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SP JAIN form is asking to fill the CAT 2018 scores, when we select exams taken, should we not select now and select later? and just submit the form?

In the form, I have filled my B.tech specialization as Electronics and Communication Engineering, but when I click print form and go through it, it shows as Computer Science and Engineering. But in the view form it shows ECE. Is this some error?

When I click on form screen becomes black and nothing appears please help

When I click on form screen becomes black and nothing appears please help

Hi, I am a qualified Chartered Accountant but I didn't do graduation. I fulfil the eligibility criteria of SP Jain that they will consider ca inter and final marks in respect of my graduation. I have filled the details of my CA in professional qualification but the site requires me to update graduation details also. As of now I have filled my CA details in graduation while mentioning the duration of 3 years. In practicality it took more than 4 years to complete CA. I have mentioned my foundation, inter & final for 1st,2nd & 3rd year graduation marks respectively. If I proceed further and submit my form, I hope not to face any issues related to it. Hope it gets resolved ASAP

@admissions2019 nothing is working out..please help sir...Tried multiple browsers,multiple cafe ,even sent email to your team which got a reply"unforeseen situation".IF IT'S UNFORESEEN FOR YOU THEN WHO WILL ASSIST ME

@admissions2019 can I include position of responsibilities held at school and college level in the Versatility section?

In case of academic break year what does 1st,2nd,3rd and 4th signify?

@admissions2019 Do we have to show certificates regarding achievements and PORs during the interview process?

@admissions2019 Hi, I have a query regarding the "Professional Reponsibility Shouldered" part of the application. I have a specific instance that happened during my professional career that highlights this part. However, it was more like an opportunity that I grabbed and hence, I do not posses any certificate for it. Can it still be included as a part of the application?

Do we have to show certificates for verstality- For example(Keen interest in stock market- can provide statements from the time started to till date, but no certificate)? Or is it only for academic achievement/extra-curricular achievement?

My 12th mark sheet, GSEB Board takes into account all subjects including practical exam subjects for the calculation of final percentage marks.

So, I have entered all my subjects including practical exam subjects. So, the total number of subjects then sums to 8 and in the form, we can fill a maximum of 7 subjects so is it ok that I have filled the 8th subject in the additional column available in the form?

 Hey, I misunderstood what's required in the Academic Gap part and filled in "1st Year" with the explanation of the Gap between 12th and Graduation. I have submitted the form, will there be a window to make the necessary changes or can I get the changed made by calling SPJIMR? 

Where should I put my Campus Ambassdor Positions in the form?

I'm in the final year of graduation (Sem V - BCom) what should I write in the column - Graduation Summary? TIA

Can I put student exchange programme at school under academeic achievements? Also what will be the level? School or International?

Also, what will be the level for a rank in International Olympiad for English Language at school level? If I had a decent state rank and was the school topper?

Are certificates in intra school activities also considered under Versatility or is it inter school and above?

I have various merit certificates for DIFFERENT SPORTS at national level. How should I fill them in Versitality section? 

A SPJAIN alumini told me that in  

VERSATILITY section we can write our interest or hobbes and there is no need for certificate for that. Is this correct?

 Does class 12 details in the form specifically mean only !2th class marks or intermediate marks(11th and 12th)




I have filled my application form and made the payment but when I am looking at the form now at the website or trying to print the form, my second specialisation preference is shown empty. I remember filling it as Operations Management because I had filled in the reason for it too and the reason is there in the submitted form.
I am not sure but this might be a glitch in the form because I completed my form in the two seating. First time, I filled all my Academic Details and saved the form to complete it in another seating but when I opened the form the next time, some of my academic details (scores of some subjects) were missing and my Academic Percentages were disfigured. But at that time since I had not submitted the form I was able to make changes but this time time I am unable to do so. Can you please suggest me a possible resolution other than filling the form again and paying the fees one more time because even then if it happens then what?