[Official] IIM Kashipur Aspirants, 2021-23

People who converted today, did you got a confirmation call or directly an email?

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What is the last day for Registration as I converted IIM Kashipur yesterday.

Have classes/activities at IIM Kashipur started?

What are the chances for converting WL 41?

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Anyone here, who has idea when can current students of Analytics batch can withdraw their registration?

Please tell guys

Gen WL updated today. WL - 5. Will there be any more lists?

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A suggestion for adcom- Please take a reconfirmation of interest from candidates to participate in further lists. There are many students who have taken admission elsewhere and don't wish to participate. This would reduce the work of adcom and expedite the admission process.

No movement in obc again?

Any chances of list 14?

Will iim Kashipur further move in ews category

EWS converted candidates please help.

We filled our CAT 2020 application forms with ews certificate which was valid till 31st March 2021. 

after converting and taking admission into IIM under EWS category! Do we have to provide a new EWS certificate?

As my family income crossed 8 lakhs in the previous financial year and I cannot get a new EWS certificate.

Will the old EWS certificate suffice??

At every other new iim, waitlist movement was greater than last year's movement. What went wrong with IIM Kashipur? Can't say more buffer calls because I've seen guys converting Raipur before Kashipur which is not the usual trend.

Any possibility of movement in general category?

I had withdrawn my admission on 30th June but still the acceptance fee and term I fee have not been refunded by admission office. when can I expect the money to be refunded?

A month back I got shortlisted for IIM kashipur, i was not sure but still fill up the registration fee and later on I cancel my registration. I was told that within a week , I'll get back my registration fee. Thanks to the shittiest administration of IIM kashipur( who never attends your call , who thinks everyone is born with a silver spoon), the registration fee has not been dispersed yet. It's been over a month now , I have full faith that by the time I'll get back my money it'll be half of the registration fee. Already 2k will be deducted by the bank as penalty. For the matter of fact , I'm a EWS candidate for me 50k is a fortune if you know. By delaying this and not answering my calls cost you nothing but for me it cost me a fortune.

In long run which has better for future growth prospects, I am very confused please suggest

  • IIM Ranchi - MBA

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what is the cutoff for iim kashipore cat cut off ?

last year for General it is around 94%ile for overall and for sectionals it is around 80%ile+. All the best for your GDPI!!

Hey man, did you convert iim kashipur??