ShoutBox (Part 1)

back on pagalguy after 5 years it seems...


All the Purvanchalis ( Euphemism ;) ) :

Pay attention

भी ---> b/bhi

v--->>>> वी 

Silence all around the SHOUTBOX

Shout box is all about silence here... it seems! :p 

Abe kha mr gye gaanv wali.

Nobody shouts here 😊

Checked last few posts .. the thread is indeed a ghost town now 

Shoutbox just got Detroited  😐 

A small announcement for all "telugites" ☺ join this group !! Andhra & Telangana

@deepu why the college feature been removed from the profile?

Filled form in 2013...exam conducted in 2016...result pending :-/ Uttar Pradesh public service commission state engineering services exam 2013 What has been done till date for result by students...COURT CASE , PEACEFUL PROTEST IN ALLAHABAD, MARCH TO CM OFFICE IN LUCKNOW THRASHED BY POLICE , LETTERS TO CM AND GOVERNER OF UTTAR PRADESH, HUNGER STRIKE. WHAT WE GOT IN RETURN...tareekh pe tareekh in court, sometimes commission exam controller says wait for result and some time he says we are short of funds to check the copies, no reply we got from cm or governor regarding result, latest after hunger strike they gave feb 2018 as deadline that too passed away den they gave June as deadline. After so much mental stress or torture i m totally broken up and sometimes think I should quit.

Dear GOD...shoutbox is still a thing! and @deepu you still work at pagalguy

Can't get any better..!! 😆 😆 

Wow!! SB is still here!!


bhai log irctc tatkal ticket katwane k lia sabse fast tarika batao..nai ho  Pa ra jabse naya site aaya hai..  Please anyone helP

Back after 7 years. and its still the same. are the mods still here ??

It's been a long time without you my friends. :gm:

Been a Decade. Almost!

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