Medium of interview ?

Will they send some kind of official intimation to selected candidates?

ANNOUNCEMENT- I CALLED RBI recruitment department they said 6 sets of attestation - ALL have to be individually ATTESTED by gazetted officer. Query 2- Medium of Interview - He said write Not Applicable (but in the form it is said that we don't have to write Not Applicable anywhere(wierd isn't it?) So I reckon I will just put a ----- there )

Hello everyone

Good day, and congratulations!

I'm experiencing low internet days here. So would you please tell me what is this document attestation stuff you are discussing about? Was it on RBI website? When is the last date for submission? What is the date for document verification?

Even if I sound dumb can you please verify if we have to send 6 copies of "DECLARATION FOR LOCAL LANGUAGE" too??

  • 6 copies
  • No, only 1 copy
  • Confused.

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Supporting documents me sirf identitu certificate bhejna hai na with attest form? And for LPT, 10th marksheet? All other educational qualification documents need not be sent?

It says "6 copies of Attestation Form (all in original) and 6 copies of Bio-data form filled in neatly by the candidates" So for attestation form, you take 6 printouts and fill each of them by hand. But for bio data form, is it the same or do you take one printout, fill it then take 5 photocopies?

What would be the total in hand salary ?

Shud we submit a noc. From notification i understand we need not. Pls confirm

What will be in hand salary according to 7th CPC? 

How many people have been selected all over the country? (If someone has counted, please comment)

  • More than 588
  • less than 588
  • Exactly 588

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Hi guys, Congrats to everybody...!!! I'm selected for Mumbai office. Let's get to the important points.

From "what I understood", following list seems to make the documents needed to submit for initial verification (For General Candidates). Please correct me if I'm wrong.

1. 6 Copies of Attestation Form - Already provided by RBI (Includes Identity certificate which needs to be signed duly by Gazetted officer)

2. 6 Copies of Bio-Data Form - Already Provided by RBI

3. One copy of Declaration of Local Language - Already Provided by RBI

The above documents make the Proformae. Proofs of the details which are mentioned in the above forms need to be attached too.

1. One copy of Birth Certificate/Any Birth-date Proof

2. One copy of all the Academic Qualifications / Mark-Sheets

3. One copy of Identity Proof

Btw, please don't stress yourself by thinking about Language test. I "heard" that it's always very easy for the candidates who have studied or good at regional language.

Please be precise while posting anything, guys... We have a less time, a lot of celebration to do, and none of us want to get confused or diverted. Thanks :)

Anyone selected from Mumbai ?

My marksheets, DoB certificate, and other relevant certificates are to be self attested or gazetted offr attested?

Main avi CTS (IT) m kam kar raha hun.........mujhe v Exp letter bhejna parega kya?

Bhopal ke bande kaha ho bhailog . Hazir ho !

Envelope ko by hand jama kar sakte hain kya..regional office m????????

Need help 😒 36 attestation form 24 bio data 1 Obc + 1 Obc declaration 1 local language declaration Total = 64 Bio data ke sath docs bh lagane h .. 6 bio data ke sath 6 set lagenge ???

bhaiyo btech waale kya saare sem ki marksheet bhejoge yaa fir saare sem ki ekk aati hai wo waali??

I have a question..Jiska Hindi 10th ka subject nahi h unka qa....As for Bhopal region Hindi is local language..Koi problem h qa..Coz mere school m Hindi was optional.N 8th tha Hindi..9th SE I chose Sanskrit..