[Official] Singapore Management University (SMU)

Hi, is CAT score considered for the SMU MBA Program (Full time)? 

Hi all! Is there anyone who got admit for SMU MITB August 2019 intake? And also is there any watsapp/facebook group for the same?  

Hi guys.. anyone gave the SMU admission test? I want some info regarding the test..


I have been accepted into SMU's MAF programme for Academic Year 2019-20. Is there any ........ group for students?

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I applied for SMU MBA for Jan 2020 intake.

I submitted my application on July 13th.

I have still not got any response.

Can anybody please help me with this??

Hii I want to confirm is cat scored accepted for SMU Msc in management July 2020 program

Wanted to know the average CAT percentile required to admissions to SMU MITB/MIM


12th: 92.4

Graduation: 85.19

University Gold Medallist 

Work Experience: 18 months

Also is MIM suitable after some work ex? 

I am expecting a CAT percentile of 93.



I wanted to know how to input your CAT percentile during the filling of the application form for Mim program at SMU

SMU MiM July 2020 intake group.


I have created a WhatsApp group for students who have accepted the offer for MiM at SMU for the 2020 intake. InterestEd students can ping me their contact and I shall add them in the group.


Parth ojha

SMU Singapore Indian Admits to the Aug 2021 intake, irrespective of the program, send me your number on the chat and I can add you to the Indian Whatsapp Group.