[OFFICIAL] 2021-2023 IIM Sirmaur MBA & MBA(THM) Programmes Admission Queries and Discussion





CAT Percentile - 78.9 NC-OBC (Male)

10th - 58.40

Diploma - 76.76

Engineering - 57.20

PI- Good overall. Was able to answer around 85% questions.

What are my chances of converting any IIM from CAP?

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  • Cant say as of now
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@roshan_gurjar are the SAP results out? If not then when can we expect the same?

CAT 96.77 Acads 86/94/80 Work Ex 36 months as of July 20 GEM Conversion?

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@roshan_gurjar @roshan_gurjar @vinayParihar20

hope youre fine.

As you know first week of may has started, is there any change in the schedule as of now?

& if NO then in this week when we can expect the results

Are the SAP results out?

Will the institute allow students to stay in campus who do not have facilities for study from home if they have already done with 2 doses of vaccine?

Hey , can you share 2020-22 admission and selection criteria please.

 CAT - 79.3 / UG - 51% / XII - 67% / X - 87%


Non Engg


Decent PI

Chances for new IIMs

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@roshan_gurjar @Ravi_Harinandan @vinayParihar20

Hope youre fine 

As you know today is Thursday & according to the previous information from you, result will be released this week. 

Is there is some change in the timeline? Please let us know

Shall we consider the first list to be delayed ? Or is there any chance we could still get it?

Hey everyone!

Due to some unforeseen circumstances, the first list of CAP candidates has been delayed. For now, we haven't received any information on when the list will be released. As soon as we get further information, we will communicate the same.


Admissions Team

IIM Sirmaur

Cat 97.5

10/12/grad - 9.2/89/72


<12 months workex

Chances of conversion

Pi was avg

Please give genuine answer

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  • Direct reject
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Hey @roshan_gurjar

Trichy announced result date officially on thier website, 21st may, should we expect Sirmaur result on the same day.

 results are out for IIM Sirmaur MBA (Tourism and hospitality)

@roshan_gurjar the criteria for the selection of shortlist 1 has been updated to 60-60-60 sectional cutoffs for NCOBC

Although it was 50-50-50 earlier.

Could you please clarify on this?


Hey everyone. 

The first merit list for MBA(Tourism and Hospitality Management) candidates is out. 

Those who have received the mail regarding the admission, are requested to join the official converts group of IIM Sirmaur. To join the group, please send the screenshot of your offer letter with your name visible on it to the official IIM Sirmaur FB page. 

You can find the relevant links in the description above.

I got admission letter yesterday. How promising is T&HM during this pandemic time? I still have great dilemma between T&HM and normal PGDM. Could anyone please give a brief report on this along with placements in T&HM for current batch?

Hello all,

I received admission mail for IIM-S THM course. Can someone brief me the placement and scope for the same?

Will I be able to speak with my seniors there in IIM-S who are pursuing the course currently in IIM-S?

How and When will they do document verification? I have my cgpa-percentage conversion certificate pending. Is it fine when i produce it during the official verification?

Please provide reasons also it will be really helpful

  • Baby IIM’s
  • IIT kanpur

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