Physics Concepts for JEE Mains/ Advanced

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Compensated Pendulum


 Weight Thermometer

Compensated Pendulum : As we


discussed and analy


ed in


previous articles that the period of a pendulum changes with temperature


due to which the time a pendulum clock shows d


from actual time at temperatures other than graduation temperature of the clocks. To overcome this problem of pendulum clocks, compensated pendulums are made in which time period is not affected by temperature variation. To understand the analysis of compensated pendulums, watch the video given below.

Weight Thermometer : In ancient times  when advanced thermometers are not invented, people used different types of thermal setups to measure the temperature of different substances. Weight thermometer is such a temperature measuring setup. It has a container filled with a liquid and with increase in temperature liquid overflows as liquids expands more than solids. By measuring the overflow weight of the liquid, analytically temperature rise can be estimated. To understand the weight thermometer in detail, watch the video given below. 

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For detailed Study you should read "Resnick and Halliday". For solving Problems you shuold opt for "Problems in Genral Physics" by I.E. Irodov. For more reference visit

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A  slab of mass m1=40kg rest on a frictionless floor and a block of mass m2 = 10kg rest on top of the slab . Between block and slab static friction coef.=0.60 and kinetic friction coef.=0.40 . The bloc is pulled by a horizontal force og 100N what are the resulting accelerations. of (a) the block and (b) the slab?


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