[Official] ATLAS SkillTech University, MUMBAI (ISME) MBA Admissions 2022 -24

Trust the process & GET READY FOR MBA

Being a student, after pandemic, I totally lost hope on college life or anything related to that. Even in hybrid mode I was not sure of how fulfilling two days can be. They can never suffice the void created by replacing 5 college days with just 2, or so did i think.
It was Monday- first day of week and my first day of college. Yes, it was my first time coming to college after almost two trimesters. I came to class twice a week and it was so surreal. Meeting new people and making new friends at the cafeteria, I witnessed my wish coming true but in a different way than that of what I had visioned. I shared smiles in the places and with people I never had imagined. All thanks to Atlas Skilltech University for taking the risk and not closing doors entirely on its students.

So all I want to share from this experience is that we should trust the process. Even though we are in dilemma of what would happen now that Covid is increasing again, we should not let our guards down but at same time keep on pursuing our dreams. If you wanna apply for MBA, go apply. Who knows that this time there wont be any lockdown and we get to keep our college life (even though it would be in bits). Just trust the process.

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Learning experience -

It’s been a week ago our first trimester ended, our first trimester was of 3 months and from that our learning experience was excellent. Study pattern, assessment, learning pattern, everything was so smooth and so good. All the faculties till now have had tried to teach us practically to make us understand and give knowledge about the subject. The assessments which we were suppose to do were so good and informative that we actually know what exactly the subject is about. The quality of study material which we received was also very helpful and easy to understand.
All the faculties have made sure that we gain practical knowledge. In one of the subject we actually did the qualitative research in which we selected a existing brand and did research about it like how agencies do research. It was a very good experience for us because we never did any kind of research before.
In marketing we actually did the product life cycle, maturity stage, decline stage, post decline stage etc and after doing this exercise we found it very interesting.
In financial analysis sir taught us from the HUL balance sheet for clarity and also to make us understand how things work.
Overall a very good learning experience till now.

Student Experience- MBA in Media and Communication (Trimester 1)
As a student of MBA in Media & Communication at ATLAS SKILLTECH UNIVERSITY, I can assure you all that these 3 months of learning and experiencing have helped us in strengthening our base for the outside Digital world.

Multiple seminars (WPP round table conference seminar, career orientation seminar) & workshops (CV and LinkedIn building, Uses of Miro board, Inclusive management etc) were held.

The examinations were held in theoretical & practical formats which included brand research, writing creative briefs, studying and analyzing company annual reports etc.

Looking forward to the next trimester and the rest of the course.

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Career readiness program -

So we had our first session of career readiness program before starting with our 1st trimester and we had Mr Prashant Kohli He’s from the glitch and also he was our first speaker. In that session we had 3 speakers of which one was Mr Prashant Koli, the second one was our alumni and the third was Mr Roy.

Mr Prashant Kohli made us understand a few things which were related to industry like what all things are important for the next 6-7 years. We had a lot of questions regarding the job roles, work environment, work ethics, companies in which we should be interested according to our job roles etc and he patiently answered each and every answer.

He use to work in The Glitch so he also said about his work environment, his achievements, his job role and also made us understand that before stepping in the industry what all things we should keep in mind and what all knowledge or experience we all should have.

Our second speaker was our alumni even she was from The Glitch, she talked about her journey and her challenges which she faced earlier, she also mentioned about the job role and made us understand how different companies has different job role but the work which they made us do is same. She also made us understand what will be the challenges and how to face them.

Our third speaker was Mr Roy he was sharing his past experiences with us when he was working in an industry, how fun it was to work with an good advertising agency and also said that how advertising plays a crucial role.

Overall it was a very good and informative session for all of us and also very helpful.


MBA-T1 @Atlas Skilltech University

Every student dreams of being taught in such a way that it depicts the process of real business world. When life takes exams, it does not takes subject-wise. Atlas Skilltech understood this very well and designed the MBA course structure in such a way. The First trimester had the following subjects-

Legal aspects of Business

Interpersonal Communication

Entrepreneurial Research Method



Macro Economics

Financial Accounting

Atlas Skilltech university initiates the industry based curriculum. Hence to put the above subjects feel real and applicable , they are backed up by industry mentors. Their continuous guidance helps the students to understand the subject better. Through different games and case studies, students are made to think about the impact of topics and are encouraged to apply it in real life through different internships and live projects provided by college or independently (as wished by student). All the cases, examples and games are non-fictional, they exist or used to exist in the real market. This enhances the students learning.

Atlas SkillTech University, Mumbai, hosted a Webinar in conversation with Ram Raghavan, Managing Director of Colgate Palmolive (India) limited and Aryaman Birla, on ‘How skills and technology will carve the careers of future’.

All the faculty members and MBA students were present for the webinar and also got a chance to directly ask questions to the guests about the industry.
We are honoured to be a part of such an insightful conversation with the very well known personalities of the industry. Thank you Atlas SkillTech University.

Placement committee -

Whenever we shortlist any college we make sure that the college we’ve had shortlisted has a good placement and every college has a placement committee so does Atlas has. We have a placement committee wherein the members of the committee help the students to build their cv’s, portfolio, give them all the tactics to crack an interview, provide internships and live projects etc.

Students of atlas are very lucky to have a committee like this which helps them to shape their skills and are also getting prepared for the future.

Placement committee is very important in every college because only then students can upgrade their skills and will know what all are the important things which they should keep in mind specially in Mba course recruiters expect more from them.

The efforts taken by the college through placement committee is incredible and also helpful for the students to get guidance under the trusted and experienced faculties.

5 Reasons to opt MBA in digital marketing and advertising from ATLAS Skilltech University, Mumbai.

  • Course structure majorly focuses on the practical part of the teaching.

  • Teaching faculty is from industry and they are industry experts

  • It’s a 2 years MBA Programme

  • This university is approved by UGC

  • This university is located at BKC where it’s surrounded by corporate offices for a different exposure

On January 4, 2022 we had a virtual session with Mr. Aryaman Birla ,son of Kumar Mangalam Birla and Neerja Birla.He spoke about how in these modern times technology is the only thing that drives business these days and how our future depends on our adaptability and how we must be consumer centric these days.He also gave a lot of priority to digitization of business. He spoke about the importance of family and how a dinner table conversation takes place at their house. One should also be well prepared for any challenge that crosses their way. It was sports which taught him how to take failure and success in your stride.

I read it somewhere that, “Your skills will last you for a longer time than your money.” That is one of the mottos I live by and one of the main motives of ATLAS SkillTech University.All the attention over here is paid in developing ones skills which will las them for an entire lifetime.

Why ATLAS SkillTech University:-
• Indias 1st Skilltech university.
• Amazing Industrial connect.
• Ready to help faculty.
• Live project opportunities.
• Major Minor specialization.
• Guidance from Industry Mentors.
• Industry Based Curriculum.
• Modern methods of teaching are incorporated.
• Skill based development.
• Simulation based learning and projects and so much more…

As a student of MBA in Media & Communication at ATLAS SKILLTECH UNIVERSITY, the journey was very different and good. Got a great exposure during various guest lectures which were held on campus, then the highlight was WPP round table conference where we could talk with the delicates of such huge companies and to know more about job roles in the industry. For me the important thing is whatever I learn in the lectures, i can directly apply it in the real world.

Talking about the subjects we had in our course. Subjects were very basic yet very interesting and the way all the professors had taught us were very unique. Almost in every subject the assignments which we were suppose to do were practical based assignments where in we got an proper insight about the subject.

Subjects which we had were -

  • Qualitative Research

  • Pr concepts : Structure and practice

  • Financial Accounting

  • Marketing Landscape

  • Introduction to Advertising

  • Marketing Channels and Strategies

  • Principle and Practice of Management

Are you the one who is curious to learn new things?

Are you the one who is creative and has wider imagination?

Are you the one who finds advertisements interesting?

Are you the one who wants to learn all the hidden algorithms behind social media?

Then you must choose Atlas Skilltech university without thinking twice.

Atlas Skilltech offers you a unique MBA course in Media and Communication. This programme introduces students to conceptual foundations, skills relevant across changing times and principles of good communication. This curriculum covers Policy, Regulation, Legal and economic aspects of media and communication services.

Comment below for any query.

Hey, do you know that in the corporate world the most important skills that are value and given importance to are soft skills. At Atlas Skilltech University you will have various workshops to sharpen your soft skills and a different subject in your curriculum which will help you to actually know your soft skills and work on them. Interpersonal communications is a very important subject to learn all together which will make you industry ready and which will also help you when you will be in the industry.


We all have been hearing that marketing is the fuel on which sales are generated, this concept was linked to the traditional methods of marketing which still exist but are slowly going in the dark,
during the pandemic amidst the lockdown people started to realize the importance of
DIGITAL MARKETING as majority of the business shifted online as going out was not an option.

What we need to understand is that the future is DIGITAL and DIGITAL MARKETING will be needed at every aspect of your business, even though there are many courses that offer you certifications in various streams of digital marketing, but you need to understand that
digital marketing is like an ocean and you cannot sustain just swimming amongst the small fishes.
In order to land up in a good marketing agency or in marketing departments of Renowned Corporates you need to have a good work experience and a Degree in the same.

ATLAS SKILLTECH UNIVERSITY bridges the gap between what the Industry wants and what the students learn.

Here at ATLAS,

  • The curriculum teaches students to conceptual underpinnings, abilities that are useful over time, and principles of effective communication in thriving enterprises. It’s organized around the policy, regulatory, legal, and economic elements of media and communication services.

  • The curriculum emphasizes the creation and production of electronic communications, such as podcasts, websites, webcasts, and multimedia journalism. Students learn how to use graphics and sound to create web sites, animated banners, video programs, and sound broadcasts for instructional, advertising, and entertainment reasons.

  • Students build creative communication and advertising competence by leveraging new media as a vehicle to produce solutions, which leads to job opportunities. They prepare for employment in public and private broadcasting, journalism, advertising, new media industries, political marketing, market research, regulation and policy, media management, and research


A Glimpse of ATLAS Skill Tech University & what it has to offer

Comment below for any query or question!!

Subjects for 2nd trimester

We have very interesting subjects this trimester and it’s been almost 2 weeks of our 2nd trimester and from that we know that how all the professors are going to teach us and give us assessments and by that we all are very excited to go ahead with this trimester.

Subjects are -

  • Marketing Management
  • Digital marketing
  • UI UX
  • Managing people and organisations
  • Multimedia Content Creation for Brand storytelling
  • Consumer Behaviour
  • Integrated Marketing Communication
  • Market Research

These are the subjects which we have in this trimester and almost every subject’s assignments would be practical, there will be theory but all the professors are teaching us with some activities for better understanding.
Really looking forward for this trimester.


A new day began with a new workshop, where we learned about changing trends in the world and inclusion of various aspects in media of 21st century. Respecting diversity and working with empathy is the way forward for media industry. Being truly inclusive in media means finding ways to make content both physically accessible and visibly diverse. People want access to content, AND they want to see themselves represented in it. The Workshop provided a Diversity Mapping methods and tools for Representation.

What a great way to learn about digital marketing through digital platform even during the time of covid restrictions. But there are no restrictions faced by the students in their learning process. Its a creative use of such times where students learn all the theoretical content in the lectures and can show their creativity in their assignments. It gives students the confidence that they know how to apply their knowledge into the real world. It develops their presentation skills as well technical skills about any platform they study about. ATLAS SKILLTECH UNIVERSITY never forgets to prove that its truly about skilltech.

Ever wondered why learning financial accounting is as important as learning other subjects related to media and communication?
The answer to this is that no matter in which you get to work in future, you should know how to read any company’s annual report which will help you in your research and to know where and how all the numbers came in the report.
Glad that in the last trimester we had this subject which helped us a lot about knowing the numbers and accounts. One of the things that makes ATLAS SKILLTECH UNIVERSITY unique is their creative and unique curriculum.