PGDM-HR at IIM Ranchi

There is a separate GD/PI Process for PGDHRM, this is different from PGDM programme


Congratulations for clearing the first hurdle en route to your admission to IIM R. As a member of the first batch, I have watched the infant grow and take pride how IIM Ranchi has come up in such a short time.

Trust me, the place is special in its own ways. The experience of establishing an IIM brick by brick in unmatched and cannot be described in words.

At the same time, I take this opportunity to mention a few points about the process :
a) Your process shall be extremely competitive. Seeing the number of calls, I foresee a huge process. But, the current students shall be around to help you with the process.
b) You shall soon be hearing from the office about the nature of the process. Additionally, we will keep you posted with the latest happenings at the institute. !

All the best !!

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Will it be good considering it for Male Candidates?

Hi, is the PGDHRM list out?

@bkd.exe Hello Sir,just a clarification.
I have received an e-mail from IIM Ranchi for PGDMHR program. I have an OA of 92.53. Sir,what will be the cutoff for this program for WAT-PI?
my cat score was 95.54 wid 93 in both the sections and so i was not shortlisted for New IIMs......but today(30th jan) i received a mail from IIM Ranchi wid a PGDHRM ad.......what does this mean??? Confused! can anyone explain this to me?? Or all the student who appeared CAT this tym got the same mail?? Please Enlighten!!
i hope @paraag and @ParasBh can help!!!
@satya91 even I received the mail. I think everyone received this mail.
@moti thanx yaar!!! I feel this mails r sent to ridicule us!!
@young_monk Hi ...I have always wanted to my MBA in HR.... But i know that only a solid reason would convince the Panel..Can u help in WHY HR?
@avired I have graduated from campus! Request @ParasBh to answer your query
@avired I have graduated from campus! Request @ParasBh to answer your query

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hey i got a image mail fron iim( pgdmhr) it this some sort of initial shortlist or advertisement ..........

does pgdmhr programme has sectional cut-offs??

have scored 98.30 in qa, 69.93 in va and 93.78 oa;x-80.00, xiii 75.60, 82.84 (male fresher) what are the chances of getting call???

plz reply

I got an image file advertising the pgdhrm on my email id. Is it a general e-email sent to everyone or is it based on my cat performance?

does anybody know what was the cutoff for HR COURSE Last year at IIM Ranchi?

In the form they are putting the percentage after calculating the GPA but my college had a different method of percentage conversion! How should I go about the same ?

Wat is the last date to fill the application online and what is the last date to submit the docs if any to iim ranchi?... Pls reply asap...ty 

Hello, I have two queries, 1)Firstly Our colleges has CGPI sstem, and there are two semesters in a year.. so how will I enter my first year cgpa ? as it consists of two seperate semesters with two seperate obtained cgpa... Should I simply do an average and put it? but it wont be accurate.... AS the Cumilative CGPA given to us at the end gives different weightage in different semesters ... 2) Secondly in filling uo extra curricular and co curricular details can I write about the medals obtained in academics? as during bachelors degree?