[Official] TAPMI MBA-Banking and Financial Services Admission 2022-24 Queries and Discussions

Greetings from TAPMI!! 4 more days to go before registrations close. Apply here - https://www.radicalforms.com/registration?log=t&ins=Ng= For further details about the admission process, visit the link below - https://www.tapmi.edu.in/admissions/admission-process/ All the best!

Peer learning is a critical aspect of a student life at TAPMI. We got to speak to some of our students from PGDM batch of 2020-22, and here's what they had to say! #TapmiTalks

I am working right now. Can I mentioned my college's  activies in extra-curriculum column?

Good evening aspirants! 

Greetings from T.A. Pai Management Institute

The last date for submission of the applications has been extended till the 22nd of January, 2021. Make sure you submit your applications and SOPs before the deadline.

 All the best!

TAPMI is home to students from various educational backgrounds. As a B-School, we ensure our MBA curriculum moulds aspiring minds into impactful leaders of tomorrow. Here's what Dr Suhani Jindal, a 1st-year student had to say about her MBA experience at TAPMI. 

Dear 2021-2023 PGDM Aspirants, 

Greetings from T. A. Pai Management Institute

As most of you know, we have started releasing the shortlists. They are being rolled out in stages and not in any particular order. 

Everyone will be receiving an email from the institute within the next 2-3 weeks regarding the status of your shortlist, and also an email with other detailed instructions by next week. 

Please do not come to any conclusion regarding your shortlist unless you receive an email. 

We kindly request everyone to be patient with the process.

Hey , I have applied for Plain MBA and Finance and Marketing also. So how will my interview for all three be conducted ? And what type of questions can i expect for Finance and Marketing?

 Please provide guidance on how to prepare for BKFS interview exclusively for people who are shortlisted for BKFS as well. I believe there will be separate interviews for each program. Need major insights please. 

Hello everyone!

We got in touch with some of ourstudents to understand how their higher education is contributing to their personality development. Here's what some of them had to say!

Can anyone help with EPT?

Since it is mentioned that EPT duration is around 45-50min. So, in what way it is conducted?

Good evening!

We see that there are multiple queries coming up regarding the status of the call letters and waitlists. 

Here are a few points to address the queries:

1. First list for all the programs has been rolled out today.

2. All the waitlist emails will be sent out in the month of April

3. Please refrain from inferring anything from comments that aren't made by the adcom

All the best!

How are BKFS placements? and as a engg student will it make any difference at the time of placements ?

Today got a mail regarding BKFS placement completion for current year, any details regarding that?

Could you please let me know if the PGDM BKFS program has any extra eligibility criteria apart from the ones mentioned for PGDM program?

Dear Batch 2022-24 Aspirants,
Greetings from the Admissions Committee of T. A. Pai Management Institute!
This thread has been created to resolve admission related queries for the upcoming batch. Please feel free to ask questions and clarify doubts. The team will ensure that they resolve all your queries satisfactorily and at the earliest.
We request you to keep the discussion civil and aligned with the admission process and details associated.
We hope that our assistance will help you in making an informed decision and we encourage you to participate in the discussions on the thread.
Please do visit our website https://www.tapmi.edu.in/ for further details.

This thread is created for admissions related queries for BKFS admissions.

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Cat- 89.94%ile(94/92/56)
Acads- 10cgpa/79.4%/82.03%(Bsc 3rd yr right now)
Nc obc male fresher
What are my chances for call and conversion?
Should I apply?

As per your profile, you complete the admission criteria required for freshers. So there is a great chance of you getting a call. However, conversion depends on multiple factors and qualification for application does not guarantee conversion.

Hey Pragati,
I filled the admission form for TAPMI 2022-2024 session today (17/01/2022 @ 06:01 pm) and paid the fee via UPI but I have not received any confirmation from TAPMI or radical forms till now. The money has been deducted and the transaction was completed. Can you please help as tomorrow is the last date and the website is still showing “Form not submitted”.
UPI reference no. 201709532067.
Reg. mail id: [email protected]