letters of Recommendation, Essays and Resume. 

· EduShastra Alumni Assistance & Mentoring. 

·  Comprehensive and rigorous Interview preparation 

·  Visa, Educational loan, and Scholarship Counseling.

For CAT:-

· Profile Evaluation based on IQ & EQ Profile facets.

· SNAP, XAT, IIFT, NMAT Free Course. 

· AWA / WAT / Group Discussion Preparation.

· Soft Skills & Personal Interview Preparation.

· Business Schools Selection based upon aspirant’s profile strengths.

· Profile Mapping with targeted Business Schools.

· Application Assistance & Counseling.

· Editing of Statements of Purpose, Letters of Recommendation, Essays and Resumes.

· EduShastra Alumni Assistance & Mentoring.


All the services of GMAT and CAT are included with GMCAT.

So, while maintaining so high quality of learning, they offer so many things and that too at nominal prices or even for free. So I think  Everyone should consider Edushastra for the GMAt preparation.

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