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Great, great background score for anything cool. :mg:


The old saying about A.R.Rahman saying.
"One started liking his songs as they're getting older"
But this time I've already liked it.😲😲

Now it's reminding me of PG HQ's performance at AIPGM everytime I am listening this song! :mg:

Iktara from wake up sid.

on repeat :mg:

Raanjhnaa - Tu Mun Shudi

Sounds a lot like Dhakka Laga Bukka from Yuva. Sounds good neverthless!


Ab Na Jaa - Euphoria


"A smile can bring you near to me...!"


"Snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes" 😃

Garaj Baras Coke Studio : Rahat gets some new found respect!!!!! 😁

The cheesiest setting for a band. Ever. But she can sing, oh she can. Maybe?