SJMSOM, IIT Bombay - Admissions [2016-18]

OA- 91.18   QA-91.29   DILR- 87.01    VARC- 85.83




Work Exp. 22 Months as Business Analyst

What are my chances?


is the application form closed?

Hi @SJMSOM_AdCom ! I've scored 94.26(OA) with 99.23(VARC), 90.42(LRDI) & 72.81(QA). My acads are 83.83%(X), 68.5(XII) & 79.06(BTech). I have decent co-curricular activities and have been working as Engineer in an Oil&Gas MNC  for the past 30 months. How are my chances? PS: General, Female

CAT 2015:

Overall-  91.12 percentile

QA- 94.37 percentile

VA- 91.16 percentile

DI/LR- 65.46 percentile


10th:   95.83% CBSE

12th:    91.20% CBSE

work experience: 18 months in INFOSYS......

decent extra curriculars....

Do i Stand any chance for a call??


with oa - 97.1  , 90+ sectionals, 90+ in 10+2, 8.85 mech, 30 months exp in IT chances for a call in sjmehta?  nc obc category





No Experience

CAT OA-96.57%ile (VARC-74.6, LRDI-98.8 , QA-96.6)

Any Realistic chance for me to get a call?

Hello people

OA 96.7 (99.86 VA, 86.35 DI/LR ,  85.1 QA )

X: 84; XII: 70; Civil Engg: 72; Work: 6 years in core

Any chances?

Male, Gen

CAT OA- 89.11

B Tech - 72.10

12th- 80.8


General category 

i know i'm on the edge but still shall i go for it?

OA-95.11 ;var-94,lrdi-88.8,quant-92.3 

10/12 - 91.4,91.6 , grad -8.1 

work ex - 27 months 

do i stand any chance ?

@SJMSOM_AdCom @Saurah_Saxena 

Can you please have a look at my profile and let me know whether I am eligible for shortlisting? I am worried of not clearing sectional cut-offs

CAT OA: 79.80; VA: 98.04; DILR: 52.86; QA: 43.81; category: PH; X: 78%; Diploma: 66%; BE IT: 71%

Please let me know. Thanks!

@SJMSOM_AdCom Hi. Pls tell whether i should apply- Cat Overall 92.85% . 10/12/Btech- 88/90/95.5. Have been working with L&T in Oman for the last 4 years. Pls suggest.

NC OBC : OA - 90.05, QA - 94.xx, DILR - 91.xx, VA - 10th - 94.4, 12th - 83.8, Grad CGPA - 7.87(NIT).. Do I have a chance?

OA: 91.1 (NC-OBC) VA: 70.78, DI-LR: 83.59, QA: 97.52 X: 90.67%, XII: 96.4%, Engg: 79% Workex: 30 Months (IT)

Decent Extra curicular..

Do I have a chance to get a call from IIT-B. Please help so that I can apply based on that.

SJMSOM ADMISSIONS TEAM, Can a non engineering student apply for Master of Management program? What are the chances for such students?

Hi, I have two questions.

Q1. By going through the previous posts, I assume that 94.21 ( All sections above 85), NC-OBC, Work Ex -7 months, Acads above 80, will get me a call. Hopefully I am right?

Q2: My friend got 96.5 (GEM candidate), with 98+ in two sections but 77 in one. He also has above 80 in his Acads. will he get a call if he applies?. 

Thank you.

X-94.4,XII-95.6,BE-70,CAT 2015 OA-89.1 ,VA-98.7,QA-86.7,DIRL-34,General category,female,4 months work experience,.good extra curricular I stand any chance of getting a call...should I apply?

Is there any sectional cutoff in SJMSOM? CAT 15- OA 89.88 ( VA 92 LR 98 QA 55) NC-OBC X/XII/Btech :78/75/68 6 years IT Exp Any Chances????

Cat -92.77 Va-85  Qa-90 Di-94 10th-80.67 12th-79.6 Btech-75.4 , exp-48month category-gn, female..state level academic award.. Any chance?

X - 73 , Xii - 71, Grad(CS&E) - 6.37 GPA , CAT 2015 - 96.29

Work ex - 42 months ( IT)

General category.  Any chances of getting call ?

OA: 95.98

VA:99.43; LRDI:91.60; QA:80.80

Xth: 77.5; XIIth: 79; CGPA: 7.2; Work Experience: 40 months

General, Engineer, Male

Any chances of a call?