[Official] IIM Calcutta 2023-25 Admission Queries

To resolve queries regarding the PI and admission process to the Post Graduate Program (2021-2023) at Indian Institute of Management Calcutta

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Cutoff for 80+ 10th, 77% 12th, 75% grad, GEM?

When can we expect the PIs to start? 

When will the interview dates be released?

Any estimates would be very helpful. 


The website is not loading up and it's the last day of submission. Can any of the current students provide us the contacts of the admission cell ? The number provided in the email says "it's not registered".

Any update when the PGDBA forms will be out? Someone said that the exam will be in 1st week of April, 2021. So when will the form be released?


Any estimates on probable result dates?

We have notice periods at work, it'd help a lot if we had an estimate.


@RonitByMe please help if you have any info.

Hi! Any update on results? We have ushered into the most anticipated 2nd week of May... TIA...

When are the results coming out??

How many EWS seats has Calcutta got for 21-23 batch?

What are chances of getting the results today ?

Any update on when IIM C will release the results?

Any updates about the results ?? This anxiety is killing me !!

Results out

Waitlist 132 general chances ?

Waitlist no 126.

Category OBC

Chances of conversion?

  • Not Sure
  • Reject
  • Convert

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Admin pls share last year's wait list movement data

Is there any group for the converts?

Converted/Waitlisted people please fill. Others skip.

  • Converted A/B and C and going for C.
  • Converted A/B and Converted (or Waitlisted at) C and going for A/B.

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Anyone share me the official link of telegram group

Waitlist no. 41

Category OBC

Chances of conversion?

  • Not sure
  • Reject
  • Convert

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