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Hii this Harshita …I just had a query regarding degree certificate and provisional certificate as of now I don’t have both and I am graduated in 2022 what other documents can I upload instead of these??

marksheets and consolidated certificate along with self declaration written by your own handwriting that you will submit the required documents at the time of PI. Scan that paper and attach in the same PDF. This might work. It is not an official answer though.

What should we write in analytics form in which it ask indicate any four subjects which include maths/stats/programing
Can we also fill our graduation subjects in it or any other courses that we did from other source ???

I graduated in 2020, and I was given my degree, however, there was a mistake on it. I currently hold a provisional degree but not the actual one. But I’ll have it before the admissions process is over. Should I submit my provisional degree to the application ?

I have been trying to apply for the PGP Program. I have a total work experience of 37 months but for my first employment which was 7 months. I only have an experience certificate and no other supporting documents like Joining, Relieving Certificate or Pay Slips. Will the experience of 7 months be counted?
Also, I had made a mistake in calculating the work experience during filling up the CAT Registration form. Can I rectify that mistake now in the Application Form?

Facing issue in CAP form. Dont have any co-curricular or extra-curricular certificates which falls in the categories described in form. I do have udemy certification in nutrition and public policy. Can i put them in application form & under which category?

Dear Team,
Till which month IIM Kashipur will count work ex in their composite score??

As in CAP form it is mentioned that for further admission process for all cap college work ex till 31st Jan, 2023 will consider whereas in IIM Kashipur admission criteria it is mentioned that workex till 31st July , 2022 will considered.

Kindly please clarify the same…

Yes please clarify this.

You can provide an undertaking that you will submit the documents before a certain date

yes you can apply with the provisional one

Hello sir/mam
When I was uploading my certificate I only uploaded my consolidated certificate in the degree coloum and no affidavits but if I can produce my provisional certificate later if I get selected in IIM will it be a problem?

I hope you are talking about CAP form. If that is the case, please write to CAP authorities.

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You can mention your graduate subjects as well as MOOCs

Yes sir I was talking about cap ,I have mailed them and they replied we have noted the same

Undertaking form for that

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My work ex as per CAP registration form is 30 months and 1 day so which bracket will I be considered in for final composite score.
Greater than 24 months - 30 months, or
Greater than 30 months - 36 months.
As there’s a difference of 8 marks.
And it’s for normal MBA program.