We have to fill all 7 copies of biodata or filling 1 and taking xerox of that and signing all of them separately with 1 photograph on each will suffice ?

I m working as an engineer in railway(gp=4600). Railway says that u can go to other government jobs with higher gp without paying the bond money. If I get job at rbi, do I need to pay the money.

guys, just found out my college transcript mentions that there is no criteria for cgpa to % conversion. what should i do? will it be problem?

Any group b govt officer here?

Kindly mention - Gazetted officer in Mumbai ... where attestation can be easily done.

In Bio-data form, they are asking for class garde and rank in educational qualifications. What does it mean? please carify. Thanks

On attestation form getting signature from notary will suffice?

one more question guys we need to get signature on all 5 identity certificates ?

 Please someone clarify about NOC for experienced candidates. Is it required to be sent? or Is it required at time of interview? 

Guys some insight required here. On  bottom of each page of Bio-data form, there is a space for "Registration/Receipt No...." 

What do we fill here? Or is it for the RBI office to fill?

Thanks in advance

Biodata queries, please advice :-

SNo. 9 (c)- Is anybody asking for advance increments? If yes how are you justifying it? My present salary is more than what this job is offering but RBI gives much more perks in addition to salary. Shall I ask for increments on that basis?

SNo. 17 - What can be given in "Additional Particulars" column?

got delhi as location for interview on 21st Oct morning session 👍 

About debt, do we have to mention credit card dues as well? I have a sizable amount of instalments left to be paid on various items.

kis kis ko mail aya bhai? hame to nahi aya... lagta hai urjit bhaiyya naraj ho gaye

how many of us got mails???

plz respond with date of interview

Guys for biodata 1 in original and 6 xeroxes right? They asked for seven copies so all seven copies don't have to be handwritten right? Please correct me if I am wrong. 

Any PSU guys? What to do regd. NOC. It may be difficult to get.

kiska interview sabse jaldi hai? sabse last?

Puys, the letter is addressed as Dear Sir for all kya? I am a female and now I have doubt on what I might have filled up in the application form??

roll no has changed or some misprint???