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The rich politician was loved due to his ___ and ___ nature.

  • Any other option(specify in comments)
  • Generous and jovial
  • Magnanimous and generous

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Number of triangles in that figure: 

  • 23
  • Any other option (specify in comments)
  • 21

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What would be the percentile for a score of 40-50?

XAT 2017 Decision Making Specific Group


  • 60-68
  • <60
  • 84+
  • 79-84
  • 74-79
  • 69-74

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I am scoring in the range of 71.5-75.Will this suffice for clearing the cutoffs for sibm pune and sscmhrd. I have given a range due to differing anwers in both the keys( EMYNET AND CL). These questions were:-

1. will the boat sink or not( i marked it as submerged)

2. concentration of glasses ( i marked both have same quantity since glasses were mentioned and they are filled equally)

3. Mobile one phone( it is for sure they will know their life span,but how is it implicit that they will lead a good life)

4. There was one question in DI,which CL says, none correct,so i have left it best as not attempted.

I found LR on a tougher side(read-expected a generic one instead of an iq test). Those who have given the exam the last time around, how accurate are these guys. 


Having following queries w.r.t CL memory based paper: 

1) Abstruse ka perplexing hona chahiye na? Answer "obtuse" diya h. 

2) The students were "awaiting" tha ya fir, the students were waiting  diya tha blank mein? I feel it is the latter. Uske basis pe we can fill  the blank. 

3) One LR question 35-5, i feel answer should be "30" based on odd-odd logic. 4) One quant question, unit's digit in (129*256*47$*1484). What could  be in place of dollar? I remember marking NOTA, based on simple  calculation of unit's digit of all 4 numbers and then obtaining unit's  digit of the result. But CL ne ek definite answer diya h. 

Verbal Ability Thread for XAT 2017 

  Hello Aspirants, Kindly refer to following link for SIOM official thread and queries regarding admission process for SIOM 17-19 batch:  

tommorow is result day 

SNAP 2016 marks needed for 90percentile

  • 45-50
  • 50-55
  • 55-60
  • Dont want to answer

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94 percentile :'( any call expected???

SNAP 99.86 :P Kahin toh 99 aaya bc

97.92. SIBM-P?


@avi81293 Congrats bhai :)

The SIOM Operations Management specialization empowers each engineer with sharp engineering and scientific capabilities along with smart business management disciplines. Be it the manufacturing, retail or services sectors such as IT, finance, logistics, transportation, health care or public utility or educational, the service delivery pipelines must be carefully designed, resourced and managed effectively and efficiently.

Kindly refer to following link for queries regarding SIOM admission process for 17-19    

2 days left to register for SIOM.. So Hurry!! If you have any queries please follow the below mentioned discussion group

Which Snap mocks are closest to the actual test?

Greetings from MHRM IIT Kharagpur.
We are delighted to inform you that we will be starting the admission process soon for the batch of 2022-24.
Official website: Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur

We have also published the Brochure for this year’s admission process.Please find the link below to go through the admission brochure.
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For further admission related updates and queries, we have created below handles. We would request you to join the same for regular updates.
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