RBI Grade-B Officer 2015-16 , Phase-I & II

Is datt and sundaram essential book for grade -b or only ramesh singh is enough?

Facebook Group for 2015-16 Prep :

Hi friends, I requested a senior of mine who is in RBI to create a facebook group . He has prepared this group


and has made me admin. (Although that resulted me in joining facebook) . Those of you who wish to prepare collectively for next exam may join . I will made some of you admin for the group so that it can be better managed collectively as I am not at all active on facebook but will post in the group.

what are the socioeconomic impacts of gender inequality in India?

Anyone new to rbi grade b preparation and working alrdy? Lets b online study partners..?

if x^2=16 then x=+-4 but sqrt(16) will always be a positive number (i.e. +4) , am I right or wrong ? 

hi everyone, I am in a confusion on buying between Manorama yearbook and lucent GK for the static GK part for exam preps. Both costs Rs. 175 and Rs. 100 repsly. Kindly offer me an advice.

Hello everyone. I am new to the group and have to start preparing for rbi grade b 2015. Any suggestions on how to begin and what books to follow?

hi friends ... can u plz tell me more about the RBI grade b officer recruitment. when is the exam. how can i apply. which books i need to read. 

when will the notification of rbi grade b officer will come out?

I think it would help everyone if there was 1 pinned/common post that would help every new entrant to this RBI Grade B group,which has all the details regarding the exam,dates,pattern etc as I find several people every new day asking the same question,ie regarding details of the RBI exam. So what do you people think? Please give your opinions.


Anybody from chennai? 

Can any one tell me any update regarding RBI Grade B 2015-16 ?

Pros and Cons of Gr B post in RBI :


1. A feeling of working with an autonomous institution set up by an act passed by parliament. An institution answerable only to the Parliament.

2. Stability of career. Unaffected by Global economic slowdowns. RBI as a company is a highly profit making company able to absorbs shocks. In fact, in last 5 years RBI has transferred on an average nearly 30000 Crores rupee profit per annum to government.

3. Comparatively Liberal HR policies viz-a-viz other government institutions. Option of Study leave (twice), PhD scheme, ability to go to deputation (even on self basis), Option of studying best of the education courses on Bank's expenses , Not that rigid bureaucracy. Liberal leave options (comparatively)

4. Offices only in Capitals and big cities. Not more than 4-6 transfers in service tenure of 30+ years . Flat structure. A person joins as Gr B DR in Manager cadre itself.

5. Comparatively liberal CTC compared to other government services. Not affiliated / affected by pay commissions or IBA. Able to bridge the gap/disparity through perks and allowances.

6. Intangibles in RBI are the best in the country in similar industries. Furnishing allowance, Consumer advance, Medical facilities, Visiting officers flats and Transit holiday homes, Reimbursement of educational fee for best of the courses in the world, 7 digit personal loans through cr soc without guarantors . Housing loan, Vehicle loan, Education loan etc at heavily reduced interest rates.

7. As of now a Gr B DR gets around 55000/- in salary pm, and around 30000/- in perks per month. (not necessarily paid on monthly basis). In addition to that availability of residence/lease flats. CTC as of now is around 15 lakhs+ in Mumbai. Further, pay structure is under restructuring and new salaries are expected to be in effect by year end which will definitely be 20 odd % higher than current.

8. Opportunities to grow as a professional. Being able to develop oneself as a specialist and having the option to move beyond RBI. (yes, there are worlds beyond it and as a matter of fact, a good number of officers leave RBI in the prime of career as part of their career progression)


1. Linear progression. Though promotions are based on a combination of merit, seniority, knowledge and skills. It still is linear compare to Corporate sector.

2. Salary also grows in a linear method except for restructuring of salary every five years. Although there is DA adjustment every three months, quantum leap in salary is not an option.

3. If a person does not work on oneself, it is very much possible to be moved to a corner doing routine tasks and administrative works.

4. Offices only in major cities and capitals. May not be able to live in hometown.

5. Though refined, it still is government culture with less tolerance for radical moves and ideas. Everything needs to move through progression.

6. Flat structure means that a person will get maximum four promotions in the tenure (Manager-AGM-DGM-GM-CGM) in 30/35 or so years of service. If a person becomes CGM before 53 years of age, he may be designated as PCGM (which is not a promotion). Only a few rare people say approx 4% may be considered for ED post, and less than 0.5% for DG post.

7. Biggest danger is complacency. A person may feel redundant before one can realize. Also, high achievers may feel left out if they remain with the organization as there is only a little elbow room for them.

8. May not be able to earn 8 or higher digit salaries.

Kindly tell me where can i avail a good test series for rbi grade b 2015.

Was going through RBI's grade b phase 1 Feb 2011 paper when I came across this question:


Options were : 1. (sqrt(17))^2   2. (-8-9)  3. -17  4. +-(153/9)

The solution given is 4 +-(17). I believe it has to be option 1 .... Since sqrt(x) is always a positive number.. What say puys ? There were 2-3 questions on this concept

RBI Mains 2014 : Paper III:
1. State the different types of exchange risks inherent in foreign exchange business.
2. Briefly explain the Union Budget, 2014-2015 provisions relating to financial, banking and insurance sectors.
3. Trace the developments in financial sector reforms in India since 1991.
4. (a) Explain in brief the provisions of R. B. I. Act,1934. (b) Write a note on R. B. I. 's attempt in giving differential licenses for small banks. 5. Write short notes on any two of the following :- (i) SEBI (ii) Stock Exchanges (iii) Service Tax (iv) Syndicated Loans.

6. " Corporate Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility are the twins to shine a corporate entity " - Discuss.
7. Distinguish between :-
(a) Verbal and Non-verbal Communication
(b) Directing and Controlling.
8. " A successful leader is always an effective leader " - do you vouch this statement.
9. (a) Explain in brief the Concept and Goals of Human Resources Development ( HRD ).
(b) Outline the role of incentives in building up employee morale.

RBI Mains 2014 : Paper II :

1. Explain different indices for measuring economic development. Which measure is most appropriate according to you and why ?

2. " Deepening challenge of the climate change is the area that requires immediate global attention". Discuss.

3. (a) Explain the provisions under MGNREGA.

(b) Examine the challenges of Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) with respect to MGNREG Scheme.

4. Examine the inter-relationship of food inflation and rising wages in rural areas of India.

5. Explain the causes of India's rising sexual crime graph. What measures would you suggest to prevent the same?

6. "Increasing unemployment in India reveals that we are not able to put our demographic dividend to good use". Discuss.

7. Explain :- (a) Trends of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in India (b) FDI in Insurance

8. Critically evaluate the J P Nayak committee's recommendations to dismantle the government's stakes in nationalized banks.

9. Explain the contribution of service sector in income, employment and export in India.

10. Write notes on any two:- (a) Malnutrition in India (b) Use of social media in education : a boon or bane (c) Problem of child labour in India (d) Declining sex ratio.

RBI mains papers of 2010, 2011 , 2012 and 2014 : http://rbi.org.in/scripts/bs_viewcontent.aspx?Id=2817

Any updates on the change of pattern of RBI grade b exam from 2015 onwards?

Hi Guys! Can anyone suggest good classes for RBI Grade B Officer in Mumbai.