RBI Grade B Exam- 2014-15 (Phase 1)

The major aim of devaluation is to?

A.Encourage exports

B.Encourage imports

C.Encourage both exports and imports

D.Discourage both exports and imports

E.None of these

The present Indian monetary system is based on?

A.Gold reserve system

B.Proportional reserve system

C.Convertible currency system

D.Minimum reserve system

E.None of these


During period of inflation, prices should?



C.remain constant


E.None of these

The currency of Thailand is?





E.None of these

Devaluation usually caused the internal prices to?



C.Remain unchanged

D.First rise and then fall

E.None of these


Who coined the term

€œHindu rate of growth €?

for Indian Economy?

A.A.K. Sen

B.Kriti S. Parikh

C.Raj Krishna

D.Monetak Singh Ahluwalia

E.None of these

GDP at factor cost is?

A.GDP Minus indirect taxes plus subsidies

B.GNP minus depreciation allowance

C.NNP plus depreciation allowance

D.GDP Minus subsidies plus indirect taxes

E.None of these

Per Capita Income is obtained by dividing National Income by?

A.Total population of the country

B.Total working population

C.Area of the country

D.Total population of 18 + age

E.None of these

Net National Product (NNP) of a country is?

A.GDP minus depreciation allowances

B.GDP plus net income from abroad

C.GNP minus net income from abroad

D.GNP minus depreciation allowances

E.None of these

In India, agricultural income is calculated by?

A.Output method

B.Input method

C.Expenditure method

D.Commodity flow method

E.None of these

@maverik02 will RBI recruit grade B officers for 2014-2015 ??

Is it true that only(generally) civil service aspirants take this exam??


Devaluation usually caused the internal prices to?



C.Remain unchanged

D.First rise and then fall

E.None of these

Someone please explain/ quote reference.... answer is C..😠

Q. In the long run, the rate of inflation is usually

a) greater than the rate of monetary growth

b) equal to the rate of monetary growth

c) less to the interest rate

d) greater to the interest rate

PS: Would request for explanation as well.

Q. Macroeconomics is the study of

a) large firms and consumers

b) industries as a whole rather then individual firms

c) the economy as a whole

d) large groups of firms and households

e) individual firms and households

PS: Would request for explanation as well.

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Here is the link for previous year(Phase II) paper -


Some Banking Awareness :

Q1. Which is the oldest existing public sector bank in India /
(a) Andhra ( b) SBI (c) Allahabad (d) UCO Bank

Q2. Hongkong & Shanghai banking corporation (HSBC) introduced ATM in India in _______, Mumbai
(a) 1964 (b) 1965 (c) 1987 (d) 2001

Q3. Reserve Bank of India was nationalized in ?? Year...

Book Recommendations provided by maverik02 for phase 2 as text file for @tani90 and others

Wats the age bracket for RBI Grade-B???