[Official] IIM Calcutta 2024-26 Admission Queries

IIM calcutta nc obc wl 60 any chances

  • no
  • poll check
  • yes

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Can we expect more lists from IIM-C?

Anyone can give an idea about EWS WL movement? The portal isn't opening right?

Any idea on WL-General movement today?

The portal is not opening. Could anyone please help on how to check waitlist movement?

what is the movement in OBC ?

Asking in neutral group. Which one to opt for MBA?

Please give your reasons for either of these options.

  • VGSOM, IIT Kharagpur
  • IIM Udaipur
  • Poll Check

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Need honest reviews. No inclination or allergy to any stream.

  • MDI Gurgaon PGDM HRM
  • IIFT Delhi

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 Is there anyone from general category who withdrew from IIMK after 11th June? 

  • Yes
  • No

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In which of the following IIM do more big companies come for placement

  • IIM Ranchi
  • IIM Kashipur
  • IIM udaipur
  • IIM Raipur
  • IIM Trichy

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As of now, What's the last rank who got converted for SC category ?

What is last WL-General number converted recently(Latest)?

Next list date?can we expect more lists?


Called AO IIM CALCUTTA just now, He informed that admissions are over. No further short listings or call. I didn't make it or receive any emails

NC OBC first waitlist 80. What are the odds?

  • High chances
  • 50-50
  • Unfortunately low

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When will iim Calcutta release their first waitlist for 2022-2024?

When Iim Calcutta will release it’s second list?

I have deposited the registration amount still on the link where u have to accept and deposit the amount it is showing me the same page and not a any confirmation that your registration is done.

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