[Official] ATLAS SkillTech University, MUMBAI (ISME) MBA Admissions 2022 -24

Does Atlas only caters to digital marketing domain ? Is it good college for commerce or non-engineers background student?

What is the alumni base of ATLAS like?

How relevant is atlas’s curriculum for an Experienced IT professional?

Can I get in touch with a faculty member to understand more about the programme?

Hi any advice or tips on how to answer the vitual gdpi process?

If you are an residing outside Mumbai then you can have option of online gdpi. Otherwise everything is happening offline at Atlas skilltech University campus at equinox business park.

As for the gdpi process, you will have an entrance test named as ‘challenege’ and you can book the test from the given different dates and time. Based on your profile and results you will get the gdpi interview details through your registered mail.

Atlas skilltech university admires the dress etiquette of students. Hence formal dress code is preferred. But smart casual will do. Just make sure it is not too casual for a B-school.

Many representatives here are existing students. You can direct message here.

Check your personal message of this site.

Atlas caters to young business enthusiasts and designers as well. You have various specialisation options for entrepreneurship, business analytics, finance and marketing. It is a very good college for commerce and non-engineers background student as the curriculum is very appropriate and applicable in real life business world. Hence the teaching method is designed to cater to everyone’s understanding level and application of it at its best.

You can surf through ‘linkdin’ for better understanding and reach.

You can surf through ‘linkdin’ for better understanding and reach.
Also refer to the site for contact details- https://atlasuniversity.edu.in/contact-us/

Just stay confident and be opinionated and voice it in discussions.

Is Atlas SkillTech University UGC approved?

Are there any scholarships available here for reserve category?

Is the institute well connected by way of roads to the near by city, hospitals or Air port?

Hello, I recently read a post on PG about an interview with the Dean of Atlas. There is a mention of looking at several other elements when selecting students for the MBA programme offed, which I found rather refreshing, but I was unable to find the selection criteria and the cut off on your website, can someone help me?

Can you please share the the list of subject that are part of the mba programme for aspiring business owners?

Looking for an unbiased opinion - given that the college provides unique MBA programmes, is there a current demand for graduates in the existing corporate world or in startups, which is where I would like to begin my career?